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Down 2 Business

Down 2 Business

By Tamar Turner

The Down 2 Business Podcast is not only about providing exposure to business owners and their respective crafts but also telling their story from start to finish. The path to starting your own business can have its ups and downs and that should be shared with the world because you never know who may be able to benefit from it. Join the podcast for an interview and share your story with the world!

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Episode 140: A Futuristic Approach

Down 2 BusinessMay 24, 2023

Episode 140: A Futuristic Approach

Episode 140: A Futuristic Approach

At some point in your life, have you ever sat back and reflected on how far things have advanced when it comes to technology? Or did you picture this day at some point but maybe not so soon?

Well, Pete will be the first to tell you that even though he was coding as early as 12 and 13 years old, some of what he has noticed in regards to technology has truly amazed him. On top of that, it has given him yet another reason to dive deeper into this space and acquire as much knowledge as humanly possible.

So with so many new gadgets, websites and software out these can this be of benefit to you and your brand?

Tune in to episode 140 as Pete explains the difference between regular fans and SUPER fans, breaks down the meaning of 'Forward Obsessed' and much more!

For more information about Pete and to utilize any of his services:

Instagram: @peteslense

Twitter: @petesena

LinkedIn: Pete Sena


May 24, 202301:06:26
Episode 139: The Love For Land

Episode 139: The Love For Land

Pete's involvement in real estate dates all the back to 2006, although it wasn't until March of 2021 where he resold his first land flipped property. How familiar are you with the concept of land flipping? Essentially, buying a property off market and then selling it on market. While that sentence sounds so simple, there is a lot more behind the scenes work that goes into it.

For Pete, he conducts his business from his laptop and most of the time from the comfort of his own home as well. Despite living in San Diego, all of his purchased properties have been outside of California as a whole. How come?

Tune in to episode 139 as Pete reveals his shortest and longest hold time, tells us his revenue goal for the end of this year and much more!

For more information about Pete and to utilize any of his resources:


May 18, 202352:32
Episode 138: Work Smart, Not Hard
May 10, 202356:47
Episode 137: Trial & Error
Apr 27, 202356:46
Episode 136: Safety First

Episode 136: Safety First

MyMeal is all about helping those with food allergies and restrictions find safe meals at restaurants across the country. Being diagnosed with Celiac disease at age nine changed Kayla's perspective when it came to food and nutrition. However, she used this newfound perspective as an opportunity to spread knowledge and foster a community.

Kayla's passion for all things nutrition only strengthened when she got to college, so much so that she began taking classes and certifications on the side while obtaining her degree. On top of bodybuilding, she truly had to make many lifestyle adjustments but she never let these deter her from wanting to educate others.

Have you heard the news?! MyMeal is officially in the App Store and available to everyone in Colorado! However, it doesn't just stop there as they are always looking for ambassadors around the country to assist with bringing MyMeal to your area.

Tune in to episode 136 as Kayla gives us a breakdown of Celiac disease and its effects, explains what she's been able to learn and experience traveling to 36 different countries and much more!

For more information about MyMeal and to become a part of the rapidly growing community:

Instagram: @mymeal.foodallergy


MyMeal App:

Apr 15, 202341:34
Episode 135: See Through the Smoke

Episode 135: See Through the Smoke

From Missouri to Virginia, Tez was really able to hone in on his admiration for all things cannabis but it certainly wasn't as easy as it sounds. Let's take it back a little bit...2011 to be exact where 'Sessions' started as a blog between two best friends. Fast forward some years later and Tez has been able to insert and brand himself into the legal cannabis space.

Throughout the journey, his mental fortitude was certainly put to the test but he never faltered no matter what came his way. So much so, he actually dedicated 2.5 weeks of his life backpacking solo. But where you may ask?!

This experience allowed him to enter a new chapter of his life on his terms and he would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for clarity and a reset of any sort. Tez has become quite the advocate for mental health over the years and it even shows with his approach to his business ventures.

Tune in to episode 135 as Tez recalls leaving his job with no hesitation, takes us with him on the rollercoaster of emotions right before his 30th birthday and much more!

For more information about Sessions or Tezlato and to utilize any of their products or services:

Instagram: ; @tezlato


Apr 05, 202341:55
Episode 134: Passion for Fashion

Episode 134: Passion for Fashion

Unique is the name of the game for Maria and Homebodi Designs, especially when you are in an industry that is quite populous. However, she has an array of experience ranging from fashion design to interior design which truly allows her to put a spin on things unlike any other.

So when the pandemic hit and she had to make the pivot from one field to the other, how did she make the transition so seamlessly?

After checking out the website and the content via social media, we know for a fact that Homebodi can curate a vibe in any space, in any place. So what are you waiting for?! Not in the PA or NJ area? That is no problem for Maria as she is able to do virtual consultations and provide her services and feedback as if she was sitting right next to you.

Tune in to episode 134 as Maria touches on the self-realization she had about building her business, emphasizes the importance of discipline within business and much more!

For more information about Homebodi Designs and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @homebodidesigns



Mar 30, 202351:59
Episode 133: Fulfill Your Fantasy

Episode 133: Fulfill Your Fantasy

All good jokes contain a true element and what started as a laughing moment between two friends, then transformed into the start of an empire for Lakeia. Erotic Fantasies serves many people and multiple purposes and is only expanding as time goes on.

What was the experience for Lakeia stepping into an industry with quite the stigma around it depending on who you ask? Sex sells without a doubt, but there is a lot to take on when it comes to marketing it the right way especially on social media.

Did someone say vending machine?! Lingerie? Even an e....we'll let Lakeia reveal that one for you!

Tune in to episode 133 as Lakeia walks us through setting up her sex-themed Airbnb, recalls one of the best conversations she had before coming into business and much more!

For more information about Erotic Fantasies and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @EroticFantasies_


Mar 24, 202347:27
Episode 132: No Risk, No Reward

Episode 132: No Risk, No Reward

The journey to success can come with a host of ups and downs, but a strong mindset will carry you through ANY situation. Travis will be the first to tell you that he never envisioned popping his Achilles and ultimately ending his collegiate athletic career just like that. Travis will also tell you that he knew he needed to act quick, because the show must still go on. 

So from a collegiate athlete, to a professional online poker player...he really honed in on a new skill and then adapted it as a lifestyle. From there, he went on to dibble and dabble in an array of industries and provide mentorship to top companies along the way. 

But how did he manage to complete 8 successful exits, become a published author and still elevate himself all in one?

Tune in to episode 132 as Travis gives us a closer look into what playing poker professionally was like, details some of the businesses he's been able to work with and much more! 

For more information about Travis and to utilize any of his services:

LinkedIn: Travis Steffen
Instagram: @travissteffen
Twitter: @TravisSteffen

Mar 17, 202338:54
Episode 131: Keep It Simple

Episode 131: Keep It Simple

Don't you like when things are uncomplicated? The peace of mind that comes with a smooth process is unlike any other, however sometimes we tend to make things harder than they have to be. 

Tiege Hanley provides men with a solution when it comes to finding a skin care routine that works for them. Let's face it...products can be confusing and expensive which makes it even harder to truly learn about what you are using. 

So how have Kelley and the team transformed the stigma around men's skin care while make it affordable? 

Tune in to episode 131 as Kelly explains how just a couple minutes can truly go a long way, discusses the pros and cons for young entrepreneurs today and much more!

For more information about Tiege Hanley and their products/services: 

LinkedIn: Kelley Thornton ; Tiege Hanley, Inc.

Mar 10, 202342:40
Episode 130: The Swiss Army Knife

Episode 130: The Swiss Army Knife

When you are raised with consistency and accountability at the forefront, you can truly be your own motivation throughout life. To take it a step further, this exact upbringing showed Kwame the vast amount of knowledge that is out there within the world. From becoming a licensed crane operator to now taking the world of sales by storm...some say the sky is the limit but for Kwame it is merely the floor.  

Amani Variety serves as a way to showcase the diversity within the black individual through personal development, fitness and creativity. While these are the three core principles, it is well on its way to becoming a household name by bridging the gap of knowledge that is at our disposal. 

So how can you become a part of the movement to ensure that the impact is felt worldwide?

Tune in to episode 130 as Amani Variety recalls the journey of making his way to Tampa, details what to expect as we move through 2023 and much more!

For more information about Amani Variety:

Instagram: @amani_variety
YouTube: Amani Variety

Feb 28, 202354:11
Episode 129: Embracing Expansion

Episode 129: Embracing Expansion

There are times where we may have to do some digging to truly find our purpose in life and there are times where the signs are right in front of us. However, just because something may be close...does not mean it will always come easy. 

Taylor has her fair share of passions and hobbies, but choosing which one to hone in on is a decision that she is still figuring out to this day. With such a range of expertise, she takes pride in being able to educate others rather than sell you a product or service. Furthermore, with education comes the ability to build a community which is exactly what she is trying to do for black women. 

So...when you hear the phrase 'Rooted In Confidence' what thoughts come to mind? 

Tune in to episode 129 as Taylor walks us through the journey of stepping outside of her comfort zone, reveals some of her plans for 2023 and much more!

For more information about Rooted In Confidence and to utilize any of their products/services:

Instagram: @rootedinconfidence_ ; @taylor__janae
YouTube: Taylor Janae

Feb 22, 202346:48
Episode 128: Simplified Solutions

Episode 128: Simplified Solutions

What's stopping you from achieving $1 million in revenue this year for you or your brand? What about $10 million? $15 million? 

That question for you may have a million different answers, simply one answer or maybe it is unknown. Nonetheless, no matter where you fall on that spectrum...there are resources available that can make sure all those goals are achieved and then some! 

Herb truly takes pride in growth, which can be such an umbrella term but that is the beauty of it all. There are so many opportunities within business to grow and scale to new heights. 

So what core principles does Herb suggest focusing on to ensure we are putting in the work, but also being diligent in our efforts? 

Tune in to episode 128 as Herb describes the impact that his father had on his upbringing, dives deeper into scaling up and how he has made things easier for everyone and much more! 

For more information about Herb or to utilize any of his services: 

LinkedIn: Aspire Growth Advisors ; Herb Cogliano
Twitter: @hcogliano
Scaling Up Book:

Feb 16, 202346:06
Episode 127: Seize the Opportunity

Episode 127: Seize the Opportunity

If you have branded yourself in any form or fashion, an essential tip to keep handy is to always be ready to promote yourself. You never know when a life-changing opportunity may arise from a brief car ride to waiting in the line together to grab some groceries. 

No matter where he goes, Adrian always make sure he is prepared for whatever connection may come his way. So much so, that is exactly how we found him for this podcast interview! 

So with Adrian truly focusing on mastery of self and everything that comes with it, how has this been able to translate into all of his business ventures? 

Tune in to episode 127 as Adrian explains where he derives his motivation from when it comes to the creative side of things, speaks on the importance of being able to pivot within music and much more! 

For more information and to utilize any of his services: 

Instagram: @adge_arcane ; @allbleaf
YouTube: Lord Arcane 

Feb 06, 202339:55
Episode 126: Testing the Comfort Zone
Feb 02, 202350:22
Episode 125: Helping Hands in Healthcare

Episode 125: Helping Hands in Healthcare

Changing the landscape of how healthcare is delivered is a tall task no matter how you look at it. However, when you consider yourself to be a disruptor in the healthcare industry, then this is something that you have no problem tackling head on. 

