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By BlulLightningCos

All on cosplay news, convention coverage, nerdy bits and bytes. Plus a look inside the lives of various content creators!
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Otakon 2023

CosplayBytesAug 28, 2023

Otakon 2023

Otakon 2023

We're almost there! I got to reunite with the wonderful Phalafel Cosplays in this episode. Mostly talking about both her time at Otakon this past July alongside my time at FanExpo Boston earlier this month. We talk about her cosplays she wore including Tears of the Kingdom's Ganondorf which was certainly a comfortable cosplay to wear aside from the dreaded sandals and concrete floors. We also touch on how different versions of imposter syndrome affect us, content creation plans, Zelda spoilers, and other games we've been playing. Hope you all enjoy this episode :D

Aug 28, 202350:59
ConnectiCon 2023

ConnectiCon 2023

I want to start by apologizing for the audio issues on my end. I got confused thinking my mic was getting picked up. I didn't fix it until way later. Thankfully my guests Mink the Satyr and Dannylion did a WHOLE LOT of talking as they discussed their time at CT Con last weekend. In addition, we touch upon the ongoing WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes. There's really not much else to say so I'll let Mink and Dany do all the talking. The good news, is that i figured it out and now know what to do for future episodes. I was just concerned about potential echo in my voice/doubling up :O.

Aug 04, 202301:41:07
Catching Up with EmrisCoscept
Jun 21, 202301:56:48
Anya Braddock & Networking as a Creator
May 08, 202301:07:10
PAX East & Anime Boston with Spectra
Apr 18, 202301:33:37
PAX East 2023
Mar 31, 202301:53:16
Katsucon 2023 & WaifuExpo with k8Sarkissian
Mar 10, 202301:22:02
2023 Hopes & Plans

2023 Hopes & Plans

2023 has arrived and I wanted to share my goals for this year as far as the show goes in addition to my content creating efforts! This also marks a debut in dual streaming live on Twitch to give me even more ways to create for that platform. While short, I wanted to kick off this "Road to 100 Episodes" initiative since I'm confident this is the year I'll reach it. Wanting to collaborate with some insanely talented/well known creators is one of many goals I hope to reach. I truly do love podcasting and do air out some worries I have with the ever so present scheduling difficulties that come with this hobby. I also lay out my streaming plans as far as new games I'll be playing over the next 6 months or so :O. PLUS, get hyped for PAX East since I officially am set to attend with the hotel being booked and everything else that comes with it. As always, thank you guys so much for listening. I really want to make 2023 special for CosplayBytes

Feb 09, 202322:23
HolMat 2022 & Looking Back
Dec 31, 202201:08:22
PAX Australia & Crunchyroll Expo
Oct 24, 202201:59:07
TwitchCon Amsterdam + PortCon
Sep 03, 202201:35:13
Starner Cosplay
Aug 19, 202201:20:53
PAX East 2022 Pt. 2 + ConnectiCon
Jul 25, 202201:18:39
Fanime + Anime Expo 2022
Jul 15, 202201:39:21
Cosplay: A History
Jun 29, 202201:29:12
MegaCon 2022
Jun 13, 202244:38
PAX East 2022 Pt. 1
May 02, 202201:15:20
PAX East 2022: Midge Scully & Hyperchai Interview

PAX East 2022: Midge Scully & Hyperchai Interview

My Interview with Midge Scully & Hyperchai at PAX East 2022!

Apr 25, 202209:18
PAX East 2022: Legend of Larcy & Mink the Satyr Interview

PAX East 2022: Legend of Larcy & Mink the Satyr Interview

My Interview with Legend of Larcy & Mink the Satyr at PAX East 2022!

Apr 25, 202216:15
Creative Burnout with Twitch
Apr 06, 202243:32
Katsucon 2022
Mar 28, 202255:52
Looking Back + Ahead
Feb 27, 202201:53:58
Emris Coscept
Feb 13, 202202:29:42
Jan 28, 202201:44:42
Kayjora Cosplay
Jan 23, 202201:10:46
Jan 21, 202201:49:07
Dec 19, 202101:07:51
Ecchi Expo + ColossalCon 2021
Nov 23, 202101:01:13
DC FanDome 2021
Oct 18, 202125:58
What's New With: Phalafel Cosplay
Oct 11, 202154:01
V-Tuber's: A Cosplay Extension
Sep 25, 202101:31:16
State of Cosplay III
Sep 19, 202120:42
Alice Pika
Jul 23, 202101:16:02
PAX East Online 2021
Jul 20, 202131:08
PAX East Online 2021: Geek Therapeutics
Jul 15, 202154:05
Luck of the Lion Cosplay
Jul 09, 202101:25:39
Jessilyn Cupcake
Jul 04, 202147:33
What's New with Intraventus: Body Painting Adventure
Jun 21, 202148:55
What's New with Zach Fischer
Jun 14, 202102:26:08
What's New with Krissy Victory
May 25, 202101:05:01
Online Anonymity with Holly Wolf
Apr 08, 202144:19
State of Cosplay II
Apr 04, 202117:40
Newcomers to Conventions and Cosplay
Feb 01, 202101:18:02
Midge Scully
Jan 26, 202152:30
Kim McAndrew + InPlainSight
Dec 07, 202057:50
What's New With: Mink the Satyr
Nov 30, 202001:01:30
Kia Sangria
Nov 20, 202046:56
NYCC's Metaverse
Oct 12, 202020:35
Maru + Full Time Content Creation
Sep 30, 202001:17:14
PAX Online 2020
Sep 20, 202030:46