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Creative Mind - with Bobby Brill

Creative Mind - with Bobby Brill

By Creative Mind

Get inside the Creative Mind with candid conversations from working artists and creative institutions from all over the world. Regardless of where you are in your career or if you are just interested in the world of art and design, the Creative Mind podcast brings you fresh stroies and insights each week. Creative Mind is hosted by Bobby Brill.
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Community Architecture with Sameena Sitabkhan - Creative Mind

Creative Mind - with Bobby BrillSep 23, 2020

The Murals at Parkmerced - Interview with Fred Knapp - Maximus Real Estate Partners

The Murals at Parkmerced - Interview with Fred Knapp - Maximus Real Estate Partners

Take a listen and get into the world of the client in our talk with Fred Knapp of Maximus Real Estate Partners as we talk about the development of the murals at Parkmerced, painted by the students of Academy of Art.

Fred Knapp drives the strategy and execution for Maximus’ operations. He joined the company in 2019, and brings considerable restructuring, asset-management, and organizational improvement capabilities honed over a 30-year long career in real estate. Fred's strong customer service orientation is instrumental in the creation of an Active Service Culture across our portfolio.

Prior to Maximus, Fred was the Executive Director of Related Hudson Yards. In this position, Fred was the operational leader responsible for managing 1,000 employees serving the new $20 billion New York City neighborhood. His responsibilities in this role included P&L financial management, organizational construct, security, general management, operations, and technology infrastructure. Fred also served as Interim President of Related Management Company, where he implemented restructuring and organizational improvements for the 2,000-person company overseeing 52,000 residential units and 10 MM SF of commercial space.

Mar 02, 202232:36
Writing a Graphic Novel - Screenwriters Sam Voutas & Eric Flanagan
Feb 17, 202246:18
VIDEO - Writing a Graphic Novel - Screenwriters Sam Voutas & Eric Flanagan

VIDEO - Writing a Graphic Novel - Screenwriters Sam Voutas & Eric Flanagan

Go behind the scenes of the 10-year journey to create the graphic novel - White Faced Lies - as it went from the spark of an idea to the Sundance Writers Lab to now available on Kindle and Amazon.

Book Synopsis - In China, local companies hire white (but not necessarily qualified) Americans to lend them credibility. Cons such as these, known as "face jobs", are instances in which Chinese companies hire foreigners to pose as professionals to lend credibility during meetings, press conferences, and other events where "face" is paramount. When veteran "face-jobber" Stanley hires a new assistant who thinks Stanley is his long-lost father, Stanley attempts to pull off the con of a lifetime by pretending to be his assistant's dad. A darkly humorous critique of the post-truth world that explores questions of race, systemic fraud, and personal greed, "White Faced Lies" is ultimately about how easily lies become truth.

Check out the book here -

Feb 16, 202251:53
We All Need Safety - Photographer Violetta Gonzalez

We All Need Safety - Photographer Violetta Gonzalez

Violetta Gonzalez is based out of San Francisco, California, and fell in love with photography 6 years ago playing in the darkroom at the City College of San Francisco. She found that photography was the most efficient way to explore & share stories of all the diverse beauty she explores. With her BFA from the Academy of Art University, she uses photography as a tool to capture social-political issues that target the social norm all the while capturing its true beauty & essence of every subject matter. In expanding her portfolio & traveling to other cities that also experience similar social issues, she hopes to educate you through her lens while bringing you a new point of view.

Her project, We All Need Safety, explores the world of cam models and sex workers from the inside and is fascinating look into modern sexuality in our technological age.

You can view her work here -

Feb 09, 202201:03:33
Industrial Designer & Inventor - Mark Garcia
Feb 02, 202201:20:14
Illustrator and Art Evangelist - Forest Stearns

Illustrator and Art Evangelist - Forest Stearns

Forest Stearns is the Principal Artist at DRAWEVERYWHERE where he produces uniques artworks and leads collaborations connecting artists and institutions. He has a passion for founding Artist in Residence programs that connect art, science, and technology. Currently, he is the Creative Innovation Consultant and Artist in Residence co-founder at Google Quantum AI  in Santa Barbara Ca.

Collaboration with artists is a huge part of Stearns’ creative adventure. As an art director, producer, facilitator, and public speaker. Always leaning in to bring other artists into unique situations to share creative permission in the common conversation.

