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The Coach Bru Podcast

The Coach Bru Podcast

By John Brubaker

A leadership performance podcast specifically for entrepreneurs and executives. Because none of us are one dimensional, Coach Bru explores many topics to help expand your results. Occasionally features candid conversations with Stadium Status performers to help you take your business to the BIG TIME.
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Feed A Hungry Audience

The Coach Bru PodcastAug 07, 2023

Feed A Hungry Audience
Aug 07, 202315:41
Military vs. Athletic Leadership: A Conversation With Jon Rennie
Jul 28, 202357:52
Caution: Perishable
Jul 24, 202312:48
Independence Day Vs. 4th of July
Jul 04, 202311:27
What It Takes To Speak & Be Heard: Interview w/ Author Seth Rigoletti

What It Takes To Speak & Be Heard: Interview w/ Author Seth Rigoletti

A fun interview with friend and colleague Seth Rigoletti. Seth is a leadership communication coach. We discuss his new book Into The Wolf: What It Takes To Speak & Be Heard. Additionally you get to hear all the different endorsements I gave him to be included in the book which somehow mysteriously got deleted. And if you'd like to see how I've gotten revenge on Seth for doing that, follow me on instagram as there's a daily story devoted to that.

The stories within his book illustrate how Seth works with clients to be more self-aware and effective in how they communicate. This book asks us to make friends with our own “wolves:” those fears that keep us locked in habits of passive-aggressiveness, self-doubt, and avoidance.

To Order Seth's Book:

Jun 22, 202354:17
The Person Who Always Wins
Jun 07, 202313:40
The “Full Parking Lot” Phenomenon
Jun 07, 202312:54
I thought we were going to get robbed
May 31, 202315:43
How You Do Anything…
May 18, 202316:03
I Can't Wait: Interview With Dr. Rob Bell
May 12, 202355:04
Give 'Em The Boot: An Interview w/ Ryan Vaughan President of Rios of Mercedes Family of Brands
May 06, 202301:18:30
We’re Gonna Win, I Guarantee It
May 05, 202321:44
The ultimate negotiating tool
May 03, 202311:35
Back That Thang Up!
May 02, 202309:47
Biggar Is Better: An interview with entrepreneur Jeff Biggars
Apr 29, 202301:17:41
What Do Arnold Schwarzenegger & Dominos Pizza Have In Common?
Apr 24, 202316:16
Who Are You Betting On?
Apr 23, 202311:41
Are You Drowning?
Apr 21, 202311:02
CAUTION: Fragile Egos Ahead
Apr 20, 202316:10
The Department of Redundancy Department
Apr 17, 202314:14
+ 1
Apr 13, 202310:45
Low ride go
Apr 11, 202311:40
Expose yourself
Apr 10, 202315:28
Resurrecting Common Sense
Apr 09, 202323:48
3rd and A Mile
Apr 07, 202313:58
In the land of fools discernment is king
Apr 04, 202313:11
April Fools? Or April Fools !!
Apr 03, 202311:47
Thanks For The NEGATIVE Review
Mar 31, 202319:35
YOU are gonna pay for that…
Mar 29, 202312:36
One Billion A Day!
Mar 29, 202318:00
Stress Test Grade= F-
Mar 27, 202314:32
The 6 Word Podcast
Mar 26, 202314:58
It’s not gonna happen by itself…
Mar 25, 202309:02
Here’s Your Nickel Back
Mar 24, 202312:60
“Sticking It To The Man”
Mar 22, 202320:01
“Strait Talk”
Mar 21, 202315:42
The Power of Hope
Mar 19, 202313:31
Invest In People: An interview w/ Jody & JW Brooks
Mar 19, 202301:02:56
Figure It Out
Mar 17, 202311:31
Have you “bot” into the hype?
Mar 01, 202315:24
Why haven’t I heard from you?
Feb 22, 202310:28
One Person At A Time
Dec 09, 202211:21
"I See You" w/ Guest Expert Rhonda Yaklin (aka my agent)

"I See You" w/ Guest Expert Rhonda Yaklin (aka my agent)

The Coach Bru Show is brought to you by CUCO Apparel Co. check out our seasonal collections at:

This episode of the podcast features an interview with a master teacher, creative genius and one of the most resilient, strongest people on the planet- Rhonda Yaklin (aka my agent).

Rhonda is a career educator of 37 years and currently is an elementary school educator at Riviera ISD in beautiful South Texas. We discuss how her school district's theme of "I See You" transcends education and applies to every workplace, team and organization. She also shares actionable strategies you can employ to create greater buy in, engagement and teamwork with the people you lead.

Plus, you'll get to hear how we met, how my new children's book was Rhonda's brain child and how she connected me to my illustrator Piper Colston. 

For more information on Rhonda and to donate to help support the amazing people and work being done at Riviera ISD visit:

P.S. Rhonda told me to tell you to buy copies of the book:

Dec 01, 202243:22
Building a Moat Around Your Business Through Customer Experiences

Building a Moat Around Your Business Through Customer Experiences

The Coach Bru Show is brought to you by CUCO Apparel Co. check out their fall collection at:

This episode of the podcast features an interview with an innovative leader, Billy Colston. Billy is the visionary general manager of Riviera Telephone Company in South Texas. We discuss his company's pivot from being a "telecom" provider to being a "customer experience" provider. How solving problems, overdelivering results and inventing creative solutions leads to customer loyalty.

You'll get to see how you can apply Billy's wisdom and what his company does to YOUR business, YOUR industry and YOUR market to cement greater customer loyalty and happiness.

For more information on Billy and Riviera Telecommunications Co. visit:

Nov 23, 202201:08:10
The Power of One
Nov 06, 202217:19
One Foot Out The Door?
Oct 26, 202214:58
Get Your Competition To Do Your Market Research For You For Free
Oct 18, 202213:07
(Part 2) I don’t know who needs to hear this but…
Oct 13, 202210:03
I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This (part 1)
Oct 12, 202210:55
Be a know it all just don’t be a do it all
Aug 31, 202214:51