Omar recognized that within this industry there are a host of disparities affecting people all around the world, and he wanted to stop talking about it and put a plan in motion. Thus, accel-EQ was born as a way to drastically improve efficiency across all facets. 

Starting a business will always come with trial and error, but do you let that deter you or do you sometimes accept that you may have to go back to the drawing board?

Tune in to episode 125 as Omar explains the connection between being a veteran and starting his business, transparently details some of the issues he has faced along the way and much more!

For more information about accel-EQ and to utilize any of their products/services: 

Instagram: @acceleqinc
Twitter: @acceleqinc
LinkedIn: accel-EQ ; Omar Fuentes

Jan 23, 202350:29
Episode 124: Multifaceted Creativity

Episode 124: Multifaceted Creativity

Most entrepreneurs in today's society will agree that content creation is key to making yourself that much more marketable to the public. No matter what product or service you offer, it is important for people to be able to resonate with it in some form or fashion. 

From owning his own clothing brand to being a barber as well, Teejay has a host of different interests and hobbies that he partakes in. Additionally, he appreciates a pleasing aesthetic and the content across his social media pages directly reflects that. 

The more you add to your plate, the more responsibility that comes with how does Teejay continue to stay organized and motivated through it all? 

Tune in to episode 124 as Teejay reveals one of his favorite tools for staying on top of things, teases some upcoming collaborations for the new year and much more!

For more information about Teejay and to utilize any of his services:

Instagram: @teejaysuave ; suavecutit ; @ambitiousrebirth

Jan 09, 202346:37
Episode 123: Precise Preparation

Episode 123: Precise Preparation

In life the saying goes...expect the unexpected. But how often are we truly equipped to handle the obstacles that life throws our way? 

Now...that is not to say that you must have everything at your disposal on a daily basis, but if you stay ready then you never have to get ready. That is where Easter comes in, because she is here to make sure that you and your business are taken care of in all facets. 

As a business owner or entrepreneur, we may not always realize all of the ins and outs that come with having our own brand and Easter wants to ensure that you are not selling yourself short or jeopardizing what you have worked so hard to build up. 

However, being an attorney and pharmacist certainly requires a great degree of balance and prioritization that she embraces with open arms. 

Tune in to episode 123 as Easter discuss estate planning for Florida residents, her future involvement with real estate and much more!

For more information about Easter and to utilize any of her services:

Office: (954) 372-6032
Email: ;

Jan 01, 202339:26
Episode 122: The Gift of Gab

Episode 122: The Gift of Gab

How many of you would agree that when it comes to your communication skills, there is certainly room for improvement? It is a common theme across the board that most people would answer 'yes' to some degree. 

While teaching business students how to give presentations, Brenden realized that there are many things that get lost in translation when it comes to public speaking. Additionally, Brenden will be the first to tell you that he did not have the best communication skills growing up. 

So with a plethora of content on his YouTube channel, can Brenden ensure that working together will truly allow you to enhance your public speaking in more ways than one? 

Tune in to episode 122 as he shares some tips and tricks that you can begin implementing immediately, recalls where his passion from public speaking was derived from and much more!

For more information about Brenden and MasterTalk:

YouTube: MasterTalk

Dec 28, 202245:52
Episode 121: Authentic Alignment

Episode 121: Authentic Alignment

When you have a solid support system around you starting at such a young age, it can truly pay dividends in the long run. Jay Coachman remembers his fascination with art and creative expression as a kid and says his family did nothing but add fuel to the fire and encourage him along the way. 

Fast forward some years later and Jay has been able to amass a host of different connections in the industry as well as work on some amazing projects in many different cities. However, he recognizes that the inspiration to create is all around us and it doesn't have to be just in the form of art. 

Jay is a firm believer in surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who have a passion for whatever it is that they do. He knows that by always putting his best foot forward, the world will place him in the exact spaces and places that he needs to be in. 

Tune in to episode 121 as Jay reminisces on the latest project he completed in Raleigh, gives his future outlook for his art studio and much more!

For more information about Jay Coachman or to utilize any of his services:

Instagram: @jxy.coachman ; @coachmancreations ; @jxy.pegs

Dec 22, 202238:50
Episode 120: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Episode 120: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Have you ever seen a cupcake, layered cake or any sweet treat and thought to how did they decorate that so beautifully? Often times, they are so elegantly made that you don't even want to touch it in fear of ruining the design. 

Well, Shawnna brings this experience with every product that she makes and is only diversifying her creativity as time goes on. From key lime pie cookies to a strawberry crunch cake...are you hungry yet?! 

Shawnna can take any event or idea you may have and truly bring it to life and best of all...she does NOT, we repeat she does NOT disappoint! 

What has the journey been like as she finds the balance between wanting to make this her full-time career and spreading the word to those in Charlotte and surrounding areas?

Tune in to episode 120 and our final live event of the year as Shawnna recalls the steps of coming into business, explains how she puts her unique spin on her products and services and much more! 

For more information about Shawnna's Sweet Treats and to place your orders:

Instagram: @shawnnassweettrearts ; @iloveweirdoz
Order Here:

Dec 15, 202250:26
Episode 119: Strictly Business

Episode 119: Strictly Business

The black background with the orange letters...that is how you will know when you've been SnatchedBySnackss. The journey to becoming a hair braider was not a walk in the park, but the grind is what Tymia has come to appreciate the most.

She knows that there are things she can improve on when it comes to marketing her brand and the services she offers, but even behind the scenes she is always working to add to her versatility. She offers a host of services for the ladies as of right now and even some for the guys, but next year those offerings will be expanding so stay tuned!

What major move will she be making as early as January of next year that will take her brand to the next level?

Tune in to episode 119 as Tymia touches on balancing business and family life, gives her opinion on a very hot topic these days and much more!

For more information and to utilize any of her services:

Instagram: @snatchedbysnackss ; @snackia_

Dec 03, 202250:55
Episode 118: A Worldwide Impact

Episode 118: A Worldwide Impact

When you go to school and get a degree in a particular area of study, more than likely that is what you expect your career to be based around. However, the beauty of the life we live is the ability to pivot and really embrace what interests you the most. 

For Matt, while he loved architecture...the idea of giving back was so deeply rooted in him that he started a company with that as its main focus. Over the course of 17 years, Matt has been involved in four different startups and will be the first to tell you that each is truly a journey of discovery. Ultimately, Matt discovered his curiosity for wanting to know why people give back. 

So with changing the name a couple of years ago from 'Given' to 'Grateful' what is the future of charitable giving and how can businesses hop on board? 

Tune in to episode 118 as Matt takes a deeper dive into what it means to be socially good, touches on the future outlook of Grateful and much more!

For more information about Grateful and how you can get involved: 

LinkedIn: Matt Ostanik
Instagram: @givegrateful 

Nov 26, 202246:45
Episode 117: A Healthy Collaboration

Episode 117: A Healthy Collaboration

They say you are what you eat, but can the same be said in regards to what you drink? Well, Bassima and the ladies over at SkinTē certainly thought so! So much so, they decided to take matters into their own hands while still promoting health and beauty from the inside out. 

SkinTē goes beyond just something that you consume, but there was a lot of background research and trial and error done behind the scenes. As a result, they are now in over 1,000 stores and that number is only continuing to rise as they look to debut new flavors. 

So when you hear the word collagen, what comes to mind? Did you simply just think of the powder like we did, or are you aware of the variety of forms and benefits? 

Tune in to episode 117 as Bassima recalls how SkinTē was officially formed, discusses the current products and flavors they offer and much more!

For more information about SkinTē and to utilize any of their products and services: 

Instagram: @skinte

Nov 21, 202246:45
Episode 116: Relocation & Readjustment

Episode 116: Relocation & Readjustment

Changing locations is one thing, but changing career paths on top of that will always prove to be easier said than done. But if you think Devo let a little bump in the road stop him from going after his dreams and aspirations, then you are sadly mistaken. 

Devo will tell you firsthand that leaving North Carolina and heading to Texas was a big decision for him, however he has absolutely no regrets. In fact, it practically served as a restart for him because he had to establish himself in a new place and gain a new set of clientele in the process. 

'DevoGotMeFit' has been able to achieve much success throughout this entire process, but what is the main reason for that?

Tune in to episode 116 as he explains his primary focus areas within fitness, talks about the importance of simplicity and much more!

For more information on 'DevoGotMeFit' or to utilize any of his services: 

Instagram: @devogotmefit ; @dev0_s

Nov 16, 202244:39
Episode 115: A Family Brand

Episode 115: A Family Brand

Soothe the beard, Soothe the soul. 

It is one thing to have a brand that targets men's grooming but it is another thing when you intertwine your products and services to also tailor towards mental and emotional wellness. 

Being a veteran-owned business has motivated Frankie to want to continue to pay it forward to other fellow veteran business owners and entrepreneurs. One of the ways he is able to do so is by always passing along resources to those individuals who need it most. Often times, we can be surrounded by so many essential tools and not even realize it. 

However, Frankie refuses to take credit for all of the success thus far and will never fail to pay homage to his wife and three children who never hesitate to fill in however they can. So much so, you might want to be on the lookout for some new merchandise and products that could be debuting soon!

Tune in to episode 115 as Frankie discusses making the vital decision to lead a sober lifestyle, discusses the differences in scent profiles and much more!

For more information about Esthete Beard Co. and to shop their products: 

Instagram: @esthetebeard

Nov 07, 202201:12:35
Episode 114: More Than Music

Episode 114: More Than Music

As a musical artist, have you ever felt underrepresented or even as if there was a lack of resources to support you in all facets? Have you ever worked with others who didn't always have you or your brand's best interest at heart? 

Whether you answered yes or no to either of those questions, we are positive that Tommy and The Core Valu can be of assistance. See, Tommy recognized his passion for music early on and only delve deeper into it as time passed. However, he also came to the realization that having just one skill wasn't going to cut it in this industry. 

As a result, he soaked up knowledge constantly from like-minded individuals that he continued to find himself being surrounded by. 

So how has The Core Valu been able to work with such a wide range of creatives and still uphold their authenticity?

Tune in to episode 114 as Tommy discusses recently moving into a new studio, details what makes his sound so unique and much more!

For more information about The Core Valu and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @thecorevalu ; @robotsarentreal

Nov 01, 202201:02:11
Episode 113: All About Aesthetic

Episode 113: All About Aesthetic NOT forget the Van Gogh. 

The name itself is a work of art, so just imagine finding out what he really does and why he is so intentional behind it all. Ryder is not new to the entrepreneurial space at all, so making the transition to the music industry was not a difficult thing to do. His love for music and creative expression dates back to as early as six years old and has only matured with time. 

Ryder told us that November 11th is going to be an extremely important date so our best piece of advice would be to mark your calendars and don't look back!

Tune in to episode 113 as Ryder explains the significance of certain numbers in his life, gives us a deeper dive into his style of music and inspirations and much more!

For more information about Ryder Van Gogh and to tap in with his current and upcoming projects:

Instagram: @rydervangogh
Apple Music & Spotify: Ryder Van Gogh 

Oct 26, 202201:03:35
Episode 112: An Unfathomable Vision

Episode 112: An Unfathomable Vision

It is one thing to solely have to support yourself, but the dynamic changes when you have a family and you have a mindset to go hard for them by any means necessary. While Maia came into business beyond motivated and ready to hit the ground running, her family only added more fuel to the fire and took her grind to the next level. 

