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Correct Me If I'm Wrong

Correct Me If I'm Wrong

By Correct Me If I'm Wrong

A few friends getting the conversation started by sharing opinions on controversial and "hot button" topics. As the name implies, we implore you to send in corrections and your own opinions on the topics we cover.

Make sure to visit our Discord Community to take part in the conversations!
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Correct Me #14: Investigating the Paranormal

Correct Me If I'm WrongJun 01, 2023

Correct Me #14: Investigating the Paranormal
Jun 01, 202301:19:14
Correct Me #13: More Cancel Culture
May 01, 202301:22:05
Correct Me #12: Online Dating

Correct Me #12: Online Dating

Kristin Blair officially joins the team as we discuss online dating sites and our experiences with the online scene as elder millennials.

Have you got a story to share with us? Email us at AMA@CMIIW.NET or head over to to find all of our links.

New episodes out the 1st of the month.

Apr 01, 202301:18:06
Correct Me #11: O'Hare's Secret Bathroom

Correct Me #11: O'Hare's Secret Bathroom

We're back from a long break to kick things off again. We're talking about our time away, what happened on the Rust set, Dave Chappelle's pending TERF status, and the secret bathroom at O'Hare. 

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Oct 30, 202101:52:51
Correct Me #10: WTF Happened?
Sep 08, 202102:05:00
Correct Me #9: Cancel Culture
Nov 20, 202001:57:15
Correct Me #8: To Dope or Not To Dope
Oct 26, 202002:05:19
Correct Me #7: Gun Control
Oct 26, 202002:07:54
Correct Me #6: Religion
Sep 27, 202002:06:29
Correct Me #5: Climate Change
Sep 09, 202001:44:59
Correct Me #4: Immigration
Aug 25, 202001:40:23
Correct Me #3: Artificial Intelligence
Aug 11, 202001:46:12
Correct Me #2: Death Penalty
Jul 28, 202001:41:18
Correct Me #1: Reductive Identity
Jul 14, 202001:30:51