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Coda Country Chats

Coda Country Chats

By Coda Country

The podcast from a country girl discussing all things country music, including new releases, old favorites, and news in the world of Music City!

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Chat with Goldpine

Coda Country ChatsSep 08, 2023

Chat with Wyatt Putman

Chat with Wyatt Putman

On this episode of "Coda Country Chats", Leigh chats with Wyatt Putman, a good ol' boy from Arkansas about his single release of "Spinnin' Around All Night". They also talk about his music influences, his new album releasing in March 2024, "My Kinda Country", and about what Wyatt's kind of country was like growing up as a country boy. Pre-save his new single, "Cowgirl Thing" here: Follow Wyatt Putman: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube:  @wyattputmanmusic  About Wyatt Putman: "Proudly from the Natural State of Arkansas, Wyatt was raised on the voices that established outlaw country music. Constantly looking back home for inspiration when it comes to writing music, Wyatt will deliver his collection of raw songs with grit, attitude, and authenticity on "My Kinda Country" — produced by the renowned GRAMMY-nominated producer, Kent Wells. As Wyatt likes to put it, he writes “music that takes you from the asphalt to the gravel.” "My Kinda Country" finds Wyatt exactly where he wants to be — making a statement with dirt road country anthems straight from the backwoods of Spring Hill, AR. As Wyatt notes: “Spring Hill has influenced me to be the best I can possibly be no matter what it is I’m doing. I’ve learned that if you’re going to do it, give it all you’ve got. The same goes for Friday nights with a band behind me and a guitar in my hand.” Looking back at his journey, Wyatt reflects on how the process of creating music has changed for him. When he recorded his six-track EP, "Outlaw Reputation" (2018), he relied heavily on his producer and the other musicians in the studio to bring his vision to life. However, with "My Kinda Country", Wyatt took full control of his artistry. This forthcoming project marks a significant milestone in Wyatt’s musical career, showcasing his growth as an artist and his evolution as a creator. With "My Kinda Country", Wyatt concludes “it’s not just music, it’s a way of life. Music made for the backwoods, blue-collar, dirt road kids that are proud to be from wherever they’re from! It’s also the beginning of a new chapter for me, and I invite everyone to jump on the train. I want this album to make people feel good when they listen to it, and I hope they can come back to this album 15 years from now and say ‘damn what a record’.”

Dec 01, 202314:37
Chat with Brittany Maggs
Nov 22, 202332:53
Chat with Alex Mather
Nov 21, 202329:38
Chat with David Peters of Steel City Barber Lounge
Nov 15, 202324:39
Chat with Tyra Madison

Chat with Tyra Madison

On this episode of the Coda Country Chats podcast, Tyra Madison sits down with Leigh to describe the inspiration behind her latest single, "Rebound". She also teases new music and talks about her upbringing in Pine Top, while also discussing her dream tour with Taylor Swift and Lainey Wilson.

About Tyra Madison:

Recognized as “one of the most exciting new voices” by CelebMix, Tyra Madison originates from Pine Top, Kentucky. Drawing inspiration from esteemed artists like Carrie Underwood and Maren Morris, Tyra has fully immersed herself in the art of songwriting and performing, leaving an indelible mark on the Nashville community and beyond.

With millions of streams across all digital service platforms, Tyra’s music has found its way into influential playlists such as Spotify’s “New Music Nashville” and Apple Music’s “Country Risers.” She has garnered support slots while touring with acclaimed acts including Nelly, Ernest, Lonestar, Maddie & Tae, and Priscilla Block.Tyra’s most popular single “Right Girl Wrong Time” has amassed over 12 million streams, further solidifying her rising star status. The music video for the song premiered exclusively on, providing fans with an immersive visual experience.

Most recently, Tyra has achieved the success of reaching over 100 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, a very noteworthy goal for an artist to reach.

Follow Tyra Madison: Instagram:

YouTube:  @TyraMadisonMusic 

TikTok: tyramadison

Nov 09, 202316:59
Chat with Nicole Croteau
Nov 03, 202320:42
Chat with Emmet Stevens, Jr.

Chat with Emmet Stevens, Jr.

Fresh off the release of his new single, "Dunn With You", Emmet Stevens, Jr. sits down with Leigh of Coda Country to talk about his music and his influences. Learn more about Emmet Stevens, Jr. on this episode of the Coda County Chats podcast. 

