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Consent-Based Everything

Consent-Based Everything

By Consent-Based Everything

A podcast about re-imagining consent and consent-based cultures in ways that respect and partner with our children and young people. Taking consent-based parenting and educating WAY past bodily autonomy and into a vehicle for children's rights and youth liberation.
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Right-based Parenting + Child Liberation with Eloise Rickman

Consent-Based EverythingFeb 03, 2023

Ep 10 Untigering & fostering non-coercive cultures with Iris Chen
Mar 30, 202353:52
Ep 9. Literacy & Liberation (and consent!) with Nikolai Pizarro

Ep 9. Literacy & Liberation (and consent!) with Nikolai Pizarro

Fran chats to Nikolai about centering literacy in our homes and taking back the tools to support our children with learning to read and write. We talk about perceptions around literacy in both unschooling and schooling spaces, and Nikolai speaks to literacy as a tool for liberation. We also talk about the importance of relationship and trust, of non-coercion, and of decentering school as a movement for all families (unschooled, homeschooled and schooled!).

More about Nikolai:

For over 10 years, Nikolai Pizarro, has worked to empower predominantly Black and Brown parents and caregivers, particularly segments further marginalized by socioeconomic factors, with science based frameworks of early brain development, literacy instruction, non-violent discipline, and self-directed education. Her book, Ring the Alarm, has been used by programs sponsored by Brooklyn Kindergarten Society and the Department of Health. She has facilitated workshops at hundreds of preschools and private early childhood centers, including over 300 Early Start and Head Start Centers. 


Over the past 8 years, as her own unschooling journey with her son has unfolded, her work has increasingly included private and small group coaching and collaboration with families looking to transition from conventional schooling to self-directed models and just as importantly, a commitment to reconnect with our assignment to children rather than the school system. "Open source, self-directed, and intersectional education is not just a model for our children. It is the model. But this is bigger than schooling models. This work is in defense of childhood and our divine assignment. " she shares. 


As a response to COVID19, she has started the facebook group BIPOC-led pandemic pods and microschools, for BIPOC families and non-white book co-conspirators committed to Black and Brown liberation with now over 2,600 members, launched an early literacy system, and has initated a project to turn her own home into a self-directed, forest school and permaculture, mixed age coop

Find Nikolai on instagram @raisingreaders

And also here:

and here:

Mar 22, 202352:22
Ep 8: Give Children the Vote with John Wall
Mar 13, 202343:03
Exploring Self-Consent with Dr Sophia Graham
Mar 06, 202351:03
Creating a Life without School with Sara Macdonald
Feb 19, 202357:51
Consent as Disruption of Rape Culture with Rosalia Rivera
Feb 12, 202357:59
Right-based Parenting + Child Liberation with Eloise Rickman
Feb 03, 202301:00:19
Practicing Presence with Sherene Cauley

Practicing Presence with Sherene Cauley

Fran talks to Sherene Cauley about gentle parenting and how we can reframe it, about the role of presence in our lives and our relationships with our children and others, and why boundary work is not really what we think it is! 

Sherene Cauley is a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, the founder of The Nurtured Life, and the Associate Director of The Whole Health Center Bar Harbor. She provides wellness coaching services for clients across the country and hosts numerous programs on attuning to our inner and outer realities to build supportive, sustainable lifestyles. Sherene’s writing and programs, such as SOUNDheart and Respecting Organic Boundaries, aim to support us with moral fortitude and emotional integrity to confront the conflicts of our times and cultivate a culture of wellbeing. Sherene combines her knowledge in health coaching, peace studies, and wisdom traditions to offer coaching around barriers to peace, equity, and social justice. Sherene is a Doctoral student working towards her Doctor of Ministry with a focus on social transformation from Untied Theological Seminary, Twin Cities.

Sherene is a mother and step-mother of four children ages 26-10. She lives on the coast of Maine with her husband, mother, and several of her children. You can read her full bio here:




Tending Tender Boundaries Program:

The Nurtured Life

The Whole Health Center


You can find Fran (the host) at @bigmothering on Instagram

Jan 28, 202358:57
Consent in community with Nadia Erlendson
Jan 18, 202352:23
Creating Consent Culture with Erica Scott

Creating Consent Culture with Erica Scott

Fran chats to Erica Scott, creator of The Consent Culture Intro Workshop and co-author of the book "Creating Consent Culture: A Handbook for Educators". As a survivor of child sexual abuse, 20 plus years of working in a male dominated industry, and as a mother of young adult children, they feel the urgency to bring more effective consent education to a wider audience. She is the CEO of Creating Consent Culture and has taught consent in Canada, India and the US. In 2019 she was given the Rex Karmaveer Global Award for Social Innovation.

**Just a heads up that we talk briefly about child abuse and rape culture in this episode**


Erica's website: and IG handle: @creating_consent_culture

Marcia Baczynski's website:

You can find Fran on IG @bigmothering 

Jan 11, 202349:41