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Core Concept

Core Concept

By B.A. Gonczarek

Exploration of living ideas that profoundly impact us, yet sometimes go overlooked
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Digital Visual Literacy

Core ConceptJul 26, 2023

Digital Visual Literacy
Jul 26, 202329:37
Empowering students with technology

Empowering students with technology

A conversation with Michelle Williams, the ignitED teacher about technology adoption in schools and how digital devices in the classroom are essential to close achievement gaps. In our 30-minute conversation, we discussed:

- Why technology shouldn't be seen as a distraction, but rather a necessity
- What the benefit of putting students into their teacher's shoes are
- How Michelle succeeds in getting the devices she needed for students
- And what suggestions Michelle has for teachers who have so far avoided technology

Jan 11, 202233:40
Visual Storytelling in Health Literacy

Visual Storytelling in Health Literacy

During this in-depth conversation with Dr. David Grew, a radiologist and physician, we explore how the innovative art of visual storytelling can support communication between medical professionals and their patients.

Watch our conversation on YouTube to see all of the core concepts illustrated visually as we talk.

Jun 11, 202127:41
The science of visual storytelling
Oct 19, 201936:26
The nature of digital image
Oct 10, 201931:13
Digitally supported creativity
Oct 02, 201931:25