Stearns is an academically trained prolific illustrator, an arts educator, creative facilitator, and community builder. Also an engaged father and supportive partner. Earning a very technical Masters of Fine Art in Illustration in 2010 and a more conceptual BFA for Painting in 2005. This Academic achievement is matched by an empirical practice of daily art-making.

An avid illustrator for over 20 years. Forest Stearns has been creating illuminated drawings and hand-lettered scripts on every surface available from art gallery walls to spaceships, there is nothing the artist won’t draw upon. His artistic portfolio radically spans media and substrate from endless sketchbooks of organic characters, laser-etched drawings covering hundreds of satellites that orbit the Earth, art on Quantum Computers, and giant murals on surfaces ranging from buildings, radomes, and rocket ships.

Jan 26, 202201:22:55
The First Lady of Sales - Dr. Cindy McGovern

The First Lady of Sales - Dr. Cindy McGovern

Top-rated speaker, best-selling author, and consultant Dr. Cindy is on a mission to empower people and companies to get what they want … through sales! Yep, “sales,” that icky word that makes people cringe.

How did she learn to embrace that dreaded activity? After years of consulting companies and helping them grow their business, she had an epiphany: every job really is a sales job.  And every person is a salesperson.

Throughout her career as a college professor, a salesperson, and a consultant, Dr. Cindy realized that people can get more of what they want in work AND in life by using the skills of sales professionals.

She is in fact a doctor – although not the medical kind! – with her master’s in Communication and doctorate in Organizational Communication with an Emphasis in Organizational Leadership and Ethics. Today she focuses on bringing companies and people together to grow their businesses and get what they want in life and in work. Because, believe it or not: you were born with sales skills, and Dr. Cindy wants to help you embrace your inner salesperson to get what you want and deserve.

And it’s not tough, she uses a simple five-step formula that’s easy to remember, easy to stick to, and easy to achieve. But it’s so revolutionary that once she redefines the concept of sales, the world will need a new word for it!

Want to find out her secrets? Easy–she’s written a book about them! It’s called Every Job is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work, released in September 2019 by McGraw Hill Professional.

You can find out more about Dr. Cindy here -

And of course check out more Creative Mind on our blog, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

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Jan 19, 202248:42
How to Write a Children's Book with Editor Taylor Norman

How to Write a Children's Book with Editor Taylor Norman

“A good picture book should be able to be read by anybody,” says Taylor Norman, editor at Chronicle Books in San Francisco and our guest on the podcast this week. As an editor it is Taylor’s job to find the right manuscript and shepherd it through the process from acquisition to print. No small feat as creating picture books is a multimillion-dollar industry creating memories that last a lifetime.

Getting you book in front of a publisher like Taylor requires you as the author/illustrator to become immersed in the field. This is not a quick output, or one-off idea to try. The work you create can fill libraries and enter the world of “literature”. Talking to parents is the first step if you think you have a good idea. “I think as a parent, you want the right book for the right moment at all of your moments. And there's tons of melodrama in one day in a kid's life. And ideally, the picture books that get published address those types of moments in a kid's life,” Taylor says. As far as the books she is looking, “I'm interested in books that have a purpose because they're authentic and they tell a true story that a kid will respond to.”

Dec 29, 202101:32:53
What is Toy Design? - Creative Director Reis O'Brien
Dec 22, 202101:10:55
Understanding Mid-century Modern Design with Zachary Calev
Dec 15, 202157:39
Fine Art Photographer - Shahzad Bhiwandiwala

Fine Art Photographer - Shahzad Bhiwandiwala

#CreativeMindPodcast #FineArtPhotography #Photography

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In this special episode, we walk through some of Shahzad Bhiwandiwala's favorite images and he explains how his career progressed and what he is working on now.  Shahzad Bhiwandiwala is a fine art fashion and portrait photographer from Mumbai currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA. After a brief stint in the corporate world of Human Resources, he decided to make a career out of his passion for photography. He is an alumnus of the Eddie Adams Workshop Batch XXXIII, a first-place Advertising-Fashion awardee at the International Photography Awards, CA Award winner, a Phase One Certified Professional, and a professor in the photography department at San Jose State University.  You can view his beautiful work on his website

Dec 10, 202121:20
Industrial Designer & Furniture Designer - Zachary Calev

Industrial Designer & Furniture Designer - Zachary Calev

Zachary Calev is the founder of Fluxco Design. As a professional sculptor with an Industrial Design degree in Transportation Design, Zach has carried forth his skills in surfacing and volume experimentation in the automotive world to furniture. Just as important is the ability to fluidly evolve an idea from a two-dimensional sketch to the third dimension of a usable product, is an attention to detail so that no screw, joinery, or tie go unnoticed.  You can find more of Zach's work here - And of course check out more Creative Mind on our blog, Instagram, and YouTube pages. Got a question? Let us know!

