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Conference Talk

Conference Talk

By Conference Talk Podcast

Join us each week as we talk about one or two of the most recent addresses from General Conference.
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S4E19: Happy and Forever

Conference TalkFeb 20, 2023

S6E08: Do You Want to Be Happy?
Nov 26, 202323:51
Shorts: You're not ready for Zion if you won't even clean the building
Nov 22, 202306:32
S6E07: Praise to the Man (feat. Greg Matsen)

S6E07: Praise to the Man (feat. Greg Matsen)

Matthew sits down with Greg Matsen from the Cwic Show to discuss Pres. M. Russell Ballard's moving final testimony, Praise to the Man. Rest in peace, Pres. Ballard!


Nov 21, 202322:24
S6E06: Kingdoms of Glory

S6E06: Kingdoms of Glory

We hear that God is a "respecter of persons," but have you ever thought of how He also respects us, His children with honoring our agency? Join our new host Shelby Christensen and her guest, Shayla Davidson as they discuss key elements in President Dallin H. Oaks' talk, Kingdoms of Glory. In an ever-confusing world, President Oaks' talk addresses eternal truths of identity, our purpose on this earth and how we gain salvation and exaltation in the life to come.


"The Family Proclamation to the World"

Nov 11, 202330:23
S6E05: The Sealing Power
Nov 05, 202347:45
S6E04: Abide the Day in Christ
Oct 28, 202329:18
S6E03: In the Path of Their Duty
Oct 22, 202325:54
Shorts: God wouldn't want me to sacrifice my marriage... right?
Oct 19, 202308:42
S6E02: Sir, We Would Like to See Jesus
Oct 15, 202323:38
S6E01: October 2023 General Conference Recap
Oct 07, 202329:23
S5E17: Remember What Matters Most
Oct 01, 202341:57
S5E16: Jesus Christ Is the Strength of Parents
Sep 23, 202320:18
S5E15: The Teachings of Jesus Christ
Aug 12, 202338:16
Shorts: Why don't I drink? Because I know the Book of Mormon is true!

Shorts: Why don't I drink? Because I know the Book of Mormon is true!

If a non-member friend asks you why you don't drink coffee, you might answer by explaining the Word of Wisdom. But Pres. Nelson gives us a different approach. When asked why we we live the way we live, he answered, "Because I know the Book of Mormon is true." Let's talk about that.


Be Thou an Example of the Believers by Pres. Russell M. Nelson (Oct 2010)

A Witness and a Warning by Pres. Ezra Taft Benson

Jul 26, 202304:31
S5E14: Do You Know Why I as a Christian Believe in Christ? (feat. Greg Matsen)

S5E14: Do You Know Why I as a Christian Believe in Christ? (feat. Greg Matsen)

Bro. Ahmad S. Corbitt of the Young Men General Presidency made waves in 2022 with his devotional address decrying "Activism Toward the Church" (ATC). This April, he was sustained as a General Authority Seventy and gave his first Conference address, "Do You Know Why I as a Christian Believe in Christ?" And this one hits hard, too. Greg Matsen from the Cwic Show joins Matthew to talk about both of these timely talks and their application to today's crazy world.

Jul 23, 202334:47
S5E13: My Mind Caught Hold upon This Thought of Jesus Christ (feat. the sister missionaries)
Jul 15, 202326:36
S5E12:The Lord Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Minister / Jesus Christ Is Relief
Jul 03, 202326:53
S5E11: Patriarch Blessings! (feat. Brad McBride)

S5E11: Patriarch Blessings! (feat. Brad McBride)

Bummed about the Oceangate sub and looking for a more uplifting Titanic-related story? Look no further! Returning guest and blogger Brad McBride joins Matthew at the mics today to discuss not one but two unusual General Conference addresses-- Elder Bennett's and Elder Yamashita's talks about Patriarchal blessings.


That time the Prophet's wife found all twelve tribes of Israel in Europe

2 Nephi 27: "I can do mine own work."

Joseph Smith quote: "You will have all kinds of trials to pass through. And it is quite as necessary for you to be tried as it was for Abraham and other men of God. . . . God will feel after you, and he will take hold of you and wrench your very heart strings, and if you cannot stand it you will not be fit for an inheritance in the Celestial Kingdom of God."

Pres. Oaks: "[A patriarchal blessing] is given under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and should be read and interpreted under the influence of that same Spirit."

