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Life Lessons w/ Cresta Durojaiye

Life Lessons w/ Cresta Durojaiye

By Cresta Durojaiye

Successfully juggling through your many tasks while being the best version of yourself at the same time, can be one of the most rewarding experiences of life, yet a rather daunting task.

Join Cresta Durojaiye, Africa's Leading Productivity Expert and Life Strategist every Sunday, as she equips and empowers YOU with practical tools that bring organization and structure, to help you be more efficient and live your best life possible.

If you struggle with pulling it all together and need someone to handhold you through the process, this is the podcast for you.
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Life Lessons Episode 39: Hold On

Life Lessons w/ Cresta DurojaiyeApr 12, 2020

Life Lessons Episode 39: Hold On

Life Lessons Episode 39: Hold On

Yes, indeed we have come to the end of Season 3 . . . woo-hoo!

How do I feel?  Hmm! You know that feeling when you start out with a task or project and you have held on through the ups and downs and kept pushing even when it didn’t feel as easy? But eventually in holding on and putting one foot in front of the other, you arrived at the finish line. That joy of wow! I made it . . . that's what I feel right now. And I have you to thank for keeping step, listening and engaging from season 1, 2 and now as we wrap-up with season 3.Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

And with that I encourage us to hold on and keep faith because this too shall pass. And also because when you let go instead of holding on, you never get to see the finish line. Yes we may not have experienced the current situations we’re facing but we need to hold on a bit more because it will indeed pass, but while we wait and hold on, we need to do it right.

So what’s the best way to ‘Hold On’? Listen Now

Apr 12, 202005:59
Life Lessons Episode 38: Each One Reach One

Life Lessons Episode 38: Each One Reach One

In this episode, I want to encourage you to do whatever you can within your means and capacity to spread love, joy and cheer - by being a source of encouragement and support to at least one person.

Each One Reach One simply means,  each one of us reaching out to at least one person to check up on them in whatever capacity we can afford to, just to ensure that they are doing good. It could also mean each one of us who isn’t exactly feeling like they are in tip-top shape, reaching out to at least one person to say, hey! I am not quite sure I am feeling good. When we do this, we are creating a huge umbrella cover of care that ensures everyone is covered in one way or the other. The effect of this love and care umbrella has the strength to subdue the effect of the spread of fear, especially during this pandemic.

Apr 05, 202006:00
Life Lessons Episode 37 - Stay Fearless

Life Lessons Episode 37 - Stay Fearless

I am here to encourage faith and hope in us and also share tips to keep us going, amidst the constant unpleasant media releases that grace our phone and TV screens.

We may have zero control over the news of new Covid-19 confirmed cases and deaths reeling out daily, but we can control how we choose to respond to them. Choosing to respond to fear and anxiety negatively impacts our physical and mental well being. It continually breaks us down and makes it difficult for us to function optimally and keep it going. So, I employ us to choose to stay fearless and engage in activities that boost positive energy.

Mar 29, 202007:26
Life Lessons Episode 36 -Be Encouraged

Life Lessons Episode 36 -Be Encouraged

This week I bring you a short charge that will help you consciously fight the urge to feel trapped or fearful during this challenging period.

In this episode, I share a few tips to help you stay productive and channel those feelings of fear into activities as you self isolate and practice social distancing.

Mar 21, 202004:07
Life Lessons Episode 35- Productivity Brilliance

Life Lessons Episode 35- Productivity Brilliance

In simple terms, Productivity Brilliance is the light or radiance that you emit by being the best productive version of yourself. This means that showcasing the best productive version of yourself sparks brilliance. Another way of couching it could also be that; Productivity Brilliance is, ‘the intense presence, aura or fragrance a person exudes when they are their best productive self.’ Generally speaking, brilliance is intense brightness/light.

I dare say, that it is incomplete to talk about brilliance of any sort, without categorically mentioning that there is an extra hint, touch or zest that being your highest productive self contributes to the quality of the sum total of who you are as a person. Permit me to say, therefore, that it is only when you are showcasing the best version of yourself possible, that you can categorically say you emit brilliance.

Mar 14, 202008:59
Life Lessons Episode 34 - Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Life Lessons Episode 34 - Rome Was Not Built In A Day

If Rome wasn’t built in a day, or babies are not conceived, fully formed and delivered in a day, why then are we always in a hurry, rush processes or cut corners with tasks and even prematurely execute projects as serious as our personal growth or development?