Dec 08, 202149:40
Fine Art Painter - Judy Klich

Fine Art Painter - Judy Klich

Judy’s process incorporates painting, drawing, collage, and photograph transfers creating an unexpected spontaneous flow of energy and endless possibilities. “I use a torch to heat each layer and manipulate the wax. Unexpected things always happen when you are working with hot wax and fire.  I learned to let go of the critical inner voice when something goes in a different direction and just embrace it.” says Klich.  

Judy captures beauty in her paintings by showing details and scenery often missed by our busy lifestyles.  Her work juxtaposes nature and geometry and displays the connection between the two.  It reflects her need for balance by contrasting elements and creating harmony at the same time.  There is excitement and joy along with a peaceful presence in her work. The beeswax adds a surreal quality of softness and translucency that complements the textural, organic elements.   

Judy has a BS in Interior Design from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and an MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and is represented by Paul LeQuire and Company in Nashville, TN, River Gallery, Chattanooga, TN, Lark, and Key Gallery, Charlotte, NC and The Studio Gallery in Grayton Beach, FL.  She has also participated in multiple juried shows since 2009 including Harding Academy Art Show, Brentwood Academy, and Lipscomb Academy art shows. She paints and teaches encaustic and watercolor in her home studio.  

You can view her stunning work here -

Dec 01, 202134:33
Photographer, Drone Pilot & Fine Artist - KC Knoop
Nov 10, 202134:30
Fine Art and Commercial Photographer - Shahzad Bhiwandiwala
Nov 03, 202101:02:05
Art and Activism - Content Producer Ephraim Colbert
Oct 27, 202158:05
What is a Documentary?
Oct 13, 202130:44
What is a Low Budget Film?
Oct 06, 202130:41
Hispanic Artists and Designers

Hispanic Artists and Designers

Sep 29, 202101:06:58
World Building - Richelle Cowan
Sep 22, 202159:05
What is a Creative? - A Look into the Business of Art

What is a Creative? - A Look into the Business of Art

“Creative is an interesting profession because it's a little bit like singing in the shower. Everybody thinks they can sing because they have a voice in the same way that everybody thinks that they're a chef because they have a mouth and everybody thinks they're a graphic designer because they have eyes,” says creative director and former podcast guest Jonathan Deiss. He goes on to point out about the idea of being a creative is hard for some to grasp. “The truth is it's a profession where the professional ethos and the things you learn as a professional are not immediately obvious to a person looking in from the outside.” So, what is a creative then? How do you explain what you do? Can you?

On this episode, we get some great advice from Funko creative director Reis O'Brien, illustrator and concept artist Jeremy Saliba, Virtual production VFX artist Charmaine Chan, and stop motion artist Aaron Guadamuz.

And of course check out more Creative Mind on our blog, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Got a question? Let us know!

Sep 21, 202122:13
Funko Creative Director - Reis O'Brien
Sep 01, 202101:12:02
Fine Art Painter - Rodney Thompson

Fine Art Painter - Rodney Thompson

From the artist - My current series is an exploration of the challenges people can experience with mental health and how the world continues to operate around individuals despite their struggle. Like many, I have experienced my own relationship with depression and anxiety throughout my lifetime. Yet, we often fail to recognize it culturally. The figures I paint have their heads wreathed in fire and are placed in scenes where their obvious condition goes unnoticed. I began this series depicting my own personal battles with severe depression, though it resonates with others’ experiences as well.

I use either oil paint or charcoal when creating my pieces. With oil I’m able to create a thick and heavy impasto texture to insinuate the movement of flame. The heavy texture also shows the weight of the flame that is consuming the individual, while simultaneously creating an aesthetically pleasing surface. My work is based in realism but leans toward surrealism by exposing our unconsciousness.

