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Coffee Fueled Stories with Michelle Schmer

Coffee Fueled Stories with Michelle Schmer

By Michelle Unicorn

Positive Change Award Winning Podcast, formerly Coffee Fitness Unicorn: Coffee Chats Podcast. New Name, Same Awesome Show: Coffee Fueled Stories.
Welcome to my Virtual Coffee Spot(c). I'm your pocket DJ and this podcast is where storytelling and coffee hang out. As a super-survivor I have turned my trauma and grief into a powerful, creative force for good. And I learned, it's never too late to start a podcast—at 51. This show is where I can share my stories and connect with you. Thank you for listening and sharing this journey with me.
Go Forth And Be Magical.
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The Letter "S" for Support

Coffee Fueled Stories with Michelle SchmerJun 03, 2022

Survival Guide meets Love Story with Brandi Kirschbaum

Survival Guide meets Love Story with Brandi Kirschbaum

The final episode of January Journeys with Winning women is with Brandi Kirschbaum. She shares her obstacles and we discuss how she overcame them and achieved success despite the issues that were trying to keep her down.

Her story of perseverance is inspirational and a "Survival Guide meets Love Story."

Thank you for listening. Go Forth and Be Magical.

Jan 27, 202339:49
Female CEO Stephenie Goddard!!
Jan 20, 202339:36
Mini Monday Sans Serifs

Mini Monday Sans Serifs

Keep your feet out of my font!
Sans Serifs text and font for me.
Let me know if you feel as passionate about feet in your fonts as I do.
Go Forth and be Magical.
Jan 16, 202308:10
January 15, 2023

January 15, 2023

Jan 15, 202300:50
Steph Gaudreau Pt. 2
Jan 13, 202330:21
Mini-Monday Leftover Coffee

Mini-Monday Leftover Coffee

Leftover Coffee is a dangerous thing to say to coffee drinkers. It can spark a lively debate. This is my coffee confession, don't judge 0_0.
There is an unwritten rule: never toss out coffee in a cup on the counter or in the coffee pot. The coffee will be consumed!!
This episode explains why and how Leftover Coffee is valuable.
Jan 09, 202308:10
Fitness Badass Steph Gaudreau rings in Season 3!!!
Jan 06, 202333:46
DJ Coffee Fitness Unicorn Mini Monday Magical Tour

DJ Coffee Fitness Unicorn Mini Monday Magical Tour

Wikka-Wikka-Errrrt, that's record scratching in words, LOL. This Mini-Monday episode is a short glimpse into my head as I live in DJ-Land.
The Call to Action is simple: tell me what your DJ name would be if you could be on the Ones and Twos.
Answer the question below. Don't be shy. Have fun and let's make some noise!!! Wikka-Wikka Errrrrrrt!!!
Nov 28, 202208:07
Mini Monday 2

Mini Monday 2

Mini Monday 2 with Brandi for a brief life update.
Nov 21, 202232:60
Unicornly Kayla!
Nov 18, 202240:24
Radio UNK * Mini-Monday Episode 1

Radio UNK * Mini-Monday Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of Radio UNK!! Radio UNK is where I will share silly, endearing stories.
Radio UNK * Mini-Mondays means that I will share these stories on Mondays and plan to keep them in the 10-15 or 20-30 minute range depending on topic.
There is a new Radio UNK intro song and you'll have to forgive my congestion as I am at the end of a sinus infection.
Thank you for listening to the first episode of Radio UNK!! Let me know what you think in the comments...
Nov 14, 202211:25
Halloween Special with Paul and Joe Carro

Halloween Special with Paul and Joe Carro

Meet the Uncle/Nephew team behind The Little Coffee Shop of Horrors Anthology Vol 1 and 2.  Paul and Joe Carro take us into the dark world that created this very special anthology. In this episode we chat about Halloween, monsters, the supernatural and of course: coffee. This anthology has images and coffee pairings, so you'll definitely want to grab a copy, see links for details.
Oct 31, 202249:10
Shelly Cole: Madeline Lynn from Gilmore Girls, now author of Blue Highways.
Sep 16, 202201:00:26
Stephanie M. Matthews: Lover of Cookies, Hockey and Rome
Aug 26, 202235:52
Jonathan Edward Durham: Author of Winterset Hollow
Aug 19, 202246:56
Liz Moore Kraus: Memoirist-ish
Aug 12, 202241:51
Kalvin Ellis: Father, Filmmaker, Storyteller
Aug 05, 202245:39
Chef Cheryl: Badass with a Heart of Gold
Jun 24, 202237:17
Notoriously Nicole ;-)
Jun 17, 202201:08:07
Donna Scuvotti: Author of "Just Jonathon"
Jun 10, 202252:43
The Letter "S" for Support
Jun 03, 202201:30:07
W. M Angel: Author of Atlas Loved
May 27, 202240:24
Grief is a Bitch

Grief is a Bitch

This is a special video episode centered on Grief. There is now wrong way to grieve, however, there are destructive ways to handle pain and sadness and there are useful and productive ways to work through the struggle.

