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Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations

By Conscious Waves

Embark on a profound exploration of consciousness and personal growth with Conscious Conversations. Hosted by Chris and Louise Luke, this captivating podcast delves into values, mindfulness, change, and potential. Join them and discover Everyday Journey, Higher Connection, and Story Time series. Immerse yourself in this exceptional show, igniting curiosity, expanding awareness, and inspiring change. Experience growth stories, spirituality, and captivating tales of consciousness. Reflecting their vision and passion, Conscious Conversations sparks transformation through insightful conversations.
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Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation - Trijntje Reilly

Conscious Conversations Oct 26, 2023

Conscious Conversations
Nov 15, 202324:22
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation Kimberly Clouthier

Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation Kimberly Clouthier

Join us for another inspirational and uplifting interview. Kimberly Clouthier, shares the importance of staying curious. She has many years of chasing her passion, and now inspires others to do the same. Kimberly reminds us we all need to share the spark.! Stay tuned right to the end to find out about her amazing and generous offer. Media Media Facebook

Nov 15, 202355:14
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation - Trijntje Reilly
Oct 26, 202301:09:26
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation Jay Reynolds Insight and Healing Expo Narrandera 2023
Oct 13, 202320:21
Conscious Conversation - Louise and Chris Luke
Oct 13, 202324:26
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation - Michelle Springett
Sep 21, 202357:09
Everday Journey Inspiring Conversations. Matthew Luke
Sep 14, 202301:06:13
Conscious Conversations - Louise and Chris Luke "intension setting"
Sep 07, 202347:06
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversations - Cathy Brown
Aug 25, 202301:01:34
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation - Walfredo Reyes Jnr
Aug 17, 202358:34
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversations - Ken Davis
Aug 11, 202301:02:50
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation
Aug 04, 202356:03
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversations - First 7 Guests advice

Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversations - First 7 Guests advice

This is a special episode where we re-visit our first 7 guests,. We remind ourselves of their special piece of advice that they shared with us.

Jul 21, 202332:39
Everyday Journey, Inspiring Conversation - Beverley Bultitude
Jul 13, 202351:15
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversation Niro Dayalan
Jul 06, 202349:42
Jun 29, 202341:53
Everyday Journey, inspiring Conversations Vicki Stewart
Jun 22, 202343:28
 Inspiring Conversations with Sandra Luke
Jun 16, 202344:28
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversations - Shane Beck
Jun 08, 202348:13
Jun 05, 202351:49
Everyday Journey inspiring Conversation Francesca Crocco
Jun 01, 202343:43
Everyday Journey Inspiring Conversations Paul Headon
May 26, 202352:27



Episonde 6 we discuss Gratitude. What it is and how we use it in our lives. We aim to inspire you to do the same, and even share how you use gratitude in your life.

We encourage an Attitude of Gratitdue.


May 21, 202347:39
May 13, 202348:27
Taking back your power
May 07, 202348:29
Getting in line with each other

Getting in line with each other


This episode is about what conscious waves has on offer for YOU. Before we outline our workshops, we will let you know how it was that we finally got in line with each other about the directing and importance of growing Conscious Waves. Louise outlines some influential books that had quite the impact

Apr 29, 202345:35
Why we do what we do
Apr 29, 202346:56
Getting to know us
Apr 29, 202345:43