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The Creative Boss Method

The Creative Boss Method

By CrystalandKayla

Hi there, We are Kayla from The Ivory Mix and Crystal from Crystal Clear Creative Studios and together we bring you The Creative Boss Method Podcast. Through our struggles, successes and business lessons learned we will help you drive towards meaningful action and sustainable business growth! If you are ready to make, scale or expand your business, friend, you are in the right place!
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The #1 type of Content Your Instagram Needs

The Creative Boss MethodAug 24, 2020

The #1 type of Content Your Instagram Needs

The #1 type of Content Your Instagram Needs

Instagram is a hot topic everywhere, so you’ve probably heard all sorts of advice and helpful tips about what to do in your business feed. But even with all of the information out there, there’s one type of content that we see missing from Instagram feeds all the time. And you needed this kind of content yesterday! So we’re going to dive into this topic and help you shift your mindset a bit around how you’re using Instagram as a small business owner.

As you share this kind of aspirational content, your ideal clients will start to imagine themselves on the other side of their problem. This will prime them to take action and buy more quickly. It will help you grow an audience full of people that you want to work with. And that audience will naturally want to refer people to you and be advocates for your business. Join us in the Creative Boss Society to get the momentum, strategy and support to reach our growth goals faster!

We challenge you to get creative and give aspirational content a try! And we’d love to see what you do, so don’t forget to tag us @thecreativebossmethod!

Aug 24, 202012:17
Finding Your CEO Mindset!

Finding Your CEO Mindset!

We both started out in the corporate, 9-to-5 world. When we became entrepreneurs, we had to make some BIG mindset shifts; we had to develop a CEO mindset. Today, we want to help you get ahead a little bit with your CEO mindset by sharing some key things we’ve learned over the years of being small business owners and working with lots of other small business owners, too.

We hope this episode will show you that you’re not alone in the challenges you’re facing as an entrepreneur. We’ve been there, and so many others have, too! And that’s why we wanted to give you a boost toward becoming the CEO we know is inside you. It will take some mindset shifts, but you really can move forward into business growth and find success even in these uncertain times.

So click to listen as we are diving in 7 ways you can get in to the CEO mindset your business needs!

Aug 17, 202020:02
Instagram - It's More Than Visual!

Instagram - It's More Than Visual!

Instagram - It’s more than visual!

It’s easy to be obsessed with gorgeous, on-brand Instagram grids. However, Instagram has really evolved into so much more for businesses and brands. And while there isn't a magic trick to give you your desired goals and metrics, today we're going to share a three-step formula for Instagram success that will take your account way beyond just another pretty grid.

Following these three steps alone will change your Instagram game. But if you really want tips that pros use, we would encourage you to check out our Creative Boss Society. In the Society, we’re not just giving you small bits of info or quick tips you may already know. We’re getting into some really good, deep stuff around evaluating your Instagram strategy and changing the way you use Instagram to bring in more money. And even more than that, this same information can be used equally well for other social media platforms, too. So if you’re ready to up your success on your business social media, we hope to see you in the Society soon!

Aug 10, 202009:38
10 Ways to Get Free Marketing
Aug 03, 202017:08
The 3 Types of Emails You Should Be Sending Your List!

The 3 Types of Emails You Should Be Sending Your List!

💌 Each morning we spend time reviewing, replying and sorting through... emails.   So when you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen while wondering what to send to your email list, don’t worry! 😳  

The engaging content and types of emails you can send isn't rocket science. 🚀  

Today we’re going to help you out! We’ve broken down email marketing content into 3️⃣ main categories and examples that you can apply right away.

Need more growth strategy, email templates and accountability? We challenge you to come over and see what we are doing in the Creative Boss Society Membership!

In the Creative Boss Society we aren't all about the hustle. We believe in strong brands, massive value, and creating space for big dreams. We're excited to welcome you to an opportunity to accelerate your business through our continual support and monthly coaching for just over $1 per day. Our Members are crushing it are you ready to?

Jul 27, 202013:13
 The Where & How Of Growing Your Email List

The Where & How Of Growing Your Email List

Members of the ​Creative Boss Society​ are focused around growth, and one of the fastest ways to grow your business and your revenue is to build a successful email list. So today we want to give you several methods to grow your email list and put you on the fast track to boosting your biz. We don't just talk about the fluff we are giving you the where and how you can get your list building going.

If you’d like support in taking action to increase your email subscribers and improve other areas of your business, as well, we’d love to have you join us in the ​Creative Boss Society​. At the CBS, we aren't all about the hustle. We believe in developing strong brands, producing massive value, and creating space for big dreams. We're excited that we can offer creative business owners like yourself an opportunity to accelerate their businesses with continual support and monthly coaching for just over $1 per day. And our members are seriously crushing it! Are you and your business ready to crush it, too?

Jul 20, 202013:43
The 2 Things Your Sales Page Is Missing

The 2 Things Your Sales Page Is Missing

Sales pages. Everyone has one, but is yours converting?  

If the answer is no, let us help! 

As veteran Creative Entrepreneurs, we’ve seen loads of sales pages, and we want to share with you the 2 things that are often missing from sales pages and what you can do to fix these issues today!  

It's important to keep in mind why you have a sales page, how it should function, what your ICA needs to see, and how to ensure you pull in continual sales.  

If you’ve been stuck in one of these business trouble zones, you don’t have to stay there any longer! And if you haven’t been struggling with a lack of sales, trying to gain momentum in your business, and formulate the strategy for success, we get you! 

