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Continuum: A Healthcare Podcast

Continuum: A Healthcare Podcast

By Continuum

Continuum is a podcast by Vibra Healthcare dedicated to YOUR health. Focused on inspiring and educating, Continuum is a collection of conversations with individuals from throughout the healthcare world. From patients to providers, our guests share their stories and the lessons they've learned along the way. Whether you're a survivor, a caregiver, a healthcare professional or none of the above, Continuum has something for you.
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Helping Out Our American Heroes: Dr. Diego Hernandez & Dr. Carlos Garcia

Continuum: A Healthcare PodcastDec 18, 2019

An Introduction to Sepsis
Sep 11, 202016:52
Fighting COVID-19: A Patient’s Perspective
Aug 10, 202025:23
What is Coronavirus?: Separating the facts from the hysteria

What is Coronavirus?: Separating the facts from the hysteria

In this episode, we discuss the coronavirus with Mandy Bodily-bartrum and Darla Perdue, the two individuals leading the way in protecting the patients of Vibra Healthcare & Ernest Health from the virus. Mandy & Darla provide some background on the coronavirus and address some of the hysteria currently circulating the internet, including:

  • Did coronavirus spread to humans because someone ate a bat?
  • Is the coronavirus a plague?
  • Has the coronavirus mutated?
  • Coronavirus vs. the flu
  • Is coronavirus curable?

Our Guests

Mandy Bodily-bartrum, DNP, NPH, RN, CIC, FAPIC is the vice president of infection prevention at Vibra Healthcare.

Darla Perdue, MSN, RN is the chief clinical officer at Vibra Healthcare.


“People don’t really realize how many people touch a door handle in a day” -Darla

“When you hear about high-touch surfaces being focused on in at a hospital level, it really is something that you should be focusing on in your own homes, as well.” -Darla

“The media has created quite the hysteria, unfortunately” -Darla

“If you wash your hands, if you focus on the cleanliness of your environment, you’re going to reduce your possibility of being exposed to any infection significantly.” -Darla

“[The coronavirus is] something to be cautious about…but not necessarily to get too panicked about.” -Mandy

“There’s still a lot of unknowns about the coronavirus, just because it is such a novel virus that we are seeing.” -Mandy

“When you’re talking about general symptoms, they are very similar to the flu” -Mandy

“Unfortunately, right now we don’t have a general test that’s available for commercial labs, so you can’t just go to your doctor…and in five minutes know if you have COVID-19 or not” -Mandy

“The biggest element of protection is hand hygiene and cough etiquette” -Darla

Here’s a list of resources mentioned in the episode:

World Health Organization: QA on coronaviruses (COVID-19)

CDC: Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

For more information on infection prevention, how to properly wash your hands, and other important topics, be sure to check out Continuum: A Healthcare Blog and subscribe to Continuum: A Healthcare Podcaston your favorite platform.

Mar 09, 202024:53
Helping Out Our American Heroes: Dr. Diego Hernandez & Dr. Carlos Garcia
Dec 18, 201940:04
Respiratory Failure & Ventilator Weaning: Dr. Albert Loerinc

Respiratory Failure & Ventilator Weaning: Dr. Albert Loerinc

When a person is critically ill and cannot breathe on their own, they are placed on a mechanical ventilator. Commonly referred to as “life support,” ventilators breathe for the patient. Weaning a patient from a ventilator is a complex process that has been greatly improved through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

On this episode of Continuum, Dr. Albert Loerinc, a pulmonologist and Vibra Healthcare’s National LTAC Medical Advisor, joins us to discuss respiratory failure and ventilator weaning. Dr. Loerinc is double board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology and is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Chest Physicians.

Dr. Loerinc explains what a pulmonologist does and the role of a long-term acute care hospital in weaning a patient off a ventilator. He reviews how technology has progressed from iron lungs to modern ventilators, including a state-of-the-art piece of technology called volumetric capnography.
Aug 07, 201936:14
What is Aphasia?: Nichole Reynolds, MS/CCC-SLP

What is Aphasia?: Nichole Reynolds, MS/CCC-SLP

Aphasia is a communication disorder that results from an injury to the brain. Though about two million Americans are living with it, very few know what aphasia is.

On this episode of Continuum, Nichole Reynolds of US Physical Therapy, Inc. joins us to discuss aphasia. Nichole holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech-Language Pathologists.

Nichole explains the basic types of aphasia and how they can affect a person’s ability to communicate. She explains how a speech-language pathologist diagnoses and treats aphasia and offers tips for communicating with an aphasic individual.
Jun 19, 201926:29
International Nurses and the US Nursing Shortage: Val Pasnau

International Nurses and the US Nursing Shortage: Val Pasnau

With an aging population that outnumbers younger generations, the United States is facing a shortage of nurses. To meet that demand, healthcare organizations are hiring nurses from abroad.

On this episode of Continuum, Val Pasnau joins us to discuss this topic. Val is the VP of Clinical Development and Operations at Vibra Healthcare. She works to educate nurses throughout the organization and is a key figure in Vibra’s international nurses program.

Val explains the reasons behind the nursing shortage and how international nurses have filled that void. She shares stories from her experience working with nurses from across the globe and offers insight into the unique benefits international nurses bring to their new teams. Val also provides information for those interested in practicing nursing in the US.
May 23, 201932:12
Life as a New Amputee: Liz Zemke, RN, MS, CCM
Apr 18, 201949:57
Understanding MS: Kristen Hollinger, PhD
Mar 29, 201940:29
Heart Disease in Minorities: Jessica Hover
Feb 28, 201925:51
LSVT LOUD® and LSVT BIG®: Helping People with Parkinson’s Get Loud and Big
Jan 10, 201947:59
Veterans and Healthcare - Melani Gonzalez and Mae Weathersby
Nov 15, 201839:05
What is Physical Therapy? - Jennifer Hata, DPT

What is Physical Therapy? - Jennifer Hata, DPT

A common misconception about physical therapy is that it’s only massages and treatments for athletes. But, physical therapy spans a wide range of applications for many individuals. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or dizziness associated with vertigo, physical therapy may even help you.

On this episode, we’re joined by Jennifer Hata, DPT. Jennifer is a physical therapist at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in Fresno, CA. She explains the differences between physical and occupational therapy and how they often work collaboratively to achieve a patient’s optimal outcome. Jennifer also details areas of specialization for physical therapists, including her own focus on brain injury and stroke patients. Additionally, Jennifer shares some less obvious diagnoses physical therapy can help treat.
Oct 25, 201835:10
#NoMoreBadDays - Brisa Alfaro

#NoMoreBadDays - Brisa Alfaro

Completely present, but unable to move or speak – that’s the reality Brisa Alfaro found herself in after suffering a pons stroke at just 32-years-old. Trapped in her own body – known as locked-in syndrome – Brisa was given a less than 1% chance of returning to any kind of normal life.

But that just wasn’t acceptable to Brisa.

Brisa joins Continuum as our first guest to share her incredible story of perseverance. She tells of the surreal experience of figuring out she was “locked-in,” the moment when her doctors began to believe recovery was possible, and what made that unlikely recovery possible. Brisa then explains “No More Bad Days” and her desired destiny – the purpose for which she believes she survived – and what her future holds.

Brisa’s story is one that everyone needs to hear. No matter who you are, there’s something in it for you. May we all have no more bad days!
Sep 12, 201845:08


Get to know our hosts, Kyle and Jason, as they discuss the purpose of Continuum, what inspired the podcast, and what you can expect in the future.
Aug 31, 201805:22