We are constantly hurrying or cutting short processes and then end up with half-baked results that are barely able to stand the test of time. They have no growth patterns or processes that reflect how we progressed when ordinarily, our growth patterns should serve as a guide or case study that forms structured systems that we can always use as reference points. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case these days.

Someone called it the two-minute noodles or microwave growth process and I couldn’t agree more. Another person completely took it to another level of concentrated pidgin English altogether . . . I will say it in its original form and then breakdown for the benefit of those who may not understand it. “No wuru-wuru to the answer, please show working” Lol! This imply means, “Do not cook up the answer or dabble your way into arriving at it, clearly show/state the steps you used to arrive at the answer. Does that make sense now? We tend to look for shortcuts and quick fixes forgetting that Rome was not built in a day. So what do we mean when we say, Rome was not built in a day?

Mar 08, 202008:59
Life Lessons Episode 33 - Ready But Not Ready!

Life Lessons Episode 33 - Ready But Not Ready!

Our topic this week is, ‘Ready But Not Ready’.

Are you wondering what that is all about? Well you know that familiar table yes? The one where we decide in our heads or minds that we are ready to make the very best of life and prepared to do whatever it takes to be the best versions of ourselves. Yet when the moment comes to actually put in the work, the drama begins.

If for any reason you happen to be on this table that I am about to shake, I ask that you forgive me in advance, because - shake it I will. Hmm!  If it breaks with you still on it and you land on the floor, dust yourself and get back up on your feet. Be determined to begin to act and put in the work, instead of looking for a similar table to get on. Lol!

So straight up, there are usually two categories of people on this table in question.

Feb 29, 202010:05
Life Lessons Episode 32 - The Impostor Syndrome

Life Lessons Episode 32 - The Impostor Syndrome

Today we will be sharing on something called, “The Impostor Syndrome” . Some of us may be familiar with it and others, maybe not. We spoke about it extensively in Episode 25 but from the angle of “When Life Doesn’t Measure Up”. It would help to listen to it.

I am very familiar with this syndrome because I have been there myself and can tell you for free that it’s a real threat and hindrance to productivity. The Impostor Syndrome is a serious deterrent to becoming the best productive version of yourself. So what is this Impostor Syndrome all about, what does it really mean?

Feb 23, 202009:41
Life Lessons Podcast: Episode 31 - The Best Version of Yourself

Life Lessons Podcast: Episode 31 - The Best Version of Yourself

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Life Lessons podcast. Our discussion today is tagged, ‘The Best Version of Yourself’

Being the best version of yourself means consistently being the best you can be at every point in time. by constantly raising the bar for yourself to ensure improvement every step of the way. Being the best version of yourself is a lifestyle and not a destination that you arrive at. As a lifestyle, it requires that you make progress daily as against rushing to arrive there and then stay stagnant.

We must be careful not to mistake being the best version of ourselves with trying to look like someone else we envy or admire or someone who is trending so that we too can trend. Our world today has mastered the act of copying so well that we are fast losing our unique individuality.

Feb 16, 202009:23
Life Lessons Episode 30: Put In The Work

Life Lessons Episode 30: Put In The Work

I was recently having one of those ‘table-shaking’ conversations with a friend, where we both came to the conclusion that one of the few things that cannot be contracted out and has no shortcuts is ‘Physical Fitness’. With weight loss there are countless shortcut or quick fix options ranging from paying to go under the knife or liposuction, etc But with physical fitness, mba nunu, meaning ‘not at all’ YOU MUST PUT IN THE WORK, there’s absolutely no other way to be physically fit. You must engage in physical fitness activities and break a sweat. As human beings, we have successfully crafted and mastered the act of finding shortcuts to practically everything, except this one though. With physical fitness you literally can’t. You can pay someone to coach you but they cannot do it for you, you have to Put In The Work yourself.

This reminds me of my instagram post a few weeks back and a similar scenario I have observed time and again. That scenario where we pay for coaching or strategy sessions and expect things to miraculously change without putting in the work.

