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Uncle Bob's Campfire

Uncle Bob's Campfire

By curiousrealms

How many shadows can fall on one man?

Just your crazy uncle telling his adventures in the dark. He says he's the kind of guy trouble always finds, but he's lying. Probably. Often horror and always weird, it involves stuff like doppelgangers, clothes that stop time, extra-dimensional portals, and revenge. Uncle Bob resists chronological order. Safe For Work.

Note: Some podcast readers show the episodes out of order. You should start with the oldest first ("Bob is a Liar").
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Aunt Jamie Is Worried

Uncle Bob's CampfireJan 02, 2022

Aunt Jamie Is Worried
Jan 02, 202201:08
Bob on Ice
Oct 30, 202128:26
Bob's New School(s)
Sep 11, 202137:51
Bob Is Going Down, Part 2: Undead on the Run
Aug 07, 202129:54
Bob Is Going Down, Part 1: Double Flower
Jul 10, 202148:53
Bob Makes a Questionable Fashion Choice
Jun 12, 202131:59
Lights Out, Bob
May 30, 202131:04
Bob Is a Liar
May 26, 202101:35