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Conversations With Chan

Conversations With Chan

By Chandra "Chan" Gore

Conversations revolving around entrepreneurship, business tips and more. Featuring interviews with various guests who are seasoned and novice to entrepreneurship who will share their views, lessons learned, trials, failures and success.


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Conversation with Dr. Fadia Nordtveit Founder of

Conversations With ChanApr 05, 2023

Conversation with Dr. Fadia Nordtveit Founder of

Conversation with Dr. Fadia Nordtveit Founder of

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Fadia Nordtveit. She is the Founder of ⁠⁠, a consulting company that provides services based on a model of DEIB that she has created after years of research and prototyping in an academic and industry setting. Fadia created the Inclusive Business Model Canvas, a tool that helps businesses and organizations build an inclusive foundational structure. Fadia is also the producer of a public-access television show called Talking Out Of Line that highlights DEIB trailblazers from diverse industries. Fadia is an Assistant Professor of Communications at Springfield College and holds a part-time Faculty, Researcher, and Consultant position at New York University. Fadia is an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) administrator. Fadia has served in numerous Environment, Sustainability & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging committees in various universities and organizations. Talking Out Of Line website: Book Website:

Apr 05, 202317:54
Conversation with Screenwriter, Director, and Comedian Dahéli Hall
Mar 29, 202326:19
Conversation with Fashion Powerhouse Monique Obeze
Mar 22, 202321:35
Conversation with Attorney Keisha R. Perry Walker
Mar 15, 202328:43
Conversation with Mentor and Author Kevin Quattlebaum

Conversation with Mentor and Author Kevin Quattlebaum

Kevin Quattlebaum is an emerging author of urban novels, in which he captures the gritty, fast-paced, intriguing world of the precarious conditions that often characterize our inner cities. Kevin’s works vividly depict the temptations that come with living the ”street life”, whose allure of money and power masks the tragic consequences that can, and do, follow one’s ill-considered actions. A lifelong native of Washington, DC, Kevin eschewed the guidance of mentors and father figures who tried to guide him to greatness, falling prey at an early age, to the siren song of being “in the game”, with its easy luxuries and tantalizing perquisites.Yet, harsh reality soon overtook Kevin, as he made disastrously wrong turns, and found himself doing a long, hard decade of prison time. While serving his sentence, Kevin realized he had a flair and passion for writing. Out of his experiences behind bars and hustling in the drug trade, Kevin penned his popular first volume, DC Streets, a warning to today’s young people, born out of Kevin’s own turbulent odyssey through the underworld and the justice system. Following the positive impact of his debut novel, Kevin brought forth its sequel, DC Streets 2: The Next Generation, another unflinching, cautionary tale meant to encourage his readers to pursue their educations and develop their careers. Kevin’s creative vision is to steer our youth away from the path he chose, and reach a brighter, more superlative future for themselves.

Follow Kevin Quattlebaum on IG: Instagram @kevin_quattlebaum

Link to the free kindle version of the books: DC Streets & DC Streets 2: The Next Generation

Mar 08, 202301:04:08
Conversation with Chereda Miller of Miller Realty LLC
Mar 01, 202320:30
Words with Chan- Not Really the end but a to be continued....
Feb 28, 202305:32
Words with Chan - The Road to Me
Feb 28, 202305:07
Words with Chan - Mistakes and Lessons Learned
Feb 28, 202306:03
Words with Chan - A Special Thanks to H.
Feb 28, 202305:26
Words with Chan - Introduction
Feb 28, 202302:58
Conversation with Dr. Shemena Johnson
Aug 28, 202125:09
Conversation with Vladimir Adonis
Aug 21, 202116:38
Conversation with Quadesha Halevi

Conversation with Quadesha Halevi

I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Quadesha Halevi, Founder of Naked Body & Skin Care. This brand is the premier destination for natural feminine health and skincare products. Naked Body & Skin Care products are formulated with natural ingredients without any harsh chemicals. Founded by a former OB/GYN medical assistant, Q, Naked Body & Skin Care takes a natural approach to address skin and body concerns. Q was inspired to create effective, natural products that would work without toxic chemicals due to her personal skin problems.

