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EyePod: The optometry podcast

EyePod: The optometry podcast

By The College of Optometrists

Welcome to the College of Optometrists' series of optometry podcasts. Our very own ex-hospital radio DJ (and Head of Research), Martin Cordiner, will be taking you through an optometric journey, covering topics such as the latest in eye health research and patient experiences.
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WebinarXtra: Now & future retinal treatments

EyePod: The optometry podcastMay 31, 2023

WebinarXtra: Now & future retinal treatments
May 31, 202344:25
WebinarXtra: Best practice for optometrists' written and telephone referrals
Apr 18, 202345:45
Dyslexia and the role of the optometrist
Feb 22, 202325:59
What every optometrist needs to know about visual snow
Jan 26, 202350:59
Advanced Clinical Practice
Dec 14, 202223:59
WebinarXtra: OCT in optometric practice for beginners
Nov 29, 202249:53
Black History Month 2022: Is optometry diverse and inclusive?
Oct 19, 202201:09:20
WebinarXtra: Complex cataract and vitreoretinal surgery - Part 3
Oct 06, 202218:35
WebinarXtra: Complex cataract and vitreoretinal surgery - Part 2
Oct 06, 202225:04
WebinarXtra: Complex cataract and vitreoretinal surgery - Part 1
Oct 06, 202230:43
Myopia guidance review - Part 2
Sep 06, 202226:24
Myopia guidance review - Part 1
Aug 24, 202221:48
OPO special - Part 2: hospital optometrists survey and cataract advice
Jun 17, 202240:53
OPO special - Part 1: Is 'comfortable’ print size a useful clinical parameter?
Jun 17, 202230:46
WebinarXtra: The future of contact lenses
May 26, 202219:52
Creating an AMD one-stop shop

Creating an AMD one-stop shop

In this episode, Daniel and Martin speak to Principal Optometrist, Denise Voon MCOptom, and Retinal Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr Markus Groppe, about their unique AMD Medical Management Pathway at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. The pair discuss: how the AMD service was set up, offering an efficient one-stop-shop; the benefits to patients of the ‘treat and extend’ model of care; and how to motivate change and practitioner buy-in.

Apr 27, 202228:52
Vision Care for Homeless People
Feb 28, 202228:47
The restoration and transformation of eye care pathways post-COVID-19

The restoration and transformation of eye care pathways post-COVID-19

Dr Melanie Hingorani  FRCOphth Clinical Lead for Eye Care Restoration and Transformation at NHS England, and the College's clinical adviser, Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom, discuss the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on referrals, patient outcomes, the changes on eye care that the pandemic has brought, and how eye care might look in the future.

Dec 08, 202131:07
OiP: COVID-19 and its impact on eyecare
Nov 17, 202117:55
Reforming prisoners through optometry
Oct 08, 202128:54
Risks of aerosol transmission of COVID-19 in practice

Risks of aerosol transmission of COVID-19 in practice

In this episode, Daniel has a fascinating conversation with Professor Jose-Luis Jimenez, aerosol expert and fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences (CIRES) at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA.

In July last year, Professor Jimenez was one of 239 experts in multiple scientific fields who signed an open letter to the CDC and WHO (1) urging them to recognise inhalation as the main mode of transmission of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Daniel and Professor Jimenez’s conversation covers the difference between droplet and aerosol transmission, why it matters and how to reduce the spread, plus Jose’s publicly available modelling tool, which you can use to estimate the transmission risk in your practice (2).

Professor Jimenez shares his own personal recommendations on specific mask types. The College continues to align its views and recommendations on masks with those of Public Health England.

Resources mentioned

1. It Is Time to Address Airborne Transmission of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) -

2. Aerosol Transmission Estimator Tool -

3. Indicators for Risk of Airborne Transmission in Shared Indoor Environments and their application to COVID-19 Outbreaks -

4. Exhaled CO2 as a COVID-19 Infection Risk Proxy for Different Indoor Environments and Activities -

5. Dismantling myths on the airborne transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) -

Aug 20, 202139:53
WebinarXtra: Common optic neuropathies
Jul 06, 202128:16
WebinarXtra: Is this child likely to be myopic?
Jun 21, 202137:14
How refractive blur affects driver judgement and our Focus On Life campaign
May 28, 202101:05:04
WebinarXtra: Monitor, manage, treat or refer?
May 12, 202116:58
Mental health and newborn eye care
Apr 21, 202101:04:03
WebinarXtra: Is this young child going to be at risk for strabismus or amblyopia?

WebinarXtra: Is this young child going to be at risk for strabismus or amblyopia?

