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Changed Up! Now What?

Changed Up! Now What?

By Teaira & Gregory Curry (Coach Tea & G)

This Inspirational couple will share with you the deepest secrets of their relationship in hopes to help uplift yours. After being together for almost two decades (and counting), the experience has definitely racked up! Tune in on Saturdays at 10PM EST and be sure to check out their new and improved book “Fed Up? Changed Up! Now What” available online now at When you are FED UP, you have to CHANGE UP! But after you have CHANGED UP, what’s next? Listen to the dialogue and let’s see!
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The Deep Dive w/ Jeremy L. Holloway!

Changed Up! Now What? Oct 10, 2023

The Deep Dive w/ Jeremy L. Holloway!
Oct 10, 202302:17:38
The Chosen One w/Dr Sherley Lefevre!

The Chosen One w/Dr Sherley Lefevre!

Children are supposed to live their lives basking in their imaginations, finding themselves playing outside with friends and laying down the bricks to build their spiritual foundation. Instead, my next guest dealt with molestation, pregnancy, abuse and foster care at a very young and tender age. It wasn’t until one woman picked up where things got cut short. Her Godmother took her in as her own and showed her the love of God. All of a sudden, those acts of kindness opened up the door for her to see that she has been deemed the chosen one. God flipped it and gave her beauty for her ashes! She took that and created a whole movement! Contact Guest: Facebook & IG @DrSherleyLefevre
Sep 26, 202302:00:14
Mask On Mask Off w/Dr Theresa Brown!
Sep 11, 202301:37:52
The Secret Sauce w/ Prophet R.K. James & Lady C!

The Secret Sauce w/ Prophet R.K. James & Lady C!

We have a very transparent Kingdom couple in the house tonight. Expressing their love for one another, how they met, how to set boundaries and what it’s like dating while operating in ministry as well! You can check out their ministry by heading over to the Facebook community and typing in R.K. James Ministries or by clicking here If you’d like to reach out to our host Coach G & Coach T, you can visit with business inquiries. Thank you.
Aug 29, 202301:32:08
Escaping Infidelity w/ The Stevensons!
Aug 25, 202301:07:10
Unplanned Womanhood w/Coach Amber Starr!
Jul 30, 202301:30:29
Real Love

Real Love

Coach Tea sits down with Podcaster, Blogger and Caregiver Amber Johnson. With so much talk about relationship goals, these two ladies decided to discuss real love from within. We are no longer comparing ourselves the the appearances of others. We are NOT telling our Creator that He made a mistake when He made us. AND We will not pressure our partners to love us the way that we should first love ourselves. Contact Guest@ BeeChannel27 via YouTube. Her Linktree is in the about tab!
May 22, 202301:34:11
Escape and Rehab w/LindseyMae!
May 16, 202301:01:28
Know Your Woman w/Mr.2Ëxtra (Fletcher Oliver)
May 08, 202301:12:06
Promise Me Not To Tell (Gang Rape Survivor Story)
Apr 21, 202359:47
SAAM Our Childhood Stories PT 1 (Sexual Assault Awareness Month)

SAAM Our Childhood Stories PT 1 (Sexual Assault Awareness Month)

SAAM is a term used to acknowledge rape survivors in the month of April. My husband and I BOTH are survivors in our own ways therefore, we will be dedicating our episodes this month to the overcoming of this worldwide crisis. Me and Coach G will be sharing a series with you guys sharing what we’ve experienced as well as bringing on some guest. Part l deals with our personal stories of sexual assault as children and how to spot out the red flags with your own children. Tune in today as we kick off our SAAM series! And if you are a survivor remember, its NOT your fault. Contact Host: IG @ChangedUpNowWhat To become a sponsor or to sign your loved one up for the Safe Dating & Rape Prevention course , click here Contact RAINN: or 800-656-HOPE
Apr 10, 202301:56:54
Mind Body and Soul w/Doobee!

Mind Body and Soul w/Doobee!

Mind Body and Soul w/Doobee S2E7!
This man has a lot of wisdom. He gives credit to his mom, his grandmothers and the women he has dated. Doobee then took the lessons he has learned, and passed on the knowledge to his children!

Contact Guest:
IG @AiightDen
Mar 19, 202353:60
30 Years In The Game w/ Dr James (Robert) & Denise Goodman
Mar 12, 202355:43
Just The Two Of Us w/Coach Elizabeth McClung!

Just The Two Of Us w/Coach Elizabeth McClung!

