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Money & Plants

Money & Plants

By Conor Devine

There are two big topics I'm hugely passionate about in life - Business and Health.

In the last 15 years I've went through three very different entrepreneurial transformations. The world continues to evolve, everything continues to change, but how are we all adapting?

Health is another topic which sits right at the top of my agenda.

In 2007, after a short period of ill health, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and over the last 13 years, I've been fighting everyday, trying to get my health back.

In this podcast we will be talking about Money and Plants 💰🌾
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#31 Northern Ireland is better off being part of the UK, with Philip Smith

Money & PlantsJul 01, 2021

#51 Your Health is your Wealth 💊 🥦
Apr 23, 202320:31
#50 Show me the Incentive & I will show you the Outcome - Heart Disease and Longevity with Dr Paddy Barrett

#50 Show me the Incentive & I will show you the Outcome - Heart Disease and Longevity with Dr Paddy Barrett

I am delighted to bring you guys my 50th episode of the podcast, and even more delighted that in this episode I have switched the dial back to health and longevity again. For me health is absolutely everything. If I am fit, well and healthy, then I believe I can do and achieve almost anything, including be a good parent to my two kids, continue to grow my business, and in short, to stick to the plan of being the best version of myself.
If you can relate to all of the above, then you want to pay attention to my guest Dr Paddy Barrett.
I came across Paddy's work on line over the Summer, and immediately he struck a number of chords with me. Primarily what I thought was really interesting about Paddy, was his willingness, passion and determination to share so much information, and to do this, so well across all of the main social media channels including twitter, instagram and LINKEDin.
Dr Barrett is a preventative Cardiologist, working out of the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, and in combination with his cardiology training at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland he has acquired extensive specialty cardiology training in world class medical centres in New York and California.
As part of Dr Barrett's time in the US, he played a pivotal role in the development of several novel technologies, large scale clinical trials and has published extensively in the field. He speaks regularly around the world on heart disease.
For me I am particularly interested in heart disease as it continues to be the the world's no.1 killer, taking over 17 million lives every single year, and in Ireland alone accounts for some 36% of all deaths claiming around 10,000 people every year.
In this conversation, I ask Paddy about why he got into medicine, in particular his specialism, what is heart disease and then talk about some of the things each of us can do to prevent this disease and prolong each of our lives.
Paddy truly believes part of the answer to this emergency is in policy and that Is the responsibility of the government to incentivise it's citizens to live healthier lives and to cohabit environments that is aligned to people living much more healthier lives. "Show me the Incentive and I will show you the Outcome" is a line paddy mentioned a few times throughout the course of this conversation.
"Physiology doesn't care about your schedule" - another one of Paddy's favourite lines... how many people do you know who say they're too busy, have too much on, and will start a new program tomorrow, next week, the New Year..... almost everyone I know - problem being, that can keeps getting kicked down the road until you start presenting with symptoms and as Paddy says, that's far too late to be reading and making a change.
With 25% of Irish kids, and over 60% of our adult population obese, it really is time we all started to talk about this topic more, educate ourselves around it, face some home truths, and then start to make some real decisions around how we all lead our lives.
I was delighted to finish on a very positive note, in terms of my very last question. The summary note being it's literally never too late to make a lifestyle change, and that your body will react to this almost immediately. Incredible to hear.
If you want to reach out to me, get me on - I would love to hear your feedback, or on any of my social media channels.
I hope you really enjoyed series 4 of the podcast. I was delighted to work with my new engineer Evan Balfe, who has made all of this sound pretty incredible. Thanks Evan and I look forward to working with you on Series 5.
So all is left for me is to wish my tribe a very peaceful, health and happy Christmas, I hope to see you all in the New Year, so look after yourself and each other.

Dec 09, 202242:48
#49 Truth Seeking and Dopamine Machines with Ben Hunt

#49 Truth Seeking and Dopamine Machines with Ben Hunt

I am absolutely delighted to introduce you guys to Mr Ben Hunt, on episode 49 of the show. 

Ben Hunt has a Phd in political science from Harvard, an incredible entrepreneur who has co founded multiple tech companies, and has also managed his own billion dollar hedge fund.  

He is one of the USA's most critical thinkers right now, and also the founder and publisher of Epsilon Theory, an extremely popular website, and newsletter, where he focuses on trying to understand the narratives that are being created, refined and repeated across social and main stream media today. 

Epsilon Theory is a project committed to real change in the practice of investing and the practice of citizenship.  It describes itself as "an independent voice for change, with no obligation to anyone, but our readers, our clients, and our partners - our pack".

I have been following Ben's work only for a few months, and I have to say, how he thinks about things, and then goes onto explain what might be happening in the world, is a skillset and quality I have seen in very few humans I have came across to date.

In 2013, he decided to leave the rat race as such, possibly escape, might be a better way to put it, and to turn his attention to creating Epsilon theory, a publication which now has over 100,000 subscribers and highly regarded resource right across the world. 

One of the reasons I started the podcast in 2020, was to try and find some people, who could help all of us understand some of the things that are happening in the world right now.  A cursory look into Bens work and background will tell you he is an incredible guest for me to get onto Money and Plants.  

Ultimately I came away from this conversation incredibly thankful, for getting the opportunity to engage directly with Ben, who above all else, in my own opinion is an incredible story teller.

The conversation we kicked off with focuses on this, when Ben sets out that life ultimately is about the stories we tell ourselves, and how we decide to react to each of these stories. We also move into the territory of identity and how important it is for each of us in life, no matter who we are or where we might be going, to find our own identity, our own voice, our own passions in life. 

Some further clips and subject matter can be found below;

26:58 - how we perceive the world determines our reactions and behaviours

33:15  - the 3 headed monster, tech, pharma, media - the goal is to make us engage

35:15  - Dopamine machines - how our phones have changed absolutely everything

39:29 - How the FED wants to crush everyone's psychology to get inflation down

42:00 - Why and how he started Epsilon theory, coming from a dark place

43:42 - We can change the world.... from the bottom up

This was one of my favourite conversations to date on the podcast, and I hope you guys got some value from it.

Can I ask you to share the pod with a friend and maybe leave me a review if you have a few minutes.

You can reach me at if you want to drop me a note or ask me a question.

Until next time, please look after yourself and each other,



Dec 02, 202250:07
#48 Optimism and Soft Landings with Nick Lesson

#48 Optimism and Soft Landings with Nick Lesson

In this episode, we see the return of the original "Rogue Trader" Mr Nick Lesson, who I thought was the perfect guest to get back onto the show, in an effort to contextualise what is happening right now across the world in terms of the economics of it all, and projected recession.
Recently I attended a Bank of England presentation in Belfast, and the bank is very clear - they are projecting a long (2 years) slow painful recession for the UK, with plenty of pain, particularly for UK businesses and households, and those of us who have a mortgage.
Nick is one of the most well known traders and investors in the world, has lived through quite a number of big economic shocks / events, including "Black Monday" in 1989, the DOTCOM crash, the GFC and now what has been unravelling over the last two years, with the onset of the pandemic leading to the current crisis, where inflation is running at 40 year highs, and we appear to be entering another recession.
Before I spoke to Nick, I was expecting him to be quite pessimistic of what might be en route, as generally he seems to take that sober outlook on the world and economies, however, surprisingly, his outlook on how he see's things moving forward caught me a little by surprise, as it was much more optimistic.
Nick's view is that it is quite natural for economies and markets to correct themselves, and in fact it is needed at times, so things can cool down, and people can take stock and review how they might come back into the market after a period of time.
His observations are that earnings in the US remain quite high, and despite the FED increasing central bank base rates in super quick time, he does feel that the US market and economy is looking more at a softer landing, as opposed to a chaotic abrupt recession most are predicting, which to me was incredibly interesting. Nick is however, more concerned about how this all plays out in Europe and the UK, and believes that things will be much more difficult for people this side of the Atlantic.
I also spoke to Nick about the recent FTX / SBF financial disaster, which has caught the attention of the world's media, given the scale of the financial disaster that continues to unravel.
Who better to speak to about what appears to be one of the biggest frauds in history than the original rogue trader himself. It's interesting NIck's take on this incredible story, where over $36bn has been wiped from this company in a matter of days, as it's owner and the guy ultimately responsible (SBF), sits tweeting nonsense, apologising over twitter in real time - all very surreal. Nick's overriding view being that the authorities will catch up with SBF, in the not too distant future.
We finish the conversation with Nick reiterating his view that he fears more for the UK and Europe economies, than the US, and is certainly much more optimistic and buoyant in general than much of what we hear and read these days, about what happens in our economy and markets in the next 18 / 24 months.
I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and remember if you prefer to watch it, you can now do that by subscribing to my YOUTUBE channel.
If you have a question for me or you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at
Finally, and something you can do for me now - if you like the show, please give me a LIKE/ REVIEW/ and SHARE the show with a friend - that would be much appreciated.
Until next time, please look after yourself and each other.
Nov 25, 202240:22
#47 Know your Numbers, with Vegan Entrepreneur Michiel Van Deursen 🌱

#47 Know your Numbers, with Vegan Entrepreneur Michiel Van Deursen 🌱

I have been following Michiel for a number of years and was delighted to finally catch up with him on Money & Plants earlier this week. For any entrepreneur, the holy grail is often to exit or sell your business. For Michiel he has achieved that now a number of times, firstly selling his on line classified advert business, the most successful in Belgium to EBAY in 2013, which was a huge success for him personally. Following some downtime, travelling around Australia drinking cocktails and loving life, this curious psychology graduate, couldn't resist the urge to get back into business, and over the last ten years, he has went into achieve incredible results lending his experiemce, expertise and own cash, to a number of fantastic entrepreneurs and businesses, achieving more exits, and more cheques along the way. In this conversation I lift the bonnet on all of this, trying to get a feel for how Michiel thinks, works, and ultimately decides what companies he will invest in. I drill into some of Michael's characteristics in this conversation covering items like the three successful habits of an entrepreneur, advice he would give to anyone starting a business, how to push through hard times, to what keeps him awake at night. It was interesting the focus and importance Michiel put on knowing your numbers, which is pretty much non negotiable for anyone looking him or his investment company, Capital V's money. What really struck me about Michiel in this conversation and one of the reasons I admire him and wanted to get him on this show was his humility and ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Many entrepreneurs evolve, just like the rest of us humans, and it's interesting that Michiel has devided to CHANGE alot about his life, including developing a real passion for animals and becoming Vegan. His Investment platform Capital V, will only invest in companies that take the use of animals out of production, which is an incredibly conscious and admirable stragegy. A fellow IRONMAN triathlete also, with 7 x Ironman races under his belt, that also tells you abit about Michiels mindset and "must do attitude" and approach he has to living. For anyone looking to achieve success in life and business, I am sure you will get some value from this conversation. Please share with a friend and leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts if you have a moment. You can contact me on for any feedback or questions about the show. Until next time, look after yourself and each other CD ☘️
Nov 18, 202250:30
#46 CURED with Dr Jeffrey Rediger