Aug 14, 202118:59
Conversation with Maxim Azarov

Conversation with Maxim Azarov

Meet Maxim Azarov of Novkid 

In 2017 Maxim founded the online school Novakid together with his son’s English teacher Amy (Gawron) Krolevetska and his former colleague Dmitri Malin.

Novakid is a Series A startup ($6.5M raise) registered in the US, providing personalized English learning for children ages 4-12 around the world through AI- and VR-based digital platform.

Novakid is implementing personalized approach and top IT technologies to create a unique learning format that combines a highly-interactive digital curriculum with individual live tutor sessions where students & tutor only speak English for a 100% language immersion.

Its learning platform has digital-only curriculum, virtual 360 degrees tours, in-lesson games, creative homework tasks and other features driving young student engagement.

Novakid achievements:
Over 280,000 students from 42 countries served in 4 years, current number of active students is 52,000 which makes Novakid Europe’s number 1 ESL platform for kids.
More than 1,500 native speaker teachers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, as well as from other countries where English is used as the official language.
Revenue in 2020 – $8 million.

Aug 07, 202110:44
Conversation with Nathan Stooke

Conversation with Nathan Stooke

This engaging conversation with Nathan Stooke was an eye-opener. He found a lane and grew in it. 

In the last 17 years, Nathan Stooke went from programming PCs to building Wisper into a successful multi-million-dollar Internet service provider. With headquarters in Mascoutah, IL, Wisper now services Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. In 2018, the FCC announced that Wisper ISP won $220.3 million of federal funding in the FCC's rural broadband auction (The Connect America Fund Phase II). This money will be distributed to Wisper over a period of ten years. Wisper was one of 103 providers to win financial support from across the country. As CEO of Wisper, Nathan has provided high-speed Internet service to tens of thousands of happy customers; many in rural areas where previous service providers had been spotty or nonexistent. Stooke is a well-respected businessman in the St. Louis area; he was selected as a "Top 30 Under 30" by the St. Louis Business Journal and named on the list of the "Top 100 St. Louisans to Know" by the St. Louis Small Business Monthly. Wisper was named one of the Top 20 Small Businesses in 2014 and one of the 50 Fastest-Growing companies in St. Louis by St. Louis Small Business Monthly. Nathan credits his battle with Dyslexia, and his competitive nature gleaned from hours of intense training, which earned him a spot on the. U.S National Swim Team as his catalyst for success. His vision is to create standards in the wireless industry, establish Wisper as a household name, and continue to serve exceptional customers in rural and metropolitan communities. When not at the office, Stooke enjoys spending time with his wife and three children and you can often find him at the McKendree Rec Plex coaching a Seahawks Swim Team. He volunteers on the Wireless Internet Service Provider Association (WISPA) board and is a founding member of the Dyslexic Advantage, an educational, scientific and charitable organization that improves the lives of those with Dyslexia. Stooke attended high school (and currently resides) in O’Fallon, IL and received his undergraduate degree and his MBA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Jul 31, 202126:25
Conversation with Jamie King
Jul 24, 202115:50
Conversation with Kimberly McLemore

Conversation with Kimberly McLemore

Kimberly McLemore is the CEO/Founder of Women’s Small Business Initiative, LLC (WSBI, LLC), which she built on the foundation of family history in entrepreneurship, experience, values, and successes-driven work ethic and passion. Her drive for this initiative was to create a vault of resources and share her knowledge and expertise in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and marketing, mainly to women, (and some men), who desire to build their own small businesses by empowering them to be in the driver seat of their success and gain the maximum exposure they need to catapult their businesses and profitability. Kimberly has expanded this effort in creating a weekly Podcast show called ‘Your Resource For Success Podcast’ where she engages in discussion with guests helping them maximize their voices through becoming an author, a podcast show host, or create a small business. This national and internationally known platform has specifically served women in business and the business community for 5 years, interviewing over 200 guests for free, and helping them share their inspirations, challenges, success stories, and life experiences in becoming successful, sustainable business owners. She is well known for her ability to leave no stone unturned in making her show lively, boisterous, and memorable. The show airs weekly on Thursday's @ 7pm via iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, JioSaavn, Amazon Music, and YouTube, just to name a few.