About Emmet Stevens, Jr. : "Emmet's journey is more than a chronicle of artistic evolution; it is a testament to the fusion of faith and music that has been instrumental in his life since his formative years. His early exposure to music in the sacred precincts of worship services laid the cornerstone for his fervent passion for vocal expression. As he encountered personal trials, his faith and music became anchors of strength. Simultaneously refining his musical aptitude and embarking on a transformative odyssey towards well-being, Emmet emerged as a luminary poised to illuminate the world through his art. With the unveiling of "Dunn With You," Emmet Stevens Jr. stands poised to carve his niche in the firmament of country music. This single, characterized by its uplifting and empowering message, coupled with Emmet's genuine and profound delivery, is destined to resonate with audiences spanning diverse backgrounds. Emmet's voyage symbolizes the latent power intrinsic to following one's passions, embracing one's genuine self, and extracting fortitude from the symbiotic marriage of music and faith. "Dunn With You," to be available on streaming platforms worldwide, is an embodiment of a pivotal milestone in Emmet Stevens Jr.'s expedition as a country music luminary." 

Follow Emmet Stevens, Jr. 

YouTube:  @EmmetStevensJr  




Oct 25, 202316:39
Chat with Josh Matty of Connecticut's Country Podcast
Oct 20, 202319:57
Chat with HuneyFire

Chat with HuneyFire

On this episode of the "Coda Country Chats" podcast, Marri Nevarez and Cheaza Figueroa, the mother-daughter duo HuneyFire, talk with Leigh about the recent release of their remixed edition of their song, "Breaking Necks" Leigh asks about the prior musical paths of the two separate performers and about how time and country music brought them together to create this amazingly powerful team. The three ladies, joined by Leigh's daughter, discuss future performances, their collaborative writing strategies, and what it is like working as mother and daughter. Follow HuneyFire: Instagram: YouTube: About HuneyFire: "Family musical history courses through the bloodlines career arc of the dynamic new mother-daughter Afro/Latina country music duo, HuneyFire. Mother, Cheaza Figueroa, grew up following in the footsteps of a big-time show business entertainer. Her mother, Stonye Figueroa aka Barbara Cook, was a member of the legendary Ikette’s, the electrifying backing vocalists and dancers for The Ike and Tina Turner Revue. Stonye was part of the group’s powerhouse historic performance of “Proud Mary” captured in their debut appearance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’ “I grew up under the musical influence of my mother, and Tina, of course,” says Cheaza. “I was also influenced by Whitney Houston, Dolly, Pat Benatar, Jon Secada, and Shania Twain. My musical tastes are broad.” Daughter, Marri Nevarez, also claims musical royalty in her bloodline; her father Alfred Nevarez is a founding member of the pop vocal group, All-4-One, best known for their mega-hits, “I Swear,” "So Much in Love" and "I Can Love You Like That." “I draw musical inspiration from Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Paramore and Caitlyn Smith, among others,” Marri states. Singing together since 2011, HuneyFire was founded in March 2021 and released the singles, “Temporary,” “Breaking Necks,” “O Holy Night,” and a cover of the Judd’s classic, “Love Can Build a Bridge.” Their debut album is slated for release in late-2023 and includes a featured song in Spanish. The lead single "Manswer" was released in March 2023. Their current single and music video “Too Late For Sorry” is out now, and the video is airing nationally on The Country Network. Together, Cheaza and Marri carry on the legacy, family ties and music histories that they are bringing to a new generation of fans, all wrapped in a big, powerful, beautiful package of amazing talent called HuneyFire."

