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Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

By Alexandre Leclerc

Discussion podcast based on what has provoked major changes in people's life for the best. I talk with guests about their most important, radical switches from bad to good.
Podcast pour discuter de ce qui provoque des changements radicaux dans la vie des gens. Discussion avec invités qui ont faits des changement majeur dans leur vie.

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Ep.118 - Robin

Cold TurkeyDec 19, 2020

Ep.118 - Robin
Dec 19, 202001:14:13
Ep.117 - Cassie

Ep.117 - Cassie

My conversation with Cassie has taught me a lot about self-deprecation and self-perception of ourselves. This is such an eye opener to realize how much we can see ourselves in such a bad way while, as I told Cassie, if we would ask the people that are around us at the same time this self-deprecation happens, they would most probably talk of you positively and would never have known that we have this self-image. 

This was a great conversation of her upbringing and substance consumption to embracing her passion and living her dream life. 

You can find Cassie on social medias at the links below: 


Facebook: Pet Portraits by Cassie

Dec 12, 202001:06:06
Ep.116 - Katja

Ep.116 - Katja

Straight from Germany, Katja has been kind enough to skip some sleep to accept my invitation to talk with me about her journey to the deepest ends of trying to find herself and find acceptance and self-love to now being a inspiring human being that works daily in making her life and life of others better. 

She can be found online here: @sober_yogakate

Dec 05, 202001:08:19
Ep.115 - Sinead
Nov 28, 202001:17:33
Ep.114 - Dustin
Nov 21, 202001:13:43
Ep.113 - Chris
Nov 14, 202055:30
Ep.112 - Christine
Nov 07, 202001:17:05
Ep.111 - Joseph
Oct 31, 202001:02:06
Ep.110 - Kim
Oct 24, 202057:26
Ep.109 - Paul

Ep.109 - Paul

Paul a une histoire peu commune et s'est complètement ouvert sur son parcours. Il a été très généreux de son temps et de son histoire pour nous faire connaître sa vie, ses embûches et sa sobriété. Je suis très content de l'avoir rencontré et je crois que vous allez apprécier aussi. 

PS: La qualité est moindre que ce que vous avez l'habitude de recevoir, j'en suis désoler. - Alex.

Oct 17, 202002:04:04
Ep.108 - Greg

Ep.108 - Greg

Some will be inspired by his wisdom and calmness, others will be inspired by his whole story. Most (if not all) will be driven by the solidity of his sobriety. I enjoyed every minute of our conversation and believe you will too!

You can find Greg here, where he shares inspiring sober lifestyle:

Oct 10, 202001:17:04
Ep.107 - Maxim
Oct 03, 202001:49:04
Ep.106 - Macee

Ep.106 - Macee

My recording with Macee was quite interesting. It woke a lot of stuff that we had in common buried quite deep in my memories. Even stuff not so far ago that just popped out while she was sharing her life story. I really enjoyed meeting with Macee and it sure was a growing experience for me. 

Her Instagram handle is @macee.hicks and her all natural dog treat business handle is @2uglydogs

Sep 26, 202001:28:13
Ep.105 - Catherine-Ann

Ep.105 - Catherine-Ann

Retour à un épisode franco cette semaine avec Catherine-Ann. Comme je lui ai dit, ça a fait du bien de retourner à un enregistrement dans ma langue maternel. En plus du fait que j'ai vraiment eu du bon temps à échanger et apprendre à connaître son histoire. 

Elle s'occupe d'une page Instagram et Facebook ici:

Sep 19, 202001:21:53
Ep.104 - Patrick
Sep 12, 202001:30:43
Ep.103 - Alyssa
Sep 05, 202001:18:20
Ep.102 - Geoff
Aug 29, 202001:15:57
Ep.101 - Mike
Aug 22, 202001:21:55
Ep.100 - 10K listens - 100 episodes - THANK YOU

Ep.100 - 10K listens - 100 episodes - THANK YOU

My return of vacations has caused me to have challenges finding a guest this week. But, at the same time, the timing couldn't have been better: I just passed the 10,000 listens and I'm on my 100th episodes and that seemed like a great opportunity to thank you all for your support to this podcast. 