Jul 17, 202130:22
Conversation with Katerina Sukhenko

Conversation with Katerina Sukhenko

Katerina Sukhenko, founder & CBDO at Postoplan, is an experienced marketer with 7 years of international experience across Europe, the USA & China piloting & analyzing marketing projects.   Few highlights of Katerina’s expertise: In 2020, she founded Postoplan - is an automated marketing platform to create and publish content in social media and messengers. Startup's mission is to help small businesses to work in social networks. For 14 months startup demonstrates +25% MoM revenue growth. Due to developed algorithms and developed content templates, the platform helps to generate 70% more traffic and subscribers in social networks. She launched a partnership program and recruited more than 10K clients across the world.

Jul 10, 202110:24
Conversation with William S. Matthews

Conversation with William S. Matthews

William S. Matthews is a modern-day renaissance man. With interests in philanthropy, event planning, real estate, and marketing, his unique blend of skills and characteristics makes for a powerful offering to his clientele, business associates, and community. In January of 2021, he released his third book, "Everything I Needed to Know About Corporate America," on succeeding in corporate America geared towards young professionals. Previously, Matthews has written guides to personal finance and event planning. A native of Houston, Texas, Matthews combines his insights and knowledge gleaned from over 10 years working with some of Houston's most important social, corporate, and non-profit institutions. Named one of Houston Business Journal 2019's 40 under 40 honorees, his work includes community outreach, project management, workshop felicitation, fundraising, and keynote speaking.    Beginning with the Houston Real Estate Association, where he managed more than 300 financial professional volunteers, Will quickly established himself as a leader in non-profit management through his work at Neighborhood Centers where he led efforts to bring together corporate entities to solve pressing social problems. In his most recent role with Central Houston, Inc., Matthews managed stakeholder relationships with Central Houston's 130+ corporate members and developed successful partnerships with companies such as Chevron, Shell, Comcast, Wells Fargo, Deloitte, Houston Rockets, Home Depot, United Airlines, Walmart, and others. Will Matthews is also a passionate community advocate and spends his time volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Greater Houston Partnership, as well as a host of other civic and social service clubs.


Jul 03, 202119:07
Conversation with Jazz Anderson
Jun 26, 202115:18
Conversation with BrianaRae
Jun 19, 202114:36
Conversation with Sharna (Ms. J) Jenkins

Conversation with Sharna (Ms. J) Jenkins

Sharna (Ms. J) Jenkins is a Harlem-born writer, director, and producer. She is a graduate of Laguardia High School of the Performing Arts in New York City's Lincoln Center. Her entire life has encompassed the beauty of the arts. Ms. J has studied opera, jazz, musical theater, and theater writing. She started her scriptwriting directly after high school, writing her first off-broadway play. Over fifteen years, Ms. J has written, directed, and produced several theatrical off-broadway productions, namely "Sleeping Generation," "Daddy's Girl," and "Like Me Love Me Love You." She has also worked with countless schools in the tri-state area and on Long Island bringing in her theatrical antibullying creative assembly. Her series, "Sister's Keeper," has garnered over 4 million views on Amazon Prime. Moreover, Ms. J has several screenplays, television scripts, and film shorts waiting to be unleased such as “Waiting” and “Desperate Decision.”

Jun 12, 202121:54
Conversation with Simone Miles
Jun 05, 202122:31
Conversation with Content Baby ATL Founder Candace “The Six Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield-Parker

Conversation with Content Baby ATL Founder Candace “The Six Figure Spa Chick” Holyfield-Parker

Candace Holyfield-Parker celebrated the grand opening of her “Content Baby ATL” facility , A content creation studio.  This venue will be used by entrepreneurs to host classes, events, interviews, conferences, seminars, meetings and to create high impact social media content (in 4 themed content rooms). She shares with me her reasons for working so hard and why she is so driven to provide a space for business owners to succeed and to get things done. 