On top of being booked and busy in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, Maia created all natural hair products and the results speak for themselves! 

So what city did she recently take by storm and who is next on the map for the Ms.MaiTai experience? 

Tune in to episode 112 as Maia explains why the sky is only the floor for the goals she has, teases some upcoming news for the brand and much more!

For more information about Ms.MaiTai and to utilize any of her products and services:

Instagram: @ms.maitai ; @maitaiconditioningcocktail

Oct 21, 202259:57
Episode 111: Reset. Revamp. Rebrand.

Episode 111: Reset. Revamp. Rebrand.

Sharing your goals and aspirations with those around you can have its pros and cons. There are times where people may diminish the plans you have for yourself and even your business. However, do you let that hold true or do you continue to shoot for the stars and go after everything you deserve? 

Nyah will tell you firsthand that the process of rebranding was far from a breeze and it required mental fortitude unlike any other. She will also tell you that it is possible and never let hard work deter you from the goal at hand. 

So instead of having doubts, why was she beyond confident when relocating from North Carolina to Texas? 

Tune in to episode 111 to find out which Texas city NyahMier Beauty has taken by storm, get the inside scoop on what's next for the brand and much more!

For more information about NyahMier Beauty and to utilize any of their services: 

Instagram: @nyahmierbeauty

Oct 16, 202201:02:46
Episode 110: Mindset Matters

Episode 110: Mindset Matters

Imagine going through one of the roughest times of your life and not knowing when things were going to subside. Furthermore, imagine not letting it take you completely out of the game and you are still living to tell the story. 

Mason recognizes tough times don't last, but tough people do. That toughness isn't always in terms of physicality but has a lot to do with mental fortitude as well. 

So what has driven Mason to become founder of the Stampede Network and such an advocate for empowering others? 

Tune in to episode 110 as Mason reveals what platform allowed him to massively grow his following, reflects on his most memorable moments and much more!

For more information about Mason and to take advantage of any of the resources he offers through the Stampede Network:

Instagram: @masonkuhr
TikTok: Mason Kuhr
Twitter: @masonkuhr

Sep 27, 202245:07
Episode 109: Delayed Gratification

Episode 109: Delayed Gratification

If someone told you that they franchised a location and started their own business, would you have any idea what that process looks like? While you may have a general understanding of what it takes, there is no way to account for everything that comes along the way...even as the franchisee. 

Travis experienced this firsthand as he worked through the kinks of opening up a HOTWORX in Asheville, North Carolina while being the owner of The Plug: Chiropractic Wellness Center. While these two businesses can directly benefit one another, there was still special attention that each required separately. 

So how exactly has HOTWORX revolutionized the idea of working out using infrared technology? 

Tune in to episode 109 as we sat down live and direct with Dr. Travis Whiteside and he dropped some gems when it comes to franchising but also presents the facts as to why you should take advantage of HOTWORX. 

Watch the end of the episode to see Dr. Travis perform a neck adjustment. 

For more information about HOTWORX or The Plug Chiropractic: 

Instagram: @theplugchiropractic ; @hotworxashevillebiltmorevlg ; @1retro_trav
Website: ;

Sep 16, 202252:25
Episode 108: Timeless Aspirations

Episode 108: Timeless Aspirations

When something is truly placed on your heart, you will see fit that the vision is executed one way or another. Jauron refused to let anything stand in his way when it came to starting his own watch and accessories business. However, getting to that point required an immense amount of patience and perseverance. 

Jauron will be the first to tell you that he did NOT do this alone and coming into business with his fiancé, Takela was a blessing in disguise. While she was not too knowledgeable about watches, putting two minds together has allowed them to continue to elevate the business to new heights. 

Tune in to episode 108 as Jauron explains how the 'Daydream' collection came to be, his battle with being a victim to gun violence and much more!

For more information about J Marquel Watch and to shop their products:

Instagram: @jmarquelwatches

Sep 05, 202244:22
Episode 107: Raw & Uncut

Episode 107: Raw & Uncut

If you know men and sports, you also know that sometimes discussions can become heated and turn into full blown arguments. But what about an argument that then transforms into a podcast? Well, for Ryan this is exactly how things went and he honestly has no regrets because this has only amplified his love for all sports. 

While football and basketball are his favorites to cover, his passion goes beyond the games themselves. Growing up in Tarboro, North Carolina he has developed a special attachment to that community and wants to give back in more ways than one. 

So how is Ryan going to continue using his current platform to impact the lives of the youth outside of just sports? 

Tune in to episode 107 as he explains how the name for the podcast came about, reveals some details about a documentary he is working on and much more!

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Facebook: Raw Mind Sports
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Aug 26, 202249:55
Episode 106: Perfecting Patience

Episode 106: Perfecting Patience

When two interests come together and work out for the better, that is a beautiful thing. Princess was already a loctician and hairstylist, but it didn't take long for her to realize the benefits of organic hair and skin products. She began making her own, but with the help of word of mouth it wasn't long before her friends wanted products too. 

So what made Princess not only start a business, but continue to impart the knowledge to others along the way? 

Tune in to episode 106 as Princess describes how her loc journey is unique to her lifestyle, explains why she came in to business during the pandemic and much more! 

For more information about Natural With P LLC and their products and services:

Instagram: @naturalwithp ; @_prinneh

Aug 21, 202242:07
Episode 105: No Turning Back

Episode 105: No Turning Back

There is nothing wrong with wanting to elevate from the environment that you grew up in. Khalil knows that while North Carolina will always be a place he can call home, the world has so much more to offer and that started in Texas nearly five years ago. 

However, let's take it back even further to Khalil's early teenage years where he developed a fond interest in real estate. While this can be such a broad term, as time passed he truly devoted himself to soaking up as much knowledge as possible. The process is far from just win after win, but Khalil was and will continue to be all in. 

So how did having a business partner put them ahead of the game?

Tune in to episode 105 as Khalil breaks down the steps of getting into AirBnb, recalls his move to Texas years back and much more!

For more information about Khalil and for any questions or inquiries:

Instagram: @realkhalil12

Aug 10, 202250:51
Episode 104: Intentional by Design

Episode 104: Intentional by Design

The reality of life is that everyone will not see or support your vision in the capacity that you do. To take it further, some people may not show love and support at all but instead the opposite. Tiahna relates to this all too well because years ago when she shared the idea of her clothing brand to a friend at the time, it was immediately shrugged off. 

Instead of letting that deter the vision, she only used it as motivation to really bring her business to life. 'Beg For Me' is more than just men's and women's clothing, but a way to express yourself in a fashionable manner. 

So with another collection dropping soon, what are Tiahna's plan to continue to move the brand forward?

Tune in to to episode 104 as we discuss how there are not much differences within business between Australia and the U.S., relive the comical moment of Tiahna coming up with the name for her brand and much more!

For more information about Beg For Me and to shop their products: 

Instagram: @begformelabel ; @tiahnacattanach__

Jul 18, 202251:33
Episode 103: With Problems, Come Solutions

Episode 103: With Problems, Come Solutions

"My worth doesn't come from doing it all, the worth is inherent in the work I am doing" 

A statement that speaks volumes, and it is something that Anj stands by day in and day out. Instead of stressing yourself thin and piling your plate sky high with responsibilities, she wants you to work smarter while earning more. 

But how can Ampere Business Solutions take what you are already doing and simplify it while still maintaining productivity?

Tune in to episode 103 as Anj explains how her upbringing influenced starting her business, the goals she has as she prepares for year 2 and much more!

For more information about Ampere Business Solutions and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @amperebusinesssolutions

Jul 01, 202249:01
Episode 102: Use Your Words Wisely

Episode 102: Use Your Words Wisely

There is nothing wrong with following the path of others that have gone before you especially if they have attained the success you are trying to reach. However, there is also nothing wrong with going out to learn on your own and then deciding to make the best decision for YOU. 

This is exactly what J. Desiree did when she made the conscious decision to switch from being signed with a publishing company to becoming a self published author. While the workload intensified, she didn't shy away from it because literature is truly a passion of hers. So it shouldn't be shocking to learn that J. Desiree currently has four children's book under her belt, one of which she has been contemplating on turning into a series. 

So with over a decade of experience in the communication industry, what is she working on to be able to pass that expertise along to others to ensure success in their respective field(s)? 

Tune in to episode 102 as J. Desiree invites everyone to an upcoming festival in the fall, explains how she attains a true work-life balance and much more!

For more information about J. Desiree and to shop her products and services: 

Instagram: @jdesireelm ; @jdesireerodriguez

Jun 20, 202250:38
Episode 101: Signature Style vs. Fast Fashion

Episode 101: Signature Style vs. Fast Fashion

Feeling good can be a direct result of looking good, so it is no surprise that Fatima takes so much pride in putting her outfits together. However, once others began to notice just how unique some of her pieces were...that is where the curiosity began. 

But it wasn't always just clothes, as Fatima has an array of different interests. One of them being biology, and that is why she will continue pursuing her education to put her in position to be a full-time business owner. 

So when you think of the words "fashion" and "style" what comes to mind? 

Tune in to episode 101 as Fatima explains how she differentiates the two, reveals some of the frustrations that have come with being a business owner and much more!

For more information about Aliefendić and to shop their products and services: 

Instagram: @aliefendic.official ; @stylezbytima ; @flyfatim
Twitter: @flyfatim_

Jun 14, 202201:06:55
Episode 100: One Stop Shop

Episode 100: One Stop Shop

Meagan will tell you without a doubt that she is all about affordability and exclusivity. So it no surprise that her boutique, Leigh's Exclusive is a direct reflection of that.  

When it comes to making sure you have everything the ladies need, you can certainly be met with challenges both in business and life. However, Meagan didn't let bumps in the road blur the vision that she has for the brand and beyond.  

So with a rebrand in the works, what can you expect from Leigh's Exclusive in the months to come?  

Tune in to EPISODE 100 as Meagan explains what it took to find that focal point, reveals her favorite accessory and much more! 

For more information about Leigh's Exclusive and to shop their products:  

Instagram: @leighexclusive ; @_the.mlh

Jun 06, 202254:40
Episode 99: The Prodigy of Patchwork
May 27, 202243:39
Episode 98: The Seasoned Scholar

Episode 98: The Seasoned Scholar

Imagine if your biggest form of promotion when coming into business was word of mouth...

Would that change any of the goals you set for yourself or how you communicate your brand to others? Would that almost force you to step outside of your comfort zone to ensure no time is wasted? Would you not be a business owner or entrepreneur at all but rather have branched off into something else?

Well, for Tish this was a reality as she started her journey into the cosmetology world over 25 years ago. While she has not a single regret, this experience was eye opening for her, but truly allowed her to dedicate her authentic self to the craft. 

However, with Posh Hair Artistry taking the Chestnut Hill Area by is the vibe of her salon unlike most that you will find nowadays? 

For more information about Posh Hair Artistry and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @poshhairartistry
Location: 8010 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

May 21, 202244:43
Episode 97: A Powerful Pivot

Episode 97: A Powerful Pivot

One of the beautiful things about life is that you have the ability to change your mind and open yourself up to new experiences. Sheridan was able to take direct advantage of this and since starting his transportation company that specializes in moving, he hasn't looked back. However, the idea of just working on one thing at a time is mundane and that is why he is always soaking up new knowledge and life hacks.