#46 CURED with Dr Jeffrey Rediger

I am delighted to be back with another series of the podcast, and what a way to kick series 4 off with such a wonderful guest in Dr Jeffrey Rediger.
Jeffrey is a MD, physician, best-selling author, and well known public speaker in the USA.
He is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, and medical director at Mc Lean Hospital.
His research with remarkable individuals who have recovered from incurable diseases, has been featured on Oprah Winfrey and Dr Oz TV shows, amongst others.
He has received numerous awards in relation to his leadership and patient care. His best-selling book CURED, The remarkable science and stories of healing and spontaneous recovery, is now available in multiple languages and selling around the world.
In this conversation I get into the detail with Jeffrey, and find out a little bit more about himself, the human being, and his own personal evolution as a medical doctor over the last thirty odd years. It was wonderful to hear Jeffrey speak so openly and passionate about how he experienced so many patients who have been written off by everyone, including the medical community, fight back against all the odds to totally transform their health outcomes.
This is a really important conversation for me to have, and I am so grateful for Jeffrey for being so open and candid with me in our exchange.
In his new book and in this conversation, Jeffrey shares with me that he has researched 124 people who have all went onto experience spontaneous healing from terminal and incurable diseases. He talks about the 4 Pillars of health, The immune system, the nervous system, nutrition and the most interesting for me, healing your identity, and the role each of these pillars played in his patients recovery.
My message to you is to please share this podcast with anyone you think needs a little bit of hope and a little bit of light brought back into their life.
Maybe its yourself, or you know someone else who is not feeling great, maybe they’ve just had that dreadful diagnosis, or maybe they’ve simply written themselves off in life.
The bottom line is that it’s never too late guys. I am telling you form personal experience, YOU can HEAL, YOU can RECOVER.
As I said in this conversation, we need to understand the power we all hold individually over our own health outcomes. Your doctor’s not going to fix you, the drugs are not going to fix you, you have to figure out how to fix yourself.
This starts with an honest conversation with yourself, a body of work, and a plan of how you are going to make the changes you need to make to get your health back.
I would encourage you to read Jeffrey's book, and to go on your own journey of healing and recovery. I am yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want to feel that little bit better, move easier, and have more energy and fulfilment in life. What my own journey has taught me is that with a little bit of belief, followed by alot of work, absolutely everything is possible.
I hope you get some value from this one, and if you have a moment, please leave me a review, and or share this one with a friend.
You can reach me at
Until next time, look after yourself, and each other,
Nov 11, 202249:06
#45 Against all odds with Mickey Coleman (Part 2)

#45 Against all odds with Mickey Coleman (Part 2)

It's been 12 months since I last spoke to Mickey, and a full 16 month's since the evening of the 29th March 2021, when he experienced a widow maker heart attack, and was minutes from death. With a survival rate of 6%, it is no surprise then to come away from listening to Mickey for a short period, how aware he is to be one of the luckiest guys in the world right now. In this conversation, I wanted to check back in with him, as alot can happen in 12 months. In what is another wide ranging conversation, Mikey hones in on what's important to him now, how he approaches life, and his incredible sense of gratitude and awareness of how fortunate he is to be able to get to live the life he now leads. From plant based diets to considering running a marathon, it was great to see, and hear how Mickey continues to be in terrific form and in fantastic health. His heart took an incredible beating last year throughout the attack, but all is now recovered and Mickey continues to get stronger, keeping his medical team in amazement. This conversation is designed to encourage others to NOT be like Mickey, do NOT wait to your life flashes before you, before you make lifestyle changes in your own life, make these changes TODAY. Mickey is an incredibly well grounded character, and is very aware of the second chance he has in life now. I was delighted to see him in top form, and I hope this conversation inspires CHANGE in your own life. Please like and share this podcast with your friends and family, and also, make sure you listen to part 1, which went out last July, to get the full detail on what happened to Mickey on the 29th March 2021. If you want to reach out to me, best place is or DM me on any of my socials. Take care, CD ☘️
Jul 16, 202248:13
#44 The cycle of self harm, with the Acid Capitalist Hugh Hendry

#44 The cycle of self harm, with the Acid Capitalist Hugh Hendry

I am delighted to welcome the first guest from the Hedge Fund world onto money and plants, in the form of the wonderful, Mr Hugh Hendry. Hugh is best known for being the CEO and founder of his Hedge Fund Electica Asset Management, which at it's height had $1.3bn assets under management. Born into poverty in the working class streets of Glasgow, education and a desire to get out of the environment he grew up in, was the catalyst for a young Hugh, to go on and build a ew very successful life for himself. Now living in the carribean, in the beautiful island of St. Barts, following his exit from the cut and thrust of the money markets, Hugh is back, building a new brand, creating content and educating people on a daily basis as to what he thinks is happening in the world today. Hugh tells me that he vibrates, he is energy, he has healed and his passion for life and creativity is now back in abundance. In this conversation we chat about Hughs views on central banks, why he thinks the system is designed for people to fail, his frustrations with China, why he thinks we are in a Depression and much much more. A proper treat for you guys this one, and I'm looking forward to speaking to Hugh again soon. As ever let me know what you think and pls leave me a review and share the podcast. Until next month, take care all. CD ☘️
Jun 10, 202250:17
#43 What's happening in the housing market Jordan?

#43 What's happening in the housing market Jordan?

In this episode I welcome back one of the shows most popular guests. Jordan Buchanan is the Chief Economist of the property portal PropertPal, and it's been six months since I have had Jordan on the show. So much has happened since our last conversation, I have become a little unclear as to where our property market is right now in N Ireland. Interest rates for example reached their highest point in 1981, levelling off at just over 16%, which is pretty unthinkable in this day and age, however since that time and up until 2021, rates went down to almost zero in many jurisdictions across the world.
The world has changed insurmountably in the last 18 months given the pandemic and the most recent disaster zone, namely the ongoing war in Ukraine, and this really has caused all kinds of trouble across so many countries, businesses and ultimately households, as we are now in the middle of a cost of living crisis, which is quite new to most people middle aged and under, who are experiencing these shocks to our economy for the first time.
In this conversation Jordan eloquently summarises what has happened in the last two years in our housing market, to include the QE policy measures that undoubtedly assisted the housing market and dare I say it, facilitated a housing boom right across the UK and Ireland.
Interest rates, inflation and labour markets are causing all kinds of volatility, and we get into a fair bit of detail as to how all of this impacts the market and how things may play out over the next twelve months.
For anyone interested in the economy, the property market, and just generally trying to improve your understanding into some of these big ticket items like inflation and cost of living crisis, you will get great value from this podcast.
Finally next month we are re-launching our recovery and restructuring business. The bottom line is that we accept the economy is heading towards a downward trend, and given the experience we have at GDP, we feel compelled to try and help, save, restructure as many businesses as possible. If you or you know someone who might be concerned about this, then you can reach me at
As ever, a review would be great if you have a moment, and please share this episode with a friend.
Until next time, look after yourself, and each other,
May 20, 202254:11
#42 How to optimise brain health with Dr Tommy Wood 🧠

#42 How to optimise brain health with Dr Tommy Wood 🧠

In this wonderful episode of Money and Plants, I get to speak to one of the world's leading authorities on all things Brain Health.  

Tommy Wood is an athlete, works with and coaches many elite sports people, but he is also a UK-trained Medical doctor, with a PhD in physiology and neuroscience.  He studied at Oxford and Cambridge, and is now based at the University of Washington working as an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics.

I have been following Tommy and studying his work for a number of months now, and it really is a proper treat to get him on the show.  

In essence this conversation is all about me trying to figure out, through quite a range of questions, how we all might look after our brains better and achieve optimum bran health. In what is a wide ranging conversation, Tommy drops some incredible nuggets around ways in which we can prevent cognitive decline and the development of dementia for example, by simply changing our behaviour and considering our environment. 

He goes into detail around the importance of brain stimulation right throughout our life, and the importance of that in protecting our brains and brain function. Anxiety and stress are too familiar with most people in this mad world we live in today, and it was super interesting to hear Tommy talk about the link between those two and this who then go onto develop significant cognitive decline.  

Did you know that old chestnut inflammation is up to no good in the brain?  It was really interesting for me personally when Tommy stated it's really important to consider your food choices, as we know by eating the wrong types of foods, ie JUNK FOOD, PROCESSED RUBBISH - this creates inflamation which can lead to poor brain health, along with all of the other negative impacts eating rubbish food has on your body.  

I was delighted to get Tommy on the show, he certainly didn't disappoint,  and I hope you guys get tremendous value from it.  

If you enjoyed this episode, please leave me a review, and also If you could share this with one or two of your pals. 

Much appreciated and until next time, keep working away at life everyone. 

Keep the faith,


Apr 29, 202249:58
#41 Activism, Change and Passion with Eoin Ó Broin

#41 Activism, Change and Passion with Eoin Ó Broin

Eoin Ó Broin is the SF spokesperson for housing in Dáil Éireann, and a TD for Dublin Mid West since 2016. Arguably one of the most articulate politicians on the island of Ireland today, Interestingly in our conversation, Eoin prefers to describe himself as more of an activist, than a politician.
In this wide ranging conversation, Eoin gives us some background into the early part of his life, privately educated n Blackrock College Dublin, studying at Queens University in Belfast, and then going onto become a councillor in Belfast City Council.
An established author in his own right with a number of very successful books published in the last twenty years, it's really in the last few years that Eoin has became a household name in Irish politics.
Sinn Fein as a party have went through an incredible transition in the last twenty odd years, and if we look at the last election in Republic of Ireland, they topped the poll with 24.5% of first preference votes. Today they lead both FF and FG by more than 10 points no matter what polling company you follow.
In the North, it is also widely expected that Sinn Fein will top the poll, in the upcoming election in May.
I start out by asking Eoin why he thinks this is, and why he thinks people who maybe would normally not consider voting for SF, now appear to be happy to do so.
The housing crisis in the South is going on now for many years, and it would appear for whatever reason, that successive governments in Dublin simply cannot get to grips with it. I point out to Eoin that there is a housing crisis almost everywhere in the Western world today, not only in Ireland, which he agreed with me on, but he did also point out how different countries are dealing with it, which was an interesting perspective and insight into the mindset of Eoin and his ideology / thoughts around fixing the problem.
Eoin has written a number of excellent books, but it was his book "Home" which I wanted to talk about in this conversation. I ask Eoin why he thought it was important to write this book and also why he thought it important to talk about the work of Nye Bevan, the English politician, who is famous for implementing the policies that created the NHS in the UK, after the Second World War.
I was delighted Eoin set aside time for me to have this conversation particularly on St. Patricks's morning, when he should have been having a day off.
I found Eoin an incredibly interesting and engaging guest to speak with, and I am looking forward to speaking to him again on Money and Plants.
If you enjoy the podcast, I would love you to leave me a review, and also feel free to share this with your friends if you think it maybe of interest.
All feedback welcome, and you can reach me at
Until next month,
Take care,
Mar 18, 202256:34
#40 Business, Exits, Addiction and Dogs with Niall Harbison

#40 Business, Exits, Addiction and Dogs with Niall Harbison

I've had Niall on my list of guests to interview for quite some time, and this conversation didn't dissapoint.
Niall Harbison is an Irish entrepreneur, with no less than three business exits under his belt in the last ten years.
Following the sale of his last business, he did what so many of us probably think of doing, in that he upped sticks and moved to Thailand, to build a new life for himself in the sun, sounds terrible I know:((
What could go wrong, having achieved success after success with plenty of cash in the bank.....? well lots actually !!!
In this very candid, open and honest conversation, Niall shares with me the many trials and tribulations he has encountered in his journey through life to date, in terms of living with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks for years, and then literally nearly drinking himself to death, having to sign himself into hospital last year, and spending time in intensive care.
The great news about Niall is that he decided whilst lying in hospital that he simply didn't want to live a life like he was living anymore, so he made a deal with himself to make huge CHANGES in his life.
Over the last twelve months, Niall has been able to get his health back on track, so much so that he has started his new life mission, which is to save thousands of dogs right across the world, starting in Thailand.
Currently the CEO of Happy Dogs, Niall is spending his time now, going out every morning, with food and nutrition, looking for stray dogs, (there are literally thousands of them right across the country) to feed them and help them out.
I encourage you to jump on Nialls instagram to you see the fantastic work he is up to everyday, it really is incredible to watch.
I hope you guys get some value from this conversation, as I know I did, and I would like to thank Niall for his time, his honesty, and the humility he showed me when talking about such private and complex issues.
I am thrilled to see life back in Niall again, its tremendous to see him looking strong again, and I am pretty sure, you will get some strength from listening to this episode.
As ever, if you enjoyed the pod, please let me know, and please share it with your friends. Also a short review wherever you get your pods would be super.
Until next time, look after yourself, and each other,
Keep the faith,
Feb 19, 202245:46
#39 The Meaning of Life with Nick Leeson