May 22, 202106:52
Conversation with Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis
Feb 27, 202135:27
Conversation with Damon Nailer
Feb 20, 202128:26
Conversation with Moni Jefferson

Conversation with Moni Jefferson

Feb 13, 202135:01
Conversation with Author John Bennardo
Jan 29, 202119:54
Conversation with Angel Pretot - The French Coach
Jan 09, 202123:55
Conversation with Maleeka T. Hollaway
Jan 02, 202126:25
Conversation with Elizabeth Jennings
Dec 31, 202001:06:18
Conversation with Coco and Breezy

Conversation with Coco and Breezy

I chat with the talented and creative sisters -  Coco and Breezy.  We chat about their launch with Zenni Optical and their upcoming endeavours.  Learn more about  Coco and Breezy by visiting their website at  




Dec 29, 202016:39
Conversation with Kimberley Carruthers
Dec 19, 202036:09
Conversation with Nancey Harris and Tracy Green of Vontélle, LLC

Conversation with Nancey Harris and Tracy Green of Vontélle, LLC

During this conversation I chat with Nancey Harris and Tracy Green founders of the Startup eyewear manufacturer Vontélle, LLC. The eyewear line is a unique brand into the luxury eyewear space, offering awe-striking, ethnic patterns reflecting African, Caribbean, and Latin cultures.  

Dec 12, 202024:21
Conversation with JinJa Birkenbeuel
Dec 05, 202031:54
Conversation with Carol Thomas
Nov 28, 202021:01
Conversation with Girl Vow, Inc. Founder Dawn Rowe
Nov 21, 202020:08
Conversation with Ekiuwa Asemota of Your Queens, Inc
Nov 14, 202029:49
Conversation with Dr. Rachel Wilson
Oct 30, 202020:58
Conversation with Kristin Peoples
Oct 23, 202014:50
Conversation with KUDDA
Oct 16, 202017:04
Conversation with Taylor Elajas- Author, Network Owner and Influencer
Oct 10, 202016:16
Conversation with Averri Simone of Black Women Moguls
Oct 03, 202023:38
Conversation with Laura Fields - Senior Account Manager at Publicize
Sep 26, 202018:19
Conversations with Hip Hop Artist Count Klassy
Sep 19, 202020:23
Conversation with CEO and Founder of Eartha Watch Company - Emir Horton

Conversation with CEO and Founder of Eartha Watch Company - Emir Horton

I had the opportunity to chat with Emir Horton. He  is the Founder and CEO of Eartha Watch Company.  He is creating his own lane in the luxury watch industry. In this interview we discuss his inspiration and also his drive. 

About Emir: 

Emir Horton is the Founder and CEO of Eartha Watch Company. Raised in Philadelphia, Emir is no stranger to life's challenges. As a young man, his environment weighed on his confidence and caused him to question whether he would be able to fulfill his entrepreneurial dreams. Emir found hope as a student at Delaware State University. He graduated with a B.A. in Mass Communications and planned to move to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in acting and entertainment.

With more courage than connections, Emir quickly found himself in L.A. sitting on a curb with a bag of his belongings, a little more than a month's supply of cash, and nowhere to live. In that moment, he was reminded of the legacy attached to his name and the impact it would have if he stayed the course and kept moving forward toward his goals. However, it would take more than faith and ambition to fulfill the mandate of his life. Emir reevaluated his circumstances and realized he needed to be more strategic with the use of his time. The realization was the start of the idea to create a timepiece that represents transcending barriers and living up to one's full potential.

With a wealth of knowledge and the desire to provide a luxury product for today's thought leaders, innovators, and modern day visionaries, Eartha Watch Company was born. As the youngest Black man at 25 in the watch industry, Emir hopes to support the dreams of his fellow leaders and remind himself, and others, to be bold and reclaim the rich resource, time.