The mindset Sheridan came into business with is a true reflection of not only the success he has already achieved, but what is destined to come. 

So what differentiates Martin&Stella, LLC from the host of other companies within the North Carolina and surrounding areas?

Tune in to episode 97 as Sheridan details other ventures that he is currently involved in, breaks down some steps to take when scaling your business/craft and much more!

For more information about Sheridan and to utilize any of his services: 

Instagram: @sheridantheceo
Phone: (919) 635-0595
Facebook: Martin & Stella LLC

May 07, 202201:02:26
Episode 96: Change is Inevitable

Episode 96: Change is Inevitable

While traditions and routines are often set in stone, they can also be altered or broken just the same. How we react to these alterations can be the make or break behind our development as human beings. It didn't take Roy long to realize that just because we may not like change, it does not mean that we can't benefit from it. 

However, it goes beyond just his success and that is why he made the decision to involve himself in other roles within organizations to be able to positively impact others and their businesses. Additionally, being a veteran has opened his eyes first-hand to just how difficult the transition can be from the military back into the real world. 

So how does Roy plan to continue using Karuka Cultural Consulting to propel and educate business owners and entrepreneurs?

Tune in to episode 96 as Roy explains what tool allowed him to truly set the foundation for his business, details what practices we should be adopting as business owners and much more!

For more information about Karuka Cultural Consulting and to utilize any of their resources:


May 01, 202248:33
Episode 95: Thread the Needle

Episode 95: Thread the Needle

When other people notice what you are doing in life and share positive feedback with you, how does it make you feel? Keionna attributes a similar situation for one of the main reasons as to why she started her own business, Knightswear. 

She has always considered herself to be quite the creative, and takes pride in being able to bring almost any vision she has to life without breaking the bank in the process. The process to handcrafting anything is never simple but the complexity behind the process is what intrigues Keionna the most and keeps her on her toes. 

So how can she bring your vision to life with the array of products she offers?

Tune in to episode 95 as she describes all the steps she takes when customizing orders, what she is most excited about moving forward and much more!

For more information about Knightswear and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @knightswear1

Apr 24, 202235:08
Episode 94: Attitude, Not Aptitude

Episode 94: Attitude, Not Aptitude

As we go throughout life, we quickly learn that our decisions will always come with consequences. While we can't always control the outcome, we are forever in control of our response. 

Aaron's response to situations early on in his life were crucial in allowing him to be in the position he is in today. After dedicating years of his life to the Air Force, he recognizes that transitioning into the real world from the military is easier said than done. 

So how is Aaron providing mentorship to fellow veterans while building his own business? 

Tune in to episode 94 as he explains why it is okay to not be the best entrepreneur, how to implement punishments in your business and much more! 

For more information about Aaron and to utilize any of his services: 

LinkedIn: Aaron Caldwell II, MBA

Apr 19, 202256:04
Episode 93: B I G G E S T

Episode 93: B I G G E S T

"Stay ready so you never have to get ready," said Chef Brenton. A mindset that he has adopted from day one, so he knows that getting knocked off the path is simply a part of the process. However, coming to appreciate the process never happens overnight as there are a whirlwind of emotions that come with it all. 

From feeling stagnant and frustrated to now walking in rooms and never questioning his worth no matter who is or isn't there, the transition has been unlike any other for The People's Chef. 

So with over 450+ bookings, what is one thing that his clients have NEVER told him? 

We sat down with the BIGGEST in it, no other way around it! Tune in to episode 93 as Chef Brenton curates the perfect meal for the perfect experience, answers some questions from the audience and much more!

For more information about The People's Chef and to utilize any of his services:

Instagram: @chef.brenton

Apr 07, 202245:18
Episode 92: Undeniable Passion

Episode 92: Undeniable Passion

Have you ever felt so strongly about something that nothing could change your mind? How did you translate these thoughts into actions? Rell wasted no time when it came to not only identifying his interests, but diving right into them. From being able to secure a position within his graduate school to work directly with athletics to even birthing his own non-profit organization. 

Being born and raised in Philadelphia, he saw first hand how resources are not made readily available to everyone in the same capacity. Instead of accepting this as truth, he decided to combat it directly. 

So with wearing so many different hats, how does Rell maintain balance and impact to continue to serve others?

Tune in to episode 92 as Rell highlights the importance of setting your foundation, give us an inside look as to what to expect for the rest of the year and much more!

For more information about Rell and to utilize any of his services:

Instagram: @bxadigital ; @_rell_35

Mar 29, 202247:08
Episode 91: Jett Life

Episode 91: Jett Life

The same way everyone can have an opinion, everyone can have a different take on fashion too. For Quan, his main focus has always been on items and apparel that are attention-grabbing and in layman's terms, unique. There are so many commonalities in the industry these days and nothing is wrong with that, but he wanted to put his own spin on things. 

However, entering a new space on your own can certainly open your eyes to a lot, and one of the best mindsets to have is appreciating the good with the bad. While this has been a learning experience for Quan, JettLagged Vintage has been nothing short of a good time and he has his eyes set on what's to come!

So when it comes to thrifting and reselling, what is Quan's creative approach and how does that translate to his audience?

For more information about JetLagged Vintage and to shop their collection: 

Instagram: @jettlaggedvintage ; @rexonajett

Mar 08, 202249:20
Episode 90: Creative Customization

Episode 90: Creative Customization

Have you ever been told to use your imagination? A common phrase definitely, but what does the end result look like for most? Using your imagination can entail a host of things but for Anthony it was all things art!

To take it a step further, he even branched off in middle school and started customizing his own sneakers which led to a wave of inquiries and fascination. So even though resources weren't always plentiful, his support system around him did the best they could to always make ends meet while supporting his passions simultaneously. 

However, stepping into this space full-time opened Anthony's eyes to a lot, both in the industry and real world. So when you hear the phrase 'From Concepts to Kicks' what comes to mind?

Tune in to episode 90 as Anthony recalls his childhood experiences leading him into art, leaves a call to action for all of the audience out there and much more!

For more information about Anthony and to utilize any of his services:

Instagram: @sneakerfarekicks
Facebook: Anthony Amos ; Sneaker Fare Kicks

Mar 02, 202247:22
Episode 89: Pick n' Roll

Episode 89: Pick n' Roll

Imagine bouncing around from gym to gym for nearly FIVE years to be able to lead the workouts and trainings for your business. Let's take it a step further but this time let's cut out the imagining part. So let's say after all of the back and forth, you were finally able to call a gym would you feel?

Well, for Eddie it was one of the biggest reliefs and has placed him in position to further elevate his brand, Up Next Hoops. His love for the game of basketball has allowed him to trains kids of all ages and even some adults. Being that he was introduced to the sport at such  young age and fell in love with it, he only wanted to further translate that to the youth. 

But what are some things that come with the territory of being a one man band and still having obligations outside of the business?

Tune in to episode 89 as Eddie walks us through the journey of Up Next Hoops,  gives some insight into the world of AAU and much more!

Instagram: @upnexthoops

Feb 26, 202236:20
Episode 88: Spread the Wealth

Episode 88: Spread the Wealth

When it comes to having a good time, Jass will never shy away from making it happen for herself and others. However, in order to play hard you must work harder and it is no surprise she has taken on quite a load. Starting your own car dealership is no small feat especially considering what Jass has already been able to accomplish. 

But her true passion lies with everything surrounding party promotion and events, so much so that her own club will be coming much sooner than you think!

Considering how versatile she is when it comes to entrepreneurship there have certainly been bumps in the road, but how has Jass continued to prevail?

Tune in to episode 88 as she credits her motivation through it all, speaks on being a minority in the industry and much more!

For more information about collaborations or to utilize any services:

Instagram: @jassclutch24 ; @ceoclutchuto24 

Feb 14, 202245:17
Episode 87: Progress is Proof

Episode 87: Progress is Proof

Amir distinctly remembers growing up and always having his own take on fashion, so much so that he nearly got suspended from high school because his classmates had the school flooded with his designs. 

Instead of letting that stop him he stepped into a creative lane unlike any other, and is now focused on providing an outlet for like-minded individuals. When it comes to Baltiere Urban Culture, streetwear was just the baseline as the brand has been able to host events, attend pop-up shops, photoshoots, you name it!

Even after dropping their latest collection Fall/Winter 22 "SHPMNT 4" Amir wants everyone to know that the year is just getting started! 

Tune in to episode 87 as he details the many stages of BUC throughout the years, gives some insight to Creative Fest and why you NEED to be there and much more!

For more information about BUC and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @baltiereuc ; @urbnhq ; @bucpartying ; @baltieremag
Twitter: @baltiereuc
Facebook: Baltiere Urban Culture

Feb 06, 202249:30
Episode 86: Only the Finest

Episode 86: Only the Finest

We all know when it comes to running a business, it is not something to be taken lightly. But what about being in charge of TWO businesses, taking care of your newborn daughter and balancing the chaos of a pandemic? Now that is certainly not for the weak and Khadijah embraced every second of it because her grind is unmatched. 

Furthermore, once Khadijah found out that she could simultaneously bring together both businesses, there was nothing she couldn't achieve. 

So with her not being the most active on social media, how has she been able to ensure that business is always booming?

Tune in to episode 86 as Khadijah tells us what's to come for her boutique, gives her take on the importance of networking and much more!

For more information about 28 and The Building Block:

Instagram: @shopx28_ ; @_thebuildingblock ; @ayedijah
Twitter: @ayedijah

Feb 01, 202245:14
Episode 85: The Internal Battle

Episode 85: The Internal Battle

The saying goes when one door closes, another one opens. But what if the one door you were anxiously awaiting to walk through closed suddenly and it was because of something out of your control, like skin color? 

For Constantine this reality settled in rather quickly after relocating to Minnesota for his new job. Nearly all the way across the country, by himself and having to continue to roll with the punches life has thrown at him.

However, instead of allowing these feelings to get the best of him, he internalized what he was facing and emerged stronger than ever. 

So how did Constantine turn his life experiences into a platform that others can resonate with?

Tune in to episode 85 as Constantine reflects on how his outlook was shifted in his 20s, details how he was able to bless four students with a scholarship and much more!

For more information about 20 Something Lessons and stay up to date with his content:

Instagram: @cunanka ; @lessons20something

Jan 28, 202201:00:25
Episode 84: The Hair Hero
Jan 13, 202241:04
Episode 83: The Road 2 Exclusivity

Episode 83: The Road 2 Exclusivity

Although NR2R Clothing gained immediate traction in Atlanta and surrounding areas, Ello will be the first to admit that the job is far from finished. When it comes to clothing, everyone can specialize in something different and for them it was sweatsuits and shorts. 

Word of mouth is definitely an effective promotional tactic, but Ello knew in order to take things to the next level he would need to explore social media too. Additionally, the brand wants to always deliver the hottest and coziest apparel so they are constantly researching and learning the best ways to do so. 

So with Georgia and North Carolina already on the map, what does NR2R have their sights set on in the new year?

Tune in to episode 83 as Ello recalls the mindset he had first coming into business, hints towards some upcoming drops and much more!

For more information about NR2R Clothing:

Instagram: @nr2rclothing ; @nr2r_ello

Jan 08, 202232:11
Episode 82: Lights, Camera, Action!