Remember that you can join us for just over a dollar per day in the ​Creative Boss Society​. We’d love to see you there! -   

Crystal and Kayla '

The Creative Boss Method 

The Creative Boss Society

Jul 13, 202014:45
The 4 Key 🗝 Things Holding You Back in Your Business, Right Now ↓↓

The 4 Key 🗝 Things Holding You Back in Your Business, Right Now ↓↓

Creative business owners sometimes get stuck, and we’ve been in business long enough to see that there are 4 main issues that tend to hold them back. But more than just tell you what these common problems are, we want to dive into what might put you in one of these trouble zones and how to overcome them so you get to the success you’re looking for. 

If you’ve been stuck in one of these 4 business trouble zones, you don’t have to stay there any longer! And if you haven’t been affected by these issues, consider yourself forewarned and forearmed. For further information on this topic and so many more, remember that you can join us for just over a dollar per day in the ​Creative Boss Society​. We’d love to see you there! - 

Jun 29, 202019:42
The Ingredients to a Successful Business Collaboration!

The Ingredients to a Successful Business Collaboration!

Thanks for tuning in this week. We are focused in on Collaborations!! What are they? Why would you want to do them? If you’ve got collaboration questions, we’ve got your answers here. And even if you’ve never thought about engaging in a collaboration before, you just might find yourself considering one after listening this.  

In the spirit of collaboration, we’d love to encourage you to screenshot this episode, post it on Instagram with your big takeaway, and then tag us (@thecreativebossmethod) so we can re-share it!  

We are also big on promoting collaboration amongst our members in the Creative Boss Society. In fact, what they are currently working on is ways to support growth in each others’ businesses and increase sales. If you’d like to join us, hop over to for more information.   

Crystal & Kayla 

The Creative Boss Method 

The Creative Boss Society

Jun 22, 202020:37
Hustle Mentality, Are you working your way to success or burnout?

Hustle Mentality, Are you working your way to success or burnout?

Are you hustling in your creative business? And if you are, did you start your creative business with the hope that you’d be working all day every day? For most people, the answer is probably no. So we want to share some of our experiences with the hustle mentality and help you take a look at whether you are hustling yourself toward success or burnout.

If you're really ready to abandon the hustle mentality and feeling overwhelmed, we encourage you to lean in and look at our Creative Boss Society, where we can offer you many more ideas and a lot of support for doing this. We had over 90 founding members join us this month, and after only 2 weeks, here’s what one of our members had to say:

"I've been struggling with coming up with an idea for my future products, and just listening to that Live mentoring session gave me so many insights into how I can develop a waitlist for my product while working on the actual product itself in the future!😍 Thank you for creating this society and for keeping it SO affordable too."

We want you to ask yourself if you are fully committed to doing what it takes to move past having no clue where to begin or not following through on your own plans. Would you like to actually start growing your unique offer, attracting your ideal leads, and making more sales instead? If the answers are yes and yes, head over to the Creative Boss Society membership page to learn more about how you can get the mentoring, accountability and support you need for sustainable growth!

Creative Boss Society - Boss Society -

Jun 15, 202022:37
4 Mistakes To Avoid While Building Your Business

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Building Your Business

Beautiful branding: it’s got so many business owners wrapped around its little finger. In fact, beautiful branding can become so consuming for new business owners that they stall launching their products/services and developing really key pieces of their actual offers while investing SO much money and time into their online presence, website, and logo. As creative bosses ourselves who actively work in the branding and photography fields, we’ve heard some variation of “Until my branding is done, I’m waiting to launch...” time and time again.

But here’s the thing: This type of branding-first-everything-else-later thinking could actually be a serious setback that is costing you a ton of missed opportunities, especially if you're spending thousands of dollars before making a single sale. So creative bosses, it’s time to break up with your time-consuming branding needs and desires! And with the money and energy you’ll free up, instead focus on these 4 mistakes to avoid when building your business for success.

Now that you've tuned in to this episode you probably see the importance of skipping some business steps (like perfect branding) in favor of getting right to the strategies of offer building. And to help you with that, next week we're launching a new 3-step challenge all about creating an offer that sells. To join us and get the information you need to produce an epic offer, head over to​ -->  www.c​ ​

May 18, 202022:42
Debunking - Instagram Followers = Success
May 04, 202034:11
Defining Our M.E.T.H.O.D.

Defining Our M.E.T.H.O.D.

There are 6 steps to the Creative Boss Method, and they follow the acronym M.E.T.H.O.D. In this episode we dive in to each of those steps; what they mean, how they apply to business and so much more. 

The METHOD also keeps you accountable with your dreaming. Not every idea you have will be a great idea, and sometimes it’s just not the best time for something new.  As creative, multi-passionate individuals, it’s easy to want to dream! But if you haven’t afforded yourself the time to maximize the previous steps, you might see that you are not actually at a point of readiness for dreaming. You might observe that what you really need is to dive deeper into your mission, work on holding your successes, or optimize some of your systems. It’s OK to go back. The METHOD is meant to be a circle of steps you can use over and over to calm the chaos and to set up and implement whatever it is that YOUR creative business needs.

This Creative Boss Method collaboration is a part of OUR dreams--another way to serve our clients and other creative business owners. We’ll keep expanding on the METHOD in future episodes, and we’d love for you to help us in our mission of positively impacting creative entrepreneurs by subscribing. 

---> And please leave us a comment! We want to hear your thoughts and questions about the episode. Or even just say “hi,” because we’ll be entering all of our commenters into a drawing for a $25 Amazon Gift Card? And who wouldn’t enjoy winning that?!

Apr 20, 202022:34