#39 The Meaning of Life with Nick Leeson

In this episode I was delighted to welcome back my old friend, the rogue trader himself, Mr Nick Leeson. Always one of the more popular guests on my show, this has to be my most wide ranging conversation with Nick to date.
It is 30 years this year, since Nick was headhunted by Barings bank, to go to Singapore, to run their Far East operation. I start of the conversation by asking Nick how he thinks about time now, and how he values and looks upon time. From that we move through the gears and the conversation covers a wide range of topics including the importance of self esteem for people, and also the fact that Nick believes it was his working class upbringing in Watford, which gave him the motivation and ambition to achieve some kind of success in life.
With over 30 years of experience in trading in the financial markets, there is no better person to talk to about the economy right now, and where things might be heading. It is Nick's opinion that the markets have never been so aggressive as they are now, and his advice is to get out if you can at the moment, as opposed to getting or staying in.
Volatility is the name of the game right now, and it looks like after a couple of decades of decreasing interest rates to 0%, we are now entering a new phase of interest rate hikes, with the defacto leader of the financial world, Jerome Powell, who runs the FED in the US, indicating as much in the last few days. Nick talks about the importance of leadership in difficult times and maybe the lack of leadership many of us have experienced over the last twenty four months.
I finish our conversation asking Nick about his views on Crypto / Bitcoin. He has always been pretty sceptical about all of this, and to be fair to him, he continues to be. However I enjoyed the exchange of views in this regard and I did get Nick to agree with me that over the next twenty years, we will see Central Bank digital currencies in play, most likely alongside Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies.
I really enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you get some value from it.
If you have a moment, i would love if you could leave a quick review, at wherever you get your podcasts, and feel free to share this conversation with any of your friends.
Look after yourself, and I will speak to you guys again soon,
CD ☘
Jan 29, 202255:15
#38 How to live a life Cancer Free, with Dr Shireen Kassam

#38 How to live a life Cancer Free, with Dr Shireen Kassam

This really is a special episode of Money and Plants.
Who knew, there are 375,000 new cancer diagnosis every single year in the UK.
1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime, and breast, colon, and lung cancer account for 50% of all cancers.
In this episode I get to speak to the wonderful and hugely passionate Dr Shireen Kassam, a consultant haematologist and honorary senior lecturer at the Kings College in London, about all things cancer.
Dr Kassam has been working in this field for many years, and is also the founding member of Plant based health professionals UK and also set up a brand new plant based healthcare service in the form of
Cancer is a horrendous disease, and has caused so much destruction over the years right across society, but did you know that 4 out of every 10 cancers can actually be prevented, if only 1. we understood the disease better, how it works and develops, and 2. we make and stick to changes in our lifestyle including what we eat, how we move, think and interact with people (change our environment).
A vegan and plant based doctor herself, Conor asks Dr Kassam about the role inflammation plays in cancer, how to reduce this, what about alcohol - does this impact cancer? Vitamin D also, did you know how important it is for people living with cancer to supplement vitamin D?
All of this and much more in this week's episode of Money and Plants, which I'm sure you will get some value from.
Finally we have reached the end of another year and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement with the podcast.
In series 2 so far, I have been able to have some really important conversations, mostly health related, and I genuinely believe that if any of you guys take on board some of what has been set out in the last few episodes, it will change your life for the better.
If you enjoyed this podcast, please share it with your friends and family and also if you have a moment, please leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts. You can also reach me here
Have a peaceful and healthy Christmas, and I will be back in the New Year, with more conversations that I hope will enrich and maybe even CHANGE your life.
Best wishes,
Dec 23, 202143:46
#37 The Psychology of mental performance with Paul Mc Veigh ⚽️ 🧠

#37 The Psychology of mental performance with Paul Mc Veigh ⚽️ 🧠

In this episode I get to speak to former Tottenham hotspur, Norwich, Burnley and Northern Ireland International, Paul Mc Veigh about his life to date, and how over the last ten years he has went through his own incredible transformations, from the Premier League in England, to being one of the most highly sought after public speakers in the field of mental performance.
Having left West Belfast for the dizzy lights of London as a 16 year old kid, Paul found himself playing with some of the world's best footballers including Jurgen Klinnsman, David Ginola, and Les Ferdinand. When his manager George Graham, decided to let him go from Spurs, this rejection was another challenge for Paul to overcome. Overcome he did, and a successful spell at Norwich City commenced when his manager, Paul Lambert went onto describe Paul in his book "The Stupid Footballer" as being, - "few have been more determined and driven to make the most of their ability than Paul Mc Veigh, a manager's dream with a wonderful attitude".
Paul then decided to leave football and pursue a degree in psychology, and post his studies worked for six years as a sports psychologist for Norwich City and Crystal palace. In the last five years Paul has continued to push himself through continued professional development and is now one of the most highly sought after public speakers, in the whole area of performance psychology. He now regularly speaks to huge corporations about the important if mental performance and how we can all improve upon our mental performance.
In what is a wide ranging conversation, I hope you get some value from this.
You can find more information about Paul across his social media platforms and also his website
If you want to connect with me, please email
Look after yourself and each other,
Nov 27, 202140:04
#36 Taking back control of your health with Dr Gemma Newman

#36 Taking back control of your health with Dr Gemma Newman

Dr Gemma Newman is no ordinary doctor. A GP now for over 17 years, she entered into the medical professional with one main goal, which was to help people. Over the years she has grown to understand how wonderful, yet how limited the conventional medicine model can be. Chronic modern medicine is fantastic, and when we have a car accident, and need emergency surgery or a life saving course of antibiotics, the advances in modern medicine has been extraordinary. However the same cannot be said for the treatment of chronic disease. Things like back pain, heart disease, diabetes, depression, auto immune disease, are much tougher nuts to crack. Over the last fifteen years I have had plenty of experience of this trying to manage my own multiple sclerosis. In 2006 I got very ill, diagnosed with MS one year later and started a range of medications to help manage my symptoms. I was injecting copaxone to 2016, when I decided that the conventional path to managing my condition was not the best path for me. In April 2016, I switched to a plant based diet, and started to practice a lifestyle approach to managing my health, trying to induce and fast track the healing process. I have to tell you it is people like Dr Newman, who have validated every single decision I have made over the last 5.5 years. Dr Newman is a wonderful example of a new group of medical practitioners, who have a deep understanding of our bodies and an appreciation for the role our lifestyle plays in our health. In this conversation I start of by asking Gemma, when did she know she wanted to be a doctor, and who continues to inspire her today. Gemma over the years has become much more open minded on what is the best course of action for her patients to implement programs and lifestyles that kickstart the healing process in people's bodies and allow them to go on and lead better healthier happier lives. She learned more about psychological interventions, ways she could support people to change their mindset to facilitate change and growth, and to help her patients with their mental health. Her own journey to plant based advocacy came by chance, as it was her husbands transition to this way of living who convinced her to give it a go. Curiosity got the better of her and with a family history of heart disease, and after seeing her husband benefit from the transition, she herself went plant based and started to see a remarkable improvement in her own health within the first 28 days. Over the next number of months, everything about her health started to improve including going from a size 18 to a size 8. This gave Gemma the foundation and confidence to bring her new learnings into her professional setting and with over 3000 patients in her family practice, Gemma spends alot of time speaking to her patients about ways in which they can change their lifestyle, what they eat, how they move, think and interact with people, and the difference this can make to their all round health. This is a wonderful conversation and I know you will get some incredible value from it. Please also check Dr Newman out across her social media channels as everyday she is sharing free content, all designed to help people become healthier. Her website is also an excellent resource and her new book, The Plant Power Doctor, is a wonderful investment and I believe should sit in every family home. I can tell you that by me changing the way I life and changing my environment, I have been able to totally transform my life and my health. I know and have met many others in the last ten years who have had a similar experience. This is a subject matter close to my heart as I know if you decide to give this a go, commit, and be disciplined in your approach, the return on that investment will be incredible and actually it is also great fun. You can reach me at
Nov 20, 202142:05
#35 What's going on in the housing market Jordan ?
Nov 13, 202140:09
#34 Courage, Resilience & Integrity with Jack Kavanagh

#34 Courage, Resilience & Integrity with Jack Kavanagh

In episode 34 of series 3, I get to speak to one of my great friends Jack Kavanagh.
I have been pretty open over the last ten years about my own trials and tribulations in life, and I accept I have made incredible progress, however one of the reasons I have been able to make so much progress is that I have surrounded myself with absolute warriors, who have encouraged and inspire me to keep moving forward in life. Jack is one of these people.
A few years ago Jack and myself met up for the first time, and started what is a growing friendship of trust, respect and admiration.
At 20 years of age in 2012, Jack experienced a traumatic event in his life, that would change everything. He broke his neck in a freak accident on holiday, and as a result has a mere 15% muscle function in his body. The truly fascinating thing about Jack is that this adversity seems to have played an incredibly positive role in creating this powerful human being, who is now so strong, so articulate and so interested in helping people develop in their own life through personal development.
Courage, resilience and integrity are central occurring themes when you are in Jacks presence. Such a grounded and humble person if you are lucky enough to be in his company, however it's when he starts to speak and share his philosophy of life, is when he is at his most powerful.
I recognised a number of years ago that in life, we will all encounter and go through traumatic events. The key then has to be how we react to such events. This is often touch and go, as it is not always easy to pick the right pathway forward. I can assure you if you find people like Jack, listen to what they say, and how they live their own lives, you will get an incredible amount of strength and value from this exercise.
In 2016, Jack released his documentary Breaking Boundaries, where him and his mates went to the West Coast of the US, to live out some of their dreams. I highly recommend you watch this, and also Jacks Ted talk.
I am a much better person having met Jack, and I'm pretty confident, if you study this man's work and his message, you will be all the better for it also.
I hope you get some value from this conversation. You can reach me at and I would love to get some feedback on this one. Look after yourself, and each other,
CD ☘
Nov 06, 202142:37
#33 Against All Odds - Tyrone Man fights back from widow-maker heart attack in New York

#33 Against All Odds - Tyrone Man fights back from widow-maker heart attack in New York