“A Path of Destruction” depicts an individual walking through a high desert with his head engulfed in flame. He is disoriented and unaware of the pillar of smoke behind him and the fire covering his head. Even though he is on fire he is continuing down his path. My intent is to show the many experiences we have with the debilitating effects of depression, as well as our potential resiliency to withstand being in the fire. My hope is to create advocacy for mental health awareness through my work.

Check out Rodney's work here -

And of course check out more Creative Mind on our blog, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

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Aug 19, 202145:06
Fine Art Painter - Caroline Baca-Vecchio
Aug 04, 202154:17
VFX & 3D Animation at StudioX - with Catherine Tate & Sasha Korellis

VFX & 3D Animation at StudioX - with Catherine Tate & Sasha Korellis

Sign up for the free webinar and StudioX tour with the link below. This is open to anyone interested in the VFX industry, you don't need to be a student!


At the School of Animation & Visual Effects, you will have unique opportunities to interact and collaborate with professionals in the animation industry. For example, there’s “StudioX”—a student-run, faculty-mentored experience that emulates a real-world animation and VFX production environment. Students work with real clients, on real films and games, with real deadlines-and real problems to solve. The “X” in Studio X stands for the valuable eXperience students gain as they prepare for animation careers.

Cathrine Tate 

Catherine has been a VFX Supervisor and/or compositor on over sixty feature films and shorts, including Academy Award-nominated features, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Theeb. She also was the onset and post-production VFX Supervisor on Fruitvale Station, directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed, Marvel’s Black Panther.) Fruitvale Station also won the audience and grand jury awards at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013. Catherine worked at Industrial Light and Magic for ten years as a compositor and worked on dozens of projects, including “Star Wars,” and “Men in Black.” She also worked at other noted companies including Framestore, London, and Esc Entertainment.

Sasha Korellis

Sasha Korellis is currently a Production Coordinator in the Academy of Art University’s School of Animation. She is also currently Executive Producer and Head of Content Development for Girl Friday Productions. Previously, she has worked for such companies as Leap Frog Enterprises, There TV, Wild Brain, Carl’s Fine Films, and NVIDIA. She holds a BA in Film & Video with concentrations in producing and editing from Columbia College.

Click here to watch the interview with more behind the scenes and making-of footage.

Check out more about the programs below -

Jul 14, 202156:35
Emmy-winning Director and Stop Motion Artist - Jamie Caliri

Emmy-winning Director and Stop Motion Artist - Jamie Caliri

Jamie Caliri is a director whose recent animated films have garnered an Emmy and three Annie awards, among others. Caliri’s short works include the sweeping end titles for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, the theatrically released spots for KCRW Los Angeles, and animated spots for United Airlines.

Jumping between animation to live action, Jamie took on music videos in the late ’90s including Marcy Playground’s “Sex and Candy” and Morphine’s “Early to Bed”, which earned a Grammy nomination for best music video.

After 21 years of professionally directing commercials, music videos, and title sequences, Jamie is now concentrating his efforts on shooting broadcast and feature animation projects with Dragonframe software, for which he is creative director.

Jul 07, 202101:03:56
John "Harv" Harvatine - Crossing Swords, Robot Chicken & Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
Jun 30, 202155:45
Two Distant Strangers Producer - Mike Shafia
Jun 23, 202156:47
Video Game Environment Artist Panel
Jun 16, 202148:41
Angie Anett - Live Event Motion Designer
Jun 09, 202146:27
Senior Recruiter Industrial Light & Magic - Lori Beck
Jun 02, 202139:46
SKYWALKER - A Family At War Author - Kristin Baver

SKYWALKER - A Family At War Author - Kristin Baver

Kristin Baver is the author of the new book Skywalker: A Family At War, a biographical account covering three generations in the first family of Star Wars, available wherever books are sold including a signed edition on sale at Green Apple Books in San Francisco.

Kristin Baver is a journalist who loved science fiction before she could even write her own name. (Seriously, she was a card-carrying member of the Star Wars Fan Club when she had no other real reason to own a wallet.) Now she gets paid to pen stories and book reviews, interview fellow fans, writers, and other interesting people, and aspires to one day craft a Boushh disguise and join the ranks of the 501st Legion.

You can follow Kristen on Instagram here.