Jun 24, 202339:37
S5E10: Just Keep Going-- with Faith and He Could Heal Me! (feat. Erik Wells)
Jun 11, 202340:33
S5E09: A Living Prophet for the Latter Days
Jun 03, 202330:06
S5E08: Safely Gathered Home (feat. Mike Rush)

S5E08: Safely Gathered Home (feat. Mike Rush)

This week we're covering Elder Quentin L. Cook's talk, "Safely Gathered Home" which is all about the gathering of Israel. Which means we got to invite a guest who's a total "gathering and restoration of Israel nerd," author Mike Rush! We talk about the amazon promises the Lord has given about covenant Israel in the last days-- the likes of which will "be a more spectacular event than the children of Israel coming out of Egypt in Moses’ day."


Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives by President Russell M. Nelson

Let God Prevail by President Russell M. Nelson

Bible Dictionary: Israel, Kingdom of

May 28, 202352:16
S5E07: There Can Be Nothing So Exquisite and Sweet as Was My Joy / Have I Truly Been Forgiven
May 25, 202329:23
S5E06: Accessing God’s Power through Covenants

S5E06: Accessing God’s Power through Covenants

Melissa & Shelbi host this weeks episode by discussing Elder Renlund's address, "Accessing God’s Power through Covenants." Melissa and Shelbi are temple fans and couldn't be more obsessed with it. They share insights they have learned about covenants and share ideas on how to gain a testimony of the temple and covenants.


"One In Christ" , Story of The Amazon River by Elder Ulisses Soares

Creating Lift by Elder Uchtdorf 

"The Power of Spiritual Momentum" by President Nelson

Not Making a Choice is a Choice by President Bednar

The Rocket Example by Elder Renlund

May 13, 202343:47
S5E05: Peacemakers Needed!
May 06, 202301:01:55
Shorts: Death by Planning

Shorts: Death by Planning

Did you know a group of vultures is called a committee? Our committees and councils in the Church feel that way sometimes-- we huddle around a pick at a problem but rarely actually help. Pres. Ballard and Elder Arnold have some haunting stories to share about that. We need more ministering and less administering.

May 03, 202305:28
S5E04: The Work of the Temple and Family History—One and the Same Work / A Voice of Gladness!
Apr 29, 202330:11
Shorts: Please don't throw things when you're angry!
Apr 26, 202303:57
S5E03: Ministering

S5E03: Ministering

Join Matthew and Meg as we discuss Elder Gong's talk, Ministering. Matthew recently finished a few years as Elders Quorum President and Meg is just starting in her calling as Relief Society President so there is a lot to discuss on this one!

Apr 23, 202346:18
S5E04: The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told

S5E04: The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told

On this weeks episode the Stanfill's hop on the mic's! Come and listen to Elder Stevenson's talk, "The Greatest Story Ever Told." There are no reosurces for this episode but there is a lot of fun thought provoking ideas on how to make Easter more Christ Centered.

Apr 15, 202325:43
S5E01: Conference Talk April 2023 Recap

S5E01: Conference Talk April 2023 Recap

Tune in as our Conference Talk hosts share their favorite moments from the most recent sessions of General Conference!

Apr 08, 202341:49
Shorts: The Five Dollar Lawn
Mar 29, 202311:15
S4E24: Nourishing and Bearing Your Testimony
Mar 28, 202301:01:45
S4E23: Put On Thy Strength, O Zion

S4E23: Put On Thy Strength, O Zion

Matthew and Michael discuss Elder Bednar's powerful talk, Put On Thy Strength, O Zion. A lot of Temple references, and some sobering thoughts about the Second Coming!

Mar 20, 202341:53
S4E22: And They Sought to See Jesus Who He Was
Mar 11, 202344:17
Shorts: Pres. Nelson is bringing chivalry back into style!
Mar 08, 202304:06
S4E21: Lifted Up upon the Cross

S4E21: Lifted Up upon the Cross

On this episode The Stanfill's feel so blessed to be able to talk about Elder Holland's talk titled "Lifted Up upon the Cross." Join in their discussion about the symbolism of The Cross as related to being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Shelbi shares a personal story about discipleship and Kevin hits home on how the absence of The Cross says more about our religion than anything.


Elder Holland: Suffering:

Hope Works Video: Spiritual Beings and The Human Experience:

Mar 04, 202320:32
S4E20: Wholehearted / We Can Do Hard Things through Him
Mar 02, 202319:02
Shorts: Efficiency paralysis-- when it just doesn't matter!
Feb 24, 202308:35
S4E19: Happy and Forever

S4E19: Happy and Forever

We have a special guest this episode, Carol Rice who is partnered with Public Square Magazine &! We could not think of a better expert to discuss with Kevin Elder Gong's address, "Happy and Forever." So many great nuggets of gold. We hope you enjoy listening to this weeks episode.

