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The Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Bridgette Rooks

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Bridgette Rooks

By Bridgette Rooks

Your Mindset is EVERYTHING! I struggled for years until I realized that nothing would change about me or my business until I made up my MIND to change. I Needed a Mindset Makeover!

My mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their dream of entrepreneurship into a lifestyle. Entrepreneurship is not only a journey. It’s about adjusting your mindset. And being open to learning new habits and routines that will allow you to manage this lifestyle. Making your mindset a priority will guarantee the personal growth you need to develop a business that makes money doing what you love.
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S8E3 - I Hate to Tell You but...You Get OUT What You Put IN.

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Bridgette RooksFeb 08, 2022

S10E1 - Fifty & Thriving: Unleashing the Better Me - The 75 Day Challenge Begins!

S10E1 - Fifty & Thriving: Unleashing the Better Me - The 75 Day Challenge Begins!

May 29, 202312:28
S9E10 - Mastering the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Preparation for an Epic Business Launch
May 16, 202315:02
S9E9 - Do You Have Enough Discipline to Withstand the Journey. 5 Mindset Hacks
Oct 25, 202222:24
S9E8 - 5 Mindset Hacks for Growth while Patiently Waiting for Your Blessings.
Oct 18, 202216:56
S9E67 - The Process is Painful But The Blessings are Worth It!
Oct 05, 202216:34
S9E6 - Why YES. You DO need a Website to Run Your Business. Right?!
Sep 27, 202219:33
S9E5 - So You're ready to DO Social Media? Best Practices for aspiring entrepreneurs who are NEW to Social.
Sep 13, 202218:22
S9E4 - Day Yes and Do That Big Scary Thing!
Aug 23, 202211:14
S9E3 - Create Content that Brings You Joy!
Aug 16, 202216:51
S9E2 - Lessons in Slowing Down | Keeping Life Simple
Aug 09, 202220:25
S9E1 - I'm Back & It's Time to WIN!!
Aug 01, 202213:24
S8E5 - BYOB has an Entirely NEW Meaning
Feb 22, 202221:03
S8E4 - Make Time or Lose Time
Feb 15, 202221:05
S8E3 - I Hate to Tell You but...You Get OUT What You Put IN.
Feb 08, 202217:57
S8E2 - Yep, I'm That Weirdo Taking a Selfie. Five Tips for Content Creation on the Go.
Feb 01, 202216:37
S8E1 - Create Your Own Lane & Stay in it!
Jan 25, 202212:23
S7E26 - 2021 End of the Year Recap
Jan 01, 202227:33
S7E25 - Podcastmas | Believing In Your Greatness
Dec 25, 202111:19
S7E24 Podcastmas - Believing in Miracles
Dec 24, 202113:11
S7E23 - PodcastMas | Believe in the NEW YOU!
Dec 23, 202112:49
S7E22 PodcastMas | Believing in what you don't know
Dec 22, 202117:15
S7E21 - PodcastMas | Believing in the Silence
Dec 21, 202119:46
S7E20 - PodcastMas | Believe and Commit
Dec 20, 202119:21
S7E19 - PodcastMas | Believe in the Direction Life is Taking You
Dec 19, 202116:58
S7E18 - PodcastMas| Believe & Find Your Peace
Dec 18, 202115:33
S7E17 - PodcastMas | Believe in being Rare

S7E17 - PodcastMas | Believe in being Rare

So has anyone ever said something to you like you are special or you are rare? Or maybe they say there are not a lot of people like you or people who think as you do? This is something that people used to say to me all the time. If you have received this similar compliment, I want you to embrace it. This episode is all about Believing in your Capacity to do more. Click the link and share with a friend & Tune in! Make sure to subscribe to this podcast! Grab your Free guide with the 7 Step Formula for Manifesting your Dreams  Entrepreneurship is more than a journey, it's a lifestyle. It's time to stop making excuses and BE THE CEO of YOUR LIFE!
Dec 17, 202116:34
S7E16 - PodcastMas |Believing in your Capacity to Do More.
Dec 16, 202113:59
S7E15 PodcastMas | Believing in Your Niche
Dec 15, 202115:23
S7E14 - PodcastMas Day 14 - Believing in the Prework
Dec 14, 202116:13
S7E13 - PodcastMas | Believe in Emotional Control
Dec 13, 202113:31
S7E12 - PodcastMas | Believe in Your Future
Dec 12, 202114:24
S7E11 - PodcastMas | Believing in Technology
Dec 11, 202114:52
S7E10 - PodcastMas | Believe and Keep it Simple
Dec 10, 202118:15
S7 E9 - PodcastMas | Believe in the Imperfect Blessing
Dec 09, 202114:46
S7E8 - PodcastMas | Believing in the Unexpected
Dec 08, 202111:15
S7E7 - PodcastMas | Believing In where you are.
Dec 07, 202111:53
S7E6 - Podcastmas | Believing in SYNCED, Say Yes Not Can't Every Day!
Dec 06, 202112:01
S7E5 - PodcastMas | Recognize where you are!
Dec 05, 202111:03
S7 E4 - PodcastMas | Believing in Your Gifts!
Dec 04, 202112:12
S7 E3 - PodcastMas | Believing in Change
Dec 03, 202109:12
S7E2 - PodcastMas | Believing in Your BIG idea!
Dec 02, 202111:18
S7E1 - PodcastMas | Believing in the Process
Dec 01, 202111:07
S6 E5 - Let's celebrate International Podcast Day and power of using your voice.
Sep 30, 202114:24
S6E4- 5 Things Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Do to Stay Focused While Organizing Your Visions
Jul 20, 202121:59
S6E3 - Set Goals that Allow You to Manifest Your Dreams in 7 Steps
Jul 09, 202126:15
S6E2 - Turn Procrastination into Productivity!
Jul 01, 202123:41
S6 E1 - You are the Medicine for their Pain. Tips for Identifying Who and How you Can Help.
Jun 15, 202117:28
S5 E10 - Shift, Pivot & Fly. Even After 40.
Mar 09, 202126:25
S5 E9 - Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. 5 tips for preparing to launch your business idea
Mar 02, 202116:03
S5 E8: Follow Your Purpose & Toss Your One-way Ticket to Nevergonnachangeland
Feb 22, 202120:23
S5 E7: Make Room for Your Vision to Grow & Building your Brand
Feb 15, 202127:37
S5 E6 - I'm Sorry but, You Are READY! Take that Step Today!
Feb 07, 202119:38
S5 E5 - Dig Deep & Identify Your Greatness the Keys For Manifesting your Dreams
Feb 01, 202123:53
S5 E4 - Having Structure is Key - 6 Quick Reminders
Jan 26, 202122:29
S5 E3: How to Get Focused & Manage the Things You Can Control
Jan 17, 202125:14
S5 E2 - 5 Mindset Best Practices for Dealing with Sacrifices and Growth
Jan 12, 202127:22
S5 E1 - The First 5 Steps You MUST take to Manifest your Dreams
Jan 02, 202117:51
S4 E10 - Reflect and Recap for Growth in the future.
Dec 08, 202027:29
S4 E9 - Setting Goals and Getting the Results in 30 Days
Dec 01, 202019:10
S4 E8 - Cre8te a Routine that Wins: 8 Things to Focus on Monthly
Nov 24, 202019:28
S4 - E7 How to Develop & Implement a Cre8tive Mindset During the "Journey"
Nov 16, 202020:18
S4 - E6 Are you Prepared to Enter the Room? Get Ready the Best is Yet to Come!
Nov 10, 202018:24
S4 - E5 Get over your Bad Behavior Because Your Results Reflect Your Investment.
Sep 11, 202021:40
S4-E4 - Be Clear : Understand Your Idea and How you Can Help Others.
Sep 08, 202018:32
S4 - E3: Don't Quit! 3 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable and Stay Committed!
Sep 04, 202021:54
S4 | EP2 -Keep it Simple- Even When it's Really Hard

