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The Compeat Waffle

The Compeat Waffle

By Compeat Performance

Join us as we chat with true leaders, game changers and science seekers in all things performance.
We aim to empower and educate to bring performance, not only in sport but also in everyday life. Our guests share incredible translations of the latest science, inspiring personal stories, and achievable calls to action, all with the goal of empowering the change that you want to be!
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Expert Session: Nutrition Challenges in times of Crisis with Fiona Sutherland

The Compeat WaffleMar 23, 2020

Chats with Carla Papac - Living through Body Image Pressures & REDs as an Ironman Athlete

Chats with Carla Papac - Living through Body Image Pressures & REDs as an Ironman Athlete

Well this episode slipped under our radar and had cheekily been sitting safely and unlistened to in our drafts! Argh, mark that down in our fail tally!

Well, let us not wait any longer to share this magnificent voice with you all!

Carla Papac will be a name you recognise if you are around the Surf Lifesaving scene of Ironman, where she won the Coolongatta Gold last year (2022)!

We cover so much in this episode - from her childhood experiences in sport, journey with body image, and her experience living with (and recovering from) Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs).

She drops some incredible pieces of advice and we adored having her join us on The Waffle!

Oct 23, 202301:11:34
Reflecting on life after Rugby with former Waratahs player Sam Wykes
Apr 13, 202354:06
Tanya Poppett: Letting go of pressure and finding permission to pause as she enters motherhood
Mar 30, 202343:07
From the tip to the toe of Australia: Running 150 marathons in 150 days with Erchana Murray-Bartlett

From the tip to the toe of Australia: Running 150 marathons in 150 days with Erchana Murray-Bartlett

Meet Erchana Murray-Bartlett the nutritionist, elite runner and now world record holder for the most consecutive marathons run by a female.

A journey that spanned 6,300km from Cape York in Queensland all the way to Melbourne Victoria, in an effort to raise money for The Wilderness Society. A charity powered by thousands of Australians from all walks of life to support the world that makes all life possible and empower wildlife conservation.

And ultimately this incredible feat raised $125,000!

This mammoth journey from Australia's highest northern point to the southern city of Melbourne saw the 32 year old runner completing 150 marathons in 150 days.

Erchana is an incredibly bubbly individual and we had so much fun talking to her about her experience and all the sweat, determination and hard work that went into this feat.

If you're a dietitian looking to connect with others, stay-up-to-date with CPD head to our website to learn more or join our email list here.

Mar 02, 202352:32
Jemma Griffin: The passionate pillar of strength for Nedd Brockmans 4000km run across Australia

Jemma Griffin: The passionate pillar of strength for Nedd Brockmans 4000km run across Australia

Meet Jemma Griffin, the passionate pillar of strength and support for Nedd Brockmans arduous journey across Australia.

A journey that spanned 4000km from Cottlesloe in Perth through the Nullarbor Plain all the way to Bondi in Sydney, in an effort to raise money for We Are Mobilise. A charity that aims to unite the youth of Australia to develop solutions and provide assistance for those experiencing homelessness.

And ultimately this incredible feat raised 2.5 million dollars!

As an exercise physiologist and an incredible runner herself, Jemma is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of running, exercise, and marathons. In this ep of the waffle, Jemma speaks eloquently about what it was like to organise, support, and experience this run, in an incredibly isolated place in Australia.

Days upon days of long straight roads, a skyline of sparse bush, no trees, and little access to food and water - She speaks about how her relationship with Nedd, food, and body changed over the course of this journey. And how communication with her partner, the rest of the team, and most importantly herself was the key to this run's success.

It's an incredibly raw and vulnerable account that we adored being able to listen to and bring to you.

If you're a dietitian looking to connect with others, stay-up-to-date with CPD head to our website to learn more or join our email list here.