Dr Rowan Candy delivered the keynote lecture at our recent virtual conference, Optometry Tomorrow Bitesize, on young children who are at risk for strabismus and amblyopia. The session looked at the refractive and ocular motor development of infants and preschoolers in the context of clinical assessment and care. In this episode of WebinarXtra, College President - Colin Davidson FCOptom - asks Dr Candy all those questions there wasn't time to cover during the live event.

Dr Rowan Candy FARVO is the Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor at Indiana University School of Optometry

Members can watch a recording of the webinar and earn one non-interactive CET point until 16 December 2020:

To book your place on one of our live events, visit:

Apr 13, 202131:11
WebinarXtra: A headache for optometrists
Apr 07, 202112:23
WebinarXtra: Glaucoma laser treatments; what are they and should optometrists be doing them?
Mar 30, 202129:10
WebinarXtra: Urgent ophthalmology cases
Mar 23, 202135:53
WebinarXtra: What’s changed in the College's Guidance for Professional Practice?
Mar 10, 202137:03
Nutrition for optometrists
Feb 19, 202146:54
WebinarXtra: Delivering eye care in the current lockdown – your questions answered

WebinarXtra: Delivering eye care in the current lockdown – your questions answered

In January 2021, a national lockdown was reintroduced in England. Now the whole of the UK is in lockdown and, in accordance with each nation's government directives, primary care is open and optometry remains in Amber Phase. The College hosted a webinar on 14 January with a panel of representatives from The College, ABDO,AOP, FODO and GOC, answering questions from practitioners. Although, we aimed to answer the key questions, we did not have time to answer all the questions posed by the audience. In this episode, the panel reconvenes to cover as many possible of the recurrent themes and answer outstanding questions.

Members can watch a recording of the webinar on the following link:

Jan 27, 202148:14
20 years of advising the profession
Dec 22, 202046:20
OiP: MOLES algorithm - scoring system for managing patients with melanocytic choroidal tumours
Dec 15, 202023:32
WebinarXtra: Double trouble - when ocular motor nerves go horribly wrong
Nov 23, 202031:02
Living with hallucinations
Nov 13, 202051:53
I'm a foreign body, get me out of here!

I'm a foreign body, get me out of here!

In this episode of the College's podcast, we cast our minds back to February 2020 when Martin spoke to Malcolm McPherson MCOptom about managing corneal foreign bodies. Little did they know when they merrily discussed the perils of removing particles from the eye, what was to lie ahead. Malcolm talks about the types of cases he's come across, when to refer and when to take matters into your own optometric hands.

This episode was recorded pre-COVID. Please ensure that any procedures you perform are COVID-safe and comply with the guidelines in your nation. For the latest COVID guidance, visit

Malcolm is a partner in an independent, clinically based optometry practice in Aberdeen. 

This episode was recorded at The College's annual conference, Optometry Tomorrow, where Malcolm was also a guest speaker. To find out more about the conference, visit

Oct 22, 202031:18
WebinarXtra: OCT in community practice with Mike Horler MCOptom
Oct 14, 202025:22
OiP: Lissamine green – where have we been and where are we now?
Sep 29, 202009:53
COVID and the eye with Professor John Lawrenson FCOptom
Sep 16, 202042:11
The 15 seconds, 30-minute movement with Dr Rachel Pilling
Aug 11, 202036:49
WebinarXtra: Scleral contact lenses for the regular eye with Katie Harrop MCOptom
Jul 21, 202023:25
WebinarXtra: Smoothing out a bumpy ride in oculoplastics: distinguishing benign from malignant lesions, with Raj Das-Bhaumik
Jul 10, 202025:49
The eyes and lows of lockdown (Part 3): Taking care of your career
Jul 08, 202021:17
The algorithm's gonna help you - with Professor Alastair Denniston
Jun 16, 202042:06
WebinarXtra: Peripheral vitreoretinal disorders for optometrists with Mr Kam Balaggan
Jun 10, 202001:04:28
The eyes and lows of lockdown (Part 2): Taking care of your practice
May 22, 202017:08
WebinarXtra: Glaucoma case presentations - from core skills to diploma with Angela Whitaker MCOptom
May 21, 202034:45
The eyes and lows of lockdown (Part 1): Taking care of yourself

The eyes and lows of lockdown (Part 1): Taking care of yourself

The COVID-19 lockdown seems to have given some people the opportunity to try their hand at new things. College Council member and optometrist Dr Parth Shah MCOptom has taken over our podcasts (temporarily, Parth!) and has produced a short series of three podcasts  - The eyes and lows of lockdown.  Parth and his guests will provide advice, support and ideas for your personal wellbeing, your professional development, and business planning ideas for your practice during the Covid -19 lockdown and recovery phases.