And of course check out more Creative Mind on our blog, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

May 26, 202154:15
Star Wars Art Director - Amy Beth Christenson
May 19, 202101:04:10
Star Wars & Concept Artist - Jeremy Saliba

Star Wars & Concept Artist - Jeremy Saliba

Your assignment is to watch movies, read comic books, and play video games to the point that you become so obsessed with them that everything you ever see, read, or play again becomes part of your vernacular. So much so, that you cannot have normal conversations about pop culture without offering unwarranted and unending critiques. But on this episode of Creative Mind, our guest, concept artist Jeremy Saliba makes the point several times to be careful and never, “yuck someone’s yum.”

Jeremy Saliba received his BFA in Illustration with an emphasis in 2D animation from Academy of Art University in 2003. He later joined the Academy as a part-time instructor in 2007, spearheading new curricula that integrated Wacom Cintiq technology and becoming Online Curriculum coordinator for the School of Visual Development in 2014. Jeremy is also a cover artist for Dynamite Entertainment and worked as the art director for the graphic novel Ultrasylvania. He works as a digital artist, concept artist, and character designer – and Star Wars takes a strong foothold in that space, but that is not the only reason we are talking to him.   

Jeremy is a strong proponent of developing your taste as an artist. Which can border on being ironic if you are an artist who wants to work on comic books, sci-fi tv shows, or video games – those mediums that are now finally getting their reverence after so many years. Forty years on, Star Wars is now a beautifully accepted genre unto its own, showcasing “The Hero’s Journey” and philosophical questions about race, life, and religion. The stuff so-called real art has tackled for eons. And on this episode, Jeremy does a great job giving all artists permission to the guidance to nerd out the right way to turn your fandom into a skillset.   

See more of Jeremey’s work here -

May 12, 202152:32
Virtual Production & VFX - Charmaine Chan (“The Mandalorian,” “Star Wars Andor”)

Virtual Production & VFX - Charmaine Chan (“The Mandalorian,” “Star Wars Andor”)

“A lot of times I actually tell a lot of the artists on my team to literally turn off your computer step away and go outside. It's just one of those things where you get so much inspiration by things in the real world. I can literally sit on a bench somewhere and just stare at the corner of a building and see how the light just goes across that building throughout the day.  It's just one of those things that I find very relaxing and being able to just like study how light interacts with a lot of things in real life.”  

Light. The basis for film, photography, and the main ingredient in compositing and visual effects. It is no wonder that our guest on this episode of Creative Mind, Charmaine Chan, has spent over 14 years at Industrial Light and Magic. Today, Charmaine can be found in London working as Lead Compositor for feature films, television, theme park rides, AR/VR, and real-time compositing on set for shows like Disney’s The Mandalorian, Star Wars Andor, and The Batman. Light is her medium.  

“Just being able to capture a moment. when you see that light still it's like,’ Let's then deconstruct it. What's going on in this image?’ So, for me, I constantly refer to what I see out my window because it will always come back to you.”  

Working at the crossroads of technology and art Charmaine offers up plenty of great advice to give students and working professionals on what it takes to work as a VFX artist, where virtual sets are headed (and how to take advantage of them), and how to survive as a working compositor.  

You can view her reel here -

And visit her website here -

May 04, 202149:17
Illustrating Peace & Equality - Creating Diverse Children's Books

Illustrating Peace & Equality - Creating Diverse Children's Books

10 Teams. 4 Weeks. 2 Words. 1 Incredible book collection.

The Peace & Equality Book Collection brought together diverse writers and illustrators from the United States to create 10 books in just four weeks. The books, aimed at children ages 3-8, explore themes related to creating a more peaceful and just world, with the goal of recognizing the work we must continue to do as a society to create social, political, economic, and cultural systems grounded in peace and equality.  Four Academy of Art grads were tapped to illustrate four titles and Academy instructor Julie Downing served as an art advisor for the project. In this special episode, we get to hear from them and the authors of these unique and fascinating books. For more about these great artists and authors check out their websites.  