In this episode I get to speak to an old friend from Tyrone who has been building a new life for himself and his family over the last 10 years in New York City.
On 29th March at around 8pm, Mickey Coleman came back from his usual run in the city, only to experience an excruciating pain in his chest. He told his wife he needed an ambulance as he knew something was badly wrong. What Mickey didn't know at that time was that he was experiencing what is known in the medical world as a "widow -maker" heart attack, which has a 6% survival rate. That means that 94% of people who have this kind of heart attack die. Mickey was immediately now in his biggest ever battle, which was to live.
His heart stopped three times in the ambulance on the way to hospital and he spent a number of days in a coma in the hospital. In those few days Mickey tells me on the podcast he has a number of weird, deep dark spiritual experiences in his own mind as he was fighting for his life in hospital.
The amazing news being that 12 days later, he was able to leave hospital and head for home to start his new life of recovery.
In this conversation, Mickey tells us exactly what happened on the night of the 29th March and what the last few months have looked like for him and his family.
The new Mickey is now incredibly grateful for everything that he has in his life today. His wife and kids, his family, his health and his new sense of purpose. His story of recovery has travelled around the world as he is a very popular well know sportsman and musician.
I would like to wish Mickey well and thank him for sharing his experience with me on the pod. The reason I wanted to get him on is that I do believe his story, approach to life and changes he has made in his life, can educate, empower and inspire all of us to continue to embrace CHANGE in our own lives.
Mickey has transitioned to a plant based lifestyle, and is incredibly passionate about this switch and how his new nutrition program is going to help keep him alive and healthy for a very long time.
I hope you guys get incredible value from this conversation, and if you have any questions or queries, please get me at
Please don't be like me and Mickey, and wait until something happens in your life until you make changes. Start today, right now, and figure out what YOU need to do to improve your life and CHANGE your life.
I wish you well.
If you enjoyed this podcast, please leave me a review and share it with your friends and family.
Many Thanks and look after yourselves,
Chat to you soon,
Jul 23, 202150:30
#32 Let's talk to America's Healthy Heart Doc 🇺🇸 Dr Joel Kahn 🌱

#32 Let's talk to America's Healthy Heart Doc 🇺🇸 Dr Joel Kahn 🌱

In this conversation I get to speak to one of the world's leading cardiologists about all things health related.
Dr Kahn is an interventional Cardiologist, who literally saves peoples lives every day.
As some of my listeners already know, I have went through my own incredible health transformation over the last 15 years, and therefore it was amazing to speak to Joel and ask him directly about a number of things that are really crucial to understand, if we really want to avoid meeting people like him in hospital theatres.
A vegan for over 30 years, and now 62 years of age, with arteries of a 20 year old, I really wanted to understand if the science tells us, if we can genuinely reverse and/or prevent any of these diseases.
From heart health to brain health, exercise to alcohol, this was a wide ranging and fascinating conversation.
Dr Kahn talks at length about saturated fat and the fact that there is universal agreement across the divide, that a diet low in saturated fat is the best one to follow for your overall health.
We discuss numerous studies that have occured over the last 100 years, and what the science is telling us about how we can avoid the world's biggest killer Coronary Artery Disease. Vitamin B12 and it's importance is also discussed, along with the crucial role played by Omega 3 in the body.
Speaking from personal experience, discipline is a characteristic you need in abundance, to arrive at, and maintain optimum health. It was a decision I took in April 2016, to change the way I was living my life, go plant based and walk away from the conventional approach (drugs) of managing disease, which has ultimately changed my own life. I am hoping that even one of my listeners might get some inspiration from this conversation, to go on and make the necessary changes that could transform their own life.
I hope you guys really enjoy this very special edition of the podcast, and get tremendous value from it.
Please leave me a review if you wish, and share this pod with your friends and family. By people listening to this, it may even save a life. Now wouldn't that be incredible.
If you have any questions or want to get in touch, email :
Finally have a look at Dr Kahn's website for further reading and study :
Speak to you all again soon,
CD ☘
Jul 08, 202149:01
#31 Northern Ireland is better off being part of the UK, with Philip Smith
Jul 01, 202101:08:19
#30 The Subvention - What does Northern Ireland ACTUALLY cost the UK exchequer?

#30 The Subvention - What does Northern Ireland ACTUALLY cost the UK exchequer?

For the last few years I have become very interested in this central part of any Irish Unity discussion - the UK subvention to NI. Northern Ireland relies on the UK exchequer, to provide a subvention (grant) so it can pay it's bills every year. In essence we run what's called a fiscal deficit, in that we don't generate enough money in the NI economy to pay our bills. If NI was a business it would be labelled as insolvent, but in relation to the UK, it is not the only region that is technically "insolvement".
The UK government claim, through the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that the current subvention is £9.5BN, which is a payment they claim to make every single year to NI. However over the last couple of years as the unity discussion has gathered legs, more and more people are starting to look into things like the subvention, to find out what is the real figure, as it's kind of important to know, as in all likelihood, we are going to have a border poll on the island of Ireland in the next 10 years.

John Doyle is the Director of DCU Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction, and in June of this year, he published a peer reviewed paper to look into the subvention and try and figure out what the actual cost is, should there be a United Ireland over the next number of years. In this conversation, John sets out his body of work, which took him around nine months to produce, which really is a very educational and fascinating listen. The big ticket items on this subvention payment list are Pensions, (£3.5bn) National Debt (£1.6bn) Defence Expenditure (£1,14bn) Outside Expenditure (765M) and an underestimate of the tax revenues of some £500M.
Following his investigations, John is of the view that any subvention is actually closer to £2.8BN, if there were ever to be a United Ireland. For me it was very interesting to get into the detail on this, as ultimately should the occasion arise where the majority of people on the island of Ireland want Irish Unity, this negotiation on the subvention, and to keep it simple, will ultimately end up in a kind of a "horse deal", between both sets of governments, which is fascinating in itself.
Over the last twelve months I have gravitated to a position where the subvention for me is somewhat of a red herring, and this conversation proved that academically and financially, there is now no reason to assume that the Republic of Ireland cannot afford to take on N Ireland. In fact If you revert to the Hübner report of 2016, it sets out in more detail that over the first eight years of a new Ireland, with an all island economy, there would be a €35BN positive net swing in revenue, as a result of the new economic structure.
This is one of the key parts of any Unity discussion, and I am very grateful to John for speaking to me earlier this week on this issue, and I congratulate him on his paper, and would encourage you to download it and read it yourself.
If you have any questions in relation to the episode, you can get me at
If you get a moment, please rate the podcast, and if you don't mind, send it onto to one of your pals.
Look after yourself, and speak to you again soon,
Jun 17, 202101:00:22
#29 Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) - The Gamechanger

#29 Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) - The Gamechanger

In this episode I get to speak to one of the UK's brightest economic thinkers, economist, and central-bank specialist, Mr Dario Perkins, Managing Director of Global Macro, TS LOMBARD, the Global Investment think tank, with 30 years experience on key issues in Economics, Politics and Markets.
The two main topics of discussion in this conversation are INFLATION and MODERN MONETARY THEORY (MMT)
Inflation - do you understand it, what does it mean, and why is it important?
Dario spells all of this out in his very easy to follow way, breaking it down for us, allowing us to grasp the fact that when government's talk about inflation, it's really the sustained increases in prices they are looking out for.
In his view there is alot of noise around at the moment, all supply and demand related. Most of this makes sense, with the idea being it should all settle down, as economies and the pent up demand across a range of sectors evens itself out, over the rest of this year.
There is a very smooth transition into explaining MMT, and why that could be the game changer for society right now.
This MMT discussion really is fascinating to watch and play out across the world, as it seems to me there are two groups of economists in the world today(just to try and keep things simple). Those of the more traditional economic mindset, who remember made an absolute mess of the 10 years (referred to as the lost decade) post the last Global Financial Crisis in 2008, and then those who see economics through a different lease, where they don't actually believe that deficits and governments borrowing money is the real story and all that interesting.
I talk about one of the US leading economist's Stephanie Kelton in this conversation a few times, as she has written an excellent book which I recommend "The Deficit Myth".
There are a couple of key points to understand, but one fundamental one being that for those countries that are issuers of their own currency, like the US, UK and Australia, then you should never be in a position where you would have to default and you can also set your own interest rates.
In essence what MMT does is to provide the tools and software for these countries to try and fix some of the huge problems facing it like climate change, infrastructure and inequality, by providing governments fiscal space to provide for more expansive fiscal policy.
Dario shares his veiw on what Biden is doing with MMT (Bidenomics) in the US right now, borrowing billions of dollars to drive the recovery there. In the EU it looks like they are also going in that direction but Interestingly Dario feels that if BJ is going to remain in power in the UK, he will have to follow suit.
I hope you enjoy this conversation and get some value from it.
As ever all feedback, greatly appreciated.
Finally If you have a minute, I would be really grateful for a review wherever you get your podcasts and if you share this with one other person.
Have a great weekend all, and look after yourself and each other.
Jun 10, 202135:57
#28 The King of Crypto, Rodrigo Benadon ➡️ Bitcoin

#28 The King of Crypto, Rodrigo Benadon ➡️ Bitcoin

In this episode, I take the podcast to South America, to speak to Rodrigo Benadon, the founding partner of Crypto Investment Fund Moonquant.Capital Rod was actually speaking to me from Miami earlier this week, as he is attending one of the world's biggest crypto conference's. This is a really fascinating conversation and a real treat for all of you guys who tune into this episode. Rod is a super intelligent, super interesting crypto expert, who has committed the last nine years of his life to understanding this space and then to go on and build a very successful Crypto Investment Fund, where he advises and manages his investors money across the crypto investment sector. It's become very clear in the last twelve months, that investing in crypto and Bitcoin in particular is becoming more popular, and particularly when we see institutional money and Wall Street getting involved in a huge way, and also becoming very vocal in thier support for this asset class. What I really wanted to find out in this conversation was firstly, what is Bitcoin, is it Money, who controls it, what can we use it for, and why does there appear to be so much push back of late from central governments and let's call them the ruling classes. We get into all of this and much more including discussing why Warren Buffet hate it, Elon Musk's behaviour and impact on the Volatility of Bitcoin, and "Rich Dad Poor Dad's" Robert Kiyosaki's support and enthusasiasm for Bitcoin and crypto in general. I put it to Rod that people don't understand money, never mind Bitcoin, so how will adoption on a mass scale actually take place ? Rod is very clear, Bitcoin is better than money, and just like blockbuster went out of business as Netflix came along with a better solution, the same will happen with bitcoin and certain crypto solutions. Maybe this is true,maybe it isn't, whatever your view, I hope you guys get some value from this conversation and enjoy this episode, as much as I did putting it together. As ever all feedback most welcome, and you can reach me on I'm looking forward to getting Rod back on the pod already, but until then, Look after yourself and each other CD ☘ ps Please leave me a short review wherever you get your podcasts 🖥
May 29, 202152:40
#27 What's going on in the N Ireland housing market?

#27 What's going on in the N Ireland housing market?

In this episode I welcome back, Propertypal's Chief Economist Mr Jordan Buchanan, who is no stranger to the show, and is always a very popular guest on the podcast. 

It's been 6 months since I last spoke to Jordan, and much has happened since then. The fact remains that the NI housing market appears to be booming, with properties going sale agreed within 40 days, over 3300 properties going sale agreed in April just past, which is a 47% increase on the 3 year average. However it can't always be rosy in the garden, despite what estate agents are saying🤔 

In this conversation Jordan yet again goes deep on the data driving the market in N Ireland, and we also have a good chat about some of the challenges we face locally namely infrastructure issues, construction finance, supply problems, and the fact housing inequality is rife across the market place right now. 

Despite the worst recession in 300 years, and given the MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) approach from most governments, the housing market has remained incredibly buoyant and resilient, however how long will this last ? These are some of the issues we discuss in this weeks podcast. 

I wrap things up congratulating Jordan and the team on the continuous progress of PropertyPal, which appears to be going from strength to strength. You can have a scroll through the site here ➡️ 

I hope you enjoy this episode, and remember to please leave me a review if you do and share the episode with someone you think might be interested. 

ps ** Finally over on my Linkedin page I have been running a Money Clinic with Nick Leeson every Thursday. It's a 10 minute conversation about the financial markets and anything else that people might be talking about. You might enjoy these conversations, so feel free to check them out. 

