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Computationally Yours

Computationally Yours

By Sabah Kadri and Arshi Arora

(n-1) things to explore and discuss about Computational Biology. Join us as we converse about everything computational in the biomedical sciences and beyond. #accessibleScience
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S2Ep6: Remote Work

Computationally YoursMay 11, 2021

S2Ep6: Remote Work
May 11, 202126:52
S2Ep5: Variants in Viruses

S2Ep5: Variants in Viruses

In this episode, hosts Dr. Sabah Kadri and Arshi Arora talk about variants in viruses - what are these variants, how are they created, how do we detect them and how normal is it for viruses to evolve into new variants. We also discuss their lineage and phylogeny which plays an important role in naming these variants. We use the examples of SARS-CoV-2 and 1918-1919 Influenza pandemic to discuss these topics.

Apr 27, 202117:24
S2Ep4: 5 Burning questions for a Statistician
Apr 13, 202125:25
S2Ep3: Dog Genetics
Feb 16, 202121:25
S2Ep2: Climate Change
Feb 09, 202136:23
S2Ep1: Covid-19 Vaccines
Feb 02, 202118:51
Ep25: Science News Recap and Season finale
Nov 24, 202017:20
Episode 24: Breaking the glass ceiling: Marie Curie
Nov 10, 202016:28
Episode 23: Statistics in Genomics 101
Nov 03, 202016:30
Episode 22: Science News Recap October
Oct 27, 202020:16
Episode 21: Bioinformatics - What you should know
Oct 20, 202019:14
Episode 20: Our professional journeys
Oct 13, 202026:14
Ep19: Clinical Bioinformatics: Behind the scenes (Exclusive episode)
Sep 29, 202030:10
Episode 18: Flavors of Computational Biology
Sep 22, 202022:45
Episode 17: The road ahead in genetics and genomics
Sep 15, 202025:47
Episode 16: Mendel, the Father of Genetics
Sep 01, 202017:03
Episode 15: The Mega Crossover Episode
Aug 25, 202001:10:00
Episode 14: Challenges of COVID testing from the experts who make it happen
Aug 18, 202024:11
Episode 13: How do you launch a genetic test?
Aug 11, 202023:31
Episode 12: Clinical Practitioners of Precision Medicine
Jul 28, 202023:19
Episode 11: Precision Medicine 101

Episode 11: Precision Medicine 101

Did you know there was a time when no one knew about blood groups so no one knew to check the blood group of a donor before transfusion? There was also a time when a patient's treatment could not be tailored to their DNA changes. But none of that happens today. Do you know why? And do you know how? Listen to Dr. Sabah Kadri break down precision medicine and its revolutionary effects on patient care in this extremely engaging episode. We take an anecdote-filled roller coaster from the 1800s to 2020. Enjoy the ride!

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Original Intro/Outro music: Riatsu (Shadaab Kadri)


What is personalized medicine: sharpening a vague term based on a systematic literature review:
Jones DS. How personalized medicine became genetic, and racial: Werner Kalow and the formations of pharmacogenetics. J Hist Med Allied Sci. 2013;68(1):1-48. doi:10.1093/jhmas/jrr046
Hugo A. Barrera-Saldaña, Origin of personalized medicine in pioneering, passionate, genomic research,Genomics, Volume 112, Issue 1, 2020
Jul 21, 202017:10
Episode 10: Know Your Hosts
Jul 14, 202018:25
Episode 9: The inspiring story of Barbara McClintock
Jul 07, 202014:54
Episode 8: What makes us different and the same: Genetic Variation
Jun 30, 202021:01
Episode 7: (Not so) Junk DNA

Episode 7: (Not so) Junk DNA

Next stop on the Genomics train is Junk DNA - the non-coding part of the genome. Dr. Sabah Kadri does a deep dive into the parts of the genome that we are still trying to understand. She highlights the major milestones in the field, its achievements and challenges, peppered with the usual origin stories and fun anecdotes from scientific history.
Links to papers in the episode:
Susumo Ohno:
Studies on functions of non-coding DNA:,
Functional definition and its controversy:
A fun read:
Contact us with questions, feedback and requests to collaborate on future episodes at
Follow us on Twitter: @compbiopodcast ; Dr. Sabah Kadri: @sabahkadri
Intro/Outro music: Riatsu (Shadaab Kadri)
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Jun 23, 202019:34
Episode 6: Microbial Genomics
Jun 16, 202024:42
Episode 5: Human Genome Project
Jun 09, 202021:16
Episode 4: Clinical Trials for Infectious diseases
May 19, 202024:58
Episode 3: Clinical Trials 101
May 12, 202023:25
Episode2: Contact Tracing
May 12, 202026:29
Episode1: Hello World
Apr 28, 202015:00