Visit to get yours today!

Follow Emir and Eartha Watch

Sep 14, 202017:50
Conversation with Master Business Strategist and Founder of MogulCon - Dr. Felicia Phillips
Sep 10, 202027:04
Conversations about Finance with Bianca St. John

Conversations about Finance with Bianca St. John

Had the opportunity to chat with Bianca St John about finances and more. This conversation was enlightening and also educational.  Having a discussion regarding finances can make or break your relationship.  Check out my candid conversation with Bianca as we discuss her business and also how finances play a part in successful relationships. 

More about Bianca St. John:

Bianca St. John brings more than a decade of experience in the field of helping people attain personal, financial, and business success. She’s living proof that all successes begin with a solid plan, and are sustained by the motivation to see them through. Her love for educating and supporting people through the processes of budgeting, financial planning, and business development motivated Bianca to create Gold Coin Financial & Business Development. As a young entrepreneur, her personal success was obtained through real world situations. Trail, some error, and a large dose of self-instruction, put her on a path that started in the beauty industry.
In the multi-faceted world of beauty she quickly learned how to establish and manage a flourishing business, its revenue, related taxes, and other expenditures. Simultaneously she built an impeccable reputation that eventually afforded her opportunities to travel the United States on self-negotiated contracts; contracts that set personal and industry precedents. 
Gold Coin Financial & Business Development, is poised to provide a variety of gold standard services to assist you in fulfilling your financial dreams.

Learn more about this amazing company by visiting

FB goldcoinfbd

Sep 07, 202029:23
Conversation with Founder of Self Talks With Me, Kiana Jordan - Walker
Sep 04, 202047:51
Conversation about Marketing with Cody May
Sep 02, 202016:06
Publicist Chat with Leah Frazier

Publicist Chat with Leah Frazier

I got the opportunity to chat with Leah Frazier after appearing on The Round Table Talk Show with Sharifah. 

She is absolutely cooler than a polar bear sleeping in a cooler. I admire her grind and her drive.  Check out our conversation as we laugh, share stories and chat about publicist tings. 

Leah Frazier is a 2-Time Emmy Award-Winning entrepreneur and was recognized as one of Dallas’ most successful women for 2015. She is a multi-licensed attorney turned fashion and marketing guru, who unapologetically left the practice of law to pursue her fashion ventures. Leah has built a multi-faceted empire as an award-winning fashion journalist, media personality, celebrity stylist, digital marketing expert, professor and in-demand fashion consultant to notable brands. Leah is the CEO and proud owner of Think Three Media – a creative marketing agency and much more.

Find more information about Leah at:

Hair: Braids by Vanna

Photography: Kauwuane Burton

Makeup:Zhara Bella Hair & Makeup Artistry

Fashions: The Fashion Den Dallas

Aug 31, 202036:48
Singer, Songwriter & Entrepreneur Keyondra Lockett
Aug 25, 202012:38
Conversation with E'ssential - Vocalist, Published Songwriter, CEO and Motivational Speaker

Conversation with E'ssential - Vocalist, Published Songwriter, CEO and Motivational Speaker

Take a listen as I chat with Elaine E'ssential about her new single Everyday Luv and more! 