Episode 82: Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever witnessed a moment so amazing that you wish you could ingrain it in your memory forever? Has something ever happened so fast that you missed out on the chance to capture the essence of it all? For Marcus, there were so many beautiful moments happening around him at various times and he began to wonder how they were being cherished, if at all. 

With help from some fellow colleagues and some networking of his own, he soon entered the videography and photography space. There was certainly a lot he had to learn, but what better way to gain experience and knowledge than by putting your best foot forward 100% of the time. Additionally, he recognizes that making mistakes is nothing more than a part of the process and will always ask for help when needed. 

So with a new year rapidly approaching, what steps is Marc taking to continue taking his content to the next level? 

Tune in to episode 82 as Marc recalls exactly when he knew it was time for something new, the influence mentoring the youth has had in his life and much more!

For more information about Marc's services and to check out some of his published content: 

Instagram: @_marcp_ ; @marc.pov ;

Dec 27, 202131:37
Episode 81: A Close Knit Family

Episode 81: A Close Knit Family

Do you remember who your closest group of friends was growing up? Was there a name associated with your group/clique? Maybe both still exist to this day. For Cam, little did he know that one of his friends middle school would come to be his business partner in the later years.

It is no surprise that they named the brand Only Ohana - Ohana means family so what better way to keep everyone together. However, the clothing brand doesn't just release the hottest apparel, but encompasses the importance of family in everything they do. 

With plans of someday not only being E-commerce, but rather providing a space for all creatives to bring their vision to life...what steps will they take to ensure this is carried out in its entirety?

Tune in to episode 81 as Cam recalls the journey of coming into business during a pandemic, the inspiration behind some of their latest products and much more!

For more information about Only Ohana and their products/services:

Instagram: @onlyohanabrand ; @camsykesss

Dec 22, 202139:44
Episode 80: Heat On Feet

Episode 80: Heat On Feet

Back in 2017 if you were to bring your sneakers to Joe, he would customize them unlike anything ever seen before. So naturally he did not abandon this passion but rather continue to lock in and develop it. Strange Solez is constantly evolving and thinking of ways to spice things up when it comes to the boutique side of the business.

However, Joe credits his job at FootLocker for a lot of the success and knowledge he has gained while getting things off the ground for his business. 

But when it comes to reselling sneakers, aren't things becoming lopsided which requires more effort from the consumers? 

Tune in to episode 80 as he breaks down his love for the adrenaline rush that comes with releases, teases a new product drop before the year is over and much more!

For more information about Strange Solez and their products/services:

Instagram: @strange.solez 

Dec 17, 202139:59
Episode 79: The Keys to Simplicity

Episode 79: The Keys to Simplicity

Ant went through life having sensitive skin and despite countless meetings and prescriptions nothing seemed to work. One day he decided to take matters into his own hands and began doing research as he shifted over to natural products and remedies. The results were amazing for Ant so he decided to dive further into skincare and eventually branded himself. 

However, starting a business during a pandemic can certainly be a tall task but that didn't deter Ant from wanting to make an impact in the lives of others. 

So what did branching out and tackling various skin types do for the development of Arshun Skincare?

Tune in to episode 79 as Ant gives a special shoutout to a former interviewee of the podcast, teases some upcoming plans for the brand and much more!

For more information about Arshun Skincare and their products and services:

Instagram: @arshunskincare ; @antarshun

Dec 12, 202141:03
Episode 78: Full Transparency

Episode 78: Full Transparency

No matter the opinions others have about you, it should NEVER alter the goals and aspirations you have for yourself. Duece reached a point where he knew music was in his future one way or another.

However, the path to figuring it all out was far from a walk in the park. From family troubles to working 12-16 hour days at Cookout, he refused to let it break him. 

So how did East Carolina University play such a pivotal role in Duece's life and musical career?

Tune in to episode 78 as he reflects on the process behind creating his projects, leaves an inspiring message for creatives worldwide and much more!

For more information about Duece and to follow along his musical journey:

Instagram: @duece2.0
Twitter: @_Duece2real
Digital Streaming Platforms: Duece 

Dec 08, 202146:59
Episode 77: Balancing Perspective

Episode 77: Balancing Perspective

When you combine the love for knowledge with a passion for communication, you may or may not find yourself in the podcast space. For Dayo, this was very much a reality upon starting The SeeSaw Podcast. While this podcast has no set genre, it was formulated during such a heightened political climate and therefore Dayo began to dive deeper into everything going on in the world. 

Dayo has been able to sit down with a range of experts from a geologist to a pastor, but he tells us this is merely the beginning for what he has in store for 2022. 

So while currently pursuing his Masters, where did TheSeeSaw Podcast fall within the midst?

Tune in to episode 77 as Dayo educates us on some statistics we may have missed, makes some 2022 election predictions and much more!

For more information about The SeeSaw Podcast:

Instagram: @theseesawpodcast ; @greatest_african
Twitter: @SeeSawPodcast ; @greatestafrican
Streaming Platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.): The SeeSaw Podcast 

Nov 30, 202101:00:23
Episode 76: Master Your Physique

Episode 76: Master Your Physique

There are different strokes for different folks, but once you find what works for you...hone it on it. That is exactly what Ryan did and thus Phi Nu Fitness was started as a result. While the main focus may be bodybuilding, there is so much more that comes with the sport that many don't know about. 

There are various levels and styles when it comes to bodybuilding and one of Ryan's goals is to ensure that you are taking the necessary steps to make the most out of your journey. 

But with so many misconceptions and rumors around what the art entails, how does he continue to pursue his passion and help others along the way?

Tune in to episode 76 as Ryan walks us through his journey to officially competing, debunks some common misconceptions about the sport and much more!

For more information about Phi Nu Fitness and to follow along the journey:

Instagram: @phinufitness

Nov 24, 202150:18
Episode 75: All or Nothing
Nov 14, 202137:57
Episode 74: The Wizard of Wordplay

Episode 74: The Wizard of Wordplay

Putting your dreams to the side, whether temporary or permanent can have its effects on you one way or another. For Que B, this became a reality a few times but he never lost sight of the vision of becoming a rapper. 

This dream was able to truly manifest itself once he surrounded himself with such a versatile group of individuals. While Que has his passion for the music, he also enjoys the ability to learn new skills when it comes to editing, visual effects, etc. 

So with a newly started family and another tape dropping soon, how is Que B managing to not lose sight of the end goal?

Tune in to episode 74 as he describes his growth since starting almost a year ago, explains how funk music and Dayton are related and much more!

For more information about Que B and to follow along the journey:

Instagram: @que_bgsm
Twitter: @Que_GSM
Apple Music: Que_B  

Nov 09, 202137:06
Episode 73: Dare to be Different

Episode 73: Dare to be Different

Finding your own resources in an environment that you are not familiar with can certainly have its challenges. For Trey, relocating from South Florida to Texas all while starting a clothing brand was no walk in the park. However, instead of losing his determination and focus, he locked in on the grind even more. 

Kulture Apparel isn't just about clothing but rather telling a unique story with each theme that is released. 

So if Trey plans to open up a store a few years from now, how can he continue to allow others to embrace the brand?

Tune in to episode 73 as Trey tells us what adversity he was met with in Texas, teases some upcoming drops and much more! 

For more information about Kulture Apparel: 

Instagram: @trey.byrd1 ; @kulture.apparel
Twitter: @kulture_apparel

Nov 06, 202133:04
Episode 72: A World of Opportunity

Episode 72: A World of Opportunity

Changing locations because you want to further your career shows nothing but dedication to the craft. Melanae is no stranger to always putting her best foot forward, especially when it comes to her music. In fact, one of her favorite places to be when it's all said and done is the studio.

Growing up in Dunn, North Carolina she quickly realized that it wasn't the place for her to truly elevate and have the monumental impact she desires.

So with her new home in Baltimore, what is on the horizon for Melanae and how does she plan to act on it?

Tune in to episode 72 for a closer look into the moment Melanae knew that music was her passion, a message she has for upcoming and current artists and much more!

For more information about Melanae and to follow along with her journey:

Instagram: @melanaeeee

Oct 29, 202122:10
Episode 71: Behind the Scenes

Episode 71: Behind the Scenes

Growing up, whenever Vic's mother asked him what he wanted to be when he got older, the answer was always a rapper. It is no surprise that as he got older, his involvement in the entertainment industry only heightened. 

However, it wasn't until nearly two years ago that Vic realized it was time to LOCK IN. Put all the distractions to the side, eliminate the excuses and truly focus on building his brand as an artist, Only1Vic. 

So how has he continued to increase his fan base while maintaining his creativity? 

Tune in to episode 71 as Vic gives us his take on North Carolina's presence within the industry, explains the role those closest to him play on his career and much more!

For more information about Only1Vic and to stay up to date with his music journey:

Instagram: @therealonly1vic
Twitter: @only1vic
YouTube: Only1Vic

Oct 24, 202136:39
Episode 70: Change the Narrative

Episode 70: Change the Narrative

New episode, but the impact he is bringing to his community remains the same. We were able to bring on Bernard again after first being featured on episode 37. However, this time we focused on his nonprofit organization, PhilaEDA. 

Growing up in Philadelphia, he noticed firsthand that the education system can certainly be improved in all facets. On top of that, he recognized that our future depends on the youth and it's imperative that we set them up for success as best as we can. 

However, while Bernard may be the president, he knows that he can't be everywhere doing everything for the organization. 

So with that in mind, how has developing such a diverse team allowed for PhilaEDA to truly gain momentum and continue to flourish? 

Tune in to episode 70 as Bernard discusses the journey since we published episode 37, details how we can support the movement and much more!

For more information about PhilaEDA and to support them directly through donations and signing their petition: 

Instagram: @philaeda_
Facebook: Philaeda_

Oct 13, 202148:19
Episode 69: The Power of Forgiveness

Episode 69: The Power of Forgiveness

What happens when you lose someone important in your life, but there were many things left undone and unsaid? For Brendan, he faced this reality in his early teenage years after losing his father. 

While we may not have control over everything that happens in our life, we do have control when it comes to how we choose to respond. Brendan will be the first to admit that he did not always take full control, but he learned to do so with time. 

So what have his experiences taught him over time and how has he used them to shape his approach towards business and life as whole?

Tune in to episode 69 as Brendan expresses how far his passion for music has taken him, explains his path to becoming a financial advisor and much more!

For more information or to utilize any of Brendan's services:

Instagram: @dales_
Cell: (215) 910-1566 

Oct 10, 202157:34
Episode 68: Strengthen Your Mental
Oct 06, 202152:46
Episode 67: No Expertise Necessary

Episode 67: No Expertise Necessary

Chelsea. Tiffany. Apriele. Taylor. Four friends with one ultimate goal, to cultivate a culture around wine that is acceptable not just by other black wine lovers but people all over the world. These ladies each share a passion for wine that when combined, it allowed them to brand themselves and pass their knowledge along to others. 

What do you get when you mix vines with your natural instinct? VINSTINCT! If it's one thing we learned during this episode, it is to ALWAYS trust your Vinstinct.

Tune in to episode 67 as these ladies break down some common terminology and misconceptions surrounding wine, tease their upcoming plans which include a podcast and app and even tell us which wine best suits certain vibes. But doesn't stop there! 

For more information about Vinstinct and to follow along with their journey:

Facebook: Vinstinct, LLC. 