Aug 15, 202004:50
Ep.100 - 10K Écoutes - 100 Épisodes - MERCI

Ep.100 - 10K Écoutes - 100 Épisodes - MERCI

Puisque mon retour de vacances m'a causé quelques ennuis à trouver un invité cette semaine et que j'ai oublié de vous mentionnés que le podcast dépassait maintenant le 10,000 écoutes et son 100 épisode, je prends quelques minutes pour vous remercier. 

Aug 15, 202005:34
Ep.99 - Alex
Aug 08, 202001:21:29
Ep.98 - Maxime

Ep.98 - Maxime

Maxime a trouvé le courage de discuter avec moi de l'origine de ses angoisses. Il m'a aussi décrit comment l'introversion et le fait de ne pas discuter avec d'autres de ses ennuis, ses peurs et ses paniques l'ont emportés dans une spirale complexe. Je suis content d'avoir parlé avec Maxime de maladie mentale et de comment il fait pour s'en sortir. 

Aug 01, 202056:26
Ep.97 - Shay
Jul 25, 202001:41:07
Ep.96 - James

Ep.96 - James

James ( was kind enough to open his life story to share with me and you, listeners, even though he's pretty early in his recovery. That sharing of his translated in a deep conversation of where he comes from, how he found rock bottom and how he plans on keeping his sobriety. Thanks for your openness James. 

Jul 18, 202002:06:12
Ep.95 - Anne-Sophie

Ep.95 - Anne-Sophie

Anne-Sophie a eu la générosité et l'ouverture de discuter avec moi de son parcours. Je nous souhaite tous d'avoir autant de résilience, de courage et de gratitude envers la vie. Je ne veux pas vous gâcher l'histoire de la vie de cet éclat de soleil, qui s'est définitivement donnée une passe VIP à tous les clichés du monde, comme je lui en ai parlé en conclusion. Merci énormément pour ton temps et ton partage Anne-Sophie!

Jul 11, 202001:23:10
Ep.94 - Remi

Ep.94 - Remi

Remi est l'administrateur et fondateur du podcast et de la communauté Wassobre: une communauté pour aider les gens qui veulent arrêter de consommer. J'encourage tout le monde d'aller voir ce qu'il fait. Rémi s'est assis avec moi pour discuter d'où il vient, de son passé et de comment il en venu à réaliser qu'il avait perdu le contrôle de sa vie. C'est dans une approche bien à lui qu'il a approché son abstinence et j'ai bien aimé discuter de son histoire avec lui. Merci pour ton temps Rémi!

Jul 04, 202001:42:55
Ep.93 - Joe
Jun 27, 202001:34:21
Ep.92 - Alain

Ep.92 - Alain

Alain est coach relationnel ( &, mais avant de s'engager dans cette vocation, il a, lui même, passer par toute sorte d'obstacles et de détours toujours dans le but de trouver l'affection, l'amour. Ce que j'ai l'impression qu'il avait oublié pendant un bon moment de sa vie, c'est qu'on ne peut donner à l'autre, ce que longtemps il ne se donnait pas à lui-même. Ce fût mon premier enregistrement "déconfiner": il est venu me visiter au studio pour enregistrer et j'ai vraiment aimé découvrir Alain. Je vous souhaite le même plaisir à entendre sa transformation. 

Jun 20, 202001:42:47
Ep.91 - Amber

Ep.91 - Amber

In her own words, I present you Amber. I appreciated this conversation so much. She's quite an inspirational individual. 

Amber Kierra lost 90% of her eyesight growing up and has learned to use courage to overcome fear and navigate obstacles of any kind. She believes in a world where we are not held back by our circumstances rather we live our lives rooted in purpose with boldness and courage.  This belief has instilled an immense drive to empower others to take the next step in making their wildest dreams come true. Through speaking on stages and one-on-one coaching, she is truly transforming leaders into bold world changers.

Amber is confident that when people are fully walking in their calling, the world is being changed for the better. When you meet Amber, you’ll feel the infectious joy that overflows from her innermost being and experience the impressive confidence and boldness that she seeks to impart to others.  People would describe Amber as “a shot of expresso” because everyone who has been in her presence leaves energized and ready to take on the world.

