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Stories 4 Good

Stories 4 Good

By Coaching 4 Good

Stories 4 Good is a podcast produced by Coaching 4 Good in Austin, TX. We explore the world of professional career coaching and leadership development through the eyes of the coaches in our collective, their clients, our support organizations, and those folks that we can't resist interviewing because they are AWESOME. We are excited to share the courageous and inspirational stories of good people who we've had the good fortune to connect with!
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Episode 5: Scott Kukowski

Stories 4 GoodNov 22, 2022

Episode 5: Scott Kukowski

Episode 5: Scott Kukowski

Scott Kukowski started his career in the U.S. Navy where he worked as a systems administrator and technical lead. From there, he expanded his career by holding individual contributor and leadership roles in high tech throughout the Silicon Valley.

Burning Out

Scott stayed in the tech industry for 13 years and led teams in 5 worldwide locations. He worked in notable companies such as Loral, Ford, Netscape, and Hyperion Solutions.

However, Scott realized that being an executive was not for him – he was steadily burning out!

Taking Charge

Scott decided it was time for a change and left Hyperion. He purchased a Mr. Handyman franchise and, although he did his due diligence and researched the franchise, he didn’t take the time to understand why he burned out at Hyperion.

Scott’s business was successful, but he wasn’t happy and started burning out again. He decided to make a big change: selling his business and moving to Austin, Texas.

New Career Path

Scott went to a career coach who helped him realize a new career path: Career Coaching. Coaching would involve a lot of training that he could draw on from his years in multiple industries. Best of all, it would fulfill his desire to help people. This career path was a great fit!

Career Satisfaction & Success

Since 2008, Scott has helped many people explore new career paths and/or ready themselves for their next job.

Nov 22, 202223:13
Episode 4: Steve Graham

Episode 4: Steve Graham

In this episode, we will talk with Steve Graham

For the past decade, Steve has been a certified professional coach. He received his certification through UT Dallas' Organizational Behavior, Coaching, and Consulting program, which works with the International Coaching Federation. In addition to career coaching, Steve also serves as an adjunct professor at many colleges and universities and is the VP of Marketing & Human Resources for a media and broadcasting company. 

In his coaching work, Steve says that he likes to approach the relationship with clients as a partnership where both parties are on equal ground, working toward the same goals. Often clients seek Steve's services when they are experiencing change. He strives to help clients identify and jump over barriers, while questioning assumptions and seeking internal growth. There is not a "magic wand" approach with coaching, so the clients with the most successful outcomes are ready to make an investment in themselves by actively engaging with the information and insights that come from the coaching process. Fear is often one of the barriers to meaningful change, but with a coach like Steve that helps you "balance hope with reality," change is on the way! 

Oct 25, 202228:21
Episode 3: Melinda Rothouse & Charlotte Gullick

Episode 3: Melinda Rothouse & Charlotte Gullick

In this episode, we will talk with Melinda Rothouse and Charlotte Gullick, authors of Syncreate

Melinda Rothhouse's focus as a coach is creativity in all forms. In addition to being a career and leadership coach with Coaching 4 Good, she has many other professional roles as an author, facilitator, musician, educator, and consultant. Her background is based in psychology, religious and spiritual studies, and mindfulness. In addition to executive leadership coaching and team coaching in organizations, Melinda often works with creative professionals that are experiencing transitions or hoping to bring a creative idea to fruition. 

Charlotte Gullick is an accomplished novelist, essayist, editor, educator and Chair of the Creative Writing Department at Austin Community College (ACC). She and Melinda met at ACC while working on a study abroad project. As the pandemic was shutting things down, they decided they wanted to bring something creative and helpful into the world during the time spent in isolation. 

Syncreate was the product of the team's creative pandemic endeavor. The book aims to demystify the creative process, while re-writing the story of creativity for the US. You don't have to be a tortured artist all alone to be creative or bring creative ideas into reality; "creativity is your birthright." Syncreate uses a framework of "Play, Plan, Produce" to guide readers through the creative process in a way that is accessible and community focused.

Melinda and Charlotte were full of excellent recommendations and creative terms that we would like to provide our audience as references: 

Oct 24, 202244:58
Episode 2: Jen Slagle

Episode 2: Jen Slagle

In this episode, we will talk to Jen Slagle, life coach, mother, creative human, and so much more. 

Jen began her full-time foray into life coaching in May of 2020. Before that, she worked in corporate America in marketing, was a freelancer graphic design artist, as well as a stay at home mom, at different times in her working life after college. Jen believes that the experiences and connections from all of her roles have helped her to get to where she is today. 

Life coaching includes looking at 8 areas of your life, as Jen was trained at iPEC. Career is definitely one of them, but when you work with Jen, you should expect to be guided to becoming aligned with values and "unravel" yourself, which often means looking at other areas of your life that could be affecting your career. Jen coaches her clients into their energy, helping them identify their superpowers and triggers.

Most of Jen's clients are between the ages of 35 - 55, looking for jobs at the executive and C-suite level, and spend at least 3 months with her. While 1/3 of Jen's clients usually get jobs while they are working with her, she reminds the audience and potential clients that lasting change takes time. In addition to connecting with Jen through her website, you can also find her on LinkedIn!

Oct 23, 202238:26
Episode 1: Angela Lopez

Episode 1: Angela Lopez

In this episode, we will talk with our newest coach, Angela Lopez.

Angela came to coaching at a low point in her life that was followed by a spiritual awakening. Her values are consciousness, well-being, wholeness, aligned action, love/connection, authenticity, freedom, and integrity. Angela will talk about her professional background, as well as her ideal client in this session. She works with emerging and experienced leaders, as well as students of all ages that are looking for meaning and direction. Angela identifies as a BIPOC lesbian, which adds another dimension to her coaching that helps her clients be seen in ways they haven't before. 

A client of Angela's can expect to achieve connection with their wholeness and identify and work through limiting beliefs. Angela recently took and passed her coach certification that she received through Co-Active Training Institute in conjunction with Coaching For Everyone. In the Co-Active Coaching style, all clients are seen and treated as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole; you will be partners in the process. Coaching For Everyone is a dynamic new 501c3 nonprofit organization, designed to provide complimentary coaching and leadership services to traditionally under-resourced populations, particularly BIPOC young adults, K-12 educators, and nonprofit employees.

In addition to being a coach at Coaching 4 Good, Angela serves in the Client Relations Manager (CRM) position at Coaching 4 Good. That means she's the one who you'll talk to when you're searching for your coach or have questions about the services that we offer! It doesn't stop there though! Angela also owns and operates a business, AHA Moments Health & Wellness, with her lovely wife, Christi. They offer various coaching packages, as well as guided mindfulness sessions, Reiki, and Power of 8 circles

Oct 23, 202226:12
Introduction with Michelle Poole & Kim Garmany
Oct 12, 202230:10
Season 1 - Trailer

Season 1 - Trailer

Welcome to Stories 4 Good, a podcast powered by Coaching 4 Good!  We are excited to share the courageous and inspirational stories of good people who we've had the good fortune to connect with.  You will hear from coaches, people whose lives and careers have been transformed through coaching, inspiring leaders and others who have courageously stepped into their purpose to make a positive impact on the world.  Thanks for joining us and remember, wherever you are, no matter the time of day or night, it's always a good time for a good story!

Oct 11, 202204:25