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Coaches to the Moon

Coaches to the Moon

By Alex Morris

Digital Marketer and Coach Alex Morris sit down with some of Australia’s most exciting up-and-coming coaches to discover what it is that makes a coaching business explode in this highly saturated market. 🚀

Catch us LIVE every Thursday at 11:00 am (Sydney/Melbourne Time). Make sure you liked our FB Page so you'll get notified once the live broadcast has started. See you there!

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136 - Guiding Transformation: A Journey with Walt Morgan in Coaching, Leadership, and Impact

Coaches to the MoonNov 17, 2023

136 - Guiding Transformation: A Journey with Walt Morgan in Coaching, Leadership, and Impact

136 - Guiding Transformation: A Journey with Walt Morgan in Coaching, Leadership, and Impact

Guiding Transformation: A Journey with Walt Morgan in Coaching, Leadership, and Impact In this episode of Coaches to the Moon, Alex sits down with the dynamic Walt Morgan. 🌟 Walt, an expert in coaching, leadership, and sales promotion, offers profound insights into the world of transformative coaching. Discover the delicate balance between transformational and transactional coaching approaches and gain a glimpse into Walt's unique coaching philosophy. 💼 Walt delves into the intricacies of coaching business, sharing strategies for setting financial goals without compromising the essence of making a meaningful impact. 🌐 His personal journey as a coach unfolds, emphasizing the importance of remaining open to possibilities and continually investing in personal growth. 🌱 Walt's passion for making a positive impact on society shines through as he discusses the significance of nurturing growth and development, especially in the younger generation. ğŸŽ™ï¸ Tune in to this episode for a deep dive into coaching, leadership, and the profound ripple effects it can create in the fabric of society. Don't miss the wisdom and experiences shared by Walt Morgan on Coaches to the Moon. --Time stamps -- 1:44 – Intro 3:30 – Transformational vs Transactional 21:40 – Approaching business with Military Experience 29:58 - Who’s being coached 34:54 - How do you describe what you do 41:15 - Telling clients what they can get from services 43:56 - Helping client release defensiveness 47:48 - Alex’s skepticism to big companies 50:54 - What’s are you excited about 2024 54:55 - CU Center for leadership 56:36 - Airforce to Working on kitchens 1:00:11 - Final Remarks 1:01:52 - Outro

Nov 17, 202301:02:23
135 - Humanizing Content and Building Connections with Scott Murray

135 - Humanizing Content and Building Connections with Scott Murray

In this episode, we're thrilled to have Scott Murray, a seasoned content strategist with over two decades of marketing experience, sharing his expertise on the power of humanizing content. With a master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Scott delves into the vital realm of professional communication and host's the "Marketing Superpower Hour" podcast. He's a passionate advocate for helping businesses connect with their audience on a deeply personal level. Tune in as Scott joins us to discuss the essential art of humanizing content and the profound impact it can have on connecting with your audience. He urges businesses to shift away from traditional marketing tactics and emphasizes the value of fostering genuine relationships with customers. Gain insights on how to infuse your content with a human touch, harness the influence of pop culture references, and the significance of adapting to consumer behavior. Scott also shines a spotlight on the role of culture and internal communication in crafting a brand that truly resonates with the audience. --Time stamps -- 0:00:00 Introduction to the episode and topic of humanizing content 0:02:01 Discussion about comic books and reading habits 0:06:40 Scott's motivation for pursuing a Master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies 0:08:36 The importance of communication in marketing and the changes in the industry 0:09:49 Scott's experience with analog editing and the transition to digital 0:10:40 Reflection on old Disney movies and the evolution of animation 0:11:34 Appreciation for hand-drawn animation and attention to detail 0:12:25 Importance of using pop culture references in marketing 0:13:34 Use of memes in advertising and their effectiveness 0:14:35 Value of showing personality and humor in social media 0:15:11 Importance of humanizing companies and building trust 0:17:24 Scott Murray's role as a humanized content strategist 0:19:18 Different levels of help provided by Scott Murray Online 0:20:36 Challenges of humanizing content for faceless brands 0:21:50 Overcoming the fear of being on camera 0:23:14 Using professional photos or creating a character for social media engagement [0:24:27] Brands should talk to consumers like people having a conversation. [0:25:17] Humanizing big corporations through personal interactions and social media. [0:27:20] Marketers need to understand their audience and their language. [0:28:57] Flipping into the mindset of the consumer to create effective content. [0:29:43] Importance of having a good culture to maximize messaging. [0:30:24] Changing terminology and testing content to connect with consumers. [0:31:18] Walking with consumers and experiencing what they are experiencing. [0:32:06] Putting oneself in the consumer's shoes to evaluate content. [0:33:07] Fine-tuning content to make it appealing and relevant to consumers. [0:33:49] Changing language and understanding the audience's perspective is crucial. 0:37:44 Lead generation and conversion: changing terminology to humanize the process 0:40:30 The shift from the marketing era to the relationship era 0:42:36 Humanizing sales conversations and moving away from pitching 0:45:08 Creating emotional connections and a sense of belonging with brands 0:49:01 Tapping into different avenues to provide emotional connections 0:49:42 Using creative license in marketing to create an authentic experience

Oct 30, 202351:52
134 - Unleashing the Power of Language: Crafting Magnetic Marketing Strategies with James Ian Bond

134 - Unleashing the Power of Language: Crafting Magnetic Marketing Strategies with James Ian Bond

Unleashing the Power of Language: Crafting Magnetic Marketing Strategies with James Ian Bond In this episode, we dive into the world of marketing and sales with James Ian Bond, the author of "Brain Glue: How Selling Becomes Much Easier by Making Your Ideas Sticky." Bond unveils the captivating influence of language techniques in the realm of marketing, shedding light on how iconic figures such as Snoop Dogg, John F. Kennedy, and Johnny Cochrane have harnessed these methods for success. With a keen focus on understanding the brain's patterns and triggers, Bond reveals how entrepreneurs and marketers can rise above the noise to create a lasting impact. Discover the art of crafting memorable marketing messages using metaphors, rhymes, and humor to capture attention and boost sales.

Join us for an illuminating conversation that will transform the way you approach marketing and sales strategies.

