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The Creative Coping Podcast

The Creative Coping Podcast

By Johnny Anomaly

Through candid conversations, Johnny Anomaly and his guests discuss the catalysts for their creativity. Hear the compelling stories of individuals who have honed in on their craft and are helping others along the way.
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Multitasking In Slow Motion with Josh Mozug

The Creative Coping Podcast Feb 26, 2019

Analyzing "The Laws of Creativity" with Joey Cofone

Analyzing "The Laws of Creativity" with Joey Cofone

Joey Cofone is the founder & CEO of Baronfig, an award-winning Designer, and now author of the #1 best-seller, "The Laws of Creativity". On this episode we discuss the acts of creative rebellion, publishing works of imperfection, and what got us excited about being creative in the first place.   To purchase "The Laws of Creativity", visit  Follow the Host: Facebook: Instagram:  Twitter: 
Dec 09, 202240:46
The Formula for Failure
Nov 27, 202206:19
Of Procrastination and Preoccupation
Nov 05, 202208:18
Collecting Rare Pearls From the Sea of Affliction
Nov 02, 202207:21
The Power of Imagination (Taking Intrusive Thoughts Captive)
Oct 28, 202206:24
Boredom - A Key To Your Creativity
Oct 24, 202205:58
We're All Just Doodling
Oct 21, 202208:15
On Being Displaced and Growing Where We’re Planted
Oct 18, 202217:35
"Purpose In The Paths We Take" with Larry Hyatt
Jun 08, 202145:08
"It's Not Too Late to Start" with John P. Weiss
Aug 25, 202033:52
Perseverance of a Poet with Allan (Sacred Hiku)

Perseverance of a Poet with Allan (Sacred Hiku)

S6 E9: Perseverance of a Poet with Allan (Sacred Hiku)
Jul 29, 202024:36
Smiles & Cries with Jason O'Steen

Smiles & Cries with Jason O'Steen

During his freshman year in high school, with a borrowed video camera from his grandparents, and a backpack full of VHS tapes, Jason O’Steen set out to document the day. Since then, he has recorded a plethora of footage and on this weeks episode he shares what keeps him driven to create and how a scene from the movie “Training Day” inspired his new podcast, Smiles & Cries.
Jun 24, 202033:13
Suffering in Silence: Life with H.S.
May 24, 202007:09
Words for the Wise with DeShaun Williams
May 07, 202034:51
Staying Motivated Through the Mundane with Jordan Prettybad
Apr 28, 202042:53
The Artist, The Office, The Inklings
Apr 22, 202018:24
Living With Your Grief Monster
Apr 14, 202030:52
Death, Thou Shalt Die
Apr 07, 202011:24
I'm Still Here
Mar 31, 202012:41
Leaving Behind A Legacy with Stu Babin
Nov 08, 201951:41
The Pressures of a Panic Attack with Jacob Doney
Oct 30, 201901:06:31
Tattoo Therapy with Jacob Doney
Oct 25, 201916:26
Experiencing Lights & Motion with Christoffer Franzén

Experiencing Lights & Motion with Christoffer Franzén

Christoffer Franzén is a Swedish film composer known for his work under Lights & Motion. His music has been featured in movies on the small and big screen alike including his latest endeavor - scoring the upcoming film “Sea Fever”. Contact us at
Oct 15, 201940:40
Embracing Fear & Taking Direction with Brandon Stouff

Embracing Fear & Taking Direction with Brandon Stouff

Independent filmmaker Brandon Stouff returns as my guest this week to talk about his short film “The Inheritance” - a story of estranged siblings who come together through a family’s tragedy, shot in its entirety in Slidell, Louisiana. We talk about the 48 Hour Film Festival, the collaborative process behind making such a project work with a last minute directorial change and his newly published IMDb page.
Oct 09, 201913:32
A Scarecrow's Rebirth with Aidan Feaster

A Scarecrow's Rebirth with Aidan Feaster

Coping creatively comes in various forms and for my latest guest Aidan Feaster it’s through fronting a horror core rap group called Scarecrow that he really expresses himself artistically. This is well-fitting for one of my favorite times of the year. Let’s keep it creepy!
Oct 02, 201919:37
Giving Vision A Name with Micah Kimber

Giving Vision A Name with Micah Kimber

Micah Kimber joins me on this weeks episode to talk about the importance of not only having a creative outlet but having the passion to pursue it, and how Batman’s origin story inspired one of his poems. Stay tuned after the episode to hear Micah’s poem, “Create”.
Sep 25, 201943:35
Poetry, Painting, & Podcasting with Susan Mulder
Sep 18, 201939:47
Creative Synergy with John MacLeod & Emily Rose Galvin

Creative Synergy with John MacLeod & Emily Rose Galvin

Within a few weeks of being introduced to each other, guitarist John MacLeod and poet Emily Joy Galvin quickly realized that there was something special about their collaborative effort to perform together live back in January. John’s guitar arrangements accompanied the soft-spoken poetry of Emily so well that they decided to work under the name, Rose & Cloud. The duo has already released their debut EP, “It’s Only Thursday” and in this episode we break down each song/poem to give you all a glimpse of the creative process. Follow Rose & Cloud on Social Media:
Sep 10, 201901:07:51
Faithfulness in the Struggle with Jamey Bennett

Faithfulness in the Struggle with Jamey Bennett

Jamey Bennett aka Chunjay is the self-proclaimed, “worlds okayest rapper” from the group Royal Ruckus. Recently he has released a brand new EP titled “Unexpected Joy” and is the host of the Brews, Beards, and Shipwrecks podcast.

