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Country Road Detours

Country Road Detours

By Roadmap Bob

Podcasting from the Front Porch of the South. This conversational interview show is a favorite among people in the East Tennessee region. We like to find interesting stories that give a little history of the good old days of the past. Some of the stories will even stir a little motivation in your soul from people who have made a historical difference in our surrounding area. During the Covid-19 period we have slowed down a bit. But we will be picking up very soon as things start to loosen up. Please check back with us frequently. We enjoy having you.
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102: Ross Bagwell Sr. & Adina Chumley

Country Road DetoursSep 15, 2019

302: The Anderson Hotel

302: The Anderson Hotel

Country Road Detours visits the infamous haunted hotel in Lawrenceburg Ketucky. The Anderson Hotel has been known for it’s violent past and to this day is still violent to visitors who dare tour the creepy rooms.

Paranormal investigator Jeff Waldrid gives you a tour of what really goes on behind the closed doors of this spooky place.

WARNING: Suicide matters discussed

Oct 31, 202320:36
301: Remembering Big Jim Hess

301: Remembering Big Jim Hess

Listen in as we learn about one of the greatest salesman in East Tennessee with a host of talents that made him a huge celebrity in Knoxville, TN. Remembering Jim Hess with guest host Bradley Reeves and Fred Hess. 

Feb 13, 202248:09
202: Randy Tyree, The World's Fair Mayor

202: Randy Tyree, The World's Fair Mayor

Randy Tyree was born in Carthage, Tennessee, in 1940. Son of a tobacco farmer and the local high school football star. After graduating at 18 he left home to work for the FBI in Washington DC for 4 years. He became a police officer in Knoxville and later became police commissioner.

He was the city's youngest candidate ever to hold the office of mayor, defeating Republican incumbent Kyle Testerman. He was re-elected to a second four-year term, and presided over the city during the 1982 World's Fair.

Tyree unsuccessfully sought to again become mayor in the 1987 election.

Apr 09, 202043:01
201: The Bowl Brothers Reunion

201: The Bowl Brothers Reunion

Voice of the Vols Bob Kesling, Former WATE-TV News Anchor Gene Patterson and WVLT-TV News Anchor/Managing Editor Ted Hall were once the legendary Bowl Brothers. Like the famous Blues Brothers, they too had a mission. Not to get the band back together but to follow the University of Tennessee football team to every bowl game they played in. The Bowl Brothers were a hit in every bowl game city they visited. They often ran into famous coaches like Jimmy Johnson and Johnny Majors. Now for the first time since their glory days, they reunite on Country Road Detours to swap stories never told before. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Bob Kesling ask for support for The United Way -

Ted Hall - The Dream Connection-

Gene Patterson - Children's Museum of Oak Ridge -

Jan 01, 202053:33
106: Christmas Special: Lum & Abner hosted by Donnie Pitchford

106: Christmas Special: Lum & Abner hosted by Donnie Pitchford

In this is special episode of Country Road Detours, we wanted to take you back in time to an old time radio show hosted by our special guest host and friend.... Donnie Pitchford.  Pitchford, a retired high school teacher, cartoonist and founder of the National Lum and Abner Society introduces us to the Lum and Abner radio show which ran from 1931 to 1954. Today you will hear their famous Christmas show originally aired in 1938.

Chester Lauck played Lum Edwards and Abner Peabody, played by Norris Goff are owners and operators of Pine Ridge, Arkansas' own "Jot 'em Down Store." It was a general store which served the zany town residences. The immensely popular show ran for fifteen minutes and took the listeners back to the feeling of a rural America. The Andy Griffith Show was based on Lum and Abner.

We hope you enjoy this episode and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dec 24, 201919:31
105: Life and Times of Beada Corum

105: Life and Times of Beada Corum

You may remember her as the 92 year old lady from Knoxville who made the national headlines when she voted for the first time in her life in the 2016 Presidential Election. Beada Corum became an overnight news sensation as she was very vocal about her choice for president. Donald Trump was so impressed that she chose him that he had to meet her. He did in both in Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee. But that is just one side of Beada Corum. Listening to Beada talk about life on the farm and growing up during the hard times is an education in itself to understanding how life was in East Tennessee for many folks. She share's a lot of humorous moments too. She went drag racing down Tazewell Pike with her cousin, discovered a "Horney Head" fish in a creek, assisted her husband who encountered snakes in the outhouse! She shares what Christmas was like in 1930's. Her folks took her to see an unknown Dolly Parton performing as a little girl in her coat of many colors. Please join us as we listen to Beada's last interview before she passed 4 weeks later. This interview was recorded March 22, 2018.
Dec 16, 201936:50
104: Bill Williams & Ken Schwall
Dec 01, 201945:02
103: Bradley Reeves' Time Machine
Oct 01, 201948:21
102: Ross Bagwell Sr. & Adina Chumley

102: Ross Bagwell Sr. & Adina Chumley

Ross Bagwell Sr. is former associate producer with NBC Television Network. He. is known for his work as Chairman and CEO of Bagwell Communications, Inc./Cinetel Productions, which was the largest independent cable network program production company in the United States in the early 1990s, with contracts to produce over 3,500 television shows across seven national cable networks - The Discovery Channel, Arts & Entertainment, Nickelodeon, The Learning Channel, ESPN, The Travel Channel, and The Nashville Network. He also gained notoriety working with iconic singing cowboy actors Roy Rogers and Gene Autry for a number of years throughout his career. Adina Chumley is a news journalist who co anchored with Carl Williams on the Morning News program at NBC affiliate, WBIR-TV in Knoxville, Tennessee several years ago.
Sep 15, 201943:15
101: Bill Landry & "Big" Jim Haslam
Jul 27, 201943:10