Sep 30, 202143:44
Episode 66: Message in a Bottle

Episode 66: Message in a Bottle

Life-changing moments have no timetable, meaning they can occur at any time, age, location, etc. Along the course of her journey, Yani has had many impactful moments, but none like the time when God stopped the world for her. This reflection allowed her to truly define what was for her and walk completely and sincerely in her purpose. 

However, getting to that point came with many twists and turns but with her mindset, Yani knew that whatever was meant for her to accomplish will be done one way or another. 

So how has Yani not only branded herself but also allowed for creatives of all backgrounds to come together to flourish?

Tune in to episode 66 as Yani describes her journey to becoming a botanist, educates us on the process to crafting Liquid Gold, Island Breeze and much more!

For more information about Yani and utilize any of her services: 

Instagram: @saybyyani ; @yanidoes

Sep 15, 202149:41
Episode 65: Above & Beyond

Episode 65: Above & Beyond

Some say curiosity killed the cat, but for Tahirah it led her to places and experiences unimaginable! From an early age, she can always recall her attention to detail and wanting to find out the answers to things that the majority didn't. 

Tahirah attributes her 'go get it' attitude to her upbringing and that is why every single seed that she plants, she does so with the intention of putting her all in to it from start to finish. 

So with being such a versatile woman, what can you expect when acquainting yourself with Miss T in any capacity?

Tune in to episode 65 as Tahirah reflects on her childhood and the influence it has had on her life today, shares some plans for the near future and much more!

For more information about all of the services Miss T has to offer:

Instagram: @dailyt_withmisst ; @tfresheditsllc ; @misstevents ; @misstdecor ; @moneymakingowls
Facebook: Ty Williams

Sep 05, 202142:28
Episode 64: Express Yourself

Episode 64: Express Yourself

It is one thing to build a brand, but it is another thing to build that brand around family and for the community. For Jeff, being able to start and become a designer for a brand with people he grew up with was nothing short of a blessing and together they have been able to impact those around them, which is most important. 

But with such a populous fashion industry, what are Jeff and the team doing to ensure their success while elevating the brand at the same time?

Strange? No. Unusual? Nope. BIZARRE? Absolutely!

Tune in to episode 64 as Jeff describes the team as a whole and everyone's respective roles, recalls the impact traveling at a young age had on him and much more!

For more information about Bizarre and to shop their latest collections:

Instagram: @bizarrestudios_ ; @bizarrejefe

Aug 29, 202125:55
Episode 63: Deeper Than Fashion

Episode 63: Deeper Than Fashion

It was the people around Sydney that first noticed the quality of her work and the expertise she possessed when it came to a range of topics. However, she can admit that sometimes she wants things to be too perfect, BUT there is certainly nothing wrong with being picky when it comes to your craft. 

Syd has since adopted the mindset that all things will come with time and if it is for her, then for her it shall be. 

So with her offering creative and consulting services, what can you expect when it's time to 'Ask Syd'?

Tune in to episode 63 as she takes us on a journey that extends far beyond fashion, details her upcoming endeavors and much more!

For more information and to utilize any of her services:

Instagram: @sydcharisse_
Twitter: @sydcharisse_
Facebook: Sydney Charisse Renwrick
TikTok: Syd Charisse 

Aug 20, 202144:43
Episode 62: Accept It or Neglect It

Episode 62: Accept It or Neglect It

Imagine dedicating three years of your life to something...does it sound feasible? Christian would answer 'yes' every time because when the basis of it all comes from love, he would do it again and again. Mr. Lessons Learned LLC, is more than just a social media movement but a brand aiming for worldwide impact when it's all said and done.

Christian has noticed the negativity that is portrayed on social media daily and wants to provide a different perspective all while combatting it at the same time. Also, with all the experiences and connections he has gained over the years it only led him to want to further brand himself in the process.

So from speaking engagements to apparel what is next on the docket for Mr. Lessons Learned? 

Tune in to episode 62 as Christian relives his most memorable experience, details one of his greatest struggles being in business and much more!

For more information about Mr. Lessons Learned LLC and to utilize their services:

Instagram: @mrlessonslearned ; @mrlessonslearnedapparel
Twitter: @mrlessonslearn

Aug 15, 202134:34
Episode 61: A Versatile Creator

Episode 61: A Versatile Creator

Putting his all into everything he does is the only option, so it is no surprise that Sunny Da Man is involved in so many different ventures. From videography to producing, Sunny is no stranger to the grind and is always looking to expand the vision and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Coming from Shelby, North Carolina has shown him the importance of community and impacting every and anyone by any means. The idea of giving someone else the opportunity to live out their dreams is something that excites Sunny and constantly motivates him.

So what has taking pride in versatility shown Sunny over the years?

Tune in to episode 61 as he emphasizes the importance of having a team, reveals which two artists he would definitely work with and much more!

For more information about Sunny and to utilize any of his services:

Instagram: @sunny_da_man
Twitter: @SunnyDaMan
Facebook: Sunny DaMan
Digital Streaming Platforms: Sunny Da Man

Aug 06, 202137:55
Episode 60: Bringing Sexy Back

Episode 60: Bringing Sexy Back

Do you have a certain process you follow when it comes to decision-making? Aspen did not need much convincing when it came to realizing that working for someone else is not a lifestyle she wants to continue. As a result, she began truly exploring her passion for physical fitness and the euphoric feeling that it left her with every time. 

MBodyYouByAspen has been far from a walk in the park, but ultimately she realizes that sacrifice and dedication are all just a part of the grind. Not only that, but success is imminent for Aspen and she refuses to take no for answer, no matter what it takes. 

So with making a big move from Portland to Dallas, what has she done to ensure business continues to boom even through adversity?

Tune in to episode 60 as Aspen details a special program she has dropping for the ladies, gives us a preview as to what to look for in the future and much more!

For more information about MBodyYouByAspen and to stay updated:

Instagram: @theresonly1aspen ; @mbodyyoubyaspen

Aug 05, 202130:23
Episode 59: Poetry in Motion
Jul 26, 202151:11
Episode 58: Uncovered Gems

Episode 58: Uncovered Gems

Take some time right now to reflect on how you got to where it is you are today. Is it because you never gave up on your dreams and aspirations? Is it because of the support system you have around you to keep you motivated? Whatever your answer may be, it is not by 100% luck. 

Throughout his life and various experiences, Christian has come to appreciate the beauty of it all. Not only does he recognize that there is a distinct process to success, but he refuses to place limits on himself and his abilities to achieve the highest form of it. 

So what is Christian's message to those out there who may be lacking motivation or aren't quite satisfied with the current position they are in?

Tune in to episode 58 as Christian discusses prevailing through rocky times, teases a few of his plans for the near future and much more!

For more information, motivation and to stay up to date with everything Christian is doing:

Instagram: @sincerelymylovefromthetrenches 

Jul 21, 202153:13
Episode 57: Sauce Sold Separately

Episode 57: Sauce Sold Separately

After Darion's grandmother purchased him a canvas and some supplies for his birthday, that was the start of something he would come to love forever. Things really shifted when he sold one of his first pieces to a place in downtown Fayetteville, North Carolina. Then, he connected with his current mentor, Kendrick and essentially was continuously placing himself in the right place at the right time leading to networking opportunities.  

However, he never forgot his hometown of Dunn, North Carolina and attributes a lot of his drive and motivation to wanting to change the narrative amongst the community. Darion wants to show everyone that you can make it doing whatever you love through persistence and a go get it mindset. 

 So with art being such a vast field, what has Darion involved himself with to remain as versatile as possible? 

Tune in to episode 57 as Darion recounts some of his most memorable experiences, leaves an inspirational message for fellow creatives and much more!

 For more information about Darion and to follow along his art journey: 

Instagram: @_artbysauce
Facebook: Darion Williams

Jul 15, 202127:23
Episode 56: A Personal Approach

Episode 56: A Personal Approach

Manifestations are not only powerful but can happen in our lives and we not even realize it. Ebony is a true testament to that because ever since she was little, she has always had a knack for wanting to tutor children. Growing up, she even adopted the title as 'Auntie Eb' because of her nurturing nature and her genuine passion for children. 

Upon making the decision to invest in herself, Auntie Eb's LLC was officially created in 2019 where she provides babysitting services, tutoring services and pet sitting services. 

But with such a vast range of experience, how is Ebony channeling it all to provide for her community?

Tune in to episode 56 where we learn just how long Ebony has been helping children even before the LLC, she details the essential role that her father played in her life and much more! 

For more information about Auntie Eb's LLC and to utilize their services:

Instagram: @auntieebs ; @adornmy_heart
Twitter: @its_Robinson
Facebook: Auntie Eb's Family Services LLC 

Jul 10, 202136:57
Episode 55: A Natural Remedy

Episode 55: A Natural Remedy

Shakiya will be the first to admit that it took her a while to realize her true passion. However, when she thought about how much she loved her natural hair and every part of the journey the next step was her very own business, Hair and Now Shop. 

Affordability without altering the quality is something Shakiya takes pride in and it shows all throughout her price list. At some point in her life, it wasn't always easy to purchase certain products and she wants to ensure no one has to face that same dilemma.  

So as Shakiya eyes expansion, what are her plans to incorporate other creatives into one, unified spaced? 

Tune in to episode 55 as Shakiya emphasizes the importance of having a hair routine, the balance of being a mother and business owner and much more!

*BONUS* Save 20% on Hair and Now Shop products by using promo code: DOWN2BUSINESS 

For more information about Hair and Now Shop and their products and services: 

Instagram: @hairandnowshop
Facebook: Hair and Now Shop

Jun 26, 202133:23
Episode 54: Growth Isn't Linear

Episode 54: Growth Isn't Linear

Kayla is a firm believer in the saying "when you look good, you feel good" so it was only natural for her to want to also provide this feeling for others, specifically black women and it wasn't long before Kay Grandeur Hair Collection was created. However, it didn't stop there as Kayla's expertise and love with social media allowed her to add on KG Digital Creativity. 

While being an entrepreneur certainly has its ups and downs, Kayla is always full steam ahead to provide a personable and memorable experience for whoever she comes in contact with. 

How does Kayla manage to continuously weather the storms sent her way with wanting to change the narrative within underserved communities?

Tune in to episode 54 as Kayla thoroughly breaks down how she became the woman she is today, teases future expansion in her brand and much more!

For more information about Kay Grandeur and to utilize any of their services:

Instagram: @kay.nicole.j ; @kaygrandeur ; @kgdigitalcreativity ; kaygrandeurluxury
Twitter: @KayGrandeurCEO ; @KayGrandeur

Jun 20, 202134:39
Episode 53: Your Personal Destination

Episode 53: Your Personal Destination

Claudia's passion for all things travel initially started out as a dream. Growing up, it was definitely something she always had aspirations to do and taking her first trip to Hawaii at 10 years old was truly the icing on the cake for her.

Upon attending ECU, she attributes a lot of her motivation of wanting to move into the travel and journalism space to the late, great Anthony Bourdain. After being granted to the opportunity to study abroad it really opened Claudia's eye to cultures beyond just what we experience in the United States. Not only was she educated on and exposed to various topics, but she wanted to pass this knowledge along to others and even serve as some inspiration for fellow travelers. 

So how does Claudia translate her appreciation for the world into a business venture?

Tune in to episode 53 as Claudia details some of her favorite experiences from around the world, gives advice to others whether traveling domestic or international and much more!