Oct 11, 202324:17
Chat with Kara Cole
Oct 05, 202316:20
Chat with A&W Brewer

Chat with A&W Brewer

What a delight it was to have Alyssa and Wayne (and their sweet baby girl) Brewer on the "Coda Country Chats" to promote their new tribute album to George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Leigh with Coda Country interviews the couple to learn more about their debut album. About A&W Brewer and "Alyssa and Wayne Sing George and Tammy": When youthful passion and timeless songs intersect, it’s a creative crossroads where everything old seems new again. That’s definitely the case with husband and wife country duo Alyssa & Wayne Brewer’s new album "Alyssa and Wayne Sing George and Tammy", due for release on Friday, September 15. Wayne Brewer, a sixth-generation musician well-known for his work with Gary Brewer & The Kentucky Ramblers, and his talented wife Alyssa teamed to salute country legends George Jones and Tammy Wynette. The Brewer’s debut album finds the couple covering such well known classics as the first single, “Golden Ring” and “We’re Gonna Hold On” in addition to lesser known gems like “Rosie Bokay.” Wayne and Alyssa approached the project with equal amounts of unbridled enthusiasm and humble trepidation. “We committed and agreed to do our debut release as a tribute to the two best country singers of all time. It was a major undertaking,” Wayne recalls. “We did all these in the original keys that George and Tammy cut them in, except I did ‘Rosie Bokay’ as a nod to Bobby Osborne, who cut it up a key high. All the rest of the songs are in the original keys, which I thought was important.” Married since 2015, Wayne says recording a duet album has been a goal since he and Alyssa began dating, but other career demands kept them busy. Wayne not only performs with the Ramblers, but is also CEO of SGM (Stretch Grass Music) and Alyssa serves as COO of the label. Eventually, the couple found time to get in the studio and recorded the Townes Van Zandt classic “If I Needed You,” a song they had sung to each other at their wedding. The combination of Wayne’s earnest approach and Alyssa’s achingly vulnerable vocals earned them instant fans. A friend at SGM’s distribution company, Sony/The Orchard, encouraged them to record an entire album and suggested they revive the Jones/Wynette catalog. Both Wayne and Alyssa had grown up listening to the country music icons and the project seemed a natural fit. “We’ve always been big fans of theirs, but who isn’t? Everybody knows George’s range was unlike anybody’s that ever has been or ever will be, so it was an undertaking,” Wayne says. Yet the couple rose to the challenge, even though they were recording at the same time they were adjusting to being first-time parents. “After we had a baby, we started working on it when she was a newborn, so we waited until we had the least amount of time to start this,” Alyssa laughs about the challenging circumstances. “This was only my second time ever in the studio, but I had a lot of guidance from Wayne because he’s been producing so many albums over the years.” Alyssa and Wayne Sing George and Tammy became a labor of love for the young couple and the recording sessions were intimate and emotional with Wayne alone in the control room and Alyssa singing directly to him. “I said, ‘I’ll sit on the board, and you’ll be in the tracking room, looking right at me through the glass. I’ll track all your vocals with you singing directly to me,’” he recalls. “So that’s how this was cut, and I feel like you can hear that in the album.” Follow Alyssa & Wayne Brewer Instagram: YouTube:  @alyssawaynebrewer 

Sep 15, 202331:52
Chat with Goldpine

Chat with Goldpine

To celebrate the release of their new album "Two", Ben and Kassie Wilson of the Nashville-based Americana duo Goldpine meet Leigh on the latest episode of the "Coda Country Chats" podcast. Cassie and Ben talk about their musical partnership-turned-marriage, their latest single release, upcoming shows for the year. Follow Goldpine: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: @Goldpinemusic About Goldpine: Formerly known as My One and Only, the duo has reimagined their “southern-soul,” “curious-grit” and emotionally honest lyrics into Americana act, Goldpine. The duo released their self-produced debut LP, One, last year and they have been sharing those stories with audiences across the country, recounting their own experiences with life and love. After nearly a decade of honing in on their sound, and evolving their music, the name didn’t necessarily grow along with it. “We were called My One and Only for about 5 years,” the two explain. “Throughout those years we realized that the name was putting out a certain vibe, of the depth of the music, that was not quite accurate with where our style was heading.” Drawing inspiration from their roots, the name Goldpine signifies their past and their future; Kassie grew up on Pines Road in Alabama, so ‘pine’ represents the past and ‘gold’ is the lasting and valuable element that represents the future. Touring since 2016, they have been lessening the gap between music and the audience by disclosing their stories behind the lyrics at every venue along the way. From Kerrville Folk Fest main stage and 30A Songwriters Festival to listening rooms throughout the United States, Ben and Kassie have been offering their own brand of raw Americana to audiences large and small. Having been recent winners of the 2022 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Contest at the Red Lodge Songwriter Festival, Goldpine continues to stay true to their vision from the beginning and stands out while doing so. Presented the “Discovery Award” in 2018 by acclaimed music critic Robert K. Oermann (MusicRow Magazine), the duo's bold harmonies are clearly a channel for their highly charged songwriting. Goldpine is set to perform their debut AMERICANAFEST showcase this month on Friday, September 22nd amongst a year full of shows throughout the country.