Feb 09, 202008:45
Life Lessons Episode 29: Character Building Versus Bad Day

Life Lessons Episode 29: Character Building Versus Bad Day

This week let me start by asking you this very simple but mind-boggling question; How do you handle those really challenging days or situations in your life?

Let’s attempt to answer truthfully without sugar-coating it. After all this is a personal soul-searching moment, none of us can hear your thought process except you. Because I have learned that it’s easier to find solutions to our problems or challenges when we are honest and sincere with ourselves, I will be generous with my vulnerability and share my answer with you.

I was worse than you could ever imagine, a while back. But I assure you that it’s getting better now. I have not arrived but I am not where I used to be at all. I am still learning and improving daily as I journey through life. With hindsight, with growth and maturity, I am learning to handle my melting points differently and better. Cresta before was such an expert worrywart and a consistent complainant. What has changed? Well, come with me. . .

Feb 02, 202009:02
Life Lesson Episode 28: The Productivity Posture

Life Lesson Episode 28: The Productivity Posture

This week we will be sharing on the ‘The Productivity Posture’ and for the very first time, I will be sharing with you my personal (tried and tested) Productivity Gain Formula and how I arrived at it. It’s so funny that I am not a fan of mathematics at all, but through my personal productivity journey I have come up with a formula that I have tried and tested on myself over and over again.

Posture is the way you hold your body when you sit or stand or a particular approach or attitude. For the purpose of this discussion, let’s work with the definition that has to do with ‘attitude’. In the world of productivity, POSTURE in very simple terms is your perception, your mindset or your attitude towards productivity. It majorly refers to the way you perceive or receive productivity. Your attitude or posture towards productivity clearly defines and determines your ability to be productive, in the long run.

If your Productivity Posture, stance or view is poor, negative or unhealthy, chances are that on a regular basis you will end up with poor unproductive results. On the other hand, if you have a positive or healthy posture/attitude towards productivity, then your results will more often than not, leave you with a bountiful productive harvest. Therefore your Productivity Posture is key and truly crucial to your productivity output.

Permit me to henceforth make the conclusion that we absolutely CANNOT be our best productive selves if our attitude or posture towards productivity is found wanting.

Jan 26, 202008:59
Life Lessons Episode 27: A New Productive Beginning

Life Lessons Episode 27: A New Productive Beginning

I warmly welcome you to the start of Season 3 of our Life Lessons Podcast. Today we will be cheering in A New Productive Beginning.

With the new comes a certain excitement, a fresh burst of energy and a zest of hope. It is always a good place to start. Cleanout what has happened in the past, bring out a brand new slate, open a brand new page and start afresh to push and build.

I don’t know about you but this year, I intentionally decided to leave behind my mistakes, the woes of my shortfalls and failures and to start anew to push and to build. Now don’t let it surprise you, we all fail every now and again. I know that sometimes it seems all so easy because people tend to put up a front, pretending it’s success all the way. In fact, to be particularly honest and vulnerable with you, I can tell you for free that even though I had a lot of high points in the past year, there were also melting points for me. One of those particular melting points got me breaking down in tears instantly. I am so thankful for accountability partners, family and close friends who were there to offer strong support, that helped me get back up again. Remember Episode 22 of the Life Lessons Podcast? “Do Not Walk Alone”... You can listen to it again, it accurately captures the point.

Being a perfectionist, the weight and shame of failing always have a way of getting me down, it could be so bad sometimes that I would remain rooted, wallowing in self-pity. But hey! That was then, I have learned to do failure differently. I encourage you to also not fall into the same trap. If you want to start anew and want to be productive, you CANNOT afford to hold on to failures and mistakes of the past, you need to let them go. Our failures and shortfalls have a way of blinding or blurring our views for a better and hopeful new beginning. They get you feeling weighed down and sometimes act as a barrier that won’t let you see beyond a certain level.

Jan 19, 202007:57
Life Lessons Episode 26: Keep Step

Life Lessons Episode 26: Keep Step

Welcome to the final episode of season 2 of the Life Lessons podcast.

Wow! Even I can’t believe that we have done 26 whole episodes, kudos to us all. Yes! We did it together, thank you for listening, sharing with friends and commenting with your personal opinions and experiences. Thank you! Thank you!! and Thank you!!! Again. You are greatly appreciated.