Feb 16, 202353:22
Rolling with recovery and rehab after injury with cyclist Nick White
Jul 28, 202253:38
Making invisible illnesses visible and exploring the effects of long-covid with Luke Hassan
Jul 07, 202258:10
Reigniting Her Passion for Lacrosse and Returning to Play with Stacey Morlang Sullivan
Apr 07, 202252:33
Is eating during training cheating? When should you consider adding fuel in?
Mar 18, 202232:28
Changing the narrative of disordered eating and body image in athletes with Georgie Buckley
Mar 10, 202256:53
Finding Balance: Alyssa Lock on Her Journey in Pro Surfing
Mar 03, 202231:10
Should you eat before training or is it best to go in fasted? You may be surprised by the answer.
Feb 03, 202232:38
How to build habits centred around your identity rather than an outcome
Jan 20, 202238:07
Sport Supplements - Group C: Wait until you find out where BCAAs actually come from!
Jan 06, 202237:36
Food Labels: Can you believe everything you read?
Dec 23, 202129:33
Emotional Eating: A chat through managing stress and guilt during the festive season
Dec 16, 202139:11
Is it ever appropriate to comment on someones weight? A discussion on body comments.
Dec 09, 202128:47
Lucy Bartholomew on finding identity, body acceptance and purpose through running
Dec 02, 202101:10:11
When it comes to well-being does it have to be health OR performance?
Nov 18, 202131:49
Rapid Fire Q&A: Athletes drinking Coca Cola on race day? McDonalds as a recovery meal?
Nov 11, 202123:19
Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport: How do we reverse it?
Nov 04, 202130:35
All things Alcohol: How does this impact our athletic performance?
Oct 21, 202134:22
Heart Health: How does this impact the everyday athlete?
Oct 14, 202137:40
A deep dive into all things recovery with Dr Peter Fowler from The Recovery Project
Oct 07, 202101:10:22
Cycle Syncing: Should we be switching up our food choices around our menstrual cycle?
Sep 30, 202137:16
Why we need to stop 'eating back' calories burned...
Sep 23, 202127:36
Exploring all things body image, metabolism and reverse dieting!
Sep 16, 202137:14
Caffeine: Do you need to take breaks from coffee to increase how well it works?
Sep 09, 202130:15
Intuitive Eating: Can you overeat when listening to your appetite and fullness cues?
Sep 02, 202141:40
Transforming the way we talk about Eating Disorders an Expert Session with Shane Jeffrey
Aug 12, 202159:01
Conquering 100 and Life Beside the Iron Cowboy with Sunny Lawrence

Conquering 100 and Life Beside the Iron Cowboy with Sunny Lawrence

Our guest on today's waffle episode is the incredible Sunny Lawrence (@sunnyjolawrence). Trust us when we tell you that she is an absolute powerhouse of a human and her story is definitely one for the history books. From obtaining a degree in Psychology, to having 5 children in 4 years, to being the #1 supporter of her husband James' accomplishments. (Better known as the Iron Cowboy)

We discuss the in's, out's, up's, down's and logistics of life while James embarked on a mission to complete 100 Ironman Triathlons in 100 consecutive days!

Sunny embody's the definition of resilience and mental toughness and she does it all with a smile. We explore her challenges, triumphs, balancing family, her and her husbands goals. We hope you enjoy because our jaws are still on the floor!

Aug 05, 202101:01:14
Being Fearless in the Face of Grief with Liz Dawes from the RCD Foundation
Jul 28, 202150:08
Letting Go of Perfection and Embracing Self-acceptance with Naturally Nina
Jul 13, 202159:33
'Waffling' with Sports Dietitian Demi - Chatting Body, Food & Family

'Waffling' with Sports Dietitian Demi - Chatting Body, Food & Family

Demi Patterson is the ray of sunshine, empathy and support everyone needs in their life. She is vibrant and energetic with a big dose of life experience & learnings thrown in.  Today's ep opens up to hear her story - one of life as a gymnast, and the spark that created her dream of entering into Sports Nutrition.  We are so fortunate to have Demi as part of our servicing team, working alongside us while also being a Sports Dietitian at the Australian Institute of Sport. Although, that is nothing compared to the chapter she has recently entered - that of motherhood. With her gorgeous 5month baby boy, we also go through what this has meant to identity and the relationship with her body.  Enjoy team and of course, if you would like to work with one of our Dietitian team to discover your best self through food, head to - don't forget to also download our app for free!
Jun 25, 202139:00
Running with a Different Lens with Lydia O'Donnell
May 21, 202151:20
Sports Supplements - Group A (The Ones That Actually May Work)

Sports Supplements - Group A (The Ones That Actually May Work)

Recently the Australian Institute of Sport released a revamped version of their world renowned Supplement Framework. Over the coming episodes, we put a spotlight on each group - starting with Group A. 

This group are the supplements on the podium so to speak. The ones with a strong level of evidence that they may help with your sports performance. Enjoy this episode as we go through each one, how it works and when you may want to consider using them. 

As always, these supps are the sprinkles on the icing (timing and periodisation) of the cake (daily food choice) when it comes to performance nutrition, but used well can make that recipe pop!