In this episode Jamey gives deep insight behind some of his lyrics, his passion for music, and his involvement in The Samson Society - a community of men who are serious about authenticity, humility, and recovery.

From experience, Jamey shares that grief is not a problem to be solved as much as it is an experience to be tended.
Sep 03, 201901:08:54
Surviving The Snap (My Superpower)

Surviving The Snap (My Superpower)

Bonus: Surviving The Snap (My Superpower)
Jun 26, 201908:14
Life From My Point of Vue
Jun 24, 201919:41
A Writer's Premonition with Jessica Harper
Jun 11, 201952:22
Rock 97.7 Interview with Mike St. John
Jun 07, 201906:52
Making Plans & Taking Chances with Brett Weller
Jun 04, 201947:33
Cutting Ties & Fleeing Toxic Relationships

Cutting Ties & Fleeing Toxic Relationships

I’m at a point in my life where I am tired of getting stabbed in the back with the same shards of broken trust from the same people who refuse to change. I simply don’t have time for unnecessary drama anymore. So to the things that I can control, I’m changing it for the better. I am devoted to being a better husband, father, and friend to those who need me. For some relationships, I grieved over the loss of, to others I’ve celebrated and in this episode, I’m finally talking about it.
May 29, 201915:54
Innovative Renovations with Brett Harig

Innovative Renovations with Brett Harig

Brett Harig is the owner of Harig Renovations in North Carolina and aside from his business ventures, he published his first book, "As You're Going". In this episode, we talk about that publishing process as well as having our priorities in line when it comes to our families.
May 22, 201928:01
Building A Creative Portfolio with Christopher Cizek

Building A Creative Portfolio with Christopher Cizek

Christopher Cizek takes on several creative roles including photographer, freelance filmmaker, and co-host of Uncomfortably Yours, a podcasts with his fiance', Courtney. Be sure to stay tuned after the show to hear Chris' heartfelt poem, "Theron Bud Yonkin in Retrospect".
May 14, 201934:01
Monday Motivation (Tell Your Story)

Monday Motivation (Tell Your Story)

Let's play a game...of podcast tag. In response to Youngman Brown over at Your Creative Push Podcast, I am releasing this bonus episode to hopefully ignite something within you to share your story right now. Straight from the show notes of Youngman, he states, "We are going explore the fact that your story doesn’t have to reach a completion for you to start sharing it. You simply have to share what’s inside of you. The closer you can get to that message, the better it will be…not necessarily in quality, but in the weight that it carries for you and for others." Of course it wouldn't be tag if I didn't choose anyone else so I am tagging Calvin and Josh at let god die Podcast to keep this train rolling. Share on!
May 13, 201912:02
When Misery Becomes Ministry with Josh Stone
May 07, 201945:60
A Lesson In Reconciliation with Josh Sanchez
Apr 30, 201932:44
The Practicality of Podcasting with Brandon Queen
Apr 23, 201928:29
Life After Loss with Kelly Farley
Apr 16, 201951:00
Creative Coaching with Sam Allen
Apr 09, 201930:49
We Tell Stories with Joel Mckerrow
Apr 02, 201938:51
This Is Gonna Hurt with J. Gordon Duncan
Mar 08, 201947:37
The Defense Mechanism of an Alter Ego with Pat Stereo
Mar 05, 201931:41
Nothing Is Wasted with Josh Mozug

Nothing Is Wasted with Josh Mozug

Josh Mozug shares advice from a time when he realized that with God nothing is wasted and everything that we go through can be used for His glory.
Mar 01, 201909:48
Multitasking In Slow Motion with Josh Mozug
Feb 26, 201946:35
Dare To Be Different with Nevaeh LeBoeuf

Dare To Be Different with Nevaeh LeBoeuf

Nevaeh LeBoeuf is my oldest daughter and very special guest this week. At nine years old she has big dreams and an even bigger heart. She is an aspiring singer, musician, and actress who involuntarily stands out due to a port wine stain birthmark on her face but she has some encouraging advice for those who, like her, may feel left out sometimes. To quote her major influence Taylor Swift, "If you are lucky enough to be different, don't ever change."
Feb 08, 201924:40
Behind The Lens with Brandon Stouff

Behind The Lens with Brandon Stouff

Brandon Stouff is an independent filmmaker and photographer from Houma with a degree in Cinematography. We talk movies, creative differences in collaborations, and the "orchestrated chaos" that goes on behind the scenes, on set of production. Whether it's commercials, music videos, or short films, Brandon enjoys the process of creating a great story through the camera.
Feb 01, 201938:50