That's it for this week, have a great weekend and look after yourself, and each other,

CD ☘

May 15, 202140:08
#26 What's the story with BITCOIN Nick?

#26 What's the story with BITCOIN Nick?

In this episode, it's all about BITCOIN.
I don't know about you, but It would appear the dogs on the street are talking about Bitcoin, thats if they're not investing in it.
For me, I am no expert in crypto currencies, but I am a student of human behaviour, and I am watching with interest how this whole Bitcoin story has evolved over the last few years.
I now have quite a few of my community and friends who have bought into some of this BC, and over the last few months, quite a few of my listeners have been asking me to discuss the topic on the podcast.
So I finally gave in, and thankfully earlier this week, I had a really great conversation with Nick Leeson, about his views on Bitcoin, and how he thinks, the crypto might develop over the next few years.
From an investment point of view, my advice is to always only invest what you can afford to lose, and always move with caution when you are investing your own money into anything.
In this wide ranging conversation, Nick is very open with me, to the point where I get him to make a prediction as to where he see's Bitcoin might be valued at in 2025.
I really enjoyed producing this week's episode and I hope all of you guys get some value from it.
As always if you enjoy the podcast, I would love a two line review wherever you get your podcasts, and remember I would be very grateful if you share it with someone else, whom you think might be interested in the subject matter.
If you want to reach me, best place is to email
Have a great weekend and as ever all feedback welcome.
May 01, 202140:12
EP25: The Political, Economic, and Legal consequences of Irish Reunification ~ with Jim O Callaghan

EP25: The Political, Economic, and Legal consequences of Irish Reunification ~ with Jim O Callaghan

Jim O Callaghan is a very highly regarded Politician in Republic of Ireland, who recently wrote a paper for the Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, on Irish Reunification.  In this conversation I get an opportunity to discuss alot of what's in Jim's paper, but moreso, you will see from Jim's approach to our conversation, his passion and sincerity for doing what he can, to deliver upon the Reunification of the island of Ireland.  It must be acknowledged that this paper from a senior politician in Dublin is a significant development, and demonstrates that finally, the Irish government are now actually engaging in the Reunification discussion.  In what Jim is putting forward as an initial discussion document, I would encourage people to go to Jim's website, read his paper, and share it with family and friends.   An excellent ruby player in his former years, representing Ireland at U21 level, along with London Irish and others, and a barrister by profession, Jim is now a backbench TD in the Fianna Fail party in Dublin, and is currently the elected TD for Dublin Bay South, since 2016.  I find Jim to be an excellent communicator, a straight talker, and very deliberate in his approach to this topic, but along with this, incredibly sincere and also empathetic. These are not often conclusions I have been able to reach about politicians, particularly in the current political environment.  I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I hope you also get some value from it. If you enjoy my podcasts, please leave me a review, and also if you would be kind enough to share the pod with with people you think might have an interest in the subject matter. You can reach me at if you have any questions for me, or alternatively if you think of an excellent guest for Money & Plants, please let me know. Until next time, look after yourself, and each other CD
Apr 11, 202140:46
EP24: Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland - Who is better off?

EP24: Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland - Who is better off?

In this episode of Money & Plants, it is the first, of what I hope to have, in terms of a number of conversations with people, discussing the whole idea of a United Ireland, and all of what that might contain.  The constitutional question surrounding Northern Ireland has very much raised it's head with an incredible amount of intensity, ever since the BREXIT result for the UK to leave as a block, from the European Union.   This despite the fact that the majority of people in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU.  This alone was always going to unnerve many people, and over the last few years, we have started to see alot of the things, that so many people warned against, starting to play out. Seamus Mc Guinness is an academic, a reserach professor at ESRI and an adjunct Professor at University College Dublin.  In the last twelve months, Seamus and his colleague Adele Bergin have released two papers around the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland, and also a body of work which has compared living standards between people who live in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In this conversation I talk in detail to Seamus around some of his findings, and without giving the game away in this intro, all I will say is that the Republic of Ireland's economy has been transformed over the last thirty years, and this has led to that society being transformed in that timeframe. Most people accept there is going to be a unity referendum in N Ireland in the next number of years, so that means, these kinds of conversations are so important, as they allow us to separate FACT from FICTION. One of the concerns I have in the upcoming years is the fake news campaigns which will be in full swing to campaign for the different outcomes to any polls.  We must all do what we can to not allow this to happen.  In this podcast, I will be doing my very best to be only facilitating conversations which have been fact checked and can therefor add value to people, and help them understand the process which is currently evolving. I hope you find this podcast interesting, educational and even inspiring in parts. If you have any questions around any of this or another matter, best place to get me is  I would encourage you to follow Seamus on twitter and check out his last two papers on this topic. Finally thanks to the sponsors of this week's podcast GDP Partnership  In the meantime, have a great Easter, and make sure you look after yourself, and each other. CD 
Apr 02, 202147:51
EP23: The Million Dollar Irish Man

EP23: The Million Dollar Irish Man

From John Street to Wall Steet.  In this special episode of Money & Plants I get to speak to Omagh's Chris Mc Gale about his fantastic new memoir, The Million Dollar Irish Man. Chris lived a life of ‘fight or flight’ but always chose to fight.  His memoir tells of a remarkable journey from being bookies-runner at his family’s Irish pub in Omagh, to mega-stakes gambling, and to a dazzling City career with the Wall Street giant Merrill Lynch. Along the way he nearly died in a collision with a lorry and his fundraising for the Omagh Bomb victims led to a nomination for the New Year’s Honours List.  In this conversation I ask Chris about a re-occurring theme in his life... Trauma, and how he was able to deal with that over the course of his life.   In what is a free flowing conversation, Chris's passion, humility and strength of character shines through. From addiction, to the troubles, to making a million dollars a year, we squeeze all of this in, and much more in this conversation. There are lots of takeaways from this episode, and also for me on a personal basis, it was really interesting to hear the advice Chris would give today, to his 30 year old self. I really enjoyed producing this episode and I am hoping given the nature of our discussion and the subject matter, that there is huge amount of value in it for you the listener.  I hope you enjoy, Finally, I will be launching a new series of the podcast in two weeks time, which is something I have been working on over the last few months.   It is a big topic and I have some really interesting guests lined up. If you want to get in touch with me, please email Finally if you enjoy this episode, please let me know, share it with a friend, and if you have a minute, I would be very grateful if you had the time to leave a quick review, wherever you get your podcasts. Until next time, look after yourself, and each other. CD ☘ ps To get your copy of Million dollar Irishman ➡️
Mar 27, 202139:15


This is an emergency podcast, as I wanted to raise awareness of the seriousness of the subject matter.
We all know and recognise that the pandemic has caused all kinds of pain and anxiety across society, but one demographic who continues to suffer disproportionately one might argue, by decisions being made on their behalf, without any evidence supporting such decisions, is that of our children. (who don't have a voice)
In November 2020, Co.Derry based Criminal lawyer Mr Stephen Atherton launched a legal case in the High Court against the Department of Health, on the basis that the decision to ban all outdoor sport for children was wrong and illegal.
In the last two weeks myself along with 50 other sports people from NI signed a letter to support this initiative, which has went to the NI executive.
Local journalist Brendan Crossan and All Ireland Winning Footballer Aidan O Rourke, have been with Stephen in this campaign from the off, and they are all trying to get this decision overturned.
In this show, I have a terrific conversation with Stephen, who sets out all of the arguments he has made, and will be making to the court, at the hearing scheduled for the 18th March 2021.
I get that all of this is complicated, but if we are designing public policy around this pandemic, and our politicians want to take people with them, who buy into the arguments and policies for such strict measures and restrictions, then surely one is right and just to request the evidence, that would support the introduction of said measures.
The problem for the Department of Health is that they are yet to present any evidence whatsoever, that by children playing outdoor sports, has contributed in any way to the spread of COVID19. Therein is a problem!!
Before my conversation with Stephen, I welcome two very special guests onto Money and Plants in the form of my own two kids, Lilyanna and Conor Junior.
I thought it would be interesting to hear from the kids at this juncture, as to how they have been feeling about not getting to play their sports, meet up with their team mates, and what impact this pandemic is having on them.
Finally the call to action here is important.
If you agree with Stephen and this initiative, then contact your local MLA, send them an email, phone or text their office and let them know you want your kids outdoor sports to be returned in a managed and controlled way immediately.
I support the guys and wish them all well with this.
If you would like to contact me about any of this, or any other matter, you can at
If you enjoyed the show, please let me know:) - and maybe you would be able to leave me a quick review, wherever you get your podcasts.
I would appreciate it.
I look forward to producing many more interesting shows over the course of 2021.
Take care,
Feb 16, 202144:45
EP22: Nick Leeson talks about his new company, the elephant in the room (Debt) and what Success means to him.

EP22: Nick Leeson talks about his new company, the elephant in the room (Debt) and what Success means to him.

Former Rogue trader and Barings banker Nick Leeson is back on the show. Nick was my first guest way back in April, and it was good to pick his brain again regarding what's going on right now. 

We talk about Covid, the economic impact, the importance of the vaccine roll out, the elephant in the room which is the debt bomb growing week on week,  and also, Nick shares with us how we all might deal with stress and anxiety. 

Having spent 6.5 years in prison and overcoming Cancer twice, Nick knows a thing ot two about dealing with adversity. It's a wide ranging discussion with lots of value. We finish up the conversation talking about success, and the importance of having milestones when trying to navigate through the trials and tribulations of debt. 

Make sure you follow Nick on line for his updates on the economy and markets etc. 

In my thought of the week I talk about the relaunch of my recovery restructuring business GDP Partnership, and our Pandamic Recovery Team. 

Given the challenges the business environment face next year, we have decided to reorganise ourselves to try and help people get through 2021. There is no doubt there will be much pain ahead for the business community, and given the fact we have a multi disciplined team in house and we have helped hundreds of people in the past come through the last crisis, we felt compelled to help, and we are looking forward to getting started. 

For more information check our website at 

In the second part of my thought of the week, I talk about a meeting I was invited to earlier this week regarding the economic benefits of a United Ireland. This debate is now playing out across the island, and as things start to pick up, the importance of people contributing and taking part is now key. 

I have been tracking this discussion since the Brexit vote in 2016, and the argument for an economic United Ireland is quite compelling.  My own view is we now need to see people, probably from the Unionist side, to start and articulate what the key arguments are for NI to remain in the Union.  The Good Friday Agreement allows for a unity referendum at the request of the British Government.  The condition being they must deem there to be enough interest in N Ireland for that to be held.  There is now a huge groundswell of opinion towards that school of thought, given the backwater status Brexit puts NIPLC into. My suggestion to everyone is to get involved and take part.  It's our children's futures we are talking about - not our own. 

If you enjoy this show, a review would be super wherever you get your podcasts. 

Again look after yourself, and more importantly each other !

CD ☘ 

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Dec 10, 202043:48
EP21: Money is an Illusion -      What's going on in the Bond Market Jim ?

EP21: Money is an Illusion - What's going on in the Bond Market Jim ?