Yes! we wrap up on season 2 but I am not leaving you empty-handed. I bring you an amazing companion, to keep you plugged-in through the festive season and holiday merriment. I present to you the ‘Productivity 10 To Go’ Life Lessons Christmas bundle. It’s a simple ‘Plug & Play’ specially curated bundle, containing our 10 best episodes of the Life Lessons Podcast. Something to keep you on track during the holidays and keep you razor-sharp as you emerge in the new year. Gift yourself and others you love, this amazing Productivity Gift Pack.

Today on our Life Lessons podcast, I am bringing you a charge and an encouragement to ‘KEEP STEP’

Keep Step simply means, keep walking, keep marching, keep going etc. The bottom line is that you cannot afford to get distracted, derailed or fall out of line or off the wagon, you have to keep going.

The holiday season, particularly Christmas is one to pay keen attention to, especially as a productive person. It particularly coincides with the end of the year and the start of  a new year, which means loads of parties (parte after parte), get togethers, loads of eating, drinking and plenty jubilation. It’s so easy to get carried away and totally down tools.

Dec 15, 201909:41
Life Lessons Episode 25: When Life Doesn't Measure Up

Life Lessons Episode 25: When Life Doesn't Measure Up

It’s another amazing week on the Life Lessons podcast and I am truly glad to be sharing with you. Today we will be figuring out what to do WHEN LIFE just DOESN’T seem to MEASURE UP!

Not measuring up simply means not meeting up to certain standards. Whether standards set up by oneself, or by other people’s standards.


  • You don’t feel qualified enough
  • You tend to shy away from people’s compliments
  • You downplay your accomplishments
  • You struggle with putting yourself out there when you have a dream

This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. It just means that these signs/symptoms are not problems in themselves, they are pointers to the fact that there is a root cause that needs to be addressed. As usual, we can choose to look for the easiest way out or the quick-fix methods, which simply means addressing the symptoms, which can easily be achieved by doing the exact opposite of the symptoms listed above.

Dec 08, 201909:03
Life Lessons Episode 24: It Is Not Over

Life Lessons Episode 24: It Is Not Over

So there's this conversation I have been hearing a lot lately. It is mostly heard when; The year is gradually drawing to an end, people are celebrating milestone birthdays like (30, 40 or 50) or at old students re-unions

It usually goes something like this: “Another year is drawing to an end and I feel like I didn’t achieve much, I feel so unaccomplished or I feel so behind amongst my peers” etc.

The truth is, at some point or the other in the course of our lives, most of us have felt this way or made one of these statements either about ourselves or others.

In scenarios like this, we cease to dream again or strive for more, because we tried at some point and didn’t seem to be as successful as we had hoped we would be. From then on we conclude that dreaming, setting goals, or making resolutions do not work and so we just cease to and strive towards anything..

We also hide away and start isolating ourselves from gatherings, to avoid the pressures of comparison and competition. Especially at our old student’s re-unions where consciously or unconsciously we check people out too. Mentally measuring where each person stands in comparison to their peers.

Yet another scenario is the phobia for celebrating life, especially in our African culture where our achievements are measured by whether we are married, have children, have a home of our home, have a well-paying job with the accompanying title to show, etc.


Dec 01, 201910:14
Life Lessons Episode 23: Driven by Passion

Life Lessons Episode 23: Driven by Passion

This week I want to share with you a testimonial that encouraged me to keep going on the lane of walking in purpose. I hope it does the same for and perhaps even more.

A few weeks back I was on a video call with a special big sister friend of mine. It was late at night but she still sounded excited and full of life, like her day was just starting. She was “Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed”  Her adrenaline was pumping high, she just couldn’t shut down for the night, even though it was late. She said to me, “Cresta let me show you what I have been up to”. You may not know it but I have been following your posts and listening to your podcasts. I remember you encouraging us to find and follow our passion and guess what? I have been doing just that. I have been following my passion and it’s amazing how much I thoroughly enjoy doing it.

She turns her phone to an open closet full of loads and loads of fabric that she’s been blinging at home, all by herself. I was in awe. I could both see and hear the spark in her eyes and voice. Wow! She said to me again. Cresta, I can’t sleep, I don’t feel like sleeping at all, I can do this all night. Infact even when I sleep, I can’t wait to wake up. I look forward to winding down for the day and coming over here to face this. It’s my passion. It gives me unspeakable joy. I can do this non-stop.