Tonight we are delving into coparenting. My guest today has an interesting story about how she made it work for her, her son and his stepdad. Take a listen! Contact Guest on IG @KIGLIFECOACH
Mar 05, 202301:04:01
Taken For Granted w/Coach Nesi Ewing!
Feb 26, 202301:08:39
My First Love w/Kelli Patterson!
Feb 19, 202301:16:09
They Smile In Your Face w/Doctor Fashion.
Feb 12, 202359:23
Cheap Feels and Inappropriate Thrills.
Jul 31, 202246:12
Curry’s Intro (Who Are We?)
Jul 24, 202231:04
Season 2 Surprise! Relationship Intro

Season 2 Surprise! Relationship Intro

Coach Tea and her Husband Coach G gives you the new scoop for season 2! Listen up starting this Saturday at 10PM EST and every weekend after that. Go to to keep up with this movement, join the relationship Masterclass, receive coaching services, support the movement, receive weekly inspiration and much more! IG@ChangedUpNowWhat
Jul 22, 202201:46
Autism Put Some Respect On The Name. W/ Delisa Wood!
May 10, 202254:02
Fye Fye In Ya Ear! W/Fyetini
May 02, 202201:09:57
“Computer Love” w/Nate Jones and Amber Gardner

“Computer Love” w/Nate Jones and Amber Gardner

Happy VALENTINES DAY! In honor of this day of love, Coach Tea had the pleasure of bringing on this amazing couple. Our guest shares a few intimate moments between the two of them. They were cool with that because they are more than confident that their story will assist others when finding and maintaining true love.
Feb 14, 202201:18:58
From Ms. Nobody to Doctor Somebody w/Dr. Renee Glover!
Feb 07, 202201:14:22
My Soul Has Been Anchored w/PJ!
Jan 31, 202201:08:34
We’re BACK!
Dec 23, 202103:02
Genetics (Hemophilia)
Aug 16, 202153:44
I Am A Millionaire w/ Christianna Hurt
Jul 19, 202130:44
Living A Blessed Life w/Aiesha Rylander!
Jul 12, 202150:31
What About Your Friends? W/ Samantha Liberal!
Jul 05, 202101:09:60
Show Up & Show Out w/ Martine Cadet!
Jun 28, 202101:08:17
“Pick Up Your Sword” w/Pam Vincent!
Jun 21, 202101:11:45
The Breaking Point w/ Aura Mosley!
Jun 14, 202144:07
“Diamond in the back” w/ Jhae Pfenning!
Jun 07, 202101:06:40
Feed Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow w/ Natalie Louis!
May 31, 202139:30
“Bring The Beat In” w/ Raphael!
May 24, 202148:56
Hey Girl Hey with Comia Flynn!
May 17, 202101:06:03
Plugged In with Jaqueline Waller!
May 12, 202138:45
Autism Normalized with Crystal Jordan
Apr 30, 202101:07:31
Real Love w/ Courtney Smith!
Feb 08, 202147:11
“Off The Hook” w/ Crystal “Evon” Jackson!
Feb 01, 202137:33
“Started In The Basement Now I’m Here” with Dallas John Bell!
Jan 25, 202133:41
Lights, Camera, Action! W/ Kay Sauls

Lights, Camera, Action! W/ Kay Sauls

Imagine getting booked for a role in one of Tyler Perry’s hit film productions. Or getting the call saying that you’ve landed a supporting role in Prophetess Danielle William-McCord’s hit stage play “From Porn To The Pulpit”? It’s one of the most exciting experiences you could ever have as an emerging actress! Kay Sauls was fortunate enough to take part in both dramatic forms of art and she nailed it! When some people are blessed with major opportunities such as these, they can easily “lose” themselves both spiritually and naturally. Listen in at as Ms. Kay shares some of her acting experiences, tips and incredible adventures in the land of entertainment! Kay Sauls FB & IG @ActressKaySauls Email: KMSauls3@Gmail.Com
Jan 18, 202146:20
Mentorship? Finances? I’ve Got You! With Keisha Smith
Jan 11, 202143:28
I’ve Got 99 Problems But My Praise AINT One! With Prophet Willie E. Oliver.
Jan 04, 202101:09:19
Can’t You See That I’m A PMP? With PMP Magaline Harvey.
Dec 28, 202052:30
Humanitarian Pays Its Forward with Mike Esmond!
Dec 21, 202031:36
Just Get Started! With Mark Savant
Dec 14, 202050:58
Sweet Tooth For Success! Phillip Kuoch
Dec 07, 202037:49
Graced To Fail Prophet Jeromy Smith

Graced To Fail Prophet Jeromy Smith

“I’ll never fall sexually as a Pastor (I did that). I’ll never sell drugs (I did that). I’ll never shoot a gun at someone (I did that). I’ll never exploit a woman’s body for money or go through with a divorce (I did that)”. Isn’t it funny how we can become everything we said we’d never be? It’s like we mean well but somewhere along the way, we become tainted by fulfilling our own lustful desires. Prophet Jeromy went through a whole list of downfalls but little did he know, God had a Masterplan of Grace for his life.

@JeromyASmith via Facebook.

Nov 30, 202055:36