Oct 25, 202348:29
133 - Unveiling Personal Growth Secrets with Suzana Mihajlovic

133 - Unveiling Personal Growth Secrets with Suzana Mihajlovic

Join us in this engaging episode of Coaches To The Moon, as we delve into the world of coaching, personal growth, and the transformative power of the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Suzana Mihajlovic's insights and experiences provide a valuable roadmap for anyone looking to unlock their true potential and achieve their dreams. Whether you're an aspiring coach or someone seeking personal growth, this episode is packed with wisdom and inspiration to guide you on your journey to success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your life! Timestamps Introduction to Suzana Mihajlovic [00:35 - 03:20] The Power of Coaching [03:20 - 07:15] Explore the profound impact of coaching on personal growth and transformation. Understanding PGI (Proctor Gallagher Institute) [07:15 - 11:50] Learn about the Proctor Gallagher Institute and its role in shaping the world of personal development. The Core Principles of Personal Growth [11:50 - 16:25] Discover the fundamental principles that drive personal growth and how they can be applied in your life. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs [16:25 - 21:10] Suzana shares insights on breaking free from limiting beliefs that hinder personal and professional success. Creating a Vision for Success [21:10 - 26:05] Explore the importance of setting clear goals and creating a vision for a successful life. Mindset and Its Role in Achievement [26:05 - 30:40] Understand the crucial role of mindset in achieving your desired goals and dreams. The Art of Coaching [30:40 - 35:15] Gain valuable insights into effective coaching techniques and strategies that can help individuals achieve their potential. Suzana's Journey and Inspirations [35:15 - 39:45] Get a glimpse into Suzana's personal journey, her inspirations, and what drives her in the world of coaching. The Future of Personal Development [39:45 - 44:20] Explore the evolving landscape of personal development and the exciting possibilities on the horizon.

Oct 20, 202351:21
132 - The Art of Communication: Building Strong Client Relationships with Braeden Rhys

132 - The Art of Communication: Building Strong Client Relationships with Braeden Rhys

Coaches To The Moon 132 w/ Braeden Rhys | Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Celebrated CEO, & Visionary Founder In this episode of Coaches To The Moon, we dive into the inspiring journey of Braeden Rhys, the brilliant mind behind digital marketing & PR agencies - Axis Global & Sweet Release Agency plus Soiree Cabaret Productions. Join us as Braeden takes us on a fascinating ride from his humble beginnings in the hospitality industry to becoming the founder of three thriving businesses. Braeden's story is one of determination and ambition, as he shares how he made the leap from hospitality to the world of marketing and public relations. He highlights the pivotal role of setting realistic expectations with clients and the importance of holding them accountable for their own success. These principles, he argues, are the cornerstone of building successful client relationships. Managing multiple businesses can be a challenge, and Braeden Rhys offers valuable insights into staying organized and maintaining focus in the midst of it all. With a busy schedule and an eye on expansion, he knows the significance of effective communication and diligent documentation in ensuring that his clients' needs are met. Join us as Braeden paints a vivid picture of his future, brimming with exciting plans for business growth and the unique goal of eventually becoming a lawyer. His journey is a testament to the power of resilience, effective communication, and setting high standards. Tune in to our latest episode of Coaches To The Moon to discover the strategies and secrets behind Braeden's remarkable rise in the world of digital marketing and PR.

Oct 12, 202301:04:19
131 - Staying true to one's voice while navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape with Randy Crane

131 - Staying true to one's voice while navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape with Randy Crane

Join us in this new episode of "Coaches To The Moon" as we sit down with Randy Crane, a seasoned YouTuber and content creator.

Dive deep into Randy's inspiring journey in the world of YouTube, where he shares his strategies for success, invaluable tips for aspiring content creators, and the vital role authenticity plays in the digital landscape.

We also discover the secrets behind Randy's thriving channel and gain insights to shape your own path in the world of content creation. Whether you're a YouTube enthusiast or looking to start your journey, this episode is a must-listen for all seeking inspiration and wisdom from a true YouTube veteran.

ğŸŽ™ï¸ Listen now on your preferred streaming platform.

00:00 - 01:30 - Randy's YouTube Journey

Randy Crane's evolution as a content creator.

His motivation for starting a YouTube channel.

01:30 - 04:15 - Content Creation Strategies

The importance of consistency in content creation.

How Randy maintains a unique and authentic voice in his videos.

Balancing creativity and audience engagement.

04:15 - 07:10 - Challenges and Triumphs

Discussing the hurdles Randy faced on his YouTube journey.

Memorable moments and achievements that stand out in his career.

07:10 - 10:00 - Building a Loyal AudienceStrategies for connecting with and growing a dedicated fan base.

The role of engagement and community-building.

10:00 - 12:45 - Advice for Aspiring YouTubersKey tips and best practices for those looking to start their YouTube journey.

Embracing failure and learning from it.

12:45 - 15:20 - Navigating the YouTube AlgorithmUnderstanding how the YouTube algorithm works.

Randy's insights on optimizing content for discoverability.

15:20 - 18:00 - The Power of Authenticity

Why being true to oneself is crucial for long-term success.

Personal experiences and lessons learned in maintaining authenticity.

18:00 - 20:30 - Future Plans and Projects

Sneak peek into Randy's upcoming projects and content.

How he envisions the future of his YouTube channel.

Oct 05, 202301:11:34
130 - Unveiling the Secrets of Relationship Coaching with Beck Thompson

130 - Unveiling the Secrets of Relationship Coaching with Beck Thompson

Our guest, Beck Thompson, is a dating and relationship coach extraordinaire. She's the founder of the Relationship Circle and hosts her own podcast with the same name.

Join us as we explore the business of relationship coaching, Beck's journey from therapist to relationship coach, and how she navigates the subjective world of relationship coaching. We'll also discuss her strategies for success, self-care after emotionally taxing coaching sessions, and her journey toward systemizing her coaching business while being a mum.


00:00:00 - Introduction

Welcoming Beck Thompson, relationship coach.

00:02:15 - The Business of Coaching

Beck's approach is no-nonsense.

00:03:30 - From Therapist to Coach

Beck's journey and her unique approach.

00:05:45 - Marketing Challenges

Navigating the subjective world of relationship coaching.

00:08:00 - Strategies for Success

Beck's insights into finding success.

00:11:15 - Self-Care After Coaching

Managing self-care post-emotionally taxing sessions.

00:13:30 - Systemizing the Business

Balancing business and motherhood.

00:15:45 - Life in a Tranquil Beach Town

The benefits of living in a quieter environment.

00:18:00 - The Importance of Boundaries

The significance of setting and respecting boundaries.

00:20:15 - Self-Worth and Intuition

Common threads in coaching and personal development.

00:22:30 - The Role of Fun and Play

Injecting lightness into coaching sessions.

00:25:00 - Beck's Reading List

Exploring Beck's diverse bookshelf.

00:27:15 - The Power of Podcasting

The value of long-form conversations and networking.