She is a recording artist to be reckoned with! Her beautiful spirit mixed with smooth soulful harmonies are sure to please! Her expressively emotional delivery & touching testimony has shaped her in to an awe inspiring Soul Empowerment Music recording songstress, compelling published songwriter(BMI), & powerful motivational speaker, that ignites all she comes in contact with!! Born Elaine Joplin, into a continuing bloodline of musicians, including world renown Ragtime Music creator, Scott Joplin! Her humble beginnings began as a little girl in church, then continued throughout her years. To date she has been blessed to open for Anthony Hamilton, Mc Lyte, Fred Hammond, Jill Scott, Karen Clarke-Sheard, LL Cool J, Mary Mary, Dawkins & Dawkins, Trinitee 5:7 and the list continues on...E’ssential has graced many venues both great & small, such as Summerfest, Bastille Days to name a few. She is an active Ceo, Songwriter & Vocal Producer of her very own record label, E'ssential Music Entertainment. Her catalog includes Executive Producing "E'ssential Soul Christmas Vol. 1 & 2” Multiple UK chart topping singles, "So Fly", "Zero Pursuit" & her most current release "Win-Win"!! E’ssential’s first solo album entitled, "I'm Ready Now" featured toe-tapping Soul Empowerment grooves such as "High Self Esteem", “My Testimony" , "Don't Take It Personal", "Timeless", most of which contribute to her international success to date! Her highly anticipated EP, "LuvLiveLife" debuts 2020

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram

Learn more about her by visiting

Aug 23, 202026:31
Interview with Shia Joyner, founder of Zen and Boujee, RYT, Medical Esthetician, Reiki Healer & Culture Consultant

Interview with Shia Joyner, founder of Zen and Boujee, RYT, Medical Esthetician, Reiki Healer & Culture Consultant

In this episode I chat with Shia Joyner, founder of Zen and Boujee, RYT, Medical Esthetician, Reiki Healer & Culture Consultant

Shia Joyner's pursuit of empowerment for the "new now womxn" has guided her through every incarnation of her career as an RYT, Medical Esthetician, Reiki Healer, and Culture Consultant.  Shia is an entrepreneur with a passion for coaching "womxn" to manifest their dreams by sharing simple and gentle ways that inspire them to love, heal, and nurture their body by being fully engaged in the power they embody.

She is the founder of  The Zen & Boujee movement—and purposefully-themed Self Love Goddess Box—were created to heal the soul of the multi-cultural new now woman.  Each box is curated with 5-7 beauty items and wellness swag to include 1 featured item made or sourced from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) or W/MBEs.  Additional items include herbal immunity blends, beauty powder masks, organic teas, aromatherapy, essential oils, feminine care, books, candles, bath and body wash, spirit tools, CBD and wellness supplements (age verified during the check-out process), hair/skin/beauty, and premium crystals.  To ensure this signature box is accessible to its intended audience, it ships worldwide and has an optional weekly payment option through Sezzle.  Proceeds from each box with be donated to women in underserved communities.

Find out more about this movement and this phenomenal woman - 


Facebook -
Pinterest -
Twitter -

Aug 17, 202025:09
Goals - Quick Conversation to Get you Started

Goals - Quick Conversation to Get you Started

Unsure on where to start with your goals? Here are some steps to get you started. 

1. What results are you seeking for your goals

2. When writing your Goals down follow the SMART Method: 

Specific - Be specific in your goal setting.  Measurable -  Create goals that have measurable goal is one that is based on some sort of metric. Attainable. -  Be realistic when you are creating your goal. Be sure that the it is attainable . Relevant -  Create relevant goals that will help you progress to your success.  Time-bound -  Set a time as a guide not as a drop dead date unless it is an application or date that is set by an outside source.  

3. Create an action plan that includes tasks for you to complete. 

4. Remember to be Realistic when creating Timelines to complete your goals.  

5. Reevaluate once you have completed some of your goals or failed. This will help you to understand and learn. 

6. Document your lessons learned. 

I hope that these tips have been helpful. 

Aug 16, 202004:13
Interview with Entrepreneur and Artist Call Me Ace
Aug 05, 202027:50
Jilea Hemmings Founder of Stretchy Hair Care
Jul 31, 202031:38
Branding Versus Advertising

Branding Versus Advertising

Understand the differences in Branding and Advertising.
Jul 15, 202003:33
Alannah Vincent of Co-Founder of Dine and Design
Jul 06, 202006:44
Sista Chat Live Hosts - Sydney and Ame
Jul 04, 202005:23
Ayanna Henderson - Founder of Ayanna Beauty
Jul 03, 202016:27
Media Powerhouse - Sharifah Hardie
Jul 02, 202034:15
Ernest Jackson of MNS Media Group for Full Figured Fashion Week
Jun 25, 202011:41
HGTV’s Flip or Flop Steve Cederquist
Jun 18, 202011:56
MIT's 1st Black Student Body President Danielle Geathers

MIT's 1st Black Student Body President Danielle Geathers

What an honor - MIT’s first Black woman student body president in the school’s 159-year history joins me on this episode of Conversations with Chan. Learn how she was able to secure her historic position in two weeks. 