In this episode, Parth talks to Kush Mandavia MCOptom, an optometrist who owns his own practices, is a trained yoga teacher and also volunteers with the Samaritans. Exhausted yet? Not Kush. He actively practises mindfulness and meditation, and in this episode, he tells us how to take care of our own wellbeing. 

May 15, 202024:39
WebinarXtra: How to recognise diabetic retinopathy and manage your patients with Kate Powell MCOptom
May 06, 202029:42
The battle to save my only eye
Apr 27, 202001:01:49
Blazing the trail for women in vision science
Apr 10, 202035:43
OiP: The use of OCT in the detection and diagnosis of glaucoma with Dr Jonathan Denniss MCOptom
Feb 28, 202011:09
Back and to the future of eyewear trends
Feb 21, 202001:11:57
WebinarXtra: Orthoptics for the busy optometrist with Professor Bruce Evans FCOptom
Feb 14, 202036:41
Treating eye disease with gene therapy with Jasleen Jolly MCOptom

Treating eye disease with gene therapy with Jasleen Jolly MCOptom

In the first episode of 2020, Martin and Daniel introduce Jasleen Kaur Jolly MCOptom, optometrist and researcher working at the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and Wellcome Integrative Neuroimaging centre, University of Oxford, and Oxford Eye Hospital. Jasleen talks to Martin about how she got into research, imposter syndrome, how gene therapy works, which conditions are closer to being treated with gene therapy and what that means for optometrists, as well as the brain and the eye. Jasleen is involved in clinical research in the fields of retinal gene therapy, surgery outcomes and low vision. She is currently finishing a National Institute of Health Research funded PhD and also won the College's highly prestigious Philip Cole Prize for practice-based research in 2018.

Jan 17, 202042:06
WebinarXtra: Glaucoma - piecing together the puzzle with Adam Wannell MCOptom
Dec 23, 201938:15
OiP: Keratoconus and cross-linking with Dr Vijay Anand MCOptom
Dec 20, 201909:20
WebinarXtra: Interpreting OCT scans with Polly Dulley MCOptom

WebinarXtra: Interpreting OCT scans with Polly Dulley MCOptom

In her recent webinar (, Polly Dully MCOptom advised members on how to interpret OCT results of several patients with common ocular pathologies, and how to differentiate normal from abnormal. In this episode of WebinarXtra, Daniel asks all those questions we didn’t have time to cover during the webinar. 

Other available courses: 

OCT - interpretation and management part one ( OCT - interpretation and management part two (

Available webinars: 

When to refer and when to monitor - using OCT to improve detection and diagnosis of common eye conditions (
Dec 17, 201926:21
 Living with AMD
Dec 09, 201937:43
WebinarXtra: Myopia management with Dr Nicola Logan MCOptom
Nov 28, 201930:31
OiP: Myopia management with soft contact lenses

OiP: Myopia management with soft contact lenses

Optometry in Practice (OiP) Editor-in-Chief, Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, talks to Dr Susie Jones MCOptom, about her recent paper on 'Myopia management with soft contact lenses'. This episode includes Dr Jones’ top tips for optometrists thinking about offering myopia management, advice on managing patients’ expectations, and much more

To read Dr Jones' article, visit (CET available until 31 October 2020). 

For more articles highlighting the latest research, analysis and opinion on a range of topics, as well as CET points, visit

College members can order our patient leaflet on myopia and myopia management from and patients can find more information from our website,

Nov 21, 201912:10
Orthoptics and optometry - spot the difference

Orthoptics and optometry - spot the difference

In this episode of The College of Optometrists' podcast, Daniel talks to Simon Frackiewicz MCOptom who works as an optometrist and orthoptist both in a hospital setting and private practice. Simon regularly delivers lectures and workshops to optometrists on binocular vision. He talks about the difference between orthoptics and optometry, how the two approaches work, differences in prescribing prisms, and much more.

Nov 14, 201922:27
Can genetic testing predict myopia?
Oct 06, 201933:26
My optometrist saved my sight
Sep 23, 201933:27
Bonus: Through the eyes of an artist
Sep 02, 201918:59
The myopia epidemic
Aug 27, 201953:03
OiP: Managing ocular allergy in optometric practice
Aug 12, 201913:33
It's a hard knock hospital life with Patrick Gunn
Aug 05, 201933:22
The London Project to Cure Blindness with Professor Pete Coffey
Jun 17, 201927:08
Pilot: AMD through the patient's eyes with Dr Deanna Taylor MCOptom
Oct 15, 201838:03