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Cody the Coffee Guy

Cody the Coffee Guy

By Cody Thieling

A look inside the coffee industry through conversations with the entrepreneurs that have built it.
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A Follow-up on Cup Zero with Michael Cyr

Cody the Coffee GuyMar 28, 2022

A Follow-up on Cup Zero with Michael Cyr

A Follow-up on Cup Zero with Michael Cyr

Last April, I spoke with Michael Cyr about his early-stage startup, Cup Zero, an innovative solution to cut down on disposable cups.  In this episode, nearly a year later, I meet with Michael again to hear about the progress that Cup Zero has made.  Listen in to hear about the launch of their app and how they have scaled from beta to onboarding fourteen shops in just a short time, all while dealing with the hurdles of a pandemic. 

Mar 28, 202221:45
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The Coffee Ride

The Coffee Ride

Fresh roasted coffee delivered by bike.  Does it get any cooler than that?  In this episode I have the pleasure of talking with Josh Crane, founder of The Coffee Ride.  This is a great episode for anyone who is thinking about getting into the coffee roasting industry as we cover Josh's early start into his business, how he developed the community around his brand, and how he structures his day by day activities in running the business.  This one was a lot of fun.

Feb 26, 202143:29
Paper Plane Coffee

Paper Plane Coffee

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Jonathan Echeverry, owner of Paper Plane Coffee. Listen in to hear us discuss Jonathan's vast coffee experience from his family's coffee farms to founding Paper Plane Coffee. We also dive into the challenges that COVID 19 has brought, and how Paper Plane tackled these challenges.

Feb 23, 202133:04
Salvador Sanchez and A Cup of Common Wealth

Salvador Sanchez and A Cup of Common Wealth

In this episode, I talk with Salvador Sanchez, owner of A Cup of Common Wealth, Magic Beans Coffee Roasters, and Chocolate Holler. We had a couple audio issues in this one, but bare with us. Salvador has a very interesting story and shares with us how he was introduced to coffee, how he picked his first shop location, and how he has managed his business through the difficulties that came with the 2020 pandemic.

Feb 23, 202134:18
TK Coffee and Commodities
Feb 23, 202148:04
Folly Coffee

Folly Coffee

For this episode, I had the opportunity to interview Rob Bathe, founder of one of my personal favorite coffee brands, Folly Coffee.

Feb 22, 202136:07
Parlay Cafe

Parlay Cafe

In this opening episode of the Cody the Coffee Guy podcast, I have the opportunity to talk to Don Mastrangelo, founder of what I believe is going to be one of the next big coffee franchises, Parlay Cafe.  Parlay Cafe takes a unique approach to combining the traditional coffee shop with with co-working space for remote and traveling workers.  

Feb 22, 202121:12