Illustrators -
Kris Duran -
Peili Huang -
Samantha Jo Phan -

Authors -  
Dr. Artika R. Tyner -
Mon Trice -
Jocelyn Argueta -
Julie Downing -

Apr 28, 202131:02
Fine Art Painter - Jess Velarde
Apr 21, 202139:45
Fine Art Painter - Lucas Bononi
Apr 14, 202158:50
Painter & Fine Artist - Craig Nelson

Painter & Fine Artist - Craig Nelson

Since 1970, Dr. Craig Nelson has been depicting figures landscapes, and various environments in rich vibrant oils. His passion for the subjects relates directly to his brushwork, weaving mood and emotion into each work of art.

After graduating from Art Center College of Design with distinction, Craig began his career working in Los Angeles for recording companies and motion picture studios, creating portraits and other subjects with strict deadlines. Craig's countless movie posters include "The Cowboys", "Slapshot", and "Homeward Bound" among many others. His album cover credits include, "Sammy Davis Jr. Live", "Rick Nelson, Country" and "Natalie Cole, Thankful" along with many more.

Collectors include James Garner, Neil Simon, Toyota Corporation, UCLA Dental and Law School, the U.S. Air Force, UCSF Dental School, and many more. He has won over 200 awards of excellence and several gold medals. The "Arts for the Parks" national competition awarded Craig the Grand Teton Natural History Award for a painting entitled "Dining Alone". His work is collected in the United States, Asia as well as Europe.

In 1974 Craig began teaching at Art Center College of Design and for the past 30 years has been sharing his knowledge at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he is the Executive Director of the School of Fine Art, MFA & BFA, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and Sculpture.

Craig is currently a signature member of the California Art Club and a member of the Portrait Society of America. Craig's books "
60 Minutes to Better Painting" and "The Drawing Bible"  published by North Light are now available.  He teaches two to three workshops a year which has gained in popularity attracting students from all over the United States and Europe.   Craig's annual Figurative Painting workshop and his Sonoma Plein Air Painting workshop are held in Santa Rosa, California.  His European Painting workshops have covered many areas throughout Italy and France, Austria, Holland, and the Italian Alps.

Apr 07, 202101:06:11
Story For Animation - Caitlin VanArsdale

Story For Animation - Caitlin VanArsdale

In this episode of Creative Mind, we talk with Caitlin VanArsdale about working as a visual artist, pitching her own ideas to executives, and what newcomers to the world of storyboards should know. We talk about why watching films are so important and why having a certain style is great if you have a dozen or more styles in your bag of tricks to pull from. We also get deep into where animation is headed as the idea of a “cartoon character” has evolved from just something to entertain children.

For Caitlin VanArsdale, the world of animation is her home. As a storyboard artist by title Caitlin takes a script and brings it to life for a team of animators, designers, and editors to create a television episode or film. As a creator, a more apt title, Caitlin is finding the emotion and the meaning behind what a character is doing or going to do in just a few frames. On character, Caitlin says, “I always work character out. I never start with a concept and that might sound counterintuitive to a lot of people. Think about all of your favorite stories, your favorite shows, your favorite movies - those are going to be really memorable characters and characters that you either relate to or, learn something that you learned once or, something that triggers an emotion in you.”

A look at Caitlin’s credits and it is easy to understand where her thinking lies. She has worked on the Oscar-winning short film Hair Love, the upcoming Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse 2, and done a long stint on The Powerpuff Girls. Although a wide range of visual styles, at their core these properties are touching on our own firsthand experiences, fears, and emotions. Caitlin points out, “I think for a very long-time animation has sort of been forced into the whole of this is kid stuff. And if you look at animation as a medium, instead of a genre it opens up the doors to do literally anything. You can make a horror film, you can make an epic, you can make whatever you want.”

To see more of Caitlin VanArsdale’s work check out –




Mar 30, 202152:44
Muralist - Michelle 'MRBBABY' Ruby
Mar 17, 202137:19
Lead Animator - Kim Ferrari

Lead Animator - Kim Ferrari

“Dive in and make yourself available because there is a tendency as an artist to just try and hone your skills before you put your vulnerable self out there.  So what if the first two rounds don't go that well? You're going to learn a ton from them and keep building.”

On this episode of Creative Mind, we talk about Kim’s journey right out of school to landing a role that is both rewarding to her and children. Kim Ferrari, who received her Master of Art in 2D Animation, knows first-hand that a career as an animator is a marathon of twists and turns. Before she even graduated she was working at Bento Box Entertainment in Atlanta, GA finishing up her degree online and her thesis project, Sisters, all at the same time. What seems like an impossible quest is just how the precarious work-life balance is for a freelance artist.