I was like, YES! YES!! YES!!! This is exactly how it should be when you discover your passion or purpose. This right here is the perfect narrative for walking in purpose and I share more about it in this episode of LIFE LESSONS.

Nov 24, 201907:02
Life Lessons Episode 22: Do Not Walk Alone

Life Lessons Episode 22: Do Not Walk Alone

Some of us are very busy building ourselves, which is totally brilliant. Kudos and well done. Whilst we build and grow ourselves, our dreams and visions, we must ensure that we make room to stretch down and help pull others up. I know that some of us are totally uncomfortable when it comes to asking for help or helping others. Even in scenarios where people who have gone ahead of us stretch out and offer to lend a helping hand, we decline because we would rather go it alone.

I totally agree that there may be seasons in our lives when we may need to pull away from the crowd. That is also totally understandable. But as much as possible, our normal should not be to walk alone.

Today on Life Lessons, we are zooming in on a people-related perspective and I'm sharing with you, why it is important not to walk alone.

Nov 16, 201909:16
Life Lessons Episode 21: Keep Doing, Keep Going...

Life Lessons Episode 21: Keep Doing, Keep Going...

Building or creating a dream or an initiative involves and takes a whole lot of commitment and placing of building blocks one after the other.

Sometimes the journey is exciting and your adrenaline just pumps you on. At other times, it can be overwhelming and feel like you can’t push one more day.

Wherever you are on the building journey, just know that the general principles are the same with all others who are building too. The ups and downs of building are the same across board so do not feel alone.

Today’s podcast is a charge and an encouragement to ‘KEEP DOING AND KEEP GOING’.​

Nov 03, 201906:54
Life Lessons Episode 20: Identify Your Lane

Life Lessons Episode 20: Identify Your Lane

It’s good to have you on board the life lessons cruise. Today we are sailing towards the land of Identity. We want to take a closer look at what it really means  to ‘Identify Your Lane’

Your lane is your vision, your life’s purpose or your passion. It is what you were created to do or be. Like I always say, there is a giant in everyone of us and we were all created to impact our world with our talents and passion. If you are not running in your lane, then chances are that you may not be impacting your world in the best way possible.

Some of us are not running in our lane and we do not know that we are not running in our lane. Some of us have struggled for as long as we can remember with discovering our lane. If only we could identify our lane, then really and truly, life will make more sense and we will be more fulfilled.

Now, this is one of the areas I am very passionate about. I work with people to identify their lane and put together strategies to ensure they begin running and thriving in it. In this episode of Life Lessons, I explain several factors to help you identify your lane.

Oct 27, 201908:05
Life Lessons Episode 19: Do Not Look Back

Life Lessons Episode 19: Do Not Look Back

Just so you do not get distracted with wondering what I know about sports . . . Know now that back in school (both primary and secondary) I was an athlete. I raced, played both football and handball and did the jumps too. Yes! I also represented my school a couple of times.

Meanwhile I remember just how much we believed in glucose . . . Especially for skinny, frail me who would run and faint after long distance races and they would give me glucose to revive me. Hehehe! Those good old days of glucose and inter house sports were epic. So now that we have cleared that air, let your attention come home to today’s podcast.

99.9% of the time, looking back in a race isn’t the smartest of ideas. You are wondering why? Generally in the mind of an athlete, it signals a negative mindset shift. When swimmers, runners or generally people involved in the races look back, it is mostly because they are afraid or concerned that someone else is catching up with them. You will be amazed at what the singular act of briefly checking does to you.

In this week's episode of Life Lessons, I talk about why it is important not to keep looking back or over your shoulder, as you run your own race.

Oct 19, 201906:58
Life Lessons Episode 18: Mind Your Mind

Life Lessons Episode 18: Mind Your Mind

The MIND in itself refers to the part of a person that enables them to think, feel emotions and be aware of things.

When last were you intentionally aware of your mind? Most times we just coast along with it and let it drive us in whatever direction it leads. When the mind is mostly left unattended, it randomly veers in the direction of the most predominant memories or thoughts from our life’s experiences.

