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Craig Walker

Craig Walker

By Craig Walker & Challenge Media

The latest from Craig Walker.
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For Auld Lang Syne

Craig WalkerApr 13, 2021

For Auld Lang Syne

For Auld Lang Syne

Craig had a song stuck in his head and needed to do what he could to stop thinking about it, so he wrote some thoughts on the classic Robert Burns poem and folk traditional song, “Auld Lang Syne.” Other topics Craig covers in this letter include the New Year holiday, Christmas, nostalgia as a sentiment and Nostalgia™ as a prescription drug, Owen Wilson and the completely ridiculous and over-the-top fantastic Michael Bay popcorn movie classic, Armageddon, and William Shakespeare.

Apr 13, 202124:47
"Small Moves"

"Small Moves"

Craig does his best to explain what he hopes his new newsletter will eventually become and he revisits the foundations of the internet itself and relates the development of email to help with the metaphor. He further touches on the narcissism of “outrage culture”, the Yoruba people’s trickster God, Eshu, objectivity vs. subjectivity, the Atlanta hip-hop duo known as Tag Team, intellectual curiosity, Mark Twain, accepting personal challenges, and even the 1997 science fiction drama film, Contact, starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey.

Apr 09, 202128:33
In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...

While this is merely an introduction, the first episode, the inaugural, the commencement, the launch, the kickoff, the maiden voyage, I thank you for downloading and listening. I know you don't have to and I know that it's easy to skip passed podcasts, especially of names you don't recognize or things you don’t need to care about and, to you that are here, I sincerely appreciate you taking some of your time to try to discover something new and get to know me and get to know the show.

Apr 09, 202107:54