Sep 08, 202319:23
Chat with Canaan Cox
Aug 30, 202308:12
Chat with Peyton Aldridge

Chat with Peyton Aldridge

On this episode of the "Coda Country Chats" podcast, Leigh talks with Peyton Aldridge about his new single, " One More Night with You" which will be releasing on August 25th! After releasing several new singles in 2023, Peyton discusses his time on The Voice, his musical influences, and the next few steps in his career. About Peyton Aldridge: Country newcomer, 25-year-old. Peyton Aldridge officially launched his solo career with a sold out January 2023 concert in his hometown of Cleveland, MS, with the announcement of a series of single releases, slated for early spring, 2023. His September 2022 appearance on The Voice, turned the heads and chairs of three judges; inciting a friendly rivalry between Judge John legend, for blocking fellow Judge Blake Shelton from participating. Peyton has consistently earned praise for the honesty and his songwriting and the soulfulness of his vocals. Born in Marks and raised in Cleveland, MS, near the birthplace of the musical style known as the Delta Blues, Peyton got an early start singing with his church choir and local music venues before earning accolades and getting the attention of fans and industry, insiders alike with his sofa, rendition of quote "Can't You See" by the Marshall Tucker band during his audition on the voice. Follow Peyton Aldridge: Facebook: Instagram: Apple Music: Spotify:

Aug 25, 202313:30
Chat with Evanthia

Chat with Evanthia

Leigh with Coda Country sits down with Evanthia on the most recent episode of "Coda Country Chats". Evanthia discusses her recent single releases and her time as an artist in LA and Nashville. About Evanthia: After blowing up on TikTok, Nashville singer + songwriter, Evanthia Theodorou has shot up in fame over the last few years. Now, she is gearing up to release another new single entitled "Last Call" listen HERE will be our on all music platforms July 28th and music video release to follow in August. "LAST CALL" showcases Evanthia's unrequited love and the struggle of desiring a deeper connection and yearning for a label. Ultimately she has to look at her own well being and her journey of self-discovery and empowerment as a woman. Written by Lauren Weintraub. Produced by Chris Gelbud. Evanthia is a talented singer and actor born and raised in St. Louis, MO and moved to Nashville to pursue her country music dreams. She also recently released her debut single "The Deep End" on May 25. Co-written with chart-topping country songwriters Wyatt Durette and Tyler Filmore, the country-pop single seamlessly blends elements of contemporary pop and singer-songwriter country to encapsulate the young feeling of hopelessly falling in love. The country-pop single seamlessly blends elements of contemporary pop, singer-songwriter, and country music. “The Deep End” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of helplessly falling in love, and sets the tone for future releases to come for the up-and-coming singer. Leading up to the highly anticipated release of “The Deep End,” Evanthia has attracted a large audience on social media by showcasing her talents in music, dance, and acting. Through her captivating content, she has amassed nearly 800,000 followers. Follow Evanthia: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: YouTube:

Aug 25, 202314:25
Chat with Cody Cozz
Aug 16, 202337:41
Chat with Cliff Dorsey
Aug 09, 202325:60
Chat with Laine Lonero

Chat with Laine Lonero

On this episode of Coda Country, Laine Lonero talks with Leigh of Coda Country, and they have a lovely chat about her music career. From early in her singing career as an opera singer to being a full-time Belmont student, Laine talks about her love of singing all genres of music on her journey to becoming a songwriter. Her latest single, "Trouble" released on July 28th, so be sure to stream it now! About Laine Lonero: "One of the newest bright stars on the pop-country scene (HollywoodLife)," singer-songwriter Laine Lonero started earning accolades for her performances at an early age. Born and raised in The Pelican State of Louisiana, Laine grew up performing in musical theater and opera, penning her first song at 13-years-old. She went on to win the Nashville Dreamin' songwriting contest for her original "The Little Girl in Me," inspired by her grandmother's battle with cancer. In 2016, Laine's talent caught the attention of Kidz Bop producers who featured her on four CDs, while Radio Disney Country supported her debut single "No Sweat." Laine currently resides in Nashville, where she attends Belmont University's prestigious songwriting program. She has played several well-known Nashville venues and performed the national anthem for the San Diego Padres, Nashville Sounds, New Orleans Pelicans and Louisiana State University. In 2021, Laine was a featured National Anthem performer at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Talented and driven, Laine is paving a path for herself as a trendsetter in the Gen Z pop-country market with relatable lyrics and powerhouse vocals.