From the jump, Kim worked at some eclectic animation houses including Titmouse, Ghostbot and others. Her credits include the shows The Awesomes, Future Worm, Whisker Haven Tales and other corporate clients. But it is her role now, lead animator for Duck Duck Moose/Khan Academy where Kim was able to find a home and be the animator and mentor she wants to be. With the release of Khan Academy Kids, she has been able to put her love for education to use as well as be everyone’s favorite manager.

And be sure to watch Sisters her thesis film co-produced with her sister Ciara on Academy Flix

Mar 03, 202148:04
Biographer & Writer - Keith Ryan Cartwright

Biographer & Writer - Keith Ryan Cartwright

KEITH RYAN CARTWRIGHT is a journalist, advocate for public education, libraries and independent bookstores, and an occasional adjunct professor of journalism for the College of Media and Entertainment at Middle Tennessee State University.

He has interviewed a former president; two Nobel Laureates; Congressional and military leaders; Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs and innovators; Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Pulitzer Prize winners; members of the Rock & Roll and County Music halls of fame; Olympic gold medalists; philanthropists and a humanitarian, who lived in a teepee.

For more than 13 years, Cartwright has chronicled professional bull riding, rodeo and the Western way of life. “Black Cowboys of Rodeo” is his second book.

Feb 24, 202150:08
What is Intellectual Property? - A Quick Creative Mind Guide

What is Intellectual Property? - A Quick Creative Mind Guide

As designers it is our fundamental responsibility to create innovative solutions to problems and opportunities. The output is often powerful, provocative and, in some cases, valuable. Attorney Lloyd Dakin discusses with industrial design students issues concerning patents, utility patents and copyright laws covering everything from phone designs, sculpture, fashion and more.

***Disclaimer: The Purpose of this Presentation is to provide News and Information on Legal Issues. All content provided is for Informational Purposes Only, and should NOT be considered legal advice. The presentation of this information does NOT establish an Attorney-Client Relationship with the listener. The listener should NOT act on the information presented or in the distributed materials without first consulting legal counsel. If you desire legal advice for a particular situation, you should separately consult an attorney.

Feb 17, 202152:56
Book Marketer - Hannah Moushabeck

Book Marketer - Hannah Moushabeck

“Books, can be such an incredible way to help children along the way, and it's such a quieter and healthier way than television or movies where commercial gains is much more prominent in that industry as opposed to books, which has a more of a noble quest.”

On this episode of Creative Mind, we talk with book marketer Hannah Moushabeck. She is a first-generation Palestinian American and a second-generation book nerd. Born into Interlink Publishing, a family-run publishing company, she learned the value of literature at a young age. A 2020 Publishers Weekly Star Watch Honoree, and current member of the executive board of the Boston Teen Author Festival, Hannah has also worked editing and marketing children’s books for Chronicle Books, Interlink Publishing, and The Quarto Group. With that background Hannah brings a wealth of knowledge to one of the most important steps in the world of books, getting books into the hands of readers.

You can find Hannah online here –

Twitter @hmoushabeck

Instagram @hannahmoushabeck

Feb 10, 202154:05
Criminologist & Children's Book Author - Dr. Ashley Wellman

Criminologist & Children's Book Author - Dr. Ashley Wellman

Dr. Ashley Wellman is a professor of Criminal Justice. The Girl Who Dances with Skeletons is her first children's book. In addition, she has written a forthcoming young adult fantasy novel. Her most important and fulfilling role is being mom to her daughter, Reagan, their skeleton crew, and pup, Sophie. Ashley has a passion for photography, travel, and working with children. 

From Dr. Wellman's website "When faced with the tragic loss of my husband in 2018, my dearest friend challenged me to take a break and write for my soul. There was one rule: find joy in what you are writing. What started as a means to survive trauma evolved into a way to heal. Today, writing serves as a gift, allowing me to tap into what really matters: creating a meaningful, happy, and magical life for my family. My daughter's innocence and light  inspire embrace uncertainty, break boundaries, and dream bigger. The result... stories to thrill, move, motivate, and entertain."

