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By Cryptoconomy

Join Mark Kilaghbian as he examines how groundbreaking and innovative technology can change industries, commerce and even governments as we know it. Listen in on the future of finance, tech, crypto as well as exploring other topics like philosophy and cosmology as Mark speaks with Crypto Executives, Influencers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Pundits. Honest, Ad-free, & Open minded conversations. Help us by subscribing & sharing!
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A True Crypto Ecosystem Part 1 w/ Nick Agar (Founder @ AXIA Coin)

CryptoconomySep 28, 2021

Quantifying & Tokenizing Global Resources w/ Gareth Beesley (CEO @ DComm)
Dec 06, 202343:10
Decentralizing Derivatives w/ Barney Mannerings (CEO @ Vega Protocol)

Decentralizing Derivatives w/ Barney Mannerings (CEO @ Vega Protocol)

An incredible financial system built around direct peer-to-peer trading, without any third party access? It’s real and it’s here, with Vega Protocol.

Cryptoconomy talks to Vega Protocol and CEO Barney Mannerings about their fully decentralized high performance peer to network trading, the background in building the system and getting it to market, as well as how and when you can take advantage.

Vega Website:

Vega Twitter:

Barney Twitter:

Cryptoconomy Twitter:

Nov 16, 202340:52
Getting Institutions Onchain w/ Akash Mahendra (Director @ Haven1)
Nov 09, 202339:34
Silicon Valley Stories w/ Mahbod Moghadam (Cofounder @ Rap Genius)
Oct 12, 202341:18
Exploring the Legal Landscape w/ Nareg Essaghoolian (Partner @ Decrypted Law)

Exploring the Legal Landscape w/ Nareg Essaghoolian (Partner @ Decrypted Law)

In this episode, we dive deep into the legal intricacies of crypto with Nareg Essaghoolian, the co-founder of Decrypted Law. Nareg shares his journey into crypto law and sheds light on the significant legal milestones and challenges that have shaped the crypto industry. From a comprehensive overview of global and local regulatory frameworks to the fascinating convergence of smart contracts and legal doctrines, Nareg navigates us through the complex legal waters. The discourse extends to legal risk management in crypto investments, intellectual property considerations in NFTs, and indispensable legal advice for both budding crypto entrepreneurs and everyday users. Nareg also casts a discerning eye on the future, predicting how evolving regulations might impact the crypto space and how innovation can be a linchpin for its growth and acceptance. Join us for a riveting exploration of how law intertwines with the emerging world of cryptocurrencies.

Nareg Linkedin:

Nareg Twitter:

Decrypted Law:

Cryptoconomy Twitter:

Oct 09, 202351:01
Bit-based Circular Economies w/ Haiko Huvenaars (CEO @ Candour.Digital)
Sep 27, 202337:45
Building Loyalty & Community w/ Cyrus Kind (CEO @ ShopX)
Aug 08, 202347:54
Bitcoin DeFi w/ Hadan Esperidiao (Team @ ALEXLab)
Apr 28, 202301:10:45
Bear Market Bitcoin Mining w/ Ash Hovhannisyan
Jan 09, 202349:14
Non-Fungible Commerce w/ Eric McHugh (Chief Growth Officer @ ShopX)
Dec 21, 202233:20
Decentralized Telecommunications w/ Nick Agar & Winter Liu
May 04, 202232:01
A True Crypto Ecosystem Part 2 w/ Nick Agar (Founder @ AXIA Coin)
Oct 05, 202131:46
A True Crypto Ecosystem Part 1 w/ Nick Agar (Founder @ AXIA Coin)
Sep 28, 202127:50
Imagining the Future of Crypto UBI w/ Ed Hickman (CEO @Anatha)

Imagining the Future of Crypto UBI w/ Ed Hickman (CEO @Anatha)

In this episode Mark sits down with Ed to discuss how crypto can be used to fuel a global, private, UBI market by using fractals of infrastructure to empower individuals with their data and the value they create. We discuss how various organizations can interoperate to achieve mutual goals, the role of governments and how they might use UBI for good/bad, and how UBI might re-orient human labor into more productive societal action. 