00:29:30 - Conclusion

Wrapping up the insightful discussion with Beck Thompson.

Sep 18, 202349:07
129 - Unlocking Personal Growth with Rebecca Whitman

129 - Unlocking Personal Growth with Rebecca Whitman

In the latest episode of Coaches To The Moon, Alex sits down with the inspirational Rebecca Whitman as she shares profound insights on personal growth and transformation.

As a life coach, speaker, and author, Rebecca has helped countless individuals break free from limiting beliefs and achieve their full potential.

Join us in this empowering conversation as we delve into the transformative power of self-awareness, resilience, and the pursuit of authentic happiness.

Timestamp Chapters:

00:00 - Introduction to Rebecca Whitman

02:15 - Journey to Self-Discovery

05:30 - Overcoming Life's Challenges

09:15 - Confronting Limiting Beliefs

13:00 - Cultivating Authentic Happiness

16:45 - The Importance of Self-Love

20:10 - Transforming Relationships

24:30 - Shaping a Success-Oriented Mindset

28:45 - The Power of Visualization

32:20 - Setting and Achieving Goals

36:00 - Embracing Accountability

39:45 - Nurturing Self-Care Practices

43:20 - Building Self-Confidence

47:05 - Effective Communication Skills

50:30 - Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Sep 12, 202344:17
 128 - Exploring the Mindset-Marketing Connection with Katie Hokin

128 - Exploring the Mindset-Marketing Connection with Katie Hokin

In this episode of Coaches to the Moon, we dive deep into the synergy between mindset and marketing with our dynamic guest, Katie Hogan. Not only is Katie an expert in marketing, but she also brings a wealth of knowledge in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to the table. Join us as we uncover the power of aligning your mindset with your marketing strategies and gain valuable insights from Katie's journey. Discover how embracing a positive mindset can supercharge your marketing efforts and lead you to success in your coaching business.

Sep 08, 202356:54
127 w/ ST Rappaport | Brain Coach & First Stein Method Expert

127 w/ ST Rappaport | Brain Coach & First Stein Method Expert

In this episode of Coaches To The Moon, we delve deep into the intricacies of the human brain, exploring topics like the amygdala, pre-frontal cortex, and cognitive function. Our guest, ST Rapaport, a brain coach trained in the first Stein method, takes us on a fascinating journey through the labyrinth of neuro pathways. She shares insights on how the brain learns, absorbs information, and how we can harness our cognitive functions to achieve success in business and life. Join us for a thought-provoking episode packed with practical tips and a glimpse into St Rapaport's journey to rapidly growing her YouTube channel.

Timestamps Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction to St Rappaport 01:20 - Oversimplified Content in Coaching Industry 03:45 - Diverse Learning Styles 06:12 - Overcoming Learning Challenges 08:30 - Alternative to Medication 10:15 - Controversy in Media 12:40 - Understanding Your Brain's Thermostat 15:05 - Developing a Growth Mindset 17:30 - The Role of Stress 19:55 - Improving Relationships Through Brain Coaching 22:20 - The Fascination with Negativity 25:10 - Strategies to Increase Your Internal Thermostat 28:00 - The Power of a Growth Mindset 30:15 - The Tipping Point of Stress 32:40 - Enhancing Relationships with Brain Coaching

Sep 05, 202335:56
126- "Scaling to Thrive: Navigating Hiring, Growth, and the $100K Milestone with Tanika de Souza"

126- "Scaling to Thrive: Navigating Hiring, Growth, and the $100K Milestone with Tanika de Souza"

Host Alex Morris interviews Tanika de Souza, an entrepreneur experienced in hiring, coaching, and building businesses. The episode focuses on the crucial aspects of delegation, hiring, and business growth. Tanika emphasizes that hiring is essential to transition from a solo venture to an impactful business. With her background in hiring remote and virtual workers, she delves into strategies for establishing effective company culture in virtual settings.

The discussion touches on the financial milestone of making $100,000 in Washington DC, where the high cost of living makes this threshold significant for personal and professional growth. Tanika advocates for shifting from survival mode to thriving, encouraging entrepreneurs to think bigger and impact their communities through growth.

Both hosts and guest share their experiences of scaling up their businesses and the sense of fulfillment that comes from supporting employees' livelihoods. Tanika's coaching philosophy revolves around helping entrepreneurs achieve at least a $100,000 turnover before aiming higher, stressing that this stage involves experimentation and building confidence.

The episode concludes with insights into the role of coaching in overcoming challenges and doubts, leading to success in business. The conversation exemplifies the importance of commitment, resilience, and continuous learning in the entrepreneurial journey.

Aug 26, 202349:23
125 - Unlocking Success Through Team Building and Fishing Wisdom with Ryan Englin

125 - Unlocking Success Through Team Building and Fishing Wisdom with Ryan Englin

In this episode of the "Coaches to the Moon" podcast, host Alex Morris interviews Ryan Englin, the founder of Core Matters, a company that focuses on helping businesses find and hire top talent. The discussion revolves around the significance of building effective teams, utilizing the Core Fit Hiring System, and achieving the balance between personal freedom, client satisfaction, and team enthusiasm.

The conversation also delves into Ryan's passion for fishing and outdoor activities, drawing parallels between fishing principles and recruiting strategies. The analogy of fishing as a way to attract and nurture talent is explored, highlighting the importance of bait, gear, and tools in both contexts.

The impact of the internet on modern business is discussed, with a focus on remote work and competition. The challenge of unplugging from work in an always-connected digital world is examined, along with the advantages and drawbacks of the leveled playing field the internet has created.

The interview concludes with a discussion on setting up an effective work-from-home environment, the benefits of physical separation between work and personal spaces, and the importance of avoiding burnout and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The conversation offers insights for entrepreneurs seeking to optimize their hiring processes, manage remote teams, and create boundaries between work and personal life.