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Toy Designer & Illustrator - Suzy Ultman
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Children's Book Editor - Taylor Norman

Children's Book Editor - Taylor Norman

“A good picture book should be able to be read by anybody,” says Taylor Norman, editor at Chronicle Books in San Francisco and our guest on the podcast this week. As an editor it is Taylor’s job to find the right manuscript and shepherd it through the process from acquisition to print. No small feat as creating picture books is a multimillion-dollar industry creating memories that last a lifetime.

Getting you book in front of a publisher like Taylor requires you as the author/illustrator to become immersed in the field. This is not a quick output, or one-off idea to try. The work you create can fill libraries and enter the world of “literature”. Talking to parents is the first step if you think you have a good idea. “I think as a parent, you want the right book for the right moment at all of your moments. And there's tons of melodrama in one day in a kid's life. And ideally, the picture books that get published address those types of moments in a kid's life,” Taylor says. As far as the books she is looking, “I'm interested in books that have a purpose because they're authentic and they tell a true story that a kid will respond to.”

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Creative Mind - Introduction with host Bobby Brill

Creative Mind - Introduction with host Bobby Brill

Being an artist is lifetime adventure. I know that sounds pretty lofty and idealistic, but in reality, that should be your goal – a lifetime creating with a nice paycheck to go along with it.

On each episode of Creative Mind, I talk with some amazing working artists - illustrators, video game designers, art directors – and we talk about how to build a career and keep it going, what skills you should develop, and what your investment in art school is really about.

My name is Bobby Brill and I started this podcast for two reasons – one, to get to talk to some really cool artists. It is so important in your career to hear what other artists are doing, what is trending and what path to take when your career pivots, because it will. For example, I went to art school and studied painting but make a living writing and directing videos. So, getting the right advice from the right people to help your career flourish is key. And the cool thing is many of our guests are faculty and alumni of Academy of Art University.

The other reason is to help students and their support team – parent, relatives, the people helping pay for your education – to understand what an art school education looks likes. To answer those questions that are gnawing away in the back of your mind. Can my kid really earn a living making video games? The quick answer to that is Yes – and I wish I was working in video games as that is the most exciting content being made for the last 30 years.

So if you are thinking about going to an art school or looking for that nugget of advice to keep your career moving forward take a listen to my podcast - Creative Mind.

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 Art Licensing for Products - Shari Warren

Art Licensing for Products - Shari Warren

If you have ever walked through any retail store whether it be a Bed, Bath & Beyond, a Home Depot or even a supermarket, the more astute artist will recognize an abundance of graphic elements and illustrations on the packaging, cups, tools, wall art, coffee mugs, and more. The more cynical artist will say, “I could have done that!” Well, yes could have but you didn’t. And that is basically our fault. So much the freelance life of an artist and designer is chasing down work-for-hire, one-off freelance jobs. These are great but these are often buyouts and one-time payments. The thought of licensing your artwork, in the most layman of terms “renting it” to a company has never crossed our minds or been something we even thought was possible. This is where Shari Warren brings in her expertise.

On this episode of Creative Mind, artist and art licensing expert Shari Warren walks us through the business and creative side of art licensing. Often touted, but not exactly wrong, as “making money while you sleep”, licensing is about selling your artwork to a client for a certain length of time, print run, product numbers or SKUs, and/or usages. Think of it as your drawing on a series of coffee mugs, coffee plates and coffee bean canisters. Without thinking too hard you can start to see that as an artist we are often leaving money on the table by not exploring the world with an eye toward trends and seasonal experiences.

As an artist and illustrator living in Northern California, Shari has a life-long passion to create artwork that makes people smile. “I use a variety of media, both traditional and digital, to create my work and love to experiment with different artistic techniques. That said, all of my artwork begins with good old-fashioned pencil and paper,” she says. Her professional background is in the publishing and software industries working as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Art Director. Today, she devotes her career to staying up on current consumer trends and creating art collections for consumer products that I hope people will enjoy and buy.

At the Academy of Art, she teaches “Illustration for Consumer Products and Licensing”, a business and portfolio development class, where students learn how to research the retail market, identify current trends to create original art collections for licensing to companies, create a professional portfolio website and marketing materials, and learn about art business basics. Topics covered include creating marketable art collections and product mock-ups for their portfolio to license to manufacturers and publishers who make consumer retail products and to create their own products. As well as evaluating their own illustration style and how it relates to specific product categories, customer demographics and how to "create art that sells".

You can see more of Shari Warren work here -

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