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Coffee with Chris

Coffee with Chris

By Christopher Carothers

This podcast is a series of interviews with insurance industry leaders to discuss the latest healthcare trends, industry changes, and legislative issues that impact Nevadans insurance coverage.

The host is Chris Carothers, president of an upline agency local to Las Vegas for two generations, who has empowered independent brokers through education and business resources for over 50 years.
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Welcome to NV - MEDICO!

Coffee with Chris Jun 06, 2022

Coffee with Chris Mini - NCD Pre-Webinar Introduction
May 05, 202304:28
Pivot Health - Short-Term Health Insurance Plans (and MORE!)
Mar 26, 202341:02
Welcome to NV - MEDICO!
Jun 06, 202250:58
What makes SelectHealth 5-Star Special?
Apr 07, 202226:21
Comprehensive Primary Care Visits - What you need to know.
Feb 25, 202241:29
Long Term Care with Mutual of Omaha

Long Term Care with Mutual of Omaha

Chris talks with John Gibbons from Mutual of Omaha about what Long Term Care (LTC) is, why it's important, and how to get it for your clients.

Dec 10, 202143:25
Alternative Health Plan Options
Oct 21, 202142:35
Anthem - What's New for 2022!
Oct 04, 202151:05
Tony Clark with Aetna Senior Products
Sep 01, 202155:53
What changes are in store for the Medicare Market this season?
Aug 09, 202132:20
What makes a plan Imperial?
Jun 25, 202122:58
Who is Selecthealth?
May 20, 202151:45
COBRA and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

COBRA and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

In this bonus episode, Chris talks with guest Joe Amato, Admin Account Manager for BBPBenefits Administration to discuss what COBRA is, who it's for, and how the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) has impacted COBRA benefits. 

For related documents, visit the Coffee with Chris webpage. 

Apr 15, 202127:59
Managed Care vs. Fee for Service
Apr 09, 202126:35
The World of Medicare

The World of Medicare

Chris introduces Tricia Koteras, Senior Territory Manager - West Region for GarityAdvantage Agencies.  Carothers Insurance is partners with GarityAdvantage in the NV market- offering National Medicare Products and sales resources for brokers. Chris and Tricia cover a high-level view of current industry trends, products, marketing and workflow resources around COVID. 

For contracting information visit:

Mar 05, 202137:48
Why Long Term Care?
Feb 04, 202150:10
Medicaid Eligibility, Benefits and Community Resources

Medicaid Eligibility, Benefits and Community Resources

Chris interviews Elizabeth Maya,  Outreach Specialist for Health Plan of Nevada, about Medicaid in our community. The intricacies of eligibility, the variety of benefits, and the plethora of community resources that many may not know about, but could really benefit from during times of crisis. 

For links and other information discussed in this episode, please visit:

Jan 08, 202134:54
OEP2021 - What Brokers Can and Cannot Do.
Dec 28, 202027:01
 QSEHRAs & ICHRAs - Myths and Facts

QSEHRAs & ICHRAs - Myths and Facts

Chris talks to James Douglas, with Friday Health Plans, about shopping the labyrinth of healthcare options in our current employer health market.  Clouded by ACA, tax rules, and eligibility - they break down the mysteries of  QSEHRAs & ICHRAs, the difference between them, and their purpose in today's new company cultures. 

Nov 12, 202045:03
Dispatch Health - Mobile Urgent Care

Dispatch Health - Mobile Urgent Care

What is Dispatch Health? Do your clients qualify for this service? What networks and plans are they covered by?

Find out as Chris chats with their local Community Engagement Manager, Torrie Brizzie. 

Oct 29, 202029:41
Humana Plan & Network Updates

Humana Plan & Network Updates

Chris talks with Mary Granger, Broker Relations Manager for Humana about plan updates, provider network changes and more!

Oct 07, 202042:28
Intermountain Health - Updates, Resources, and FAQs for AEP
Sep 23, 202032:53
People, Passion, Purpose - The P3 Story

People, Passion, Purpose - The P3 Story

Chris chats with the VP and Director of Strategic Communications, Kassi Belz and Regina Vaccari, about the P3 story, recent changes, and what lies ahead for the coming plan year. 

Sep 13, 202045:37
Nevada Health Link & The Silver State Exchange

Nevada Health Link & The Silver State Exchange

Chris talks to Nevada Health Link's Local Broker Liaison for Clark County about State updates and what's to come during the upcoming open enrollment season.

With Guest Speaker Rebecca Lomazzo

Aug 17, 202022:57
National General Benefit Solutions: “A realistic approach to employee health benefits”

National General Benefit Solutions: “A realistic approach to employee health benefits”

Bonus Episode: National General Benefits solutions provides small- to mid-sized employers with health-benefit options previously only available to large employers. Join this interview with Roger Bennett, Group Sales Representative. 

For more information about this episode, visit

Aug 02, 202036:12
Much To-Do about Association Health Plans

Much To-Do about Association Health Plans

What are association health plans?  Which industries are ripe to benefit from these plans? Discover this and more with Guest Speaker: Gabrielle Sansone, VP of Sales for Prominence Healthcare

Jul 10, 202037:02
Moving Forward: What’s the “New Normal” for the Insurance Industry?

Moving Forward: What’s the “New Normal” for the Insurance Industry?

Did you know brokers qualify for unemployment?!  What re-open changes are being discussed at our offices? How are we planning to handle AEP and retail programs? We discuss these topics, where to find the answers and more on this episode of Coffee with Chris.

May 15, 202041:54
Writing Life With Health

Writing Life With Health

In a state of emergency, preparedness is at the forefront of everyone's mind. On this episode, we   address the role of Life Insurance products when writing coverage for  your clients. 

Learn about:

  • Living Benefits
  • Final Expense
  • How to cross-sell with both Medicare and Individual Health plans.

PLEASE NOTE: In the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine, we were unable to meet in person and recorded this episode  via conference call. We apologize for the resulting audio pauses and inconsistencies.

Apr 08, 202047:49
Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates

Get the latest information straight from the Capital about changes in Federal and State legislation impacting the insurance industry, healthcare industry, and your business.
Mar 23, 202025:42
Alternative Health Plans

Alternative Health Plans

In this month's episode of Coffee with Chris we discuss Alternative  Health Plans. What is available for brokers to offer their clients in  various situations where they missed their enrollment period or seem to  have no other options. 

With Guest Speaker Jennifer Lorenz, Superior Benefits

Feb 13, 202030:41
OEP Strategies
Jan 16, 202027:53