Recorded 07/24/2023, Released 08/02/2023

Follow Laine Lonero:

Instagram: @lainelamusic

TikTok: @lainelalmusic1

YouTube:  @LaineLonero 



Aug 02, 202327:53
Chat with Derek Randall
Jul 26, 202326:11
Chat with The Band Loula

Chat with The Band Loula

After watching Malachi and Logan of The Band Loula perform at a Monday night Whiskey Jam performance in early May, Leigh with Coda Country was determined to have them share their story on "Coda Country Chats". During this episode, Logan Simmons and Malachi Mills talk about meeting as teenagers in their hometown of Gainesville, GA and their eventual predestined formation of The Band Loula. From making their debut in September 2022 to signing a publishing deal with Universal Publishing Group in May, "predestined" is one of the words to describe their quick and well-deserved rise to the spotlight.

Their newest single, "Gasoline", will be releasing on July 20th. Pre-save/pre-download the song here!

Follow The Band Loula:

Instagram: @thebandloula

Jul 19, 202326:51
Chat with Brenden Gerity
Jul 12, 202325:47
Chat with Blake Harlow
Jul 05, 202314:41
Coda Country Chats - Season Two Intro

Coda Country Chats - Season Two Intro

Leigh takes the listeners through her last six months since starting the podcast and gives a rundown of her amazing concert experiences. She gives detail about the incredible artists she had the opportunity to meet through Coda Country and gives a short preview of the artist she is going to interview for the podcast this season.

Coda Country Chats has episodes dropping every Wednesday.

Jul 01, 202318:13
Season Two Teaser - Coda Country Chats

Season Two Teaser - Coda Country Chats

Season two of Coda Country Chats kicks off July 1st and will continue with new episodes every Wednesday!

Jun 30, 202300:13
Chandler Ray - Coda Country Chats

Chandler Ray - Coda Country Chats

Leigh with Coda Country interviews Chandler Ray in the newest “Coda Country Chats” podcast. As a newcomer to the Nashville scene, Chandler gets real about why he loves different music venues, his time in his home studio, and how much he loves the country legends. Recorded March 12th, 2023 Follow Chandler Ray: Instagram: @chandlerraymusic Spotify:

#countrymusic #chats #ChandlerRay #nashville #livemusic

Mar 29, 202319:00
Coda Country Chats - Raleigh Keegan

Coda Country Chats - Raleigh Keegan

On this episode of "Coda Country Chats", Leigh sits down with Raleigh Keegan, who shares his touching backstory, his love for the songwriting process, and how he "hates country music". Raleigh Keegan is set to release a new single on March 24th, 2023 so this episode got a small sneak peek into his preparation, the recording process, and his excitement for the release.

Follow Raleigh Keegan:

Instagram: @raleighkeegan

YouTube: @RaleighKeeganMusic

Mar 22, 202325:09
Coda Country Music Minute - March 16th, 2023

Coda Country Music Minute - March 16th, 2023

Coda Country Music Minute

Check out some news from the country music world for new releases, chart topping music, and live show announcements.

Let me know your thoughts on today's headlines!

March 16th, 2023

#countrymusic #nashville #newmusicfriday

Mar 19, 202301:01
Emily Elgin - Coda Country Chats
Mar 15, 202319:52
Coda Country Music Minute - March 8th, 2023

Coda Country Music Minute - March 8th, 2023

Coda Country Music Minute (ish)! 

The news this week in the country music world was toooooo much to contain in one video, and way too much for just one minute. I made two videos and combined them for a podcast! Check out some news from the country music world for new releases, chart topping music, and live show announcements. Let me know your thoughts on today's headlines!

March 8th, 2023

#countrymusic #nashville #livemusic #newmusicfriday #lukecombs #cmafest2023 #samhunt #kipmoore #HARDY #morganwallen #onethingatatime #spotify #meganmoroney #parkermccollum #timmcgraw

Mar 08, 202301:52
Cameron Snowden - Coda Country Chats

Cameron Snowden - Coda Country Chats

Leigh with Coda Country interviews Country Music newcomer, Cameron Snowden in the newest “Coda Country Chats” podcast. In this episode you'll hear about Cameron's upbringing and music influences as well as how he balances his Country Music lifestyle with being a student at Harvard University. 