S4 | EP2 -Keep it Simple- Even When it's Really Hard

So when I started my business and I hastily quit my job close to 9 years ago. I never thought that one simple decision would unleash a whirlwind of change in my life. I honestly thought it would be super easy to quit my job and find something part-time that would allow me to work on my business That was not the case. Check out this week's episode and learn how to implement these 5 Simple Steps that will make things simple even when it's hard. Take a listen!

Get Ready and Start your Mindset Makeover today! It's time to stop making excuses and Be the CEO of your Life today!

Aug 25, 202023:24
S4 | E1 - How I Got My PhD in Denim. Boy Was I Committed!

S4 | E1 - How I Got My PhD in Denim. Boy Was I Committed!

It's time to kick off Season 4 of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle Podcast. Being committed means I’m all in. Even if I make mistakes, or something doesn’t quite work I will continue to keep seeking ways to improve and make things better the next time. There are a few ways that you can take action for your life and your business and I want to make sure that you have this ahead of time because there's always time to change.  

I've included  FOUR Mindset Makeover Tips that you can implement now, in order to commit to your dream and learn to say yes more often. 

Take a Listen!

Get Ready and Start your Mindset Makeover today! It's time to stop making excuses and Be the CEO of your Life today!

Aug 19, 202021:06
S3 E 10 - It's Time to Live In Your Dream Life!
Jul 23, 202019:39
S3 EP 9 - The 6th Step is Believe! Are you ready to Manifest your Dreams?
Jul 08, 202020:38
S3 E8 - Recognize, Evaluate & Celebrate Your Success No Matter Where You Are in the Process!
Jul 01, 202025:03
S3 E7 - 4 Step Process To Challenge Yourself to Say Yes, Even When it's Scary
Jun 27, 202012:49
S3 E6: 5 Ways to Embrace the Process and Learn to be Patient - Time to Exhale!
Jun 21, 202021:40
S3 E5: When Insanity Hits You Have Permission to Hit Back

S3 E5: When Insanity Hits You Have Permission to Hit Back

This episode is about the insanity. Insanity is Step 2 of the 7 Step Formula for Manifesting your Dreams. Trust me if you're feeling a little bit under attack while building your business... don't worry you are right where you're supposed to be. This week's episode will provide a little clarity and I guarantee it is just what you need. Take a listen!
Jun 16, 202019:45
S3 E4: Is Your Epiphany Doable or Snoozeable? How to Identify and Take Action
Jun 10, 202015:28
The Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Bridgette Rooks Join me on my journey!

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle with Bridgette Rooks Join me on my journey!

Join Bridgette Rooks, the CEO of Creative Vibes each week as she shares tips and tools for aspiring entrepreneurs. My mission is to remove the frustration of being creative so aspiring entrepreneurs can focus on building the business they dreamed of.
Jun 10, 202000:48
S3 E3: 4 Life Changing Morning Habits You Must Start Today
Jun 09, 202016:34
S3 E2: The Secret to Manifesting Your Dreams is Answered in These 7 Steps
Jun 03, 202034:04
S3 E1: How & Why I Changed My Journey Into a Lifestyle.

S3 E1: How & Why I Changed My Journey Into a Lifestyle.

This is the perfect time for me to introduce myself. My name is Bridgette Rooks the CEO of Cre8tive Vibes. Entrepreneurship is not a journey it is a lifestyle. And too many people are doing it wrong and I have to admit used to be guilty too. Take a listen. Join us in the Cre8tive Vibes Studios today for Brand Development Training and assistance building your business.

Jun 01, 202009:52