If like me, you know very little about BONDS, and the BOND MARKET, and you would like to increase your knowledge in this area, well, I take the show to London this week and speak to Britain's best known Bond Investor, Jim Leaviss. Bonds are the arteries of our economy, as its through this asset class, that government's are able to raise money to pay for and invest in capital infrastructure projects, our schools, hospitals and much more. Jim is the CIO of M & G's Public Fixed Income team in London. Anything Jim doesn't know about BONDS, isn't worth knowing. In my thought of the week, I discuss the new lockdown, which to be honest, isn't really a lockdown. It's pretty unfair on our small business economy, that the executive hasn't been able to deliver a plan that protects the heart of our economy as opposed to facilitating the ultimate closure of many of these businesses. Finally, if you enjoy this episode, please leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts, and also share it with someone you think might be interested. Until next time, look after yourself and each other CD ☘ 💻
Nov 27, 202036:09
Nov 18, 202019:53
EP19: What is going on in the Housing market?

EP19: What is going on in the Housing market?

One of the great mysteries to many people right now, is how resilient the housing market has been, despite the fact the global economy has come to an abrupt STOP. House prices and house sales continue to remain buoyant in Northern Ireland, which ties in with the trend across Western Europe and the US.

In this episode I get to check back in with the Chief Economist at the Propertypal portal, Mr Jordan Buchannon, whose team have been tracking all of these developments in the housing market, over the last few months. 

This is Jordan's third appearance on the show, and its another very informative conversation where we discuss the level of sales in the market place, pricing, availability of mortgage products and what might be driving the current dynamic.

It's a very interesting conversation and I'm pretty sure you will get some value from it.

In my thought of the week -  it's back to Stormont and my frustrations with local politicians.  

What we DONT'T need in N Ireland, is for the local executive to collapse.  However and unfortunately, the way things are going right now, who would be surprised?

I send a message to our local politicians, as its solutions, compromise and a more measured approach required in bucketloads, if we are to keep everyone on board, during what is the toughest of times.

As ever I get a health message out on this episode, and it's to remind you to supplement Vitamin D over the winter months.  

Do your own research in terms of the daily amount of this super drug, but make sure you are including it in your daily program, along with good food and sound sleep.

If you enjoy this episode, perhaps you would leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts.

You can reach me on 

Looks after yourself and each other


Nov 13, 202047:59
EP18: ANGRYNOMICS - The Best Bits 👊

EP18: ANGRYNOMICS - The Best Bits 👊

Last weeks conversation was so good and so important, I decided to make a compilation of the best bits of the conversation I had with Eric Lonergan. 

There are so many people who don't understand money, how it works, and how a government should and can react to a National Emergency, but ERIC is not one of those people.

The co-author of the fantastic new book ANGRYNOMICS, has a fascinating perspective on all of these things.  

If you find any of what I do interesting, I think you should consider alot of what Eric is discussing in our full conversation in EP17.

This is a new feature of the podcast, a shorter, more succinct version.  If it works and is well received, it's something I will develop over the weeks and months ahead.

If you want to sponsor a show, get in touch.

Look after yourselves and remember, do something everyday that makes you STRONGER and builds your immune system.


Nov 03, 202011:47
EP17: ANGRYNOMICS - Why are people so angry?

EP17: ANGRYNOMICS - Why are people so angry?

Oct 30, 202052:54
EP16: #UNFIT The Psychology of Donald Trump 🇺🇲

EP16: #UNFIT The Psychology of Donald Trump 🇺🇲

In this weeks episode it's all about the upcoming Election in the USA and a new film, which has just been released, #UNFIT The Psychology of Donald Trump.
In the main body of the podcast I have a fascinating conversation with the award winning Documentarian and film producer and executive producer of this film, Mr Dan Partland. In what is a super conversation we talk about Dan's motivations around making the film, the contributors to the film, and then about the rise of Authoritarianism across the globe.
It really is a fascinating insight into Mr Trump and the direction his Presidency has taken the USA, and really interesting how they have tried to compare what is happening right now in the USA, to previous dictatorships in Italy under Mussolini, and Germany under Hitler.
In my thought of the week in this episode, I discuss a recent concern I have around the new phrase I have came across in the last few days "rolling lockdowns".
I think its incorrect to be putting Health and Economy together as some kind of pandemic choice, when the actual definition of economics and our economy centres around people, the behaviour of people, and how we exist and live day to day.
As I have mentioned on the show now a couple of times, this pandemic is entering a new phase, one I predicted a few months ago, and with no sign of it subsiding anytime soon, we really need a more cohesive, inclusive approach to dealing with and living alongside this pandemic.
We simply cannot create this hierarchy of deaths and destruction, which is now playing out as a result of the pandemic and many governments approach to it. I am hopeful that as things progress, this will be the natural direction of travel over the weeks and months ahead and we will all be in a much better place.
This weeks podcast has been sponsored by Clearpath Finance - If it's funding you need, get in touch with my team at
Whatever you are up to, look after yourself, and each other.
You can email me at
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EP15: Lets have a chat with the Finance Minister, Conor Murphy 🎤🎧

EP15: Lets have a chat with the Finance Minister, Conor Murphy 🎤🎧

This is a special edition of the podcast, where I get to speak to the Finance Minister, in the N Ireland Executive.
In what is a wide ranging and very interesting conversation, I speak to Conor about the role of his department, it's responsibilities to the executive, and what is expected of him in terms of his own skills and characteristics, to fulfil the job to the best of his ability.
We then discuss what it costs to run N Ireland, what we collect in taxes and also what the subvention is from Westminster, according to the office of National Statistics.
Conor goes into some detail around this, and highlights the fact that it's now accepted amongst many in political life here, that it is actually very difficult to find our what exactly is the cost to run N Ireland, as the exercise is carried out for accounting purposes only, by London.
The vagueness around this cost, be it £6BN and £10BN is something that will require further investigation and need solving, particularly when most people accept we are a few years away from a border poll on the island, which may change the constitutional position of N Ireland.
We then lift the bonnet on the funding provided by the British government to deal with the cost of Covid to our economy,
The Finance minister again, is very open with the figures, and sets out we have received £2.2BN to date from London, and that this money has to last to the end of our financial year, which is March 2021.
I put it to the Finance Minister that this sum of support falls way short of what other countries have access to, namely Republic of Ireland and Austria, which he agrees with me on, airing his frustrations around same.
One of the most concerning take aways for me, at this point of the conversation, was the fact that the British government are simply not investing or putting in place the right level of support for our economy and country to survive and thrive over the next few years.
I was alarmed to find out that the Stormont executive had agreed a new level of funding in January 2020 with the British Government in the "New Decade New Approach agreement", given the previous nine years of austerity, only for the British government to reneg on those commitments within a few days. These kinds of moves and the lack of financial support is deeply concerning and should be for all of us.
We wrap up the conversation by Conor telling us that it is the "deficit of the lack of determination, which is the main reason why he is in politics."
A keen cook, a passion for exercise and the outdoors, Conor finishes up our conversation telling me that its his family life, that makes all of this worthwhile.
I really enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you do to.
If you want to contact me, you can get me on
Thanks to CLEARPATH FINANCE - the sponsors of this episode
Look after yourself, and each other
CD 💰🌾
Oct 16, 202035:31
EP14: Emergency Podcast : We have to save the Irish League

EP14: Emergency Podcast : We have to save the Irish League


Did you know that the very existence of so many local institutions - football clubs, playing in N Ireland's top soccer league,  is now under a serious and profound threat.

The pandemic has ripped through our homes, our businesses, our relationships, and changed absolutely everything in the past 8 months.  

Given many are now saying we are approaching a wave 2, the impact continues to be severe right across the world.

A few weeks ago someone brought it to my attention that many of our Irish league clubs are close to going out of business.  

Some of these clubs have came through both World Wars in the last hundred years, and our own troubles here in N Ireland, but are still standing today. 

More than that, they are at the epicentres of our communities, and huge net contributors to society.

The harsh financial reality is that the pandemic has meant that up to 90% of all income has stopped going into these clubs, which could leave a black hole in excess of £10M in this coming season.

In this podcast, I get to speak to the Chairman of Cliftonville Football club, which was founded in 1879.  

Gerard Lawlor, sets out in very simple terms that the club is calling for government financial support, before it might be too late.  

"This is about keeping community Institutions in existence" says Gerard, who is also the Chairman of the Northern Ireland Football League.

The Northern Ireland Football league is the largest sporting employer in N Ireland with over 400 employees who take away c. £5.5M in salaries that goes straight back into our economy.

The league is due to start next week, and at of the time of recording, there is still no government financial support in place.

Warrenpoint Businessman and Chairman of Warrenpoint FC, Connaire Mc Greevy echoes Gerard's calls for government assistance.  

His club's finances like everyone else's has been decimated by Covid19, losing up to 85% of sponsorship.  

Without government support, they are starring bleakly into a six figure black hole in their accounts.

There is 15 teams at the club, and they have over 500 people involved on the playing side to include the kids.  

This club, is at the very heart of everything that is good about Warrenpoint, and N Ireland.

My last stop on this pod is at my old club Dungannon Swifts, where I get to speak to Vice Chairman Jarlath Faloon.

I spent a number of years playing at Dungannon, so I know on a personal level, the incredible work that club does every year for the community.

The Swifts club is owned by its members and given all revenue comes from bar takings, functions, gate receipts and sponsorship - well, they are running on thin air right now, with players salaries to pay alongside all of the other costs that don't disappear.

This is a very grim picture being painted by these guys, BUT, the good news there is a SOLUTION AVAILABLE.

On this pod I discuss how we can solve this problem, and why the N Ireland executive need to pick the baton up and GO TO LONDON AND SECURE A COVID RECOVERY FUND. NOW!!

The idea that there is no money is simply UNTRUE.

The Bank of England has already said it is willing to provide the money to fix the problems caused by COVID.

Our local politicians now need to go and secure the fund which will not only save these clubs from extinction, but will secure and help build our broken society and economy. 

This is urgent, and I hope the Executive listen, and ACT accordingly and IMMEDIATELY.

If you enjoy the podcast, please share it with a friend and leave me a review wherever you get your podcasts.

Look after yourself, and each other.

You can contact me at  


Oct 07, 202054:51
#EP13 National Debt, Wealth Tax, Non performing loans & Brexit End Game

#EP13 National Debt, Wealth Tax, Non performing loans & Brexit End Game

Another action packed episode with excellent contributions from the returning Professor Stephen Kinsella, Chief Economist at The Currency and of University of Limerick, and making his first appearance on the show, Mr Seamus Lehany, of Logistics UK. 

In my conversation with Stephen, we talk about the current economic crisis, and I ask the question is it too early to talk about the recovery, and what that might look like ? 

We also chat about the Republic of Ireland's National debt position, and why it's kind of really very similar to an interest only mortgage.  We then discuss the cost of the pandemic to the Irish economy and who pays for it. , 

It's now very clear we are entering another banking crisis, only 12 years after the last one, and in this part of our conversation, Stephen and I lift the bonnet on the deeply concerning non performing loan positions every bank in the country now finds itself in. 

My second guest this week, and making his first appearance on the show is Mr Seamus Lehany, the policy manager of Logistics UK. 

If you have been following the Brexit shenanigans at all over the last 12 months, you will most likely have came across Seamus contributing to the conversation on behalf of the business community. 

With less than 100 days to the Brexit deadline for a deal, I ask Seamus to set out the best and worst potential outcomes for N Ireland.

Seamus is well over the detail including the numbers involved in terms of the total trade N Ireland does with the EU, the Republic of Ireland and the UK.  It really is an interesting discussion and one I'm sure you will find value in.

In my thoughts of the week this week, I talk about three things occupying my brain of late, namely (1) children going back to school, (2) the return to the office and finally (3) my own views on Brexit. 

I close this episode sharing some of my frustrations with the unbalanced nature and reporting of this pandemic.