Apr 30, 202148:52
Chatting life, food & mental health with Marika Day

Chatting life, food & mental health with Marika Day

One thing that draws me to Marika is her authenticity and her willingness to embrace vulnerability. She is overflowing with empathy and her honesty mixed with humour has made her an absolute star when it comes to both career and social media.

We both made the pact not to let this chat become one of nutrition - and I think we succeeded haha! It is a gorgeous story of her life, her experiences and her learnings. 

If you don't already follow along, head to now. Like go. Now. So much fun!

& as always, we are here if you need to reach out, would love to chat all things food or have any questions! Head to our website to complete the free review, or absorb all of our content on the socials - &

Apr 23, 202156:13
Body Dysmorphia & Disordered Eating in the LGBTQIA+ Community with Chris Fonda

Body Dysmorphia & Disordered Eating in the LGBTQIA+ Community with Chris Fonda

My only hope is that this is the first brave conversation of many. As Mardi Gras approached, we took a deep dive into the disproportionate rates of Disordered Eating and Body Dysmorphia in the LGBTQIA+ community. It was with this that Chris, one of our Compeat Dietitians, reached out wanting to chat more about this. 

As a gay male in a physique focused sport (diving, and previously gymnastics), Chris has lived through a lot when it comes to food and body weight pressures. However, it was the pressure and expectation felt within the gay community to 'look' a certain way for acceptance that shocked him most. 

This chat is raw and it is filled with vulnerability that you can sense throughout. For good reason, this topic never gets airtime and we feel it is the time to start the conversation. 

There is so much within this topic and we are just getting started!

Mar 14, 202147:39
Conversation Starter: Fat Club in Pro Sport - Yay or Nay?

Conversation Starter: Fat Club in Pro Sport - Yay or Nay?

Within pro sport internationally there is a practice that can be found in many teams and clubs - both genders and not specific to weight making sports. This podcast is all about bringing this practice into the light to allow for respectful and considerate discussions to consider it's place and if there is a better way to achieve the result that it is aiming for. 

Fat Clubs are present with it's members inaugurated with the goal of weight loss - often with the goal of reduced skinfolds (a body composition measurement). However, is this division within a squad or team something that helps or hinders the cause? What impacts to the individual athlete do these practices present and how may the impact their relationship with food or exercise?

We discuss all these thoughts and ideas in this podcast and encourage all comments and feedback. We don't claim to have the answers, but would like to bring a voice to a different perspective and an opportunity to give a voice to the athlete experience. 

Feb 19, 202127:13
The Hundred Jump Project with Steve Gregor

The Hundred Jump Project with Steve Gregor

TW: Depression & Suicide.

There isn't many things that leave the queen of waffle speechless, but this conversation was it. Steve is about to embark on an incredible attempt of one hundred skydives within 14-15hrs.

However, we couldn't leave the conversation at that. Every person has a story, and we needed to know the background to Steve that has led to the 'why' of attempting such a massive task (and all for such a good cause).

It is with that the discussion that the topic took a turn for the unexpected. Where our chats around his ongoing battle with Scheuermann's Disease also led us to discussions of his history with mental illness. How he went from mapping out every detail of his suicide to now being where he is today. 

Please checkout Steve's page for more details and to donate money if you are able -

This is an episode not to be missed, but please reach out to any of the centres below if needing support for you or a loved one:


Beyond Blue - (1300224636)
Lifeline - (131114)
Suicide Call Back Service - 1300659467

New Zealand:

Mental Health Foundation -
Lifeline - 0800543354
Suicide Crisis - 0508828865

Feb 10, 202158:25
Expert Session with Dr Eric Rawson on all things Creatine & Concussion

Expert Session with Dr Eric Rawson on all things Creatine & Concussion

We are still pinching ourselves that we had the opportunity to sit down with the leading voice in Creatine, Dr Eric Rawson from Messiah University. He isn't kidding when he says he has literally spent his life seeking optimal performance for humans - and it is this that lead him to dedicating much of his research to the supplement Creatine. Join us as we discuss all things Creatine, why we should be considering it's use, and the wide range of people that could be benefiting from it that you may not have expected (trust us, it is far from a supplement just for body builders!). It is also his research in Creatine that led him to learning more about the brain physiology and the potential of Creatine in a common occurrence in athletes - concussion.  To help explain what on earth is happening in the brain at time of concussion, we have placed more detailed show notes and the image that he spoke through during the episode here: As always, we would adore any time you could spare in sending through a review or shooting through a star rating - it means the WORLD to little old us in helping spread the word!