Chapter Timestamps

00:00 - Introduction

01:13 - Introducing Ryan Englin and Core Matters

02:45 - The importance of building an effective team

04:18 - The Core Fit Hiring System

06:05 - Balancing freedom, client experience, and team passion

08:20 - Discussion about fishing and outdoor skills

12:10 - Applying fishing principles to recruiting

16:00 - Benefits and challenges of remote work and the internet

19:25 - The impact of the internet on recruitment and competition

23:45 - The importance of niching down in business

26:30 - The correlation between parent guilt and work availability

29:10 - Setting up a conducive work-from-home environment

33:15 - Importance of physical separation between work and personal space

Aug 23, 202350:55
123 - Unveiling the SEO Universe: From Myths to Mastery with Brandon Leibowitz

123 - Unveiling the SEO Universe: From Myths to Mastery with Brandon Leibowitz

In this episode of CTTM the discussion revolves around the importance of SEO and digital marketing in the coaching industry. The host, Alex Morris, engages with Brandon Leibowitz, an experienced marketer with a focus on SEO optimization. The conversation covers various aspects of marketing, entrepreneurship, and leveraging technology to enhance business visibility and authority. The episode begins with an introduction to the topic of SEO and its significance. Brandon shares his motivation for delving into SEO, highlighting the misunderstandings surrounding this field in the coaching space. He emphasizes the need to dispel myths about SEO and explores its potential for increasing trust and authority in businesses. Throughout the episode, Brandon highlights the importance of gradually transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship while learning from mentors and acquiring essential business skills. The discussion emphasizes the significance of aligning content with user intent and leveraging AI tools to complement marketing efforts. Additionally, the challenges of marketing services with lower search volume are addressed, along with insights into the evolving landscape of marketing strategies. Timestamps Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction and Discussion of SEO Importance 03:15 - Brandon Leibowitz's Introduction and Background 05:40 - Transition to Entrepreneurship and Marketing 08:10 - Balancing Full-Time Job and Business Growth 10:55 - Advantages of Gradual Transition to Full-Time Business 13:20 - Exploring the Marketing Space and Learning 15:45 - Importance of Mentors and Learning from Others 18:30 - Focusing on Business Systemization and Delegation 21:05 - Incorporating SEO in the Coaching Industry 23:40 - Niche-Specific SEO Strategies and Backlinks 27:10 - The Role of Content Marketing and Backlinks 30:25 - Adjusting SEO Approach for Different Business Types 33:00 - SEO for Service-Based Businesses and Coaches 36:15 - Aligning Content with User Intent and Keywords 38:50 - Utilizing Social Media for Search Visibility 42:15 - The Challenge of Marketing Less Searched Services 45:30 - Incorporating AI and Technology in Marketing 49:05 - Benefits and Limitations of AI for Businesses

Aug 15, 202350:02
122 - Unlocking Success: Signature Frameworks and Global Exploration with Regina Huber

122 - Unlocking Success: Signature Frameworks and Global Exploration with Regina Huber

In this episode of "Coaches to the Moon" with Regina Huber, the discussion centers around the concept of signature frameworks and their significance in the coaching industry. The episode emphasizes that frameworks, whether they are systems, blueprints, or roadmaps, play a vital role in setting a coaching business apart from the competition. These frameworks not only establish credibility but also enhance the potential for scaling the business and streamlining service delivery.

Regina Huber, the guest of the episode, shares her expertise on creating signature frameworks and outlines the process of developing a distinctive system for a coaching business. The conversation delves into the benefits of having a unique process and the trust it builds with clients seeking meaningful results.

The host and guest explore how travel broadens horizons, fosters personal growth, and enhances connections in the global business landscape. Regina's extensive travel experiences, originating from her upbringing in a small German village, have shaped her perspective and leadership traits, including an insatiable curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

The podcast highlights Regina's experiences in Africa, discussing her interactions with various cultures and her contributions to empowering women in developing nations. These encounters have deepened her appreciation for cultural richness and diversity. The conversation further explores the dynamics of cities across Africa, from clean and organized urban centers to areas with simple lifestyles.

Ultimately, the episode underscores the value of signature frameworks in coaching, the transformative power of travel, and the wisdom gained from observing and adapting to different cultures and environments. The conversation between the host and Regina Huber provides valuable insights for both coaches and individuals seeking personal growth through exploration and curiosity.

Timestamp Chapters :

00:00 Introduction to the Episode

01:18 The Importance of Signature Frameworks

03:00 Benefits of Having a Signature Process

04:42 Using Frameworks to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

06:28 Guest Introduction: Regina Huber

08:10 Regina Huber's Travels and Background

12:55 The Spark of Adventure from a Small Village

15:20 Curiosity and Adventurous Spirit in the Family

18:10 Embracing Risk and Learning from Challenges

21:45 Personal Stories and Connections from Lineage

24:30 Exploring Africa and Its Cultural Richness

28:12 Impactful Experiences in African Nations

31:40 Insights from Disparity in Developing Nations

36:15 Adapting to Different Environments and Customs

39:05 Observations from Diverse African Cities

42:20 Closing Remarks and Future Travel Plans

45:10 Conclusion and Thanking the Guest

Aug 11, 202356:52
121- Discovering Septemics - A Philosophical Breakthrough | Jim Marshall

121- Discovering Septemics - A Philosophical Breakthrough | Jim Marshall

In this episode, Alex Morris introduces his guest, Jim Marshall, as a brilliant mind who has delved into the depths of human psychology and developed a groundbreaking philosophical science known as Septemics. This episode offers a glimpse into Jim's journey from childhood curiosity to becoming a polymath with expertise spanning various fields, including psychology, engineering, music, and more. Jim introduces Septemics, a system he discovered through years of working with clients and observing patterns in human behavior. Septemics is based on the idea that human phenomena occur in seven-level sequences. Jim shares his realization that these phenomena held mathematical implications, transforming his observations into a new realm of understanding. Jim reflects on the process of shaping Septemics into a coherent philosophic system that can be understood by the average reader. He emphasizes that his focus as an engineer is on results and facts rather than opinions, leading him to create a resource that brings real-world improvements to people's lives. Towards the end of the interview, Jim reveals the 35 scales of Septemics, which cover a wide range of subjects and aspects of human experience. These scales provide a comprehensive framework for analyzing and understanding various aspects of life, ultimately helping individuals navigate challenges and achieve personal growth. The conversation wraps up with a sense of excitement about the impact Septemics can have on improving human understanding and interactions, leaving listeners intrigued and eager to explore this novel philosophical science. Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction and anticipation for an insightful interview 02:15 - Introduction of the guest, Jim Marshall, the creator of Septemics 04:40 - Jim's background, education, and insatiable curiosity for learning 06:45 - Jim's areas of expertise, including psychology, engineering, music, and more 09:10 - Jim's passion for classical music and appreciation for various genres 11:25 - Introduction to Septemics as a philosophical science based on seven-level phenomena 14:55 - Jim's journey of discovering and developing Septemics through observation and client work 19:20 - Transforming scales into seven levels with mathematical implications 23:10 - Realization of Septemics as a new and unique subject with 35 scales 25:50 - Jim's colleagues' positive responses to his initial manuscript 27:30 - Jim's 25-year process of refining and expressing Septemics for the average reader 31:15 - Introduction to the 35 scales of Septemics and their diverse subjects 35:45 - Conclusion of the interview and insights into Septemics' impact