For more information about Eclectic Travel Adventures and to schedule your next trip:

Instagram: @catchingclaudia ; @eclectictraveladventures
Twitter: @catchingclaudia
Youtube: Catching Claudia (Claudia Dockery)

Jun 14, 202130:07
Episode 52: Bigger Than Me

Episode 52: Bigger Than Me

If someone asked you what fuels your fire on a daily basis, would you have an immediate answer or would you have to take some time to contemplate? Devien knew what his true motivation was for getting into music, but he had to take a step back to realize he wasn't living fully in his purpose. 

Yes, he was making music and doing what he loved but he felt like the music wasn't generating the authentic impact he wanted others to experience. Additionally, when his daughter was born the focus shifted from 'Devien408' to his family and making sure that they are taken care of in all facets of life. 

So with Devien branding himself artistically as well as with clothing, what has it been like finding the balance between the two?

Tune in to episode 52 as Devien discusses how having a team around him has been nothing but beneficial, the impact the West Coast has had on him and his mindset and much more!

For more information about Devien408 and to stay up to date on products and new releases: 

Instagram: @devien408 ; @drmsmakeyourich
Twitter: @devien408
Facebook: Devien Myers ; Devien

Jun 07, 202125:03
Episode 51: A Preventative Measure

Episode 51: A Preventative Measure

Hash tags are common use on social media when it comes to promotion, sponsorships, etc. But in the recent years they have taken on a more serious meaning when they became names of minority lives taken by police brutality. From young children to grown adults, it seemed as if with every new day, came with a new name. 

Brian Wilturner, as both an African American male and father refused to stand idly by and watch beloved members of our communities be taken from us at will. As a result, ThePocketUSA was unearthed with the help of some manufacturers and a great deal of family members. 

But what is it like being in business with the primary goal of wanting better for not only your people but law enforcement as well?

Tune in to episode 51 as Brian takes us on the emotional journey of how ThePocketUSA came to be, urges EVERYONE to take a shot with the product for the sake of family and much more! 

For more information about ThePocketUSA and to stay up to date on all news and events:

Instagram: @thepocketusa
Twitter: @BrianWilturner

Jun 01, 202148:17
Episode 50: Do The Unthinkable

Episode 50: Do The Unthinkable

Before coming into business, Ka'Von attributes a lot of his background and how he grew up to both Philadelphia, PA and Clinton, NC. These areas were able to light a fire under him to want to give back to not only his family but the community as well. While in Philadelphia, although Ka'Von was confined to wearing uniforms throughout his academic years, he never lost his love for expression through fashion.

Don Galère (French for 'Upcoming Bosses') is just a stepping stone as Ka'Von is aiming to truly reach heights unimaginable and impact the world one idea at a time. Yes, it is clothing brand on the surface but a deeper dive will show that the message he is spreading to others goes far beyond just apparel. 

So what are Ka'Von's plans to ensure Don Galère has an immeasurable impact globally?

Tune in to episode 50 as he reveals what has kept the brand successful, teases some upcoming products and much more!

For more information about Don Galère and to stay up to date on new releases and events:

Instagram: @don_galere ; @kvy.dolla
Twitter: @100ydz

May 28, 202129:13
Episode 49: Real Recognize R.E.A.L.

Episode 49: Real Recognize R.E.A.L.

When you see the word 'REAL' as an acronym, what are some thoughts that come to mind? Originally, that wasn't the first word that JB wrote down, but after much thought he decided to keep it simple, yet meaningful. After all, everyone just wants to keep it real, right?

Enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Technology allowed JB to really hone in on his love for fashion, particularly all things streetwear. Also, since becoming a business owner he has adopted the mentality of doing this for the community, family and friends around him. 

So what does Royalty Evolves After Loyalty truly mean to JB?

Tune in to episode 49 as he discusses his collegiate journey and how he came to attend FIT, the upcoming plans he has for the brand and much more!

For more information about R.E.A.L. and to stay up to date with the latest news and products:

Instagram: @real.clothingg ; @allmoneyin_jb
Twitter: @JB_DuzIt

May 07, 202135:24
Episode 48: Posters & Pride

Episode 48: Posters & Pride

When something starts off as nothing more than a hobby for you, but then grows into a lifestyle you may adopt a special appreciation for it. For Rod, that special appreciation came in the form of posters on his walls. 

These posters ranged from musical artists, athletes, scenes from movies, you name it. Each one had its own meaning and rightful spot on the wall. However, as the word spread and people saw the work Rod was doing they wanted to have posters of their own but didn't necessarily know where to start. 

So what do you do when you no longer have access to something but still want to provide for the people?

Tune in to episode 48 as Rod discusses the true inspiration behind The Wall Tats, a recent partnership he secured with a well known arts and crafts store and much more!

For more information about The Wall Tats & to add some flavor to any room:

Instagram: @thewalltats ; @thehotrod8
Twitter: @Hot_Rod8

May 02, 202129:04
Episode 47: Enrich & Empower

Episode 47: Enrich & Empower

A picture can be worth a thousand words depending on who you ask, but what about who is behind the lens? What was the perspective of the photographer as they captured said picture? For Deonna, the answer is never the same and that is what she finds to be one of the amazing things about the creative process. 

Deonna has come to truly love beauty in all forms and that is why she takes so much pride in each shoot to ensure the client is always beyond satisfied?

But when a pandemic strikes, how did that change the way Deonna went about her craft?

Tune in to episode 47 as Deonna recalls some of her favorite moments along her photography journey, explains how she took full advantage of the pandemic and much more!

For more information about Deonna and to utilize her services: 

Instagram: @thethingsshesaw ; @d_sweezyy

Apr 04, 202131:21
Episode 46: Calculated Steps

Episode 46: Calculated Steps

Is there anything in your life that you have dedicated yourself to for over 10 years? Well for Dj Double O, or Hood it would be Big Wave Promotions, LLC. From the outside looking in, you may think it is all promotional content and events, but it is truly a FAMILY that extends far and wide throughout North Carolina. A family that over the years has been able dabble in a lot of different opportunities especially within community outreach. 

So with all of this dabbling, how did Hood turn into Dj Double O and achieve a necessary balance with Big Wave?

Tune in to episode 46 as Hood credits his mentor/successor for the position he is in today, explains the impact that Big Wave has been able to have over the last decade and much more!

For more information about Big Wave Promotions, LLC or DJ Double O:

Instagram: @bigwavepromotions ; @bwp_hood5 ; @bookdjdoubleo ; @bigwavefamily
Twitter: @bwp_hood5
Facebook: Big Wave Promotions LLC 

Mar 31, 202134:28
Episode 45: From Tragedy to Transformation

Episode 45: From Tragedy to Transformation

What does the journey to building a 7-figure skincare brand look like? For Meagan, it is something that she can walk you through firsthand because she is living it day in and day out. GetFlawlessSkin emerged as a result of Meagan wanting to step away from her 9-5 and enter the entrepreneurial space.

As we may know, when taking on a new venture it can often be met with adversity but it is all about how you handle and progress forward from your trials and tribulations. Meagan is no stranger to experiencing hardships but the journey is something she has grown to appreciate because without it she wouldn't be the woman she is today. 

When you hear the word 'authenticity' what are some characteristics that come to mind?

Tune in to episode 45 as Meagan gives us her timeline of how GetFlawlessSkin came to be everything it is today, the importance of always holding true to your values and much more!

For more information about GetFlawlessSkin and to stay up to date with all of their products and releases:

Instagram: @getflawlessskin ; @milliondollarmeagan
Website: ;
Facebook: Get Flawless Skin
LinkedIn: Meagan Gauthier

Mar 20, 202151:19
Episode 44: A Battle of Vulnerability

Episode 44: A Battle of Vulnerability

The beauty about creativity is that it comes in many forms and brings out different things in all of us. For Rachel, her inspiration comes from not only her past experiences but the growing love for wanting to connect with people from all walks of life. 

She is able to translate her creative process through music, storytelling and public speaking which Rachel is looking forward to getting more involved with as the year progresses. Additionally, she will be publishing her second book some time this year and teases some of what to expect during the interview.

Rachel recognizes that we all experience trials and tribulations throughout life, but will you allow those to define who you are?

Tune in to episode 44 as Rachel sheds some light on how her past has truly shaped the life she is living today, gives some advice as we continue adjusting to the circumstances around us and much more!

For more information about Rachel and to check out her current and upcoming projects:

Instagram: @rthestoryteller ; @pulseforpurpose ; @mixedpleasures
Apple Music: Rachel Burrell

Mar 02, 202127:22
Episode 43: The Selfless Plug

Episode 43: The Selfless Plug

After countless years of doing the behind the scenes work and manifesting the life you truly want to live, there is no better feeling than watching the stars align right before your eyes. This couldn't be more true for Kenny The Plug especially with the constant evolution of social media, it really allowed things to propel for him.

However, even with wearing so many different hats throughout the course of his life, that didn't deter him from taking a different, yet wholesome approach for the year 2021. For Kenny, it is all about spreading the love amongst others and he was able to take advantage of Clubhouse to provide a platform for many to do just that. 

So what is it like when you dedicate yourself to being a resource for others in all facets of life?

Tune in to episode 43 as Kenny breaks down the importance of putting in the work and loving what you do no matter what, how to utilize the resources available to you and much more!

For more information about Kenny and to take advantage of the resources he is providing for others:

Instagram: @1kalogne
Twitter: @1kalogne
Clubhouse: Kenny The Plug

Feb 28, 202134:52
Episode 42: A Foundation of Trust

Episode 42: A Foundation of Trust

Often times in our lives we are given certain opportunities where the reality may exceed our expectations and this is especially true for Hugo V. Things began to shift when he was originally assigned to open up and reveal step one at a retreat for compulsive gamblers. However, Hugo ended up having to wrap things up at the retreat and end on step 12. 

After some reflection, Hugo realizes that he had rewritten all 12 Steps in a manner that will forever change not only his life, but addicts all over. 

What started as a retreat presentation has since become a YouTube channel, a website, a podcast, an online course and even two books!

But Hugo refuses to let it end there...

Tune in to episode 42 as Hugo reveals how Life is Wonderful came to be what it is today, walks us through his journey as an entrepreneur for over 30 years and much more!

For more information about Life is Wonderful and to take advantage of all their resources: 


Feb 24, 202137:50
Episode 41: Faith & Finances

Episode 41: Faith & Finances

Imagine being able to debunk myths earlier on and thus for generations to come more families would be better off financially. For Keon, Tristan and Akeel that was the one of the main goals behind getting started with Millennial Finance Network. After realizing their combined knowledge and expertise in real estate and life insurance, they wanted to continuously spread this to their communities.

Millennial Finance TV/Network is comprised of interactive videos, a podcast and many more resources about eliminating worry or panic in the event of emergency situations. However, these gentlemen take it a step further and show you how this money can be beneficial to you and your family years down the line. 

So what has the experience been like trying to bridge the gap between so much misinformation? 

Tune in to episode 41 as Keon eases us into the world of life insurance, drops some knowledge to ensure we are taking advantage of all the money that is out there for us and much more! 

For more information about Millennial Finance Network and the resources they offer:

Instagram: @millennialfinancetv
Twitter: @TheMFN_
Facebook: Millennial Finance Network
TikTok: MillennialFinanceNet

Feb 20, 202131:17
Episode 40: A Diamond in the Rough

Episode 40: A Diamond in the Rough

Adversity can come in many different forms and certainly has no timetable attached to it. However, Shae ending up using the difficult times in her life to take risks and invest in herself. 

