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Think Feminist is a podcast series that explains fundamental concepts of feminism. Throughout this series, we look at feminism through many lenses: as an ideology or a set of beliefs, as an analytic framework to understand societal problems, and as a social change strategy to overcome them!
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S01E01: 'Power' ft Lisa VeneKlasen and Aruna Rao

Think FeministSep 14, 2022

S01EP06: 'Leadership' ft Arundhati Sridhar and Ramyata Limbu
Oct 19, 202227:47
S01E05: 'Organizations' ft Joanne Sandler and Tejinder Singh Bhogal
Oct 13, 202226:36
S01EP04: 'Movements' ft Jasmeen Patheja and Vandana Mahajan

S01EP04: 'Movements' ft Jasmeen Patheja and Vandana Mahajan

The fourth episode of Think Feminist looks at movements and the important role they play in feminist activism. Author of 'All About Movements' and your host Srilatha Batliwala explains what movements are, how they are built, how they work, and how they create change. Joining her are gender equality practitioner Vandana Mahajan, and Blank Noise founder Jasmeen Patheja, who share stories of Indian feminist movements from 'Meet to Sleep' to the Dalit women led newspaper 'Khabhar Lahariya'.

Vandana Mahajan is an independent gender equality practitioner based in Delhi, India. She has been a part of the Indian Women's movement over a period of 25-30 years.

Jasmeen Patheja is an artist in public service. Jasmeen builds ideas for public and collective action. She designs and facilitates methodologies committed to ending violence against women, girls and all persons. She is the founder and facilitator of Blank Noise, a growing community of Action Sheroes, Heroes, Theyroes; citizens and persons, taking agency to end sexual and gender based violence.

Podcast Production: CREA and Sonologue
Music: Icelandic Arpeggios by DivKid

Read the full episode transcript here!

Oct 03, 202226:16
S01EP03: 'Feminism' ft Farah Ghuznavi and Subha Wijesiriwardena
Sep 26, 202226:28
S01EP02: 'Patriarchy' ft Lavanya Mehra and Tasaffy Hossain
Sep 19, 202230:05
S01E01: 'Power' ft Lisa VeneKlasen and Aruna Rao

S01E01: 'Power' ft Lisa VeneKlasen and Aruna Rao

Host Srilatha Batliwala, Senior Advisor at CREA and author of All About Power, kicks off Episode 01 of 'Think Feminist' with a deep dive into the concept of Power. How do you analyze power structures, and the different kinds of power we have access to as individuals and societies?

Together with Lisa VeneKlasen from Just Associates (JASS) and Aruna Rao from Gender at Work, Srilatha explains how understanding power is the start of a feminist perspective of the world.

Lisa VeneKlasen is an American activist, educator, strategist and organization-builder. Lisa is also the Founding Executive Director of JASS (Just Associates). Lisa has over 30 years of experience in social justice and women's rights organizations and in movement building. Her work talks about how power operates in different forms.

Aruna Rao is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Gender at Work, an international feminist knowledge network that works to end discrimination against women and build cultures of inclusion. Aruna is an expert in the field of gender and development with over 30 years of experience in pioneering new approaches to gender and institutional change. Her work focuses on analyzing how intangible power structures operate in organizations.

Podcast Production: CREA and Sonologue
Music: Icelandic Arpeggios by DivKid

Read the full episode transcript here

Sep 14, 202226:22
Think Feminist - Trailer
Jul 06, 202201:45