Website and Social Media Links

I invite your guests to book a complimentary 30-minute connection call with me here,

And here is my contribution to help a local company post-pandemic. Their name is 9PM Clothing ( There's a 25% rebate you can get by applying this coupon: "5KRUN25".

Jun 09, 202045:50
Ep.90 - Dave
Jun 06, 202047:22
Ep.89 - Violette
May 16, 202043:42
Ep.88 - Joel

Ep.88 - Joel

In his own words: "I have a background as first responder, so I am used to high stake environments with tremendous stress. I became a Human Potential Coach because I saw the value in coaching and the discipline, values, and principles that were instilled into me, and I wanted to give that gift back to others. As an Integrative Health Practitioner I understand the value of health and the body, and understand how the body and mind are one. If your body is not functioning properly, there's a chance your mind is not at peak performance either. There is a reason why top business leaders and professional athletes hire specific coaches for specific aspects of their lives: diet, exercise, spirituality, presentation skills, interpersonal communication skills, leadership skills, public speaking, team building, marriage, investing, and more. Top performers understand the importance of guidance and accountability that comes from effective coaching.

I launched my coaching business and podcast to share the gifts with others and empower them the same way that was provided by me by such amazing influencers."

Joel is what is known as a Biohacker. There are multiple readings about the subject but I would recommend looking at one of the pioneer of this subject, Dave Asprey:

Here is where you can find Joel:

May 09, 202001:15:10
Ep.86 - Dr. Vic

Ep.86 - Dr. Vic

Dr. Vic is a Pediatric/Family Wellness Chiropractor, Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, Transformational Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Influential Author of two books: Rediscover Your Greatness and A Walk in the Dark.  Dr. Vic is the creator and host of The Mindful Experiment and Wellness Smart Radio. The Mindful Experiment was ranked in the Top 5 podcasts in Self-Help in UK, Canada and Australia while in the US, it was ranked in the Top 15 in 2019.  For the past 12 years, Dr. Vic has been studying Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Neurology, Neuroscience, how the Mind works, Spiritual Laws and much more. With his vast background in Energy Healing and Modalities, he brings a very unique perspective to life.  Dr. Vic focuses on helping an individual discover who they are, and help them level up in their life to realize their true power, understand the rules to life and this Universe, and how to play big in this lifetime. Dr. Vic does this through his one-on-one coaching, online classes, and online workshops.  Dr. Vic has been awarded a Worldwide Leading Physician in 2013, Best Chiropractor in La Grange, IL (where he practices) in 2014, Business Leader of the Year in 2015 by West Suburban Chamber of Commerce, Best Under 40 by Shaw Media in 2016, and awarded Best 30 under 40 by West Suburban Chamber of Commerce in 2020.

To Connect with Dr. Vic





May 02, 202001:09:34
Ep.85 - Anne
Apr 25, 202001:34:58
Ep.84 - Paul

Ep.84 - Paul

March 2018….He had it all. Then, he lost it all in a horrible accident on an ordinary winter's day when his car was hit by a train. This reads like the stuff of nightmares in a film.

In the blink of an eye his life as he knew it was gone.

Not everyone survived, but someone was born, again. There are no coincidences. How does someone come back from that? In the midst of the destruction, something positive started to grow.
Paul Rogers' believes that his struggle will be someone else's survival guide.  He has used his experiences having sustained a severe TBI and CPTSD to write under the pen name of Kate Summers.  The first book in a mini series, “The White Wolf’s Way: A Step-By-Step Guide to Self Compassion” (free on Amazon) was released in February 2020, and it has reached no1 in 3 self-help categories and received the Amazon best seller banner.

For Paul this is just the start of a journey of self discovery, helping others to discover their own inner strength in the face of adversity and seemingly impossible odds.

