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Colly Graham - salesxcellence

Colly Graham - salesxcellence

By Colly Graham

Weekly salesxcellence podcast from Colly Graham, International Sales Trainer
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Colly Graham talks with Fred Copestake

Colly Graham - salesxcellenceJul 21, 2021

Colly Graham talks with Fred Copestake
Jul 21, 202101:04:52
Colly talks to best selling sales author and sales coach Niraj Kapur (Everybody Works In Sales)

Colly talks to best selling sales author and sales coach Niraj Kapur (Everybody Works In Sales)

Niraj having spent 25 years working in sales in corporate London, understands the skills that you need to do better in your career. Today we are not talking about hard selling, sleazy selling or how to sell anything to anyone. People with integrity don’t do that and all great sales people have integrity. We’re talking about how to make an authentic connection with the right set of skills.

Feb 25, 202144:35
Goal Setting Day 5

Goal Setting Day 5

Day Five in Goal Setting, with a little round up and a few reminders about values, intuition and your thinking, don't miss out

Jan 06, 202103:52
Goal Setting Day 4

Goal Setting Day 4

Learn how to visualise for the achievement of your goals, discover how Colly Graham visualised and achieved two big goals>
Learn to use WOOP to overcome the obstacles to you goals

Jan 02, 202109:40
Goal Setting Day 3

Goal Setting Day 3

Learn where to focus on your goals, how to get from where you are to where you want to be

Jan 02, 202103:16
Goal Setting Day 2

Goal Setting Day 2

Learn about SMART goals, what is WOOP and how to use PRAMKU to set goals, three tools which will help you set and achieve your goals

Jan 02, 202105:42
Goal Setting Day 1

Goal Setting Day 1

Setting goals, get direction in your life a series of five videos over five days which will help you achieve your goals

Jan 02, 202103:32
Colly Graham talks with Patrick Tinney
Jul 24, 202058:38
Colly Graham talks with Art Sobczak

Colly Graham talks with Art Sobczak

Art Sobczak talks to Colly Graham

Art Sobczak is the number one telephone sales training expert in the world. Art Sobczak is President of Business By Phone Inc., specializing in helping salespeople maximize their positive results when using the phone as part of their sales process. Art has published numerous books on telephone selling and the latest edition of his book "Smart Selling"  is now available on Amazon. Visit Art at

Colly Graham brings some forty plus years of practical experience of selling, his ability to empathize with salespeople and establish immediate rapport and credibility as a trainer, yet his training is state of the art as Colly keeps abreast in the latest trends in marketing and selling. As an international sales trainer Colly has delivered training worldwide in Malaysia, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Mauritius, Barcelona, and UK. Visit Colly at

Jul 03, 202035:33
Episode 3 Colly with the authors of The Seller's Challenge
Sep 27, 201825:54
Episode 2 Building Rapport by Colly Graham, salesxcellence
Sep 18, 201806:29
Salesxcellence Episode 1 by Colly Graham
Sep 07, 201805:14