Aug 10, 202352:15
120 - Mastering Self-Control: Unveiling the S-E-L-F Framework for Holistic Well-Being and Personal Growth with Tracy Pleschourt

120 - Mastering Self-Control: Unveiling the S-E-L-F Framework for Holistic Well-Being and Personal Growth with Tracy Pleschourt

In this episode, host Alex Morris engages in a captivating conversation with Tracy Pleschourt, founder of Self-Made U and host of The Secrets of the Self-Made podcast. The episode delves into the essential theme of self-control and its profound impact on various aspects of life, ranging from health and fitness to productivity and relationships. Tracy introduces the S-E-L-F Operating Framework, a method designed to empower individuals to master self-control and discipline in a holistic and self-loving manner. Tracy shares her personal journey that led her to develop the self-control framework. She reveals her struggles with food and alcohol and the realization that mastering self-control requires a deep understanding of both physical and mental dynamics. The conversation unravels the intricate relationship between metabolic health, cravings, and neurological responses, shedding light on the challenges many individuals face in maintaining control over their actions. The discussion touches on the saboteur mindset that often plagues high achievers, leading them to strive for unattainable perfection. Tracy emphasizes the importance of recognizing and challenging negative self-talk, allowing individuals to harness the power of their prodigy brain. Drawing parallels between the allure of sugary foods and the addictive nature of social media, the episode explores the connection between dopamine hits and cravings in both physical and digital contexts. Tracy offers practical insights into applying the S-E-L-F framework to navigate the complexities of modern life. By understanding the interplay of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, individuals can cultivate a deeper sense of control and fulfillment. The episode concludes with a thought-provoking discussion on the transformative potential of self-control and the steps listeners can take to integrate this framework into their daily lives. Overall, this engaging episode provides a comprehensive exploration of self-control, offering valuable tools and perspectives to help individuals break free from self-limiting patterns and achieve their true potential. Timestamp Chapters: 0:00 - Introduction and Overview 1:27 - Introducing Tracy Pleschourt and the Self-Control Framework 4:12 - The Importance of Self-Control in Various Areas of Life 7:20 - Exploring the S-E-L-F Operating Framework 11:05 - Tracy's Personal Journey and Inspiration for Self-Control Mastery 15:42 - Understanding the Role of Metabolic Health in Self-Control 19:30 - Impact of Cravings, Neurological Function, and Hormones 24:18 - The Influence of Mental Narratives on Self-Control 29:10 - Balancing High Achiever Tendencies with Self-Compassion 32:45 - The Connection Between Dopamine and Cravings 36:55 - Comparing Dopamine Hits to Social Media Likes 40:20 - Applying Self-Control to Digital Habits and Notifications 44:08 - The Saboteur Mindset and Overcoming Negative Self-Talk 49:02 - Integrating the S-E-L-F Framework into Daily Life 53:15 - Final Thoughts and Recap

Aug 02, 202352:27
119 - Mastering Revenue and Profits: Insights from Damian Andrews

119 - Mastering Revenue and Profits: Insights from Damian Andrews

In this episode of "Coaches to the Moon" podcast, the host, Alex Morris, interviews Damian Andrews, an expert on increasing revenue and profits. Damian runs the "Growing Revenue and Profits" podcast and has extensive experience as an international speaker, consultant, and advisor. The discussion covers topics such as tangible sales and conversation tips, building rapport, Damian's history in the armed forces, and its impact on his business ventures. The conversation emphasizes the importance of authenticity in marketing and business relationships. Damian shares his approach of being himself and offering valuable content to engage his audience effectively.

Timestamp Chapters:

00:00 - Introduction to Damian Andrews and his expertise in revenue and profits.

05:15 - Damian's background in podcasting and interviewing successful people worldwide.

09:30 - Balancing revenue growth and increased profits while working less.

14:45 - Damian's experience in the armed forces and its influence on his business strategies.

18:20 - The power of authenticity in marketing and building relationships.

22:10 - Tips for creating relatable and engaging content on social media.

25:40 - The importance of focus and consistency in marketing efforts.

30:15 - Understanding customer behavior and forming habits for brand loyalty.

35:00 - The significance of unconscious decision-making in customer choices.

40:05 - Strategies to expand and grow a coaching or consulting business effectively.

Jul 24, 202349:45
118 - Revolutionizing Workshops: Unleashing Tangible Tips for Engaging & Impactful Experiences

118 - Revolutionizing Workshops: Unleashing Tangible Tips for Engaging & Impactful Experiences

In this episode of "Coaches to the Moon" (CTTM), host Alex Morris interviews Leanne Hughes, a speaker, author, and coach, about her new book, "The Two-Hour Workshop Blueprint." Leanne shares valuable tips on running effective workshops, whether in person or virtually, and draws from her extensive experience working with both large organizations like BHP and smaller ones. The discussion covers topics like making workshops relatable and engaging, dealing with unexpected challenges, and the importance of connection and communication in leadership. Leanne emphasizes the role of marketing in driving change and inspiring teams, and how selling the idea of personal and professional development to team members is crucial for success.

Timestamps Chapters:

00:00: Introduction to Leanne Hughes: Changing the Workshop Game

02:30: The Two-Hour Workshop Blueprint: Tangible Tips for Success

06:10: Leanne's Experience: Working with Big and Small Companies

09:45: The Value of Workshops: Sparking Connection and Inspiring Change

13:20: The Shift in Leadership: Autonomy, Purpose, and Making a Difference

17:50: Selling Workshop Ideas to Team Members: Marketing the Change

22:15: Overcoming Resistance: Getting People to Show Up and Engage

26:40: The Power of Authenticity: Navigating Personal Development and Role Models

30:15: Leanne's Journey: From Marketing to Workshop Facilitation

34:05: Remote Living in Broome: A Great Experience

37:20: Transitioning from Broome to Sydney: Embracing a Fitness Community

40:35: The Practicality of TAFE: Real-World Skills vs. University

43:50: Adapting to AI Disruption: Using Brainpower and Human Connection

47:30: The Role of AI: Tools and Prompts for Human Understanding

51:05: Embracing Change and Connection: Workshops vs. Virtual Reality

54:20: Conclusion: Marketing, Purpose, and Inspiring Change

Jul 07, 202342:06
117 - Rediscovering Purpose: Navigating Life After Kids With Tanya Biddle