Feb 20, 202325:07
Shorts: Commanding a Submarine in the name of Jesus
Feb 15, 202306:09
S4E18: His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light

S4E18: His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light

Sis. Dennis's talk, His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light is Matthew's least favorite conference talk of all time! Frankly, he felt it was so heavy on "don't judge" that it bordered on minimizing disobedience. But as he thought about it, the Spirit whispered, "a talk you struggle with is the one you need the most." So he decided to sink his teeth into this talk, dig through it to find some gems, and share it with us. Join Matthew and Melissa in discussing the tug of war between clarity v charity and niceness v kindness. And tons more dog puns. 🐶


Truth and Tolerance by Pres. Dallin H. Oaks

The Cost—and Blessings—of Discipleship by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

The Second Half of the Second Century of Brigham Young University

Kindness, Charity, and Love by President Thomas S. Monson

You Are My Hands by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence by Elder Jörg Klebingat

Feb 14, 202346:02
Shorts: Faith when you don't feel it
Feb 08, 202308:55
S4E17: Lasting Discipleship / Patterns of Discipleship

S4E17: Lasting Discipleship / Patterns of Discipleship

On this weeks episode we have Kevin & Shelbi Stanfill discussing two talks. The first is Elder Lund's Talk titled, "Lasting Discipleship" and Elder Sitati's talk titled, "Patterns of Discipleship." If you haven't guessed it already discipleship is a big topic in this podcast! We hope you enjoy!


"Flashes of Light" by Elder Lund BYU Speech

Feb 04, 202327:06
Shorts: Pres. Eyring's Temple Experience
Jan 31, 202306:33
S4E16: The Eternal Principle of Love

S4E16: The Eternal Principle of Love

On this weeks episode Meg Tilton and guest Rhonda Farr discuss Elder Montoya's talk, "The Eternal Principle of Love."  Meg & Rhonda have worked together in the professional world but now come together to discuss spiritual application with their background in life coaching. We hope you enjoy this weeks episode.

Jan 28, 202334:60
S4E15: Drawing Closer to The Savior / The Answer is Jesus

S4E15: Drawing Closer to The Savior / The Answer is Jesus

Join Chanelle and a very special guest, Lynnette Sheppard this week as they discuss two talks, Elder Andersen's talk, "Drawing Closer to The Savior" and Elder Olsens Talk, "The Answer is Jesus."  Wonderful insights were shared on this episode that are sure to strengthen your testimony in our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Jan 21, 202339:10
S4E14: The Doctrine of Belonging
Jan 16, 202350:20
S4E13: Are You Still Willing / Building a Life Resistant to the Adversary

S4E13: Are You Still Willing / Building a Life Resistant to the Adversary

This we we have Meg & Greg Tilton discussing "Are You Still Willing" by Elder Kevin W. Pearson and "Building a Life Resistant to the Adversary" by Jorge F. Zeballos. We felt these two talks really complimented one another and we hope you find reviewing & listening to them helpful. 

Jan 07, 202322:50
S4E12: The Virtue of the Word (feat. Shawn Rapier)

S4E12: The Virtue of the Word (feat. Shawn Rapier)

Guest Shawn Rapier joins Matthew in discussing Shawn's friend, Elder Mark D. Eddy, and his talk, "The Virtue of the Word." We deep dive into Book of Mormon history, enjoy a delicious barbecue analogy, and Shawn shares a powerful story from his mission.


The story of the missionary who was losing his testimony (it was Pres. Ballard, not Elder Scott)

If you're a Disneyland/DisneyWorld buff, check out Shawn's podcast, "Castle Collective!" And the archives of his inspiring faithful stories podcast, "Latter-Day Lives."

Dec 31, 202252:11
S4E11: In Partnership with The Lord

S4E11: In Partnership with The Lord

Kevin & Shelbi head up this episode of Elder Soares talk titled, "In Partnership with The Lord." Kevin & Shelbi have been married for 3 1/2 years and added some of their own tips and insights on their marriage so far in accordance with the principles Elder Soares discusses in his talk. Join in to let us know what you think!


The Family Proclamation

Definition of "Help Meet"

Dec 28, 202231:49