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Comic Cons

Comic Cons

By Nick Stephens

Welcome to Comic Cons--a geek podcast for the rest of us--hosted by Nick Stephens and James Powell.
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True Romance

Comic ConsOct 01, 2023

True Romance
Oct 01, 202301:20:13
Ghost Dad
Sep 24, 202301:17:37
Macho Matchup Mayhem
Sep 15, 202301:15:39
Trek, Trailers & Togruta!
Sep 12, 202336:54
Voyaging in the Apocalypse with Ahsoka and Porno Pirates!
Sep 06, 202301:02:52
Aug 28, 202339:12
Blade (25th Anniversary)
Aug 20, 202301:34:41
For Those About To Rock, We Sweeney You
Aug 13, 202301:11:41
Toxic Avenger Vs. Maniac Cop

Toxic Avenger Vs. Maniac Cop

Nick returns with rants on this solo mission to talk about the absence of orginal content in the wake of his proposed Toxic Avenger and Maniac Cop remakes! Also Robert Daviiii and Pom KlemTEEF! Enjoy!
Aug 08, 202339:17
Jul 30, 202301:33:36
Robocop...from 2014
Jul 23, 202301:19:44
The Dark Knight
Jul 16, 202301:39:46
Pleasures of the Guilty Variety...and Batman

Pleasures of the Guilty Variety...and Batman

Nick returns with a solo rant on guilty pleasures and pleasures of the flesh. Also Batman and beef with homeless people. Enjoy!
Jul 12, 202343:49
Secret Invasions, Supermen & Sue Storms
Jul 02, 202301:08:21
Our Favorite Short Lived TV Shows...and Animated Demon Porn!
Jun 25, 202301:23:19
The Flash
Jun 19, 202301:25:17
Arnold, Amazon Women & Astounding Adventures!
Jun 13, 202301:31:42
Tina Turner, A Turn of the Wheel & Life after the Thunderdome...
May 31, 202353:11
The Exorcism Brothers!
May 21, 202301:25:21
Lipstick Lovers & The Ice Spice Minaj Are Furniture of the Soylent Green...

Lipstick Lovers & The Ice Spice Minaj Are Furniture of the Soylent Green...

Nick discovers Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj wonders while digging up the 50 year old secrets of Soylent Green with the mono moto James Powell! Enjoy! Remember to email us Follow us @comicconscast (twitter) or @comicconspodcast (instagram)
May 14, 202301:18:12
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3
May 08, 202301:30:06
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Apr 30, 202301:08:01
Apr 23, 202301:04:01
 Skrulls! Ahsoka! Marvels! Batfleck's Chin!
Apr 16, 202301:23:18
The Tubi Easter Extravaganza...with Lesbians!
Apr 10, 202301:29:27
John Wicking The Bo-Katan Kang Express!
Apr 03, 202339:58
Slave Girls from Beyond the Ganj Jungle...
Mar 26, 202358:20
Snyder Secrets, Cat Fights and Violent Verses...
Mar 19, 202301:39:47
Darkland and the Macroverse
Mar 12, 202333:25
Mandos, Lanterns & Brolins!
Mar 05, 202301:15:25
Chinese Firedrill

Chinese Firedrill

 Chinese Firedrill. Ball Hog or Tug Boat. Mike Watt. Nick loves all of this and shares his cover of this gem from the album of a master. More coming soon but here's a taste for now. Enjoy!

@comicconspodcast (instagram)

@comicconscast (twitter)

Feb 26, 202313:24
Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania
Feb 22, 202301:11:08
Yeah...He's Batman
Feb 15, 202301:34:38
Action Jackson
Feb 08, 202301:09:35
Maximum Overdrive
Jan 30, 202349:01
What Smells About the Multiverse???
Jan 25, 202301:09:32
Our Batman Movie
Jan 16, 202333:48
Batman, Booty and Booster Gold!
Jan 08, 202301:28:40
What the hell happened in 2022?
Jan 04, 202301:13:43
Our Favorite Christmas Movies...
Dec 25, 202201:04:15
Goodbye Hank
Dec 18, 202240:57
Goodbye Gal

Goodbye Gal

Wonder Woman no more? Say it ain't so Bruce!
@comicconspodcast (instagram)
@comicconscast (twitter)
Dec 11, 202250:49
Survival in the Streets and Trailers in the Sheets...
Dec 06, 202201:15:43
Andor Keeps Cruising and The Guardians Ain’t Losing…

Andor Keeps Cruising and The Guardians Ain’t Losing…

Solo rant! Andor! GOTG Holiday Special! Dina Meyer! Also dms from the Comic Conzies!!! Enjoy!
Nov 28, 202250:19
Red Sonja
Nov 20, 202201:05:30
Black Panther Wakanda Forever
Nov 16, 202201:41:51
The Panther Squad
Nov 09, 202201:08:22
The DCU...what's next?
Nov 04, 202201:10:26
Black Hole Suns, Quantum Kangs and Hulk Concubines...
Oct 28, 202201:07:38
Vampire in Brooklyn, Superman Returning and Ashley Banks Crushing...
Oct 21, 202201:02:60