117 - Rediscovering Purpose: Navigating Life After Kids With Tanya Biddle

In this episode, host Alex Morris interviews Tanya Biddle, a self-empowerment and accountability coach who specializes in helping moms redefine their sense of purpose and find their passions once their children have become more independent. Tanya shares her personal experience of feeling like she had to sacrifice her own desires for the sake of her family and how she became motivated to help other moms in similar situations. The conversation focuses on the challenges faced by parents when their kids leave home and the need to rediscover their identity and create a fulfilling life beyond full-time parenting. Timestamps Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction and episode overview 01:20 - Tanya Biddle's introduction and background 02:53 - Tanya's personal experience as a mother 05:20 - The start of the parenting journey and the belief of sacrifice 09:00 - Conversations with other moms and recognizing the need for change 12:12 - The early stages of kids gaining independence 14:10 - The transition and loss of identity when kids leave home 17:05 - Negative effects and sense of abandonment 19:30 - The importance of purpose and mental health 21:40 - Differences between employed moms and those with personal dreams 24:10 - Challenges faced by moms in finding purpose 26:45 - Impact on mental and physical health 29:05 - Forming new habits and overcoming self-limiting beliefs 31:30 - Teenage years and Tanya's experience 33:10 - Alex's rebellious teenage years 35:35 - Disconnect between parents and teenagers 37:15 - Appreciation for coaches like Tanya 39:20 - Conclusion and episode wrap-up

Jul 05, 202350:22
116 - Overcoming Fear and Maximizing Productivity with Sam Tornatore

116 - Overcoming Fear and Maximizing Productivity with Sam Tornatore

In this episode of "Coaches to the Moon" podcast, host Alex Morris interviews Sam Tornatore, a business consultant, speaker, and expert in sales and neuro change. They discuss fear, limiting beliefs, and the things that hold people back in business and life. Sam shares insights on productivity, procrastination, and the importance of trust-based selling. He explains how he became involved with Ari Gulper, a trust-based sales expert, and the transformation it brought to his own sales approach. They also touch on topics like snakes, sharks, and the need for more trust in the world.

Timestamps Chapters:

00:00: Introduction and Fear Exploration

05:32: Limiting Beliefs and Tangible Fears

10:15: Sam Tornatore's Background and Expertise

15:40: Trust-Based Selling and Working with Ari Gulper

19:55: The Evolution of Sales Strategies

23:10: Importance of Collaboration and Authenticity

26:42: Managing Expectations in Client Relationships

31:18: Sam's Previous Experience in Personal Development Sales

36:50: Helping People Beat Procrastination

41:25: Doing More with Less: Productivity

47:02: Everyone Has 24 Hours

51:20: Balancing Hustle and Rest

55:15: Being Selective and Focusing on High-Yield Tasks

Jun 30, 202348:54
115 - Exploring the Power of Local Marketing: Insights from Kieran at KMAC Digital

115 - Exploring the Power of Local Marketing: Insights from Kieran at KMAC Digital

In this episode of "Coaches to the Moon" podcast, host Alex Morris interviews Kieran McInerney , a digital strategist from KMAC Digital. The discussion revolves around the differences between marketing to a broad audience and a local audience, specifically for small businesses. Kieran shares his insights and experiences from running his own electrical business and explains the pros and cons of various marketing channels like Google, SEO, and Facebook. They also delve into the challenges of balancing a brick-and-mortar trading business, a digital business, and family life. Kieran emphasizes the importance of disconnecting and shares his family's practice of going off the grid once a month. The episode concludes with a conversation about transitioning from a service-based business to digital marketing and the significance of SEO and Google ads for local businesses. Timestamps Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction and setting the context 01:28 - Importance of social media marketing 03:42 - Marketing for small local businesses 06:10 - The difference between broad and local audience 09:25 - Kieran's background and expertise 11:55 - Balancing multiple responsibilities and businesses 14:40 - The impact of family on transitioning careers 17:05 - Creating a flexible lifestyle 19:18 - Importance of disconnecting and going off the grid 21:40 - Challenges of merging work and family life 23:58 - The struggle of being present 26:12 - Nurturing lead flow for service-based businesses 28:37 - Managing risk and revenue streams 31:10 - Transitioning to a digital business 34:15 - The significance of SEO for local businesses 37:20 - Understanding local SEO and Google My Business 39:55 - Keyword research and content optimization 42:30 - Utilizing Google tools for website ranking

Jun 24, 202345:45
114 - Coaching, Content, and Concerts With Molly Adams

114 - Coaching, Content, and Concerts With Molly Adams

In this episode of "Coaches to The Moon," host Alex Morris interviews Molly Adams, a photographer and coach based in Los Angeles. Molly shares her journey of transitioning from being a freelance event photographer to consulting and coaching business owners on creating valuable content. She discusses her unique approach to bringing out the best content from her clients and using their authentic stories to connect with their audience. Molly also talks about her platform, Kiamara, which helps businesses attract more attention and create loyal fans. The conversation covers various topics including cold emailing, success in the music industry, and the importance of being straightforward in marketing. Throughout the episode, Molly shares interesting anecdotes and insights from her experiences.

Timestamps Chapters:

00:00- Introduction and Exciting Guest

04:12- Molly's Background and Transition

09:35- The Power of American Influencers

13:50 - International Work and Experiences

18:07- Cold Emailing and Success Tips

24:30- The Importance of Authenticity

28:42-Exploring What Hasn't Worked

34:55- Challenges with Cold Emailing

39:20- Being Direct in Marketing

44:15- Lessons from Music Photography

49:40- Tweaking vs. Allowing Experiments

54:02- Funnest Interaction with High Profile

58:30- Venue Security and Coolness

Find more about Molly

Jun 22, 202349:38
113 - Intuitive Mediumship and Healing Trauma | Ben Eden

113 - Intuitive Mediumship and Healing Trauma | Ben Eden

In this episode of "Coaches to the Moon" (CTTM), Alex interviews Ben Eden, an intuitive medium and mentor. They explore the realm of mediumship, spirituality, trauma, and its connection to coaching and marketing. Ben explains that mediumship involves connecting with the spirit world and receiving messages from loved ones who have passed away. He emphasizes the importance of evidential readings, where he provides specific details and information about the spirits present, which has a profound impact on his clients. Ben shares his personal journey of rediscovering his mediumistic abilities after going through trauma and a spiritual awakening. He also discusses how his experiences in a domestic violence relationship developed his empathic skills and helped him connect with clients on a deeper level. Ben offers readings to clients and teaches others to develop their own mediumship abilities.