Get Paul’s new book released this Friday 3rd April 2020. “The White Wolf’s Way – Easy Changes for a Better life”. Enjoy I hope you find your White Wolf

For more resources see his website at

Paul’s First Book - The White Wolf’s Way. Volume 1 (Free on

Apr 18, 202001:00:09
Ep.83 - Philippe
Apr 11, 202001:10:21
Ep.82 - Pandemic Lockdown Special #1

Ep.82 - Pandemic Lockdown Special #1

For special times comes special episodes. Here's the english version of my Pandemic special (french equivalent can be found here: For this special, I had Blake, Phillip and Paul sitting with me on Zoom. Unfortunately, there are some audio glitch (damn you Zoom), but I had a blast doing this. I uploaded the raw video version of it on Youtube as well (see my channel here: This is something that we'll repeat for sure, just to keep updated on the situation and our feeling about it. Thanks everyone for joining in. You can find previous recordings of Blake and Phillip (Paul will soon record with me) here: 



Apr 10, 202001:14:44
Ep.81 - Lockdown Pandemie 1
Apr 04, 202001:26:08
Ep.80 - Caroline
Mar 28, 202001:21:41
Ep.79 - Robert
Mar 21, 202001:20:58
Ep.78 - Rebecca

Ep.78 - Rebecca

Rebecca Weller is a Health & Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. Named ‘one of Perth’s leading Healthpreneurs’ by The Sunday Times Magazine, Rebecca helps women from around the world to get their sparkle back and create a life they love. Creator of, she leads one-on-one and group coaching programs, hosts live events, and is the author of the best-selling memoir, A Happier Hour, and the long-awaited follow-up, Up All Day.  Rebecca’s work has been featured by the Telstra Business Awards, The Australian, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, SBS Food, Good Health Magazine, Marie Claire Australia, and Elle Quebec. Learn more at

Social Media:

Bex Weller – Instagram :: Facebook :: LinkedIn

Mar 18, 202001:04:44
Ep.77 - Jean-Christophe
Mar 14, 202001:22:31
Ep.76 - Daniel from Soberstar
Mar 11, 202042:31
Ep.75 - Eliane
Mar 07, 202001:23:46
Ep.74 - Joey

Ep.74 - Joey

Joey a toujours eu le bonheur facile. Jeune sa mère l’appelait affectueusement son rayon de soleil. Grimpant aux arbres, rien ne semblait l'arrêter. Dans sa vingtaine, un accident d’auto le laisse avec une hernie discale. La douleur devient vite intenable.  Le cannabis et l’alcool deviennent pour lui un soulagement facile. Jusqu’à ce que ça devienne la source de son mal. Ne souhaitant pas adhérer à un programme anonyme, il fait son propre parcours vers la sobriété avec l’aide de la méditation et des études en hypnose. Aujourd’hui il est coach de vie et aide les gens à changer leurs mauvaises habitudes en style de vie sain. Mastermindfulness - Master Tribe - Mastermind pour les solo-preneurs, pour leur enseigner les habitudes saines pour rester sain d’esprit et en santé pour nos clients

Feb 29, 202001:11:41
Ep.73 - Jean-Sebastien

Ep.73 - Jean-Sebastien

Cette semaine, Jean-Sébastien a eu la générosité et l'ouverture de s'asseoir avec moi. Ce fût, encore une fois, une rencontre où je me suis reconnu, dans des petits détails qu'il m'a confié. Je suis heureux d'avoir rencontré Jean-Sébastien et ce fût une rencontre vraiment trippante. 

Feb 22, 202001:20:38
Ep.72 - Carl

Ep.72 - Carl

Carl est dépendant au succès. À un point tel qu'il s'est presque rendu à sa perte, littéralement. Perte d'amis, perte d'estime de lui-même et potentiellement perte de sa vie. Ce fût une rencontre fascinante parce qu'il s'agit d'un parcours et d'une dépendance atypique qui m'a ouvert les yeux.  Merci Carl.

Feb 19, 202045:06
Ep.71 - Janis

Ep.71 - Janis

Janis a un parcours difficile dans son enfance et son adolescence. On comprend rapidement que l'utilisation de substance tenait plutôt de la survie que d'un désir de faire comme les autres. Elle sera entourée d'abus de tous genres durant son parcours.  Elle finit par prendre sa vie en main et se tourner vers la lumière et le positif. Elle continue de s'épanouir et de progresser dans son jeune temps d'abstinence de substances. Je la remercie pour sa générosité et son ouverture. 

Feb 15, 202055:19
Ep.70 - Blake
Feb 12, 202001:02:31
Ep.69 - Eve
Feb 08, 202001:05:49