About Danielle 

Danielle Geathers is a 2022 studying Course 2A with a concentration in product design. She was raised in Miami, FL and is a resident of New House. Outside of the UA, Danielle is a member of the Black Student’s Union and enjoys archival research. She has watched all 478 episodes of Law & Order SVU.

Jun 11, 202013:02
Angela Ray - Actress, Speaker, Author and Coach

Angela Ray - Actress, Speaker, Author and Coach

On this episode of Conversations with Chan we chat with Angela Ray she is an  Actress, Speaker, Author and Coach. 

Preorder her new book - Megastar Student Leadership

About Angela: 

Angela Ray is an award winning speaker, actress, and author. Her film and television credits include Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor, One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, and Louis, where she played the role of Louis Armstrong’s mother. She is the author of the books Rays of Motivation™, Blackberry Whispers, Rehearsing for the Leading Role: Lessons I Learned as an Actress That Can Help You Become a Megastar Student Leader, and contributing author to the anthologies, Gumbo for the Soul and Delta Girls: Stories of Sisterhood.

Acting Coaching visit | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube -  For bookings: 1-855-38-SHINE

Jun 07, 202030:09
Candidate for Duval County Judge Rhonda Peoples-Waters
Jun 05, 202012:20
YouTube - Does your business need one?
May 28, 202003:36
Brand Ambassador for Our Glass Clothing
May 08, 202003:10
Conversation with OWN Networks™ Ready to Love star Courtney Larisa and Husband Terrance

Conversation with OWN Networks™ Ready to Love star Courtney Larisa and Husband Terrance

As a Guest Correspondent with Women for the Culture I chatted with OWN Networks™  Ready to Love star Courtney Larisa and New Husband Terrance. During this conversation - Both Courtney Larisa and Terrance gave 5 Great Tips on How to Keep New Love Strong during the pandemic. 

Apr 23, 202014:37
Partnerships and Teams - 3 keys to being successful

Partnerships and Teams - 3 keys to being successful

Creating Partnerships and Teams - We cannot do it all so we have to find others to be able to do so. 

My 3 keys to achieving success are:

1. Knowledge Base 

2. Level of Dedication

3. Integrity 

Mar 05, 202004:59
Have you checked your Business Foundation?

Have you checked your Business Foundation?

We all start our businesses with great intentions. But how often are you checking your foundation? How often are you revisiting your ideas and your business structure? 

Feb 27, 202005:37
What Makes a Great Publicist?

What Makes a Great Publicist?

Are you confused on what makes a great publicist? In this episode I give a couple of points that I believe makes a great publicist. 

Feb 20, 202004:41
Becoming Media Ready

Becoming Media Ready

You want to become media ready, you have hired a consultant - Now begins the journey. 

Get ready to work. 

Feb 13, 202008:11
Conversation about Gifting Suites

Conversation about Gifting Suites

On this Episode of Conversations with Chan I am speaking about the Five reasons why celebrity gifting suites are a major part of brand promotion.

Customer Base Increase

Marketing Cost Effectiveness

Brand Philanthropy 

Leg up on your peers  your market

Instant Brand Recognition

Schedule your session with me at

Feb 06, 202007:38
Intro and Invitation to Conversations with Chan

Intro and Invitation to Conversations with Chan

Welcome to Conversations with Chan - this is a biweekly podcast that will showcase tips for business as well as interviews with other entrepreneurs  who will share their insight on the entrepreneurial journey. 

Jan 30, 202000:31