I am in a very privileged position in that I get to speak to so many different people on a daily basis, and the general consensus from the people I am speaking to is that there is a deliberate overplaying of FEAR being pushed right across our communities right now, which is having a really detrimental impact on peoples mental and physical health. 

For some reason every mainstream media platform continues with this approach, as opposed to advising people as to what they might want to do, to help build their own immune systems and fight any virus. 

To this end, I share a number of things we should all consider doing including supplementation, exercising, and good sleep, that will build your immune system and help you fight illness.

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode, and if you can do me a favour and share the podcast with just one other person you think might be interested in some of the content.

Finally thanks to this weeks sponsors CLEARPATH FINANCE.  For more information go to 

If you want to contact me, email:

Look after yourselves,


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EP12: John Hume, The Credit Union and the Housing Market in N Ireland

EP12: John Hume, The Credit Union and the Housing Market in N Ireland

In this episode, I take the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on Mr John Hume, who passed away after a short illness at the beginning of this week. 

Many people in Ireland see John Hume as being one of island's greatest human beings, and the work he did in relation to facilitating and delivering PEACE to this island, cements his place in history. 

However, how many of you knew, John Hume was one of the founding partners of the first Credit Union in Ireland. I talk about this, and how important a role, that organisation, John and his colleagues set up in Derry, in the 1960's, continues to be in today's society. 

In my thoughts this week, I also talk about the recent announcement of kids going back to school, why it's so important we all get back to work, and finally why the NI EXECUTIVE need to agree a COVID FUND with the British Government asap, to protect our economy. 

My guest this week sees the return of the Chief Economist at Property Pal, Jordan Buchannon. 

This is Jordan's third appearence on the show, and yet again he shares some really interesting recent data on what's been going on in the housing market in N Ireland in the last couple of months. 

We venture into many areas in this conversation, including talking about why it's so important banks keep providing mortgage products throughout the recession, and that by keeping credit flowing, it will protect our housing market. 

We also discuss why it's so important people get back to work, and start to support as many local businesses as possible asap. 

We finish up our conversation on a positive note with some of the most recent economic data, which has just been released, so I hope you enjoy this conversation.  

This episode was sponsored by CLEARPATH FINANCE, N Ireland's No.1 Alternative lending platform. 

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Enjoy your weekend, and speak to you again soon.

CD 💰🌾

Aug 08, 202001:07:28
EP11: The Law is Not Logical it's just Legal

EP11: The Law is Not Logical it's just Legal

In this episode, Money & Plants goes to Australia and talks to Professor Jack Anderson of the Melbourne School of Law, about the recent Manchester City legal case with Uefa. In a wide ranging conversation, Jack sets out the case, and how UEFA simply ran out of time, allowing City off the hook. 

We also talk about the financial impact of the Pandemic on sport right across the world, discussing the ongoing financial challenges at Barcelona FC, and what the future might look like, in terms of the need for clubs to re-think the way they run their organisations on a financial footing.

In the second part of the show I talk to Associate Professor at UCD Aidan Regan, about the most recent Apple courtcase with the European Union, which dominated the front pages of many of the world's leading financial newspapers in the last few days. 

This was a huge win for both Apple and the Irish government, and in my discussion with Aidan, we run through many of the main issues and the potential ramifications for the current government in Ireland.

It turns out this case is more about the wider Irish tax regime, and that in law, both the Irish government and Apple, have done no wrong.  The Irish tax payer might see this differently though, and we will see how all of this plays out, in the course of time.

We also discuss the current marriage of inconvenience in terms of the 3 party coalition in Dublin, and why it may not see out it's full five year term.  This really was a fascinating insight into all of these issues, and I got great value from talking to Aidan.

In my rant of the week, I talk about that old chestnut Brexit, which is now starting to raise it's head again. 

With just over five months to the UK officially leaves the European Union, It looks like people might need to hold onto their seats, to we see how all of this plays out.  There is still no deal agreed with the EU in terms of trade, and in N Ireland in particular, the entire business community is hugely concerned about all of this, and rightly so.

In this contribution, I share some of my thoughts on what lies ahead, and the fact that I believe we all need to increase our knowledge in terms of what's actually going on with Brexit, how it might impact our businesses and our lives, and the fact that we should all start to prepare properly for the inevitable border poll, which is likely going to happen in the next few years.  

Over the lockdown I decided to carry out some more research on all of the issues we will be facing, and I share with you three books I have read of late, which has given me a much more thorough understanding of Brexit, the Good Friday Agreement and what a New Ireland might look like.

I hope you enjoy this episode, and get some value from it. 

 If you would like to get in touch with me, email me at 

If you would like to sponsor the show, again reach out to me by email.

Thanks for your continued support.

Look after yourself, and each other 💰🌾

Jul 19, 202001:33:26
EP10: The Sceptical Investor Should Wear a Mask

EP10: The Sceptical Investor Should Wear a Mask

In this episode I was delighted to invite Money Week's John Stepek back onto the show. John was a guest on EP4 and was back by popular demand to talk about money, banks, inflation and so much more. John is the author of Sceptical Investor, and if you are interested in money and finance I highly recommend the audio copy, which will give you an insight into John's pedigree.
In this weeks "Rant of the Week" I share with you my frustrations by the political response to the Pandemic. On a positive note, I also share with you my big idea to SAVE THE NI ECONOMY. I genuinely believe in what I have to say here, and have already spoken at a political level to some people, so I am hoping this idea, catches some attention - you just never know who might be listening to my podcast:)
In the health section this week, I was thrilled to get Dr Paddy Mallon on the show. Paddy is someone of great knowledge, and has been on the front line from day one, helping patients recover from Covid.
In his very easy to understand and calm style, Paddy sets out and shares some really important information on how we all must act in the weeks and months ahead. He goes into detail in terms of where we are with a vaccine, the best way to stop this virus spreading, we talk at length about anti bodies, and that really it' s all down to each of us taking on alot of personal responsibility. This is a powerful conversation with so much value.
I would be really grateful if you would rate the podcast wherever you are listening and give me some feedback.
Also I am now looking for a sponsor for the show, so if you think I am adding value, my own ethics and style represents that of yourself or your business, get in touch with me.
The best way to get me is on email;
Finally, this week I relaunched my website. Why don't you go and take a look
Take Care,
Jul 09, 202001:29:48
Ep9: Economics, Intuition, Wave 2, human behaviour, Brexit, more Money for SMEs & Lifestyle Medicine

Ep9: Economics, Intuition, Wave 2, human behaviour, Brexit, more Money for SMEs & Lifestyle Medicine

In this action packed episode, I kick things off with my rant of the week, where I share some of the things that have been occupying my brain in the last few days.  The topics I go into in EP9 are pharmaceutical companies and that old chestnut Brexit - which is now starting to raise it's head again.  I then push on to my first conversation, and this week I was truly delighted to welcome a new guest to Money & Plants in the form of Stephen Kinsella, one of Irelands brightest economic minds. A Professor of Economics at the University of Limerick and the Chief economist at the excellent Currency platform, Ireland's number 1 business resource, Stephen and I have a wide ranging conversation about Covid, wave 2, how we are at the most uncertain time of the pandemic alongside talking about the new government, and why there might be good news on the way for Irish SMEs.  We also have a very interesting discussion about N Ireland and how it's went from being the richest and most industrial part of the island, to now being one of the poorest parts of the island.  We finish off our conversation with two excellent book recommendations, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy, as I personally really enjoyed this conversation with plenty of takeaways.  At 1hr mark in the podcast, I welcome my second new guest to the show, the incredible Dr Monica Agarwall.  Monica is a Cardiologist and Professor of Preventative Cardiology at the University of Florida who specialises in disease prevention.  She is also an author, athlete, and proud mum to 3 kids, passionate about life, and helping her patients back to great health, through lifestyle medicine,   In this conversation Monica shares with us how she is changing the lives of her patients by introducing them to a new way to manage disease, and facilitate the healing process in the body - Lifestyle Medicine. This truly is a wonderful empowering conversation with such a remarkable lady, who is saving peoples lives.  Monica shares lots of her personal journey of how she thought at one time, she was going to teach religious studies all of her life and suddenly ended up a cardiologist, changing lives through lifestyle medicine.   She shared with me how many of her patients are now fellow physicians who go to her for help because they themselves have got sick and encountered heart problems, but they don't want to take the drugs.  Monica herself, had her own health challenge a number of years ago, and suffered very badly from rheumatoid arthritis after the birth of her third daughter. It was at this time her specialist told her she would be on drugs for the rest of her life, and tried to condition her to believe that the illness would likely progress, and she simply had to accept it. Unfortunately, this specialist didn't really understand Monica, her drive and faith she had in her own ability to not only overcome her condition, but to go on and thrive with her life, to a point where she is now symptom free, and on no medication.    This really was a very special conversation and I truly believe if any of you want to improve your own health, pay attention to this conversation, make some notes, and start to make changes in your own life.  If you want to grow old, happy and healthy, then I suggest you listen up. ** The reason I started this podcast was to share information with you the listener, that would maybe empower, educate and inspire you to make better choices in your own life.  I would like to thank everyone for all of the support as we have received well over 2000 downloads at this point. If you would like to sponsor the show, or have any other feedback, pls email me at Until next time, look after yourself, and each other, Conor
Jun 18, 202001:45:02
EP8: John Hume, Abraham Lincoln and Covid19

EP8: John Hume, Abraham Lincoln and Covid19

In this episode I kick things off with a speech from John Hume about Peace, Reconciliation, Respect and Difference. Given the hostile environment globally in the last two weeks, I thought it appropriate to introduce some hope into the show, and given the legacy John Hume has created, no better man to talk about such important matters.
I then go onto share a story about one of my hero's Abraham Lincoln, and explain one of the great skills he possessed which has cemented his place in American history. I think and hope this is one of the big takeaways from episode 8.
In the business section of this weeks show, I was delighted to welcome back Property Pals chief economist, Mr Jordan Buchannon to the show. Jordan and I went onto have another wide ranging conversation where we talk about the housing market, the availability of mortgage products, non performing loans, and how important human behaviour is to the economy, as we start to open things back up.
We also talk about the future of the office market, and discuss the idea that some experts are openly stating that Covid19 might see an end to companies acquiring office space. It really is another thorough conversation on whats happening right now and how it might impact you, so have a pen and paper at the ready.
In the health section of this week's episode, I devote to explaining in more detail my recovery from MS, and the scientific evidence behind me walking away from medicine, against the advice of my medical team, and instead implementing a lifestyle approach to managing my condition. What I have learned over the last 14 years is that drugs are designed to manage disease, not induce health, we do that by changing our environment and completely changing our lifestyle.
This episode will take me over the 2000 download point and for that I am truly grateful.
The objective at the outset of this project was to create some content, and speak to some people who might inspire, educate and empower some of us to make better choices in life. I know by the feedback I have received from some of you that I have achieved this, so it has already been a resounding success for me on a personal level and long may it continue.
If you would like me to address any issue on the show, please get in touch with me. Best place is at
In the meantime, look after yourselves and have a great week.
Conor 💰🌾
Jun 09, 202001:01:40
EP7: Living well with Multiple Sclerosis on World MS day 30/05/2020

EP7: Living well with Multiple Sclerosis on World MS day 30/05/2020

Today is World MS day, and In this episode I share with you a very personal journey of hope and healing, which relates to me living every day with Multiple Sclerosis for the past 14 years. 

Whenever I was diagnosed with MS August 2007, I lost all hope, I thought my life was over as I couldn't find anyone who had anything positive to say about living with the condition. My neurologist advised I change my job to something less stressful, stopped playing football as I wouldn't be able to, and pretty much, conditioned me to believe that things were going to get worse.  It was a horrendous time in my life.

