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Conversations with the Real Em Gee

Conversations with the Real Em Gee

By Em Gee

Conversations with the Real Em Gee is a podcast to inspire entrepreneurs to expand their business through expanding their thinking.

Tune in while Em Gee pulls back the curtain on her mind blowing strategies for both inner world work and external game-changing business tools. Every second episode will have a incredible guest speaker to share their secrets to success too.

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It's not goodbye, it's see you soon!

Conversations with the Real Em GeeDec 08, 2022

It's not goodbye, it's see you soon!
Dec 08, 202211:43
Your part time job is NOT a burden on your business!
Nov 28, 202218:06
Styling for Success in Business - with Lacey Savell
Nov 21, 202231:13
How to Have Difficult Conversations - an interview with award winning mediator Lisanne Iriks
Nov 14, 202245:29
The app that could change your business - with ClearBizSystem App Creator Jayde Guest
Nov 07, 202237:29
Unexpected LIVE Personal Breakthroughs with Dominique Fletcher - Women's Nurturing Coach
Oct 31, 202241:27
Simplify your SELLING
Oct 24, 202217:40
Simplify your SOCIALS
Oct 17, 202219:30
Simplify your GROWTH
Oct 10, 202214:28
Simplify your PLANNING
Oct 03, 202217:52
Carving out TIME for your business
Sep 26, 202221:07
Emma's Insights into Results Driven Data
Sep 16, 202222:20
Business + Vibrators + Tradies with Unstoppable Cara
Sep 14, 202234:56
Amanda - The Unstoppable Hypnotherapist
Sep 12, 202221:60
How I manage my energy before, during and after a BIG LAUNCH
Sep 06, 202219:28
Being Vulnerable in Business with Stylist Jessie Jolly
Aug 30, 202243:17
Stop Doing What Everyone Else Is Doing
Aug 23, 202222:09
Samantha Bright Shares - Getting Results Using Social Media Ads
Aug 16, 202236:08
Social Media - Where do I focus my energy?
Aug 09, 202224:15
Carmen Braidwood - Camera Confidence
Aug 02, 202236:50
Creating INSANELY Effective Group Coaching Programs
Jul 26, 202216:53
Teacher turned Entrepreneur - How Kelly Bell experimented her way to success through low cost offers
Jul 19, 202245:53
Privilege Guilt is Boring

Privilege Guilt is Boring

If you've ever felt icky after being told to 'check your privilege' - listen to this episode.

After attending a seminar with Kemi Nekvapil in Uluru last weekend, I finally found the words to describe how I've felt over the last 2 years when I've been gaslit due to my 'privilege' for sharing my views on the pandemic.

Privilege is real and it holds power, but what if we can use the privilege as a RESPONSIBILITY to act powerfully and positively?

What if doing so can actually give MORE people rights and privileges?

This episode is not about business, but it is about being TRUE to who you BE and taking ownership. It is about using your platform - regardless of your type of business- to change the world.

Jul 05, 202211:51
The Sporadic Soft Launch
Jun 28, 202213:22
Creating an online course - YES you can
Jun 21, 202213:33
Making Marketing EASY & Soulful with Hayley Osborne

Making Marketing EASY & Soulful with Hayley Osborne!!! I took so many notes and will be implementing what Hayley shared in my own business.

Over 15 years of marketing some of the worlds biggest brands, Hayley knows what works. Now her passion is showing entrepreneurs how to make marketing easy and aligned.

In this episode we talk about:

🔥how to make marketing EASY with FREE strategies

🔥making the transition from side hustle to full time entrepreneur

🔥being aligned in your marketing strategy

🔥using storytelling to make sales

🔥porcupines (yes, you'll have to listen to find out what this is about!)

Go connect with Hayley on her Instagram here.

AND Check out her website here.

Jun 14, 202243:42
How taking off your 'People Pleaser' Badge will change your business with Lesa Blackham
Jun 07, 202244:59
There's no such thing as an overnight success
Jun 03, 202210:23
The Line Between Magnetism and Manipulation with Sharon Joy
May 31, 202254:07
Creating a VIP Day as your next HOT offer
May 27, 202208:48
Mani Gen Vibes with Sophie May
May 24, 202243:24
The Systems You Need in Place to NAIL your launch - With Laura Vucic
May 18, 202234:30
Behind The Scenes in my Biz
May 10, 202216:30
Starting up a Membership with Lauren Mcleod
May 03, 202241:42
The transition from teaching to running a business with Kirsty Gibbs
Apr 26, 202238:19
Darien's Unstoppable Journey to FIVE TIMES her income!
Mar 29, 202237:01
Making Uncomfortable Decisions as you Grow in Business
Mar 15, 202218:47
The Do's and Don'ts of Selling in DMs
Mar 08, 202214:49
 Simplifying my Business to AMPLIFY results
Mar 01, 202219:45
Why I share my COVID views on my business platform
Feb 22, 202222:09
What 4 Days of Silence Taught Me About Business
Feb 15, 202227:19
My First 6 Figure Launch!
Feb 08, 202229:01
Do's and DONT's going into a business partnership - with Rachael Louise Byrne
Feb 01, 202238:37
My Unstoppable 7 Figure Business Plan
Jan 18, 202220:18
What to do when someone wants to 'pick your brain'?
Jan 13, 202205:14
Creating and Planning Content that Converts with Maddison from Boho Social
Jan 11, 202239:04
Have FUN in your biz in 2022
Jan 07, 202207:01
How I became a bestselling author within 16 hours of publishing!

How I became a bestselling author within 16 hours of publishing!

A whole new style of podcast for 2022 AND all the juicy secrets behind the scenes of becoming a bestselling author. YES PLEASE.

Buy my bestselling book here!

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Want more from Em Gee? Subscribe to my email list here. Find me on Instagram here, join my free Facebook group here and check out my website here.

Jan 05, 202221:38
Ep.18 Why 2021 was the year you needed (even if you don't think so... yet)
Dec 21, 202118:50
Ep.17 Walking Away From a Million Dollar Business Into Unscripted Alignment with Alex Unscripted
Dec 14, 202136:01