Feb 02, 202101:17:05
When goals don't pan out - experiencing 'failure' with Vlad Shatrov & Benn Couborough

When goals don't pan out - experiencing 'failure' with Vlad Shatrov & Benn Couborough

How often do we set out to achieve something that pushes us beyond our limits - and even more so, how often do we put off doing something at the risk of 'failure'?

For Benn & Vlad, their passion and obsession is in ultra running. So when goal races got pushed aside during 2020 and the impacts of Covid, they shifted their attendtion to personal events that both stretched beyond their known limits. Benn set out to complete the Great North Walk of 276km in the fastest known time; while Vlad entered the 240km Coast2Kosci not just to complete or win, but for the fastest known time. 

However, for both, things didn't go to plan. So what happens when our big goals don't end in success and celebration? What happens when we push beyond our limits and fall short? Here you get the opportunity to sit in on the stories that so often get untold, and we are so grateful to Benn and Vlad for being so brave in sharing their vulnerabilities in this episode. 



Pro Trail Runner:


Jan 10, 202101:08:18
Festive Food - Navigating nutrition within all the celebrations & emotions

Festive Food - Navigating nutrition within all the celebrations & emotions

It is the year 2020 and a time where not everyone is having a 'normal' Christmas. Creating this episode we were so mindful of all the different situations people are in right now - between isolations, lockdowns and social distancing - Covid has thrown us an interesting challenge when it comes to interaction.

However, how do we navigate the festive season? How do we cope with the influx of food, stress, fun, drinks and emotion? 

How do we find a place with food where we hold permission to eat without finding yourself permanently parked at the snack table? 

Should I worry about weight gain? How do I manage my food without completely blowing out? 

We answer all this and so much more in this episode. However, as always, we encourage interaction and feel free to send through any questions or reach out for a free chat with one of our Performance Dietitians -

Dec 14, 202022:03
Approaching Progress with Perspective with Dalton Franke

Approaching Progress with Perspective with Dalton Franke

In almost a blind date scenario, we got the opportunity to catch up with Dalton in an episode that absolutely smashed my expectations. He was candid, honest and so open about his own experiences. It takes so much vulnerability and self reflection to admit mistakes and embrace learning with a willingness and unstoppable curiosity - this is exactly what Dalton has lived and achieved.

Dalton speaks with an awareness of someone who gets it. Someone who has lived, has hurt, and has grown. He makes achieving progress feel tangible and individual to each person - something that we can wholeheartedly applaud and is seen too rarely in the wellness industry. Dalton has gone from telling people WHAT to do, to instead paying attention to the power of support focused upon behaviour change.

You can find more information about Dalton on his website and over on his Instagram @daltonfranke_coaching.

Dec 03, 202001:08:15
Body Composition: Everything you need to know (and consider)
Nov 05, 202027:37
Supporting your body through pregnancy, birth & beyond with Physiotherapist Rebecca Martin

Supporting your body through pregnancy, birth & beyond with Physiotherapist Rebecca Martin

This waffle is all about sharing stories to help you become empowered, confident, and curious.

This one is a very special episode around female health with Beck Martin (@womenshealthphysiotherapy). Beck is a female health physio specialised in exercise prescription for pregnancy and after birth. We have been inundated with requests to find someone for our waffle that covers these topics. They are simply not spoken about enough and I wish we had covered even more in this podcast.

Often what we learn about pregnancy is all about pregnancy and birth but we don’t cover off on what happens after. The impact on our health. The impact on our bodies. The impact on our mental health.

Yes, complications like incontinence and prolapse are common, but they are not normal.

These complications are not something that you should just accept and live with.

This is an episode very close to my heart for reasons that you will understand when listening through.

Whether you’re someone considering having a baby, currently pregnant, or with a young bub, I know you will love this podcast

As always, we would love to know what you think!

Beck's Website 

Free Assessment with our Dietitian Mikaela at  


Oct 30, 202001:08:51
Setting Goals that Shape Progress
Oct 22, 202025:36
The Power of Food with Alice Zaslavsky
Oct 15, 202001:06:59
Living with an Eating Disorder with Jessica Smith - OAM
Oct 08, 202056:08
Making Change Feel Easier with Social Psychologist, Emily Balcetis
Oct 01, 202057:27