Those memories (especially painful or sad)  are referred to as predominant because they carry overpowering effects, borne out of circumstances we mostly had no control over Some examples are the death of a loved one, terminal illnesses, accidents not caused by us, etc. When left unattended, our minds revisit the thoughts from these past events and re-enact them. We sort of experience them all over again and the overpowering feeling of helplessness returns. The moment that happens, we become incapacitated in the present by memories of the past and are unable to function anymore. As long as we continually dwell there, we remain mostly unproductive. Allowing our minds wander also causes us to wander.

In this week's episode of Life Lessons - I talk about why it's important to take care of your mind, pay attention to your mind, or be more aware of your mind.​

Oct 12, 201910:52
Life Lessons Episode 17 - Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Life Lessons Episode 17 - Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

Some people have said to me that planning is restrictive and makes them feel caged. I know for some of us Benjamin Franklin’s quote that says, 'If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail' is just really a quote or mantra and nothing more but for me, it rings true.I have experienced both sides of it and can say from experience that whenever I fail to plan, I end up with a result that is below excellent. At other times I am just lucky to get it right. This means that 99.9% of the time things don’t quite turn out as well as I really want them to, simply because I have failed to plan.

Planning is one thing and acting on your plans is another kettle of fish altogether. What happens most times is people put plans together but never act on them. Then they come back to say to you that, ‘Leave that planning matter please, it doesn’t work. I have tried it many times. How can it work if you do not work on it. It has no hands and feet, it is just something nicely written or captured on paper or your device, as the case may be.

In this week's episode of Life Lessons, I talk about the importance of planning towards the goals you want to achieve.

Oct 05, 201910:48
Life Lessons Episode 16: Raising The Giant Within

Life Lessons Episode 16: Raising The Giant Within

If there is indeed a giant within why do I feel small, why don’t I feel the strength of a giant welling up inside of me and bursting forth on the outside? Why do I put in so much and yet feel that what comes out at the end is so small, compared to how much I put in? Why then am I not making giant strides in my endeavors?

These and many other mind-boggling questions trouble us every now and again and cast doubts as to whether we really are worth it. They leave us wondering if indeed we are called to greatness or whether there is indeed a giant on our inside.

These questions are an indication that we need to take immediate control.

Sep 29, 201906:51
Life Lessons Episode 15: Do It Afraid

Life Lessons Episode 15: Do It Afraid

Now I am bringing lessons from my Productivity Live Webinar. I was afraid. Afraid because I have never done a live webinar before. Afraid because I have never done a live video either. I am always so concerned about how the video may turn out, leaving me with no editing option, because it just goes out there Live. Goodness! That used to totally unnerve and petrify me. I tried to shake off the tension and fear but it just won’t go away. I had to tell myself that if it wouldn’t let go of me then I will have to go with it. I said to myself, “Cresta you will have to do it afraid” I went in there and took the fear with me.

So upfront the first thing I want us to hold on to is that sometimes you may be courageous enough to shake off the fear and walk-in boldly like a lion. At some other times, you may not be so much of a lion, and the fear just wouldn’t leave you. It is totally okay, just let it accompany you on your journey to doing whatever it is that you want to do or achieve.

We should no longer allow fear to cripple or paralyze us to the extent that we can no longer do the things that we want to do. A lot of us have amazing goals, dreams, and visions that we want to accomplish, but sometimes fear takes hold of us and makes us unable to even step out and think of doing them.

Sep 22, 201907:13
Life Lessons Episode 14: Survive and Thrive

Life Lessons Episode 14: Survive and Thrive

This week, we are talking about going beyond surviving to thriving. Surviving means remaining alive especially after going through something tragic or unfavourable like sickness, the death of a loved one, etc. Survival is no mean feat, it is great and should be applauded, but thriving, on the other hand, is even better.

So it’s amazing to survive but after you have survived, there is still more, Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! you will need to take it a notch higher, you’ll need to pump it up to the level where you begin to soar and thrive. Thriving is taking it a notch higher, beyond surviving it you determine to grow, prosper, and flourish through it.

Thriving over a particular situation means that you have grown and graduated to the point where you are beginning to coast and deal well with what you have survived, even in cases where some others may find it extremely difficult, unpleasant or even impossible. Especially with scenarios and situations where it is ordinarily expected that you should be broken afterward, but instead you pull through.

