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Crucible of Thought

Crucible of Thought

By Brandon Munday

An exploration of current affairs - refining my mind, burning away impurities, in the forge of truth. Find me on Twitter at
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Further Up and Further In

Crucible of ThoughtMay 16, 2022

Partnering Despite Differing
Dec 05, 202316:44
When You Look at A Nation You Should See Human Beings

When You Look at A Nation You Should See Human Beings

When we think about foreign policy, it's easy to forget that nations are made up of people, and how we treat individual people was incredibly important to Jesus, far more than national identities.

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Nov 17, 202314:03
About Those Maps of a Shrinking Palestine…
Nov 07, 202315:28
A Different Kind of Testimony
Nov 04, 202311:07
Peace Through Superior Love
Oct 31, 202317:28
Subjective Truth
Oct 24, 202314:59
Oct 05, 202316:20
There is Joy in Disconnection
Sep 28, 202315:25
Sep 23, 202321:57
Becoming Multilingual
Aug 26, 202309:54
Preaching Fear Instead of Taking Action
Aug 11, 202310:51


A transformative moment for me recently was realizing that my compulsive need for labels to figure out how to treat people was harming my relationships, and keeping me from truly loving people who are very different than me.

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Jul 31, 202319:45
Is the Bible the Final Word?
Jul 12, 202327:31
Who's Your Enemy?
Jun 25, 202310:25
A New Kind of Testimony
Jun 10, 202313:32
The End of My Evangelicalism
May 21, 202313:32
A Rainbow of Faith
May 05, 202313:32
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later: The Morality of Preemptive Violence
Apr 30, 202317:49
An Incomplete Bible
Apr 23, 202321:01
Shedding my Dragon Skin
Apr 06, 202313:22
Am I Going to Heaven When I Die?
Mar 30, 202330:24
The Preservation of Evangelicalism
Mar 24, 202319:17
How Revelation Warped My Theology
Mar 15, 202323:20
What Defines Biblical Marriage?
Feb 25, 202317:10
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Feb 14, 202313:33
Outrage as Social Currency
Feb 09, 202311:11
It's Best Not To Ask
Feb 02, 202309:27
Can Homosexuals be Christian?
Jan 25, 202324:22
The ChatGPT AI Pastor of the Future
Jan 21, 202312:20
Is the Bible the Word of the Lord?
Jan 18, 202322:57
The Gospel According to Jesus
Jan 11, 202314:21
Was the Bible Created, Intelligently Designed, or Evolved?
Jan 10, 202323:54
Rejecting A Jonah Spirit
Dec 27, 202218:10
Deadly Contempt
Dec 23, 202209:07
A Caleb Generation
Dec 20, 202215:37
Counting the Cost of Change
Nov 19, 202215:08
If We REALLY are a Christian Nation...
Nov 04, 202214:26
What Revival Really Looks Like
Oct 25, 202223:09
Part 4: Becoming Affirming: National Coming Out Day
Oct 22, 202225:56
Part 4: Becoming Affirming: National Coming Out Day

Part 4: Becoming Affirming: National Coming Out Day

“I’m coming out.” Few phrases strike dread into the heart of conservative Christian parents and pastors as that one. It’s probably even worse than “I’m not sure I believe in God anymore.” Well, today is October 11th 2022, and since 1998, this day has been celebrated by the LGBTQ community as “National Coming Out Day.”

And I’m coming out.

Not as gay or queer, myself, but as explicitly an ally, as one who is affirming of the acceptability to the Lord and to myself of others’ LGBTQ identity and/or lifestyle.

This is part 3 of a series. In this episode we discuss homosexual identity versus behavior, transgender identity, cultural expectations, and pronouns.

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Oct 21, 202241:38
Self-Appointed Gatekeepers
Oct 19, 202209:44
Part 2: Becoming Affirming: National Coming Out Day
Oct 17, 202229:00
Part 1: Becoming Affirming: National Coming Out Day
Oct 13, 202234:00
Hanging On For Dear Life
Oct 06, 202208:29
For Two Billion Years...
Sep 23, 202211:58
Peter's Vision: An Inclusive Gospel
Sep 01, 202219:43
The Best-Kept Secrets in the World
Aug 26, 202204:56
A Man Shall Leave His Father and Mother
Aug 14, 202214:03
Is It Worth It?
Aug 13, 202219:39
Taking The Easy Way Out - Thoughts on Becoming LGBTQ Affirming

Taking The Easy Way Out - Thoughts on Becoming LGBTQ Affirming

I've been thinking about the challenges of accepting the so-called "affirming" position on LGBTQ issues, and it seemed like time to address my thoughts on the topic at some length.

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Aug 09, 202220:23