This episode is raw and hope it helps others understand someone who has been through trauma. Please share this episode with someone you know who is or has suffered.

Thank you. Remember, be gentle as you never know what someone is going through.

May 25, 202254:19
Marcus Hawke: Horror Author with a great sense of humor
May 20, 202201:00:42
KC Loesener: Writing Coach & Strategist
May 13, 202243:30
Paul Carro: Horror Author and Film Industry Expert
May 06, 202257:08
R.K. Higgins: Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi Author

R.K. Higgins: Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi Author

Meet R. K. Higgins: Author of the anti-gravity racing series: Afterburn and Afterburn Blood Rush. By day he is an animal control officer, by night he practices the Tarantino writing method. We chat about diner food, burgers, milkshakes, and of course coffee. He has a great sense of humor and he shares a story about his cousins giving him coffee when he was 8 years old at his grandfather's funeral. Higgins is a fan of Philip K. Dick, a gamer, and when he procrastinates creates some great writer memes. Go give his Instagram page some attention:
Apr 29, 202201:04:24
Inkdrinker Emily L. Terry
Apr 22, 202201:04:54
F.R. Diaz: A Morbid Writer
Apr 18, 202201:03:15
A.B. Herron: Author of Watching Water and Hearing Wind
Apr 15, 202201:06:14
Jason "Savage and More" Leeman
Apr 11, 202201:01:35
Brandi's Virtual Coffee Shop©️
Apr 08, 202256:41
Meet SkyTop Coffee Company: "Let's get weird and connect"
Mar 30, 202201:06:13
Jessika Grew Glover Pt 2
Mar 25, 202248:26
Jessika Grewe Glover Pt. 1
Mar 18, 202257:58
Unikornos!! (v3)

Unikornos!! (v3)

This week's episode is dedicated to you, the listeners, who I lovingly refer to as "Unikornos!!"
I want to share the listener party from around the world and say thank you for tuning in from the Maldives, Barbados, and many other exotic locations.
Merch is coming!! Big surprises are coming soon and this summer too!!
This short episode is to let you know I am happy and grateful that you are here listening from all over and I am beyond thankful.
Biggest hugs from your pocket DJ xoxoxo!!! #virtualcoffeespot
Mar 11, 202213:23
Nikki Revis: Coach, Free Spirit, and Bio-Hacker who wants to Hype Your Life!!
Mar 04, 202258:41
Melissa Carbone: Author of Ready, Fire, Aim, she loves the sound of screams and she's "Unscare-able"
Feb 25, 202258:38
Birthday Episode
Feb 18, 202211:17
Braedon Riddick: Author of Ungodly, Silver Lining Hero, and Avocado Lover.
Feb 11, 202258:00
Alexis Macaluso: Artist, Lover of Scandinavia and Author of Deeply Personal.
Feb 04, 202250:45
Dennis K. Crosby: Urban Fantasy Author and Former PI who wrote poetry on stakeouts.

Dennis K. Crosby: Urban Fantasy Author and Former PI who wrote poetry on stakeouts.

Meet Dennis K. Crosby. We talk about the Chicago underworld, Chicago Dogs, and Gumshoe Detectives. Dennis is author of: Death's Legacy and Death's Debt. His website: Death's Legacy Death's Debt: Bookbrush: #virtualcoffeespot
Jan 28, 202201:01:15
Robert Ottone: Horror Writer, Word Nerd, and Nicest New Yorker
Jan 21, 202201:01:49
Clare Morrow IFBB Pro, Fabulous at 50
Jan 13, 202249:20
That’s a wrap…last episode of 2021.

That’s a wrap…last episode of 2021.

Last episode of 2021 / the winter solstice episode. Reflecting on the year and welcoming the new one. This podcast proves you’re never too old or it’s never too late to start something. Keep being you and believe in yourself. #virtualcoffeespot
Dec 22, 202106:47
Coffee, Fitness, and Unicorning
Dec 07, 202111:10
Meet Angela my fitness friend.

Meet Angela my fitness friend.

In the full episode we talk food, fitness and fun. More good stories are coming. #virtualcoffeespot
Dec 02, 202102:25
Fitness Chat with Angela Pt. 1

Fitness Chat with Angela Pt. 1

I had the pleasure of chatting with my friend, Angela, about our fitness journey.
We had so much fun that we talked for 2.5 hours.
Here's part 1 of our coffee talk. Stay tuned for the rest of the chat session in future episodes.
Thank you for listening. #virtualcoffeespot
Nov 15, 202145:21
CFU intro

CFU intro

Intro theme song #virtualcoffeespot
Oct 30, 202100:14
Rebooted CoffeeFitnessUnicorn Podcast

Rebooted CoffeeFitnessUnicorn Podcast

Short episode sharing what the new rebooted podcast experience will be like.
As stated in the trailer, I am trying to have a more interactive approach to the podcast environment.
Thank you for hanging out and drinking coffee with me and I look forward to meeting you online to share some great stories.
Oct 30, 202106:29