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The Path of Conscious Love

The Path of Conscious Love

By Contemplative Interbeing

Living in Relational Wholeness
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EP075 Adventurous Seekers of Love and Mystery

The Path of Conscious LoveJul 12, 2021

EP096 Allow Love to Look at You
Dec 06, 202137:32
EP095 A Deeper Unity in Love
Nov 29, 202139:06
EP094 The Univocity of Love
Nov 22, 202140:10
EP093 Created to Love
Nov 15, 202141:01
EP092 The Full Flow of Love
Nov 08, 202139:27
EP091 Love Is the Nature of Being
Nov 01, 202144:40
EP090 Falling and Failing into Love
Oct 25, 202140:19
EP089 In Your Perfect Love
Oct 18, 202136:59
EP088 Free to Love
Oct 11, 202146:02
EP087 Love is Someone You Are
Oct 04, 202137:43
EP086 One Flow of Love
Sep 27, 202139:17
EP085 Circle Dance of Love
Sep 20, 202141:53
EP084 Eager to Love
Sep 13, 202137:32
EP083 Let Be Let Love
Sep 06, 202141:43
EP082 The Manifestation of Love
Aug 30, 202143:27
EP081 Free and Gratuitous Love
Aug 23, 202141:22
EP080 Love Is Who You Are
Aug 16, 202135:48
EP079 Experience of Universal Love
Aug 09, 202141:53
EP078 Wholeness and Love
Aug 02, 202135:17
EP077 The Gaze of Love
Jul 26, 202133:01
EP076 Make Love, Forgiveness, and Patience Possible
Jul 19, 202137:53
EP075 Adventurous Seekers of Love and Mystery
Jul 12, 202138:04
EP074 Risk the Attachments of Love
Jul 05, 202137:22
EP073 You Are Foundationally Beloved
Jun 28, 202136:51
EP072 Letting God Love You
Jun 21, 202133:53
EP071 Infinite Love Gives Us All
Jun 14, 202136:19
EP070 Vulnerability, Healing, and Love
Jun 07, 202134:14
EP069 Eternal and Infinite Love
May 31, 202142:03
EP068 Love in Action
May 24, 202139:17
EP067 Love Is The Unceasing Stream Of Reality
May 17, 202144:29
EP066 Love that Makes Life Meaningful
Apr 26, 202139:58
EP065 Destined for Eternal Love
Apr 19, 202139:14
EP064 Love Shining by Itself
Apr 12, 202139:14
EP063 Love The So-Called Little People
Apr 05, 202135:58
EP062 Love, Mercy, and Justice
Mar 29, 202139:06
EP061 Love Never Fails
Mar 22, 202138:24
EP060 The Fullness of Unity in Love
Mar 15, 202139:06
EP059 The Shape of the Universe Is Love
Mar 08, 202140:53
EP058 Love is the Source and Goal
Mar 01, 202134:11
EP057 The Implanted Spirit of Love
Feb 22, 202141:43
EP056 Learning How to Love
Feb 15, 202142:35
EP055 Immortal Diamond

EP055 Immortal Diamond

Coalesce - The Path of Conscious Love is presented live on Crowdcast and edited for this podcast.

Coalesce is a contemplative experience. Through scripture, music, prayer, and lament we join in giving voice to living in relational wholeness, to Interbeing, to LOVE. The path of conscious Love.

When you coalesce, you are living in conscious connection. When you coalesce with this Loving Inner Presence, you are in your True Self. God is forever united to this love within you and as you; it is your soul, your essence, your True Self, hidden with Christ in God. God “cannot disown God’s own self.” God always sees God in you.

Love is what and who you are, in your deepest essence. Love exists inside of you, and is also greater than you; within you and beyond you. This creates an abundance, a sense of more-than-enoughness, and a deep peace. You know you’ve found a wellspring inside of you welling up into limitless life leading toward union of the soul with God.

Feb 08, 202134:25
EP054 Grace is Everlasting Love
Feb 01, 202146:03
EP053 An Infinitely Rewarding Journey
Jan 25, 202145:01
EP052 Integrating Human and Divine Love
Jan 18, 202126:17
EP051 It Is Love Alone That Lasts
Jan 11, 202120:30
EP050 The Most Essential Teaching
Jan 04, 202126:55