Sep 15, 201910:48
Life Lessons Episode 13: End The Pity Party

Life Lessons Episode 13: End The Pity Party

Today it’s all about the party but naaaaah! Don’t grab your popcorn or drink because we are not throwing a party, rather we are ending the Pity Party.

What exactly is a Pity Party?  It’s that instance of indulging in self-pity or eliciting pity from other people. Wait! Hold on a minute, I am not saying we will not sympathize or empathize when people are faced with painful experiences, of course we will.

By all means we should allow ourselves go through the natural process of healing and recovery and it’s also perfectly healthy for people to sympathize and empathize with us. When we refuse to come out of the pain and rather choose to remain in it, continuously indulging in self pity and eliciting pity from others, then it becomes terribly detrimental to our health and mental stability.

I have had to recently fight the fiercest of life's battles and through it - I learnt first hand the detriments of self pity.

Sep 08, 201910:34
Life Lessons Episode 12: Forgiveness and Productivity

Life Lessons Episode 12: Forgiveness and Productivity

Is there a connection between Productivity and Forgiveness?... Should we forgive if the person/offender is unrepentant and still hurts us? What if the offense is one that’s difficult to forget, how do you manage to forgive? These are thoughts that cross our minds daily as we journey through life. Now, Guess what??? As justified as they may seem, these thoughts clog our heart and clutter up our mental space.

Just recently, I spoke on radio about forgiveness and it was indeed an eye opener for me. We may choose to argue about it and say these two are actually intertwined. They won’t let us move forward or give us room to be our highest ‘PRODUCTIVE’ selves.

So what do we do? Do we just continue to entertain the thoughts or do we continue and even graduate to the level of throwing a pity party?

In this week’s episode of Life Lessons, I highlight the connection between forgiveness and productivity and share tips to help you clear up your mental space.

Aug 31, 201907:36
Life Lessons Episode 11: Confronting The Giant

Life Lessons Episode 11: Confronting The Giant

Many times things happen along life’s journey and on many occasions they may be things that you would rather not face or admit that they actually happened or that they are actually happening. We would rather live in denial. But I realize from personal experience that living in denial doesn’t make it go away, it is what it is, so you will need to face it and confront it.

Sometimes these things come out looking like giants, huge, overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. Making you feel that you don’t have what it takes to handle it or overcome it.

That may be the reality of how it feels when it happens, but you also need to remember that there is a giant inside of everyone of us. When one giant faces another giant, the lesser giant has to bow.

How do you confront your giants and make them bow? I can tell you for free that it's a difficult thing. Difficult because at that time you are overwhelmed and sometimes depressed, sometimes just unhappy and at other times, totally disappointed, sometimes you feel like you failed or feel betrayed, at other times you feel like life has just generally been nice to you.

Listen to this week's episode...

Aug 24, 201906:35
Life Lessons Episode 10: What To Do When Life Happens

Life Lessons Episode 10: What To Do When Life Happens

What do you do when something difficult or totally unexpected happens? 

Do you beat yourself up? Do you Judge yourself harshly? Do you put yourself under pressure? 

What exactly do you do to bounce back?

This week, in the midst of my own difficult moment - I share a really brief message just to encourage you.

Aug 18, 201902:57
Life Lessons Episode 9: Clutter to One is Clutter to All

Life Lessons Episode 9: Clutter to One is Clutter to All

 You know how it is that sometimes we have clutter in our space, or life or mind that doesn’t quite let us progress or get much done, but because we have managed to survive with it thus far, we choose to continue managing it, feeling that we are fine because hasn’t killed us just yet.

Yes! You may know how to cope with making it through with clutter but you haven’t experienced just how much easier it may be to thrive without it.

In this week’s episode, I am going to take a walk along 3 paths, that site similar scenarios. These will form the basis of our discussion. So please take this walk with me.

Aug 10, 201909:56
Life Lessons Episode 8: Declutter to Be Poductive

Life Lessons Episode 8: Declutter to Be Poductive

 Clutter is one of the major deterrents and inhibitors of productivity. Clutter is a huge NO-NO if you intend to be your best productive self.

I know this because, taking out clutter from people’s lives and spaces is what I do as a day job. Because sometimes it is so difficult to get people to let go of their clutter, especially when they are hoarders. Junk or clutter lying around your space is unhealthy and affects your quality of life negatively. So, we need to push to get it out before it breaks us down.