Follow Cameron Snowden:

Instagram/Twitter: @cameron.snowden

TikTok: @cameron.snowden

#countrymusic #chats #cameronsnowden #nashville #livemusic #harvard

Recorded March 2nd, 2023

Mar 08, 202309:26
Coda Country Music Minute - March 1st

Coda Country Music Minute - March 1st

Coda Country Music Minute!

Check out some news from the country music world for new releases, chart topping music, and live show announcements. Let me know your thoughts on today's headlines! March 1st, 2023 #countrymusic #nashville 

Mar 02, 202300:50
Riley Anderson - Coda Country Chats

Riley Anderson - Coda Country Chats

On this episode of "Coda Country Chats", Leigh has a very quick conversation with Riley Anderson, right before performing a show at Sio's in Bainbridge, GA. They discuss his recent opening slot for 90's country superstar Tracy Lawrence, Riley's dream tour, and his original music. Check him out at The Hummingbird in Macon, GA opening up for DDID singer, Trey Lewis on Friday, February 24th. 

Follow Riley Anderson:

Instagram: @rileyandersonmusic

YouTube: @rileyanderson6271

Feb 22, 202305:28
Coda Country Music Minute - February 14th, 2023
Feb 15, 202300:49
Aaron Brown - Coda Country Chats

Aaron Brown - Coda Country Chats

Leigh with Coda Country interviews Georgia boy Aaron Brown in the newest “Coda Country Chats” podcast.  Leigh begins the video by talking about one of Aaron's most recent single releases with Nate Baker, his musical style influences, and goes in depth about his big step coming this year. 

Recorded February 7th, 2023 

Released on February 15th, 2023 

#countrymusic #chats #aaronbrown #nashville #livemusic   

Follow Aaron Brown on the Socials: 

Instagram: @aaronbrownmusic_

YouTube: @aaronbrownmusic100

TikTok: @aaronbrownmusic21

Feb 15, 202316:34
Michael Warren - Coda Country Chats
Feb 08, 202326:49
Coda Country Music Minute - 02/07/2023

Coda Country Music Minute - 02/07/2023

Coda Country Music Minute!

Check out some news from the country music world for new releases, chart topping records, and live music announcements. Let me know your thoughts on today's headlines! 

Feb 08, 202300:55
Ethan Payne - Coda Country Chats
Feb 01, 202325:11
Coda Country Music Minute - 01/31/23

Coda Country Music Minute - 01/31/23

Coda Country Music Minute! Check out some news from the country music world for new releases, chart topping albums, and possible tour announcements. Let me know your thoughts on today's headlines!   January 31, 2023  #nashville #countrymusic #newreleases #livemusic #morganwallen #lukebryan #ashleymcbryde #laineywilson #dierksbentley #shaneprofitt #natesmith

Feb 01, 202300:52
Chance Carter - Coda Country Chats
Jan 25, 202304:20
Coda Country Music Minute - January 24th, 2023

Coda Country Music Minute - January 24th, 2023

Coda Country Music Minute! Check out some news from the country music world for new releases, chart topping albums, and live music announcements. Let me know your thoughts on today’s headlines! Coda Country posts news headlines every week on Tuesdays.  #countrymusic #nashville #newreleases #livemusic

Jan 24, 202300:48
Coda Country Music Minute - January 17th, 2023
Jan 18, 202300:53
Taylor Austin Dye: Coda Country Chats

Taylor Austin Dye: Coda Country Chats

Leigh catches up with Taylor Austin Dye before her performance at Sio's in Bainbridge, GA. TAD tells about her viral sneak peeks, recently single releases, and upcoming touring dates. Check her out on all social media platforms: @tayloraustindye

Jan 16, 202306:38
Get to know Coda County - Back Porch Podcast

Get to know Coda County - Back Porch Podcast

Join me (Leigh) on the porch for the first "Back Porch Podcast" episode to learn more about the creation of Coda Country.

In this episode, you'll hear from Leigh, the creator of Coda Country and her life story that brought her to create this social media news outlet/influencer persona. After ten years of being a public school music teacher and a former country music performer in the Southeast US, Leigh is focusing back in on her country music roots as a hobby, but also as a driving factor for happiness after a year of tragedy. Her mother passed in 2022 after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease, so Leigh is really looking forward to sharing this new outlet of her love of country music in honor of her mother, because she know how proud her mother would be of her.
Nov 21, 202208:41