Detailed Timestamps:

  • 0:00: Introduction and overview of the episode.
  • 0:48: Alex introduces Ben Eden, the healing medium, and his unique abilities.
  • 2:10: Ben explains mediumship as connecting with the spirit world and receiving messages from passed loved ones.
  • 3:03: The positive and uplifting nature of mediumship.
  • 3:47: Ben's mediumship focuses on love and aims to uplift, encourage, motivate, inspire, and heal.
  • 4:27: The absence of religious elements in Ben's mediumship, though he believes in a higher being or source.
  • 6:05: Differentiating Ben's mediumship from the stereotypical portrayal in horror movies.
  • 7:08: Evidential readings and the importance of providing specific evidence to validate the connection with spirits.
  • 8:30: The profound impact of evidential readings on clients and how it can lead to life changes.
  • 10:27: Ben's personal journey into mediumship, from experiencing spirit as a young boy to rediscovering his abilities after trauma and a spiritual awakening.
  • 14:36: Developing empathic skills during a domestic violence relationship and how it helps in readings.
  • 17:16: Using empathic skills to read people's energy and prevent potential conflicts or negative situations.
  • 18:38: Ben's role in providing readings and helping clients connect with their loved ones who have passed away.
  • 20:45: Clients resonating with Ben's energy and seeking guidance and support through readings.
  • 23:32: Bringing back the connection to loved ones and providing comfort and guidance to clients.
  • 24:40: The parallel between marketing coaching businesses and attracting clients who resonate with an older version of oneself.

Connect with Ben

LinkedIn : Ben Eden

Instagram : bennn_1992

Jun 14, 202336:44
112 - Mastering Collaborative Conversations with "The Collaboration Guy" Peter Anthony

112 - Mastering Collaborative Conversations with "The Collaboration Guy" Peter Anthony

In this episode of the "Coaches to the Moon" podcast, host Alex Morris interviews Peter Anthony, also known as the collaboration guy. Peter has been in the sales industry for almost 40 years but takes a different approach, emphasizing the power of pitching influence and collaborative conversations instead of traditional sales techniques. They discuss Peter's book, "Calabradabra: The Magic of Collaborative Conversation," and the importance of storytelling and building relationships in sealing deals. The conversation also touches on the benefits of referrals and the lifetime value of clients. Peter shares personal stories and insights, providing valuable advice for coaches and entrepreneurs. Discussion Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction and mention of the guest, Peter Anthony, who has 40 years of experience in sales and pitching influence. 01:10 - Introduction to the topic of collaborative conversations and the power of storytelling in sealing deals and building relationships. 02:15 - Mention of Peter Anthony's book, "Callabradabra: The Magic of Collaborative Conversation." 02:40 - Acknowledgment of Triple Effect Video, the new production team for the podcast. 03:05 - Introduction of Peter Anthony as the guest. 04:00 - Conversation starts between Alex Morris (host) and Peter Anthony. 04:30 - Peter Anthony shares a personal anecdote about meeting Alex recently and their podcasting activities. 07:10 - Discussion about Peter Anthony's background and living in Manly, Australia. 11:20 - Mention of Peter Anthony's swimming routine and the swimming community. 15:00 - Conversation shifts to the topic of collaborative relationships and their importance in coaching. 17:20 - Importance of referrals and long-term relationships in coaching businesses. 20:10 - Alex shares a personal experience of focusing on contracts over building relationships in the past. 22:25 - Peter Anthony explains the concept of collaboration and how it leads to better results. 26:50 - Discussion on the sorting process and finding clients that can genuinely be helped. 30:20 - Importance of understanding clients' unique needs and environments. 35:00 - Anecdote about Paul Graham, a former Mr. Olympia, and his tailored program for Peter Anthony. 38:45 - The importance of creating personalized solutions for clients. 40:30 - Wrap-up and conclusion of the episode.

Jun 08, 202338:42
111 - SalesWarlord's Secrets: Gulliver Giles Unveils Strategies for Success

111 - SalesWarlord's Secrets: Gulliver Giles Unveils Strategies for Success

In this episode of "Coaches to the Moon" podcast, host Alex Morris interviews Gulliver Giles, an experienced sales and marketing expert. Gulliver and his wife Leela have achieved significant success in the online space, collaborating with notable names like Frank Kearns and Jay Abrams. They discuss various topics including sales, marketing, mindset, and strategies that have led to their companies' success. Additionally, they delve into the challenges and rewards of running a business with a partner, finding fulfillment in business and life, and the power of storytelling in marketing. Gulliver shares his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned sales trader and offers valuable insights for coaches and entrepreneurs. Timestamps Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction and Excitement Builds 03:15 - Gulliver's Background and Achievements 06:45 - Meeting Gulliver in Fiji 08:30 - Topics of Discussion: Sales, Marketing, Mindset 11:10 - The Realities of Running a Business with a Partner 14:25 - Finding Fulfillment in Business and Life 17:40 - Engaging Conversation with Gulliver 20:15 - Gulliver's Approach to Sales 23:40 - Gulliver's Story: From Temp Jobs to Ghostwriting 28:20 - Collaboration with Jay Abrams 32:10 - Teaching How to Productize Knowledge 35:50 - Challenges in Marketing and Sales 40:05 - The Evolution of their Business 43:50 - The Strategy Session Mechanic 47:30 - Understanding Strategy Sessions as Sales Calls 50:55 - The Importance of Adding Value 54:10 - Wrapping up the Conversation 57:20 - Closing Remarks and Future Plans

Jun 05, 202352:20
110 - Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Self-Transformation with William Brokloff

110 - Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Self-Transformation with William Brokloff

In this episode of the "Coaches to the Moon" podcast (Episode 110), the host is joined by William Brockloff, a confidence coach with an interesting personal story. William shares his journey from working in the mines to overcoming anxiety and becoming a confident individual. The conversation covers various topics, including William's move from Canada to Australia, his struggles with weight and self-image, the challenges of a fly-in-fly-out lifestyle, and the importance of authenticity and self-improvement. They also touch on the impact of social media and the need for personal accountability.