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Nov 04, 202046:09
P2P Profiles, Messaging, and more w/ Danny Zuckerman & Michael Sena (Cofounders @ 3Box)
Mar 09, 202046:44
Accounting for the IRS w/ Shehan Chandrasekera
Feb 04, 202026:12
Securing Nebulous Networks w/ Ben Jorgensen & Benjamin Diggles (CEO & VP of BD @ Constellation Network)
Jan 31, 202047:22
Unlocking AI & Big Data w/ Trent McConaghy (Founder @ Ocean Protocol)
Jan 23, 202049:13
A Connected World w/ Frank Mong (COO @ Helium)
Jan 22, 202043:20
A Brave New Browser w/ Luke Mulks
Oct 29, 201947:26
Blockchain-Enabled Giving w/ Pat Duffy (The Giving Block)
Oct 15, 201932:29
Catching up with iTrust Capital w/ Morgan Steckler
Aug 14, 201931:29
MORTY$ & Memecoins
Jul 09, 201946:43
Universal Basic Data Income w/ Dana Budzyn (CEO @ UBDI)
Apr 17, 201901:04:45
Retiring with Alternative Assets w/ Morgan Steckler (iTrustCapital)

Retiring with Alternative Assets w/ Morgan Steckler (iTrustCapital)

 Today Mark speaks with Morgan Steckler about integrating IRA’s with cryptocurrencies. Morgan is the CEO of iTrustCapital, a platform dedicated to allowing people to actively trade crypto and alternative assets like gold/real estate, using their existing IRA or 401k accounts. Mark and Morgan discuss the role of alternative assets in volatile economies, existing retirement account options, and the how the biggest wealth transfer in history may affect cryptocurrency markets for years to come.  Sorry for the audio in the background, we tried!

Mar 07, 201937:20
Tokenized Real Estate w/ Matthew Sullivan (QuantmRE)

Tokenized Real Estate w/ Matthew Sullivan (QuantmRE)

Can we treat our homes like equities? Today Mark talks with QuantmRE CEO Matthew Sullivan about his vision to add liquidity to property investments while reducing homeowner's reliance on other credit options like subprime mortgages. QuantmRE is building the world’s first membership-driven, vertically integrated real estate stockmarket that enables fractional interests in real estate investments to be bought and sold on the Blockchain. If you own a home, or you're looking to own a small piece of one, we'll talk through how blockchain can change the way you think about your home as a part of your portfolio.

Want to see what Mark's been working on?

Feb 27, 201928:47
Crowdsourcing Information w/ Larry Sanger (Wikipedia & Everipedia)
Dec 10, 201847:59
Decentralizing the Internet w/ Fran Villalba Segarra (Internxt)
Nov 20, 201825:58
Fiat-Backed Stable Coins w/ Kory Hoang (Stably)
Nov 16, 201822:17
Crypto Invest Summit Speed Dating

Crypto Invest Summit Speed Dating

Today we're sitting down with companies live at the LA Crypto Invest Summit. Some touting over 50 million users, 50 million in revenue, and 60 odd reasons why blockchain is poised to shine brighter in 2019. Hear from a decentralized messenger taking on whatsapp, CBD oil tokenizing cannabis, and crypto luminaries explaining words like Ikigai. *This recording sounds as hectic as it was, but we promise it's worth the listen! Featuring: Daniel Kiani (Crypto Dinner Club) Sarah Austin (Soma Open Network Cofounder and CMO ) Alexandra Karpova (Crypto PR Lab Founder & CEO) Paul Rogers (Prime My Body Founder & CEO) Timothy Lewis (Ikigai Cofounder) Justin Wu (Coinstate Founder)
Oct 24, 201801:06:14
Honest Advertising w/ Angelo Dodaro (Adbank)

Honest Advertising w/ Angelo Dodaro (Adbank)

