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Constant Elevation with Gabriel "gaberock" Avilla

Constant Elevation with Gabriel "gaberock" Avilla

By Gabriel Avilla

Constant Elevation with Gabriel "gaberock" Avilla, the show for rising military and community leaders that seek to define the future. The views and opinions expressed on this show are from the host and guests themselves and may not reflect the views of the US government, the Department of Defense, or the United States Air Force.
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Making Freshman mistakes at the Senior level

Constant Elevation with Gabriel "gaberock" AvillaMay 28, 2023

More isn't Better, Better is Better
Jul 23, 202311:07
Mirrors, Windows, and Doors of Leadership
Jul 09, 202317:28
Staying Task Focused Within A Team
Jul 02, 202314:38
Forging Mental Fitness: From the Gym to the Office
Jun 18, 202317:43
The Pros and Cons of a Disruptive Leader
Jun 11, 202315:22
The Power of My Three Places
Jun 04, 202315:16
Making Freshman mistakes at the Senior level
May 28, 202317:47
Can you lead as a Lone Wolf?
May 21, 202315:42
I thought I told you...we won't stop
May 14, 202317:13
Don't ask for permission, ask for advice
Mar 12, 202316:03
It’s not what you get, but what you give
Mar 05, 202317:36
Man in the Mirror
Feb 18, 202314:27
You may feel lonely, but you're not alone w/Major Nick Lewis
Feb 05, 202340:24
What got you here? with Simsation Nation
Jan 29, 202324:58
The Trinity of Accountability
Jan 15, 202313:31
Brace yourself...the Open is coming
Jan 08, 202315:10
Pursue Your Passions
Jan 01, 202317:03
Mistakes: The Strongest Way to Learn
Dec 18, 202219:42
Is it worth it to ruthlessly prioritize?
Dec 11, 202217:50
Lasso on Leadership
Dec 03, 202216:03
Talk Less But Have More To Say
Nov 25, 202219:04
Alphabet Aerobics 2.0: My Updated Leadership Philosophy
Nov 12, 202222:09
The Triple C's of Teamwork
Nov 06, 202214:28
Do you want Be Someone or Do Something?
Oct 30, 202216:49
Allow me to reintroduce myself
Oct 21, 202218:12
Leadership and Legacy: How will you be remembered?
Jun 12, 202220:19
The Role of a Coach = The Role of a Leader
Jun 05, 202225:27
Leading with Aloha
May 29, 202224:55
#JustDoBetter: Returning from Leave
May 22, 202214:35
The Two Little Books that Could
May 15, 202222:56
Shoot, Move, COMMUNICATE and other top quotes from 2022 AFCEA TWICS
May 08, 202222:16
My recent 360-degree feedback as a Coach
May 01, 202227:04
Don't talk about it, be about it
Apr 24, 202214:43
Mentorship: Learning from someone who wants you to grow
Apr 10, 202217:13
Bureaucracy: The Killer of Initiative
Apr 03, 202223:50
Want to Win? Focus and Finish
Mar 27, 202216:31
Advice for Colonels applicable to all leaders
Mar 20, 202218:51
Two simple ways to nail that high-stakes discussion
Mar 13, 202217:13
Reputation vs Character: Which do you value more?
Mar 06, 202218:18
Positive Energy Activates CONSTANT ELEVATION

Positive Energy Activates CONSTANT ELEVATION

Welcome back Season 5 of Constant Elevation with Gabriel "gaberock" Avilla, the show for rising military and community leaders that seek to define the future. In this episode, I share a brief summary of what has happened since the end of Season 4 and why I decided to return. Catch up to all of my content at!


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Instagram - @gaberock01

Feb 27, 202215:27
Knowing when to hit the pause button

Knowing when to hit the pause button

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you.” In this episode, I share my recent realization that I am both physically and mentally getting burnt out. Recognizing the opportunity to minimize some of my efforts in order to recharge for what comes next, I hope that my story helps you find your own opportunity to hit the pause button and reflect on what is most important to you so you want to shape your life towards what matters most.

Dec 05, 202112:01
Can't Stop Spreading Aloha
Nov 21, 202118:54
Just because you can doesn't mean you should
Nov 14, 202121:18
I was selected for promotion to Colonel...Now What?
Nov 07, 202119:53
The One Year Anniversary of "No Pressure"
Oct 31, 202112:51
True leaders embrace the loneliness of the high road
Oct 24, 202116:25
Interns: Because we give a sh*t w/Kaylan Swartz and Michael Klepfer

Interns: Because we give a sh*t w/Kaylan Swartz and Michael Klepfer

"The expert in anything was once a beginner." In this episode, I welcome Kaylan Swartz and Michael Klepfer to talk about their experience as new interns at Revival Fitness. We discuss their fitness backgrounds, what drove them to sign up to be an intern in the first place, and how they want to be positive examples of leadership within our local fitness community.

Kaylan is a native Marylander and lifelong fitness and sports enthusiast. As a former Division I college athlete, she loves competition and knows the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. Kaylan works full-time on foreign policy and defense issues for the federal government and spent some time doing policy work on Capitol Hill. Kaylan is a new(ish) mom to 10-month-old Clark and lives in Maryland with Clark, her husband Charlie, and their bonkers dog Max.

Michael Klepfer found a love for fitness around thirty. Before then, exercise was a requirement to within fitness standards. Klep joined Revival Fitness in early 2019 and that was the beginning of turning fitness from a chore to a hobby. Klep wants fitness to be fun and set a good example for others out there to include his two children, Arya and Leonidas.

For more info on Revival Fitness, visit


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Oct 17, 202145:43
1.5 Mile Run Test: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

1.5 Mile Run Test: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

“I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.” In this episode, I discuss my recent results in the 1.5-mile run test as part of my annual Air Force Fitness Assessment. It has been two years since I’ve tested, and I get nervous every single time. I also share my perspective on the training components I use how to smartly prepare for the test and provide a FREE six-week training plan for you that you can use to improve your run time.

Visit for access to my FREE six-week training plan!

Oct 10, 202120:13
Talking 'ship with Lieutenant Colonel Dear Beloved
Oct 03, 202139:35
2021 AFA Air Space Cyber Conference Debrief
Sep 26, 202141:11