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Culture Shock/Therapy

Culture Shock/Therapy

By Mary Jane Provost

Mary Jane Provost is non-certified therapist just trying to make the world a better place. Patients arrive and the healing begins. Laughing gas in audible form-- the height of scientific achievement. Schedule your appointment today. After all, nothing's quite as funny as mental illness
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Theatre Kids/Ferret Adoption: Ep. 24 (w/Maria Liatis)

Culture Shock/Therapy Sep 23, 2021

To All The Dolls/I've Loved Before: Ep. 43 (w/Sunny Laprade)
Sep 16, 202201:29:26
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Sep 11, 202257:13
You Died: Ep. 41 (w/Comire)
Aug 18, 202201:13:51
Know Better/Do Better: Ep. 40 (w/Yin)
May 10, 202237:05
Irish Goodbye: Ep. 39 (w/PJ)
Apr 21, 202201:14:50
Love Cactus: Ep. 38 (w/ Kaitlyn André)
Apr 07, 202201:02:05
Kalamazoo/Timbuktu: Ep. 37 (w/Rebs Chan)
Mar 16, 202201:01:49
We Don't Talk about Mental Health: Ep. 36 (w/Josiah Edwards)
Feb 24, 202255:47
Ripe Eggs/Fabio: Ep. 35 (w/Julia Harrison)
Feb 15, 202258:31
Hoboken Blues/Brooklyn Ketamine: Ep. 34 (w/Liv Alicandri)
Jan 20, 202201:10:26
Little Bookshop/Big City: Ep. 33 (w/Sarah High)
Jan 12, 202250:46
1st Annual HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Ep. 32 (w/Sanna Erica)
Dec 21, 202156:50
De-Railing Jennifer's Body: Ep. 31 (w/Liv Alicandri)
Dec 09, 202157:27
Coming Up for Air: Ep. 30 (w/Will Fickett)
Dec 02, 202157:12
Buffalo/Bill: Ep. 29 (w/Sunny Laprade)
Nov 23, 202101:01:23
Birthday Suit/Big Facts: Ep. 28 (w/Will in SC)
Nov 07, 202153:07
Midnight Sun/Bucket List: Ep. 27 (w/Kate Schumaker)
Oct 28, 202152:21
Gargoyles/Brothers: Ep. 26 (w/Tom Schalk)
Oct 17, 202101:00:51
Red Flags/Crude Comedians: Ep. 25 (w/Sarah Mixon)
Oct 04, 202157:27
Theatre Kids/Ferret Adoption: Ep. 24 (w/Maria Liatis)
Sep 23, 202157:18
Journey 2 The West: Ep. 23 (w/Ritu)
Sep 03, 202147:25
The Drama Triangle: Ep. 22 (w/ Katie Stone)
Aug 26, 202152:58
Reset Yourself/Ambush Bug: Ep. 21 (w/Cody Ziglar)
Aug 18, 202144:55
Music is Underrated: Ep. 20 (w/Destiney)
Aug 09, 202157:08
Bisquick Hotline: Ep. 19 (w/Sammy Gonzalez)
Aug 02, 202101:06:34
Bon Voyage/Welcome Aboard: Ep. 18

Bon Voyage/Welcome Aboard: Ep. 18

Season Finale. And emotional goodbye and a sign of what's to come in the culture shock offices. All secrets will be revealed, tune in! 

Cover art designed by @digital_kintsugi on Instagram

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Jun 26, 202101:14:02
Can't Stop, So I Won't: Ep. 17 (w/Megan @_elleski)
May 19, 202144:52
Equal Parts Sh*t/Equal Parts Honor: Ep. 16 (w/Jose the Great)
May 11, 202143:20
Doom Therapy: Ep 15 (w/Keion Pitts)
Apr 09, 202148:16
Ghost Writing/Teacher's Pet: Ep. 14 (w/Kelly Ann)
Feb 24, 202153:41
Toonami/ALL CAPS: Ep. 13 (w/NATE The Martian)
Feb 17, 202146:22
Sharing with Strangers: Ep. 12 (w/@heygrogan)
Feb 11, 202153:26
Do These "Therapists" Need Therapists?: Ep. 11

Do These "Therapists" Need Therapists?: Ep. 11

A nice after-hours session where DJ Bitch and Harmony Parker Provost voice their concerns about life and try not to cry on mic! No guest required.

Follow the podcast on Instagram: @cultureshocktherapycast

Cover art by: @digital_kintsugi

Feb 02, 202150:25
It's a Beautiful World: Ep. 09 (w/ Pooja Prabakaran)
Jan 16, 202145:05
Repress, Re-Use, Recycle: Ep. 08 (w/ Casper @honeyghosting)
Jan 08, 202150:26
The Steve Urkel Effect: Ep 07 (w/ DJ Lucas)
Jan 01, 202148:18
Talking to God/Anime Weekends: Ep 06 (w/ Will Fickett & Brian Martin)
Dec 22, 202056:33
Beach House/1-UP Mushrooms: Ep 05 (w/Emaleigh O' Neal)

Beach House/1-UP Mushrooms: Ep 05 (w/Emaleigh O' Neal)

On this week's exciting therapy session join us as we discuss coping with depression. ALSO:

Do you have PTSD from particles of sand getting in your nether-regions? Sandy cheeks are horrifying!

Cover art designed by @digital_kintsugi on Instagram

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Dec 16, 202001:09:22
Trap Card Activated!: Ep 04 (w/Andrew Korn)
Dec 10, 202042:06
Nappy Hair/Hot Boy Summer: Ep. 03 (w/Jacob Jones)
Dec 05, 202001:02:14
Yes, I'm Actually Black: Ep. 02 (w/Elijah B-D)
Nov 19, 202041:08
Billy Clubs/Culture Sponge: Ep 01 (w/@dirtvoyeur)

Billy Clubs/Culture Sponge: Ep 01 (w/@dirtvoyeur)

Welcome to culture shock therapy. We're talking to Mister Harry Slime on today's session as we officially open our psychiatric practice. Let's get started

Find Harry's art, music, and social media at:

Intro and outro music:

Episode art by Harry Slime

Follow the podcast on Instagram: @cultureshocktherapycast

Nov 15, 202034:05
(2) Fish out of Water: Ep. 00

(2) Fish out of Water: Ep. 00

Come listen to some totally ebony dudes talk about assimilating into predominately white environments. Are we race traitors? Come find out!

Oct 28, 202032:12