Whenever one loses all hope in life, even existing and finding a reason to live becomes difficult. 

Thankfully for me, and after many years of research and soul searching, in April 2016, I decided to change direction in my approach to managing my condition, implementing a complete lifestyle change to managing my disease and facilitate the recovery process in my body. 

The good news is I have went onto make a remarkable recovery and my body continues to heal and repair every day. 

I am now 100% free from all medication, I've completed 7 Ironman triathlons, and at 42 years of age, I am full of hope, life and optimism for the future. 

This is a solocast,  where I share some of my thoughts and ideas on how each of us can turn a personal tragedy, into a resounding life success story. I hope you get some value from this episode 

Keep the faith 💰🌾

PS I am very grateful for all of the support to date regarding the podcast, but this time I want to ask something of you.  If you enjoyed this episode, please send it onto someone you think might get some value from hearing my story.   

You will be able to find more information about my story on my website  

Thank you. 

If you want to reach me, you can get me here; 

May 30, 202029:12
EP6: V, U or L shaped recovery? Viktor Frankl, Nick Leeson and Sleep

EP6: V, U or L shaped recovery? Viktor Frankl, Nick Leeson and Sleep

I open this weeks episode with a powerful clip from Viktor Frankl, a professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Vienna Medical school until his death in 1997. During World War 2, Mr Frankl spent three years at Auschwitz and other concentration camps.  Given the magnitude of pain, anxiety and adversity in society right now, I felt compelled to introduce you to Mr Frankl in this weeks episode. 

I introduce a new feature of the podcast this week in the form of my "Rant of the Week".  This will be where I share some of my frustrations of the last number of days on the pod.  In this episode, I talk about the phenomenon around Mc Donalds reopening this week, in the context of over 16 million people dying of heart disease every year.  British Conservative Politician Mr Michael Gove also gets a mention in this section this week, so well done to him for that.  I'm sure he will be delighted, as I'm sure he is a listener,

I move on to the main body of the episode where I get into the recovery of our economy and how that might play out. The economists tell us it can only look one of three ways, V, U, or L shaped recovery - but what does this mean, and how long might it be before we get things back to some kind of normality? This is a very difficult thing to predict, but already we have enough information to start to form some kind of opinion on this.

I was delighted Nick Lesson makes his second contribution to Money & Plants in this episode, and yet again we have a wide ranging conversation about global affairs, and I get Nick's view on what the recovery might look like.   His views on this particular issue are very interesting, given his experience and knowledge of booms and bust cycles over the last thirty years.

We discuss a range of matters including why what is happening in Hong Kong and China is important, and also why if there were to be a vaccine found in the next few months, that might help get Donald Trump reelected in November, at the Presidential election in the USA. 

Nick, a huge mental health advocate also shares how he has bought a new bike and found a new love for cycling, and how his exercise regime is helping him deal with the lockdown. 

The health segment in this episode is all about the important role Sleep plays in all of our health, and I set out very clearly, why it is so important we all start to get a better understanding of this. I share with you one of the best books I read last year, Dr Matthew Walker's "Why We Sleep" and encourage all of you to read it - I think it will help you. 

The big takeaway I hope from EP6 has to be the message coming from Dr Frankl in the opening section of the show.  

His message and the example he set in his own life is truly wonderful and inspirational. The fact it is possible to turn personal tragedies into human triumphs is something all of us should be aware of particularly in the times we are in. 

His view that it is those people who are orientated towards a "meaning of the future" who are most likely to survive and thrive, is something I really would like you to have a think about and consider. 

Finally I would like to thank all of you for listening to my show.  It's been quite the experience pulling all of this together over the last number of weeks from a standing start, and I am delighted so many of you are enjoying the podcasts. 

Keep the feedback coming in, and if there is a way you think I might be able to improve the experience or maybe there is an important topic you think I should cover, please let me know.  Best place to get me is at 

Until next time, look after yourself and look after each other.

CD 💰🌾

Books recommended this week (1) Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl (2) Why We Sleep  - Dr Matthew Walker

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EP5: MRI Scanner, Banks, unemployment, human behaviour and how we can build our immune system🌞

EP5: MRI Scanner, Banks, unemployment, human behaviour and how we can build our immune system🌞

In this episode, I share a very personal experience at the beginning of the show. 

I then have the pleasure of speaking to my first guest, Irish broadcaster Paul Colgan, about the current problems facing the Irish Banking system and Irish Economy.  We lift the bonnet on the non performing loan positions in AIB and Bank of Ireland, and also discuss the fact that the real figures of unemployment in Ireland right now, might be closer to 50%, if you include the income support schemes. 

We finish up by discussing how any recovery will very much depend on human behaviour.  This will mean each of us have a decision to make, as to when we decide to return to any kind of normal behaviour, in terms of getting out and spending money again in bars, restaurants and travel etc. 

In the second part of this episode, I make a swift pivot to health, when I interview one of Ireland's rising stars in the field of Science, Nutrition and Brain health. 

Conor Kerley shares with Money and Plants everything we need to know about, what some refer to as the "wonder drug" Vitamin D. 

What it does, why we need it and best place to get it.  We get into the detail and discuss the optimum level of vitamin D for adults and also children and discuss the differences in the types of vitamin D.  

This is another action packed episode with two fantastic contributions. 

Finally I need your help.  I have done five episodes now and I need some feedback!

What do you like about the show, what do you not like? how can I improve it, and what topics would you like me to cover? 

Best place to get me is to email 

Thanks for the continued support 

Look after yourselves and look after each other.


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EP4: How will Covid19 impact the Housing Market?

EP4: How will Covid19 impact the Housing Market?

This week I go to London, Dublin and Belfast to get the view from three outstanding guests on what the potential impact might be on the housing market across the UK and Ireland as a result of Covid19.  

My first guest is the chief economist at Propertypal in Belfast, Jordan Buchanon. In this wide ranging conversation we really get stuck into many of the factors that play a leading role in how our actual economy works, and why it is so important to keep an eye on what happens right across the planet, in terms of how it might impact us at home.  We cover the furlough schemes, try to map out any potential recovery, looking at the health of the banking system today, and why it is so important that our banks keep credit flowing. Jordan is over the data and I think you will get great value from this conversation.  

I then chat to Money Week's John Stepak, which was another fantastic conversation.  John has been writing about finance, business and economics for over 20 years and coincidently, has just released his new book The Sceptical Investor. 

In this conversation we discuss Johns view on what might happen within the housing market which is interesting, given John is known for calling the last housing crash in the USA in 2006, and is on record stating how that crisis at that time, would become much more profound, which it then did, in the form of the collapse of the American banking structure and the subsequent Global Financial Crisis.  There are some nuggets in this chat with John so make sure you have a pen and paper ready as he shares with me a number of characteristics that makes a truly great investor. 

This was a super conversation and I can't wait to get John back on the show. Make sure you check out his new book and also have a look at the work him and his team are doing in their publication of Money Week.  My final stop in this episode was Dublin and Mr Karl Deeter. Karl is a regular contributer to Irish television and radio and is an expert in all things business, finance and property. He is also a proper entrepreneur, who is motivated to bringing change and solutions to his industry, which he is doing right now through his digital mortgage and insurance platform  In this conversation Karl admits he has got a number of things wrong in the past, but is reasonably optimistic about Ireland seeing this crisis out. He has the view that although house prices will reduce this year in ROI, they will stabilise next year and then increase again the following year.   

This was another wide ranging conversation which looked at what is happening in the USA economy, the rise of TRUMP, also touching on some of the advantages the UK have in terms of making their own fiscal decisions and not having to get permission from the European Union.  All really good stuff and all in the mix when trying to figure out things like where a housing market might be heading.  It was fantastic for me to get three very unique takes on what the impact might be on the housing market and so much more from all of my guests.  I hope you guys get some value from it.  Look after yourself, 

CD ✌🌾 

If you would like to sponsor an episode of Money and Plants, feel free to get in touch with me.  The show is being really well received and being downloaded in over 15 countries already, which I am delighted about. I am also keen to support the `SME community in any way I can.  Best email is 

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EP3: Covid19 - Who pays for it? Helicopter Money, Saving our SME's, Opening up our Economy and much more!

EP3: Covid19 - Who pays for it? Helicopter Money, Saving our SME's, Opening up our Economy and much more!

In this action packed show I welcome one of Ireland's top economists, author, journalist, documentary maker and broadcaster, Mr David Mc Williams onto the show, to discuss all things Covid19, through the lense of economics.  

We touch on a range of matters, giving particular attention to how we might pay for the total cost of dealing with the pandemic, and also why it's critical we do all in our power to save the SME sector, which is at the heart of every community in Ireland. We also discuss the role of helicopter money, the central banks, and why it is so important we have an all Island approach to reopening our economy. It really is a fantastic conversation covering lots of ground and so relevant to everyone right now.

I was also delighted to welcome Mr Colm Lauder onto this weeks show. 

Colm is a senior analyst and heads up the research team at Goodbody's bank in Dublin, advising all kinds of property companies, REIT'S, and a range of other property investment vehicles.  This is another fascinating conversation where we talk about the impact of the pandemic on Ireland's real estate market and where the market might be heading in the next few months.  We dive into the different sectors of the market and the potential impact of the crisis on the rent levels in Ireland, yields, valuations, and even the actual leasing structures going forward.  There is so much uncertainty around right now, and it is very difficult to predict what might happen in the next few months, so this particular conversation with Colm is not to be missed, given his many years of expertise in this area. 

I finish off this weeks action packed episode by pivoting into my health initiative for May 2020. 

I have launched this initiative on my social media platforms and I'm hopeful some of you might join me in committing to getting healthier, stronger and becoming more fulfilled throughout the month of May. 

There is enough negativity out there right now, so I think it's time to flick the switch and focus on our health.  Listen up to the five things I am going to be doing in May, and I'm asking you to give this some thought also, and why not join me. 

Finally I want to thank the sponsor of this week show, Belfast's little piece of creative heaven, Born and Bred. 

Voted by the New York times as one of the top 5 shopping destinations in the capital, I'm grateful to Linzi Rooney and her team for the supporting this weeks episode. Why not check the guys out at and support a local business.  They need all of the support we can give them.

Until next time, look after yourself, stay positive and keep the faith. 


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EP2: Is another Economic Catastrophe unfolding? Plus, what we can all do to stay free from the virus ✊
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EP1: Nick Leeson - The original Rogue Trader's thoughts on Covid19 and how it might impact the world.

EP1: Nick Leeson - The original Rogue Trader's thoughts on Covid19 and how it might impact the world.

To kick of my first episode I couldn't think of a better guest than Mr Nick Leeson. 

Over 25 years ago Nick was responsible for racking up over £832M of losses at Barings bank in Singapore, which ultimately led to the bank going bust. 

Following a 4.5 year prison spell, he returned to London to try and piece together his life. In 2005 he moved to Galway and began to build a new life for himself. Today Nick talks about his life experiences to companies and at events right around the world. 

He is an excellent communicator and in his own very humble and unique way, has a passion for helping people learn from their mistakes. 

In this conversation, we speak a little bit about Barings, but more about what is happening right now in the world with the spread of C19, and it's potential impact both on a human and economic level. 

Nick sets out some practical measures people might want to consider, given the fact we are all pretty much locked up in our homes right now. 

The overriding message I hope you take from this conversation is that it's not what happens to you in life that is important, more how we all react to what happens, which will determine how all of our lives play out.

I hope you enjoy this conversation. 

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April 1, 2020

April 1, 2020

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