Angelo Dodaro is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Adbank, a powerful ad platform built on Ethereum. Angelo has run several successful ad campaigns for clients at his agency, Multivitamin Media, and has worked with brands such as Tesla Motors, Cara Foods, TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and Mud Hero. Angelo is also the Canadian representative and on the Board of Directors for the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) and is an advisor and consultant for several blockchain startups including Celsius Network, WELL and HowDoo. His contributions have led to over $70 million in ICO funding for 2018 alone.
Oct 10, 201845:07
High Vibrational Commerce w/ David Nikzad (Founder @ Psilly)
Oct 08, 201835:48
Mining for VBucks w/ Zach Pelka (Mineful)
Oct 05, 201831:27
NYCryptocurrency w/ Larry Sharpe (NY Governor Candidate)
Sep 10, 201854:56
Crypto Tax Law w/ Shehan Chandrasekera

Crypto Tax Law w/ Shehan Chandrasekera

Today, Mark talks with Shehan Chandrasekera, a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Texas and New Jersey about Cryptocurrencies and tax law as it relates to trading, fundraising, mining, investing and more! Shehan has a broad tax knowledge of various industries including Start-ups, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, Construction, E-commerce, Healthcare, Cannabis and Manufacturing & Distribution. Shehan is also a published author and a frequent technical contributor to various social media platforms. His recent article on “Virtual Currency and Tax Ramifications” was featured in “The Tax Adviser” magazine sponsored by AICPA. He was one of the first CPAs to have a published academic article on Cryptocurrency taxation. Mobile | 713-346-9908 Telegram | @blockchaincpa Twitter | @shehan1212 Discord | shehan#2609 Skype | shehan63 Voxer | schand2345
Aug 31, 201832:30
DApps w/ IOSToken
Aug 11, 201823:47
Sports & Crypto w/ SportsCastr & FanChain
Aug 09, 201839:46
AI & Cryptocurrencies w/ TokenAI
Aug 09, 201842:55
Blockchain in Business w/ Victor Wong (CEO @ Sparklecoin)
Jul 31, 201847:50
Asgardia: Creating a Cryptopia

Asgardia: Creating a Cryptopia

In this episode Mark and Will explore the newly founded nation of Asgardia, an independent space-state that boasts a community of 200,000 global citizens. We’ll dig through their constitution and discuss governmental, sociological, and economic structures that we think could contribute to a true “Cryptopia”. Would a space nation need money? Is this a Russian money laundering front? Are new countries going the way of startups?
Jul 15, 201801:35:10
MarketScale: Bridging The Gap in Crypto w/ Mark Kilaghbian
Jun 28, 201819:24
Crypto as Collateral w/ Joseph Kelly (Unchained Capital)
Jun 27, 201840:24
MarketScale: Net Neutrality w/ Enrique Sotomayor
Jun 19, 201819:48
The Quantum Resistant Ledger w/ Adam Koltun
Jun 13, 201850:40
Cybersecurity w/ Marshal Webb & E.J. Hilbert (Path Network)
Jun 06, 201851:16
Cryptocurrency & Political Philosophy w/ Mance Rayder
Jun 04, 201855:42
Ad Alternatives w/ Chris Garner (CMO @ Oyster Protocol)
May 30, 201801:05:46
Peterson, Postmodernism & a Plethora of Tangents

Peterson, Postmodernism & a Plethora of Tangents

In this episode of Cryptoconomy, William & Enrique sit down to discuss current events, Enlightenment reasoning, modernism, postmodernism and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a celebrated University of Toronto professor, clinical psychologist and YouTube father-figure-turned-superstar. This episode is the third installment in an ongoing series about philosophy and sociopolitical ideologies. We suggest listening to them in the order they were published: 1. Philosophy in the Age of A.I. with special guest Justin Harvey 2. Memetics & Epigenetics 3. Peterson, Postmodernism & a Plethora of Tangents Dr. Jordan B. Peterson on YouTube: Zerobooks' criticism of Dr. Peterson on YouTube: Check out Cryptoconomy: The Atlas App, coming soon: Read our thoughts on the Atlas Digest: Check out 49er:
May 24, 201801:15:31
Traditional Asset Investing w/ John Koval
May 21, 201859:09
Forex, Fiat, and Finance w/ Isaac Martinez
May 13, 201847:56