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By Ravi Jayagopal

Business, Marketing and Tech Tips For Entrepreneurs and Digital Creators - Quick, Short and Simple episodes with zero fluff, and packed with value.
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Comment Polls vs. Checkbox Polls on Facebook or Twitter - 100

CutToTheChase.fmOct 17, 2020

Comment Polls vs. Checkbox Polls on Facebook or Twitter - 100

Comment Polls vs. Checkbox Polls on Facebook or Twitter - 100

If you've ever been a part of a Facebook group, you've probably seen someone post a Poll, usually asking questions like...

Who should I host my podcast with? Polls are great if you really are looking for people to vote on the answers, and you want to be able to quickly know the results and find a winner, or a trend, at the end.

Unfortunately, neither Facebook or Twitter consider those check-box marking action as "engagement" - at least not enough to give your post any kind of a boost in the algorithm.
Oct 17, 202004:16
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Dime Sale - Ep #84
Feb 28, 201903:59
This is so DOPE - Ep #83

This is so DOPE - Ep #83

The name of my new course is DOPE: Do Once, Publish Everywhere -

So why is it important to publish your content on multiple platforms? The biggest issue facing every digital marketer and content creator today, is getting their message out in front of the biggest possible targeted audience.

So if you don't already have a massive email list, or you're not already a celebrity and don't have a huge following on Instagram, or Facebook, how do you build an audience from scratch?
Feb 20, 201904:05
Short Clips or Not - Part 2 - Ep #82
Feb 06, 201905:23
Short Clips or Not, Be Careful with Copyrighted Content - Ep #81
Jan 28, 201903:59
Everything is Marketing - Ep #80
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From Beliefs to Destiny - Ep #76
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Email Newsletters - Ep #75
Dec 17, 201802:47
Direct Response Emails - Ep #74
Dec 14, 201802:16
SocialPosts.txt - Ep #73

SocialPosts.txt - Ep #73

It would be such a waste if you’re not keeping an archive of all this barrage of content you’re generating for your audience, fans, followers and customers.

And that’s why, I recommend that you create a text file on your computer - I call it Social

And then, on a daily basis, every time you write any piece of content for any platform, just copy and paste into this file. And I always post the latest content at the top, just so you know.

Older episodes at
Dec 10, 201802:41
Feeding The Insatiable Content Monster - Ep #72
Dec 07, 201802:18
How to Build an Audience From Scratch - Ep #71

How to Build an Audience From Scratch - Ep #71

Probably the single biggest burning question today on every single entrepreneur and creator's mind. Building an audience from scratch is one of the hardest things to do, whether you have an existing business that's trying to enter a new market, or you're a brand new entrepreneur who's building a following for the very first time. That's why it is easier to keep creating new products & services for your existing audience, than to keep going into new markets and trying to build an audience from scratch.
Dec 05, 201801:55
How To Grow Anything - Ep #70
Dec 04, 201802:45
Brilliant 5, Blah 95 - Ep #69
Nov 29, 201802:49
I Don't Care If I Make Money With This - Ep #68
Nov 26, 201802:14
It Must've Sucked To Be Tarzan - Ep #67
Nov 23, 201803:02
New Customers vs. Existing Customers - Ep #66
Nov 21, 201803:30
The Greatest Quotes That People Never Said (But I Wish They Did) - Ep #65
Nov 19, 201803:27
3-Stars Are Actually Worse Than 1-Stars - Ep #64
Nov 16, 201804:21
Preneurvana - Hierarchy of Entrepreneurship - Ep #63
Nov 14, 201805:03
When To Say Yes - Ep #62

When To Say Yes - Ep #62

So say "YES" to more things when you're younger. And if you have a younger one in your life, be sure to make them listen to this episode. And some day, you have go to say "NO" to more things, so that you can excel at the few things that you've already said "YES" to. And if you're not sure what to say yes to, and what to say no to, check out my Royalties-based coaching & mentoring program where I will coach you for free, in exchange for royalties from future sales.
Nov 12, 201802:22
Epic Value-Bombs - Ep #61
Nov 08, 201803:60
The World's Worst Call To Action - Ep #60
Nov 07, 201803:43
Likes and Loves Won't Show You The Money - Ep #59
Nov 06, 201802:18
How to Become an Overnight Success - Ep #58

How to Become an Overnight Success - Ep #58

There are literally thousands upon thousands of quotes from accomplished people all over the world, who have talked about how they became an overnight success, and here are a few.

Notice a pattern here?

Yeah. Every "overnight success" story actually took many many years to create :-)

I started selling online in 1997. That's 21 years ago. And I still don't feel like I have arrived.

So don't compare your first step with someone who has already walked a thousand miles and get discouraged.
Nov 05, 201802:58
When Things Go Sideways - Ep #57
Nov 02, 201803:01
Only 3 Ways to Make Money - Ep #56
Nov 01, 201804:07
No List + No Products = Big Problem - Ep #55
Oct 31, 201803:08
Horses for Courses - Ep #54
Oct 30, 201802:57
Meme-Killer - Ep #53
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Fair Use and Copyright Infringement - Ep #52
Oct 25, 201804:12
The Giveaway - Part 2 - Ep #51
Oct 24, 201803:60