In this episdoe of Life Lessons, I share some quick steps we can take to help us declutter, as well as the benefits of having an organised space that inspires and triggers us to function optimally.

Aug 03, 201909:22
Life Lessons Episode 7: The Anxiety is Real

Life Lessons Episode 7: The Anxiety is Real

 In this week's episode of Life Lessons - I get vulnerable and talk about performance anxiety in the midst of always appearing like we have it all together and how we let ourselves feel the pressure from expectations and good performance, but how best to manage those moments even when we don't feel like we are operating at our very best. 

Jul 27, 201912:45
Life Lessons Episode 6 - We Die Here

Life Lessons Episode 6 - We Die Here

This week I tackled a very important personal goal which had already stayed two years on my Vision Board by applying what I would like to call the "We Die Here" attitude. The attitude of going the extra mile to give a task everything you've got - in order to accomplish your goal or mission. 

Jul 21, 201911:41
Life Lessons Episode 5: Make That Move

Life Lessons Episode 5: Make That Move

 I just finished dancing to a famous 80’s tune titled, ‘Make That Move’ by Shalamar. It’s been a while since I danced this seriously. Whilst singing and dancing, i actually got to pay attention to the lyrics for the first time, after all these years. Lol! You know how sometimes you just gloss over and never really pay attention to the fine details.

Part of the lyrics was; 

So many times, by holding back, 

we let the good things pass us by. 

Nothing is certain, you’ve gotta go for it. 

Interesting and true indeed. If you are going to move one step closer to being more productive and get to achieve the things you have so desired in life, nothing is certain, but you’ve gotta make that move regardless. Yes, make that move right now. Yes NOW!!!

Jul 13, 201908:06
Life Lessons Episode 4: Carpe Diem

Life Lessons Episode 4: Carpe Diem

 When we focus more on making the best of the moment and giving it our very best shot while at it, we stand a better chance of winning at the end of the day and the possibility of acing it is usually higher. Even in scenarios where we do not win the price, we are noticed for how very well we performed, there is the possibility of being called upon for other or similar opportunities, because something about how we seized the moment makes us stand out..

On the flip side, when we place more emphasis on the outcome instead of the process, more often than not, we not only miss the winning trophy but also miss out on enjoying the process or making the best of it.

Jul 06, 201909:33
Life Lessons Episode 3: Allow Yourself To Be Pushed

Life Lessons Episode 3: Allow Yourself To Be Pushed

 Being pushed may usually take different dimensions for different persons. Some of us get so uncomfortable about being pushed that we are unable to look beyond the temporary discomfort and allow the process take its course, for the joy that lies ahead.

Now, grab your favourite drink and let me share with you a quick story.

Jun 29, 201909:25
Life Lessons Episode 2: Fasten Your Seatbelt

Life Lessons Episode 2: Fasten Your Seatbelt

 Our journey through life is unpredictable and as such it requires intentionality or else we can very easily get swept off or carried away with the winds and waves of change that come at us, as we journey through life.  The bumps and many twists and turns that we encounter as we go along are sometimes so intense and real that in the twinkling of an eye, we are swayed off course. We drift so far away from who we are created to be or what we are created to do. When this happens we begin to go through the motions and and life no longer makes sense. 

 Even when we are on an airplane, we are advised to keep our seat belts fastened even when the captain turns off the ’fasten seatbelt sign’ That’s to ensure we are securely strapped even in the event of an unexpected jerk. 

 In this episode of LIFE LESSONS, I explain how this same guideline should apply to us, as we journey through life, we never really know what’s next, our default mode should always be - to stay fastened in position. 

Jun 22, 201908:57
Life Lessons Episode 1: Welcome The New You

Life Lessons Episode 1: Welcome The New You

 Sometimes after life has dealt us hard blows, we shut ourselves out and hide away from the rest of the world. We hide away because something broke inside of us after the blow. We hide to protect ourselves from being dealt yet another blow.  

In this episode,  I'm asking to come out of hiding too and begin to truly live again. I charge you to not try to think it through but rather, just jump right in. First step out, then make the move and the next phase will follow. 

Jun 15, 201907:10