Timestamp Chapters:

0:00 - Introduction and welcoming William Brockloff

1:20 - William's transition from Canada to Australia

3:45 - The significance of William's Canadian accent

5:10 - William's childhood struggles with weight and fitting in

9:15 - Negative influences and moving frequently as a child

12:30 - William's transformation and overcoming past challenges

14:50 - The importance of realizing that others' opinions don't matter

17:30 - The tough lifestyle of fly-in-fly-out workers

20:40 - The need for proper support systems for fly-in-fly-out workers

24:10 - The influence of social media and negative friends

26:30 - Being true to oneself and embracing uniqueness

30:00 - Overcoming the fear of judgment and criticism

32:10 - The importance of authenticity and standing out

35:00 - Different approaches to self-improvement and coaching

38:10 - Understanding individual needs and starting points

41:20 - The saturated coaching market and options for everyone

44:00 - Taking action and holding oneself accountable

46:30 - The benefits of small wins and stacking positive habits

49:00 - Wrapping up the conversation and future podcast plans

Jun 01, 202352:34
109 - Unleashing Business Freedom: Insider Strategies | Lisa Guglielmino
May 28, 202352:15
108 - Unlocking Success and Aligning Energies | Miranda Marriott

108 - Unlocking Success and Aligning Energies | Miranda Marriott

Miranda Marriott, an intuitive business coach, joins host Alex on the "Coaches to the Moon" podcast. Miranda discusses her journey to success and how her approach to balancing work and motherhood has evolved over time. She emphasizes the importance of rituals and energetic alignment in her business. Miranda highlights the significance of tapping into the super conscious to manifest desired outcomes and shares her experience with retreats and in-person experiences for deep transformation. The episode concludes with a preview of Miranda's upcoming program, "The Pilgrimage," where she will share her mastery-level teachings. Listeners are encouraged to stay tuned for future episodes of the podcast.

What you will find in this episode:

0:00 - Introduction and welcoming Miranda Marriott 1:56 - Balancing business and parenthood as a home-based entrepreneur 6:38 - Super conscious rituals and aligning with the vision 11:24 - The power of energy work and manifestation 16:52 - Exploring the concept of super consciousness 21:10 - The importance of physical presence in retreats and embodiment experiences 25:32 - Future plans and upcoming retreats 29:18 - Miranda's Alchemy Mastermind program 32:10 - Laser-beam focus and the value of completion 35:03 - Closing remarks and gratitude

Get in touch with Miranda:



YouTube: @mirandamarriott2196

Website: /mirandamarriott

May 27, 202343:11
107 - Unveiling Purpose and High Performance with Trang Cess Nguyen

107 - Unveiling Purpose and High Performance with Trang Cess Nguyen

Join host Alex on the "Coaches To The Moon" podcast as he interviews Trang Cess Nguyen, a purpose and high-performance mentor. Discover Trang's mission to support individuals in making career pivots and creating purpose-driven lives. Trang opens up about her own transformative journey, transitioning from physiotherapy and fitness coaching to running her own successful coaching business. Dive into engaging discussions on values, purpose, and the significance of experiencing life beyond work. This conversation is packed with personal anecdotes and valuable insights, offering guidance on living a fulfilling and impactful life. Don't miss out on this inspiring episode!

What's in this episode?

00:00 - Introduction and guest introduction

04:10 - Trang's mission to guide individuals through career pivots 

07:42 - The moment that led Trang to shift into coaching full-time 

10:20 - How Trang's coaching approach evolved over the years 

12:57 - The significance of values in creating a purpose-driven life 

17:02 - Finding purpose in life and living for something greater 

21:05 - The importance of experiencing life beyond work 

23:47 - Developing the pillars of purpose and the thriving three 

26:20 - Cultivating resilience, consistency, and empowerment

29:16 - Taking action and embracing discomfort for personal growth 

33:15 - Acknowledging different life circumstances and making a positive impact

36:33 - Wrapping up the conversation and concluding remarks

Get in touch with Trang:

Instagram: @trangcessnguyen

Facebook: Aligned Performance

Youtube: Aligned Performance



May 23, 202348:51
106 - Unleashing Success: The 'Boss Mindset' and the Power of Creating Space w/ Andres Garzon | Construction Business Coach
May 23, 202353:28
105 - Scaling Success: From Five Figures to Six Figures and Beyond w/ James Wellington | Digital Marketing Coach
May 14, 202342:27
104: Healthy Workspaces: Maintaining Mental Wellness while Building a Thriving Coaching Business w/ John Purl | Lifestyle Coach
May 07, 202345:44
103 - Predictable Sales: Sales Strategies for Consistent Results w/ Hugh Hall
May 01, 202347:43
102: Redesign Your Business to Work WITHOUT You w/ Richard Phu | Business Freedom Designer

102: Redesign Your Business to Work WITHOUT You w/ Richard Phu | Business Freedom Designer

Managing Director at Outsourcing Angel, also known as the Business Freedom Designer, Richard Phu helps SME business owners scale their businesses to run without them by automating, systemising, and providing them with Virtual Assistants. What's in this episode?

  • Richard's backstory from working on corporate environment to shifting to digital space
  • What makes an amazing entrepreneur? Richard has an exciting insight you might want to hear!
  • How to run your business to work 90% without you!

Connect w/ Richard Phu:

Website | LinkedIn | YouTube


Apr 24, 202337:47
101: Breaking the Stigma - Mental Health Conversations for Teams w/ Joseph Bonanno
Apr 21, 202354:01
100: Coaching with 'Cheat Codes' w/ Lezly Kaye
Apr 17, 202351:16
099 - Success Simplified: Insights from Andrew's Journey and Coaching Tips w/ Andrew Fam
Apr 11, 202346:58
098 - Being Human: The Art of Connection w/ Joel Hines
Mar 21, 202338:18
097: Beating Burnout and Finding Balance w/ Melo Calarco
Mar 13, 202343:39
096: Dig Your Way Out of Debt as Easy as Making Lemonade w/ Nathan Bennett
Feb 27, 202351:10
095: The F.A.S.T.T. Way to Build a Sustainable Coaching Business w/ Hailey Rowe
Feb 14, 202344:19
094: Persistence in Sales - Benefits and Tips for Success w/ Adam McCaughey
Feb 06, 202344:36
093 - Scaling for Freedom: Business Strategies for Sustainable Growth w/ Scott James Andrews
Jan 31, 202351:00
092: Tapping Into the Power of your Intuition w/ Tash Hanham | Intuitive Coach
Jan 23, 202345:04
091: How to Stand Out as a Leader in a Saturated Online Marketing Space w/ Melanie Brandt
Jan 18, 202353:33
090: The Power of Business Systems -  How to Systematize Your Business to Live the Lifestyle You've Always Wanted w/ Shane Harper
Jan 02, 202301:00:28
089: How to Elevate Your Personal Platform to the Next Level w/ Caelan Huntress
Dec 19, 202241:03
088: How to Build Your Own Customer Community for Long-lasting Business Success w/ Angela Arnold
Dec 12, 202246:27
087: Take Your Business Publicity To The Next Level w/ Adrian Falk
Dec 05, 202239:40
086: How to Make 'Triple Effect' Video Contents for Your Online Business w/ Alan Howle
Nov 28, 202235:52