When carbon is put under an overwhelming amount of pressure it then goes on to form a diamond, so it is no surprise that the name of Shae's boutique is Pressured Diamonds. The name doesn't just speak to what she has endured throughout her life but also the rich feeling that she wants EVERYONE to have when shopping with her and wearing the products. 

So what happens when you go from selling 35 outfits in a single week to just two in three months?

Tune in to episode 40 as Shae takes us on an emotional rollercoaster of her first year in business, describes where her motivation comes from and even gives us the story behind how her fragrance line was recently released!

For more information about Pressured Diamonds and all of their current and upcoming products:

Instagram: @pressureddiamonds__ ; @yaneek__
Facebook: Pressured Diamonds

Feb 12, 202131:51
Episode 39: The First Impression

Episode 39: The First Impression

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression" is a saying that speaks volumes when it comes to networking and meeting new people. First impressions mean the world to Constant and he takes pride in being able to make a difference in the lives of others whether it comes physically, spiritually or mentally. 

By taking this approach with all of his clients for Mangongo Fitness, he is having much success with his business thus far and is only expanding with time. 

For Constant, although he has always had a passion for working out, Mangongo Fitness entails much more than that.

Tune in to episode 39 as Constant walks us through his transition from the Democratic Republic of Congo to North Carolina, details the motivation behind starting his business and drops gems to last a lifetime!

For more information and updates about Mangongo fitness:

Instagram: @mangongofitness ; @constantmangongo
Twitter: @cmango14

Feb 03, 202126:32
Episode 38: Far From Finished

Episode 38: Far From Finished

Growing up and seeing the daily sacrifices and grind from his parents motivated Dope Da Vinci unlike anything else. From creating his own apparel line to becoming a music artist, he fully embraced the arts and the messages within it all. 

When you hear the story behind his journey from Haiti to the United States, you'll realize that O1 Visa Apparel is more than just clothing and accessories, but a sense of pride and accomplishment for immigrants.

Despite experiencing alienation and a host of trials and tribulations throughout his life, what continues to keep Dope Da Vinci's eyes on the prize?

Tune in to episode 38 for the true meaning of an O1 Visa, to hear Dope Da Vinci's message to those battling with obstacles and much more!

For more information and to stay up to date with O1 Visa Apparel and Dope Da Vinci:

Instagram: @dopedavinci_509 ; @o1visaapparel

Feb 01, 202122:15
Episode 37: People Over Profit

Episode 37: People Over Profit

Bernard has always taken an interest in sports and doing whatever he can to strengthen the mind and body. After graduating from Morehouse College last year, he noticed that the students in the AUC didn't really have access to reputable facilities and equipment. After taking matters into his own hands, WorkNard was started with the mission to help others develop the mind of a champion and grow their overall well being. 

Bernard recognizes he is running a business, but the money is the least of his concerns, but rather positively impacting and serving communities around him, especially the youth. 

So how have things changed for WorkNard since Bernard left corporate America for good in July of last year?

Tune in to episode 37 as Bernard shares the journey of coming into business in 2019, explains why he is so passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and drops a plethora of gems for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. 

For more information about WorkNard and to stay up to date with merchandise, sessions and events: 

Instagram: @worknard_1 ; @uncle_nard23

Jan 23, 202137:34
Episode 36: Stay True to Self

Episode 36: Stay True to Self

Ivan attributes his original love for music to 'Left Eye' from TLC and finding out particularly that his father and uncle grew up on the same block as her in Philadelphia. From there, it went on to him becoming interested in documentaries and the behind the scenes of the music industry and was always thinking about creative ways to promote music (album covers, rollouts, etc.)

At 16, after receiving some motivation from a publicist of a magazine he reached out to it was then that Earstyle was born. It was a way of putting together music for the ear as well as the style and culture that embodies it all. Being in high school at the time and seeing how many people supported his vision was nothing short of blessings for Ivan.

But how has he adapted after running this website for more than 10 years?

Tune in to episode 36 as Ivan takes us on the journey of owning Earstyle while providing something memorable for everyone, relives the impact Hampton University has had on him and how he is translating that to his life today and much more!

For more information about Earstyle and to keep up with all that Ivan is continuing to take part in:

Instagram: @imkbrad ; @earstylenet ; @jilitjawn
Website: ;   

Jan 17, 202131:41
Episode 35: Your Lucky Day

Episode 35: Your Lucky Day

Often times those close to us notice things that we may attribute to simply being a part of our personality. For Nish, or "Lucky" as most call her it was her flashy accessories and how she loved to wear all types of colors. In other words, you can say she really pushed the limit when it came to fashion but her friends and family agreed that it always worked for her. 

However, the journey of coming in to business in 2017 was far from easy but thanks to some help from her family, Lucky Box Accessories was born and has only elevated with time from adding various products like handbags to a newly added luggage line.

But...Nish says that Luck Box Accessories is far from its peak and adding the luggage was just another step along the way.

Tune in to episode 35 as Nish breaks down her inspiration behind coming into business, how her ties to Hampton has motivated her to want to conduct business there and much more!

For more information about Lucky Box Accessories and to stay up to date with their new releases:

Instagram: @luckybox_accessories ; @livelove_lucky
Facebook: Lucky Box Accessories

Jan 09, 202135:37
Episode 34: Live. Laugh. Lashes

Episode 34: Live. Laugh. Lashes

When life places obstacles in your path, how do you respond to the challenge ahead? For Joydan, it was about honing in on a skill she had learned while taking a course at ECU and really allowing that to propel her away from the 9-5 lifestyle. 

As she reflects on her time in North Carolina, relocating to Atlanta was the best decision she could've made not only herself, but her business Lash Houzz Atlanta. She has not only been able to provide a service to others in the form of lashes but she took it a step further and became an instructor in an effort to translate the skill to other women worldwide. 

But it doesn't stop there...

Tune in to episode 34 as Joydan discusses the journey of truly investing and believing in yourself, gives us the details of her upcoming tour and much more!

For more information about Lash Houzz Atlanta and to utilize Joydan's services:

Instagram: @lash_houzzatlanta ; @officialjoydan
Twitter: @lealysonjoy

Jan 05, 202123:01
Episode 33: The Aha Moment

Episode 33: The Aha Moment

It doesn't take being a business owner or entrepreneur for you to experience epiphanies throughout life. There is also no timeline as to when these moments can happen and what the outcome can be. However, Imani came to realization that she wanted to be a resource for other business owners and entrepreneurs when helping them elevate their brand by any means.

But at what moment along her journey did she have this aha moment? 

Imani recognized that a lot of business owners may not always have access to the necessary tools to handle going viral or a drastic increase in sales or clientele. Through her experiences, she aims to teach these brands how to find that balance and work your way towards becoming a household name.

Tune in to episode 33 as Imani details her educational experiences and how her HBCU journey truly shaped her path, talks about her self-published journal: Faith & Fear and some of her favorite businesses she's worked with!

For more information about Imani's services and to purchase her journal and other courses:

Instagram: @imani_inspires_innovation

Dec 26, 202040:38
Episode 32: Cozy & Convenient

Episode 32: Cozy & Convenient

Coming into business, Courtney knew that she wasn't going to have it all figured out in the beginning. However, having a strong support system and not being afraid to ask questions propelled her into a smooth and successful launch of DRIPD Collection Beauty. From the moment her friends at North Carolina Central University knew of Courtney wanting to get into the beauty industry, they immediately offered their help in any capacity she needed. 

While Courtney was never a big makeup person, she loved the idea of a quick beauty routine that allowed her to highlight her natural beauty in the process. This holds true in the products she offers from lip glosses to personalized boxes designed to cater to each customer. 

But how has Courtney been able to manage being a business owner and elementary school teacher all in the midst of a pandemic?

Tune in to episode 32 as Courtney discusses her experiences this year, how she plans on making the ladies as cozy as possible, gives a shoutout to those who have played an integral role along the journey and much more!

For more information on DRIPD Collection Beauty and to stay up to date on all products and new releases:

Instagram: @dripdcollection ; @theecourtb_

Dec 21, 202028:31
Episode 31: Leave it to Levi

Episode 31: Leave it to Levi

There can be many motivations behind choosing to start your own business, but for Levi Hardy it stemmed from the idea of wanting to provide generational wealth for this family. After his son Declan was born, he truly kicked things into high gear and from working late nights and early mornings there was nothing he wouldn't do to ensure his family was always taken care of. 

Levi already had experience with construction dating back to high school and would even pick up side jobs on the weekend all throughout Montgomery County. At the beginning of this year, Hardy Construction, LLC was born and despite the pandemic the growth has been tremendous. 

Levi has since become a licensed contractor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and has his eyes set on expansion but knows that he must be strategical. He's been able to hire three guys and take on projects in various areas of the state which has really allowed business to flourish.

Tune in to episode 31 as Levi takes us through his first year in business, explains how he's even be able to bring on his younger brothers at times and much more!

For more information about Hardy Construction, LLC and to utilize their services: 

Instagram: @hardy_construction_llc ; @levi_t_hardy

Dec 10, 202035:20
Episode 30: Protect Your Crown

Episode 30: Protect Your Crown

After giving a presentation for his 'Entrepreneurship' class in high school, it resonated with Dom Wyche that he wanted to have a business of his own. His uncle was in charge of Wyche's Barbershop in West Philadelphia and that is where Dom's interest in hair sparked from. However, he wanted to take it a step further and not only focus on textured hair but also matching people with the right products and services.

When Divercity Hair Network was created, Dom surveyed hundreds of people in the Temple University community and after careful analysis noticed that a lot of them felt lost when it came to using the right products and finding shops to suit them. 

Although Divercity is currently focused on the Tri-State area, Dom has intentions of growth in the future but knows that leadership is an important component to consider. 

Do you know what ingredients are good/bad for your hair?

Tune in to episode 30 as Dom gives us some do's and don'ts when it comes to caring for your crown, gives some insight on staying productive and much more!

For more information about Divercity Hair Network and to check out their products and tips:

Instagram: @divercityhairnetwork ; @koiledking.dom

Dec 06, 202034:48
Episode 29: The Brand Arsonist

Episode 29: The Brand Arsonist

For most, whenever you hear anything dealing with arson it brings about a negative connotation but not for Covania. Adopting the title of 'The Brand Arsonist' is her way of telling other entrepreneurs and brands that working with her company will literally set your brand on fire and take it to the next level. 

Covania started her social media marketing company, Bomb and Bossy after attending New York Fashion Week in 2017 and being surrounded by so much talent and wealth that it motivated her to want something to call her own. Since then, she's been able to assist more than 400 brands through online courses, personal consultations and many more services!

Do you have a particular color that brings you good luck or positivity? 

Tune in to episode 29 to find out what that color is for Covania, to hear about some of the brands she's looking forward to teaming up with and for countless gems on how to really EXPLODE your brand. 

For more information about Bomb and Bossy and to utilize their services:

Instagram: @bombandbossy

Nov 30, 202033:53
Episode 28: Give Me Some Shuga

Episode 28: Give Me Some Shuga

Alyssa always enjoyed making her own organic concoctions that could be used on the hair and skin. As someone with sensitive skin, she often found that the best products were things that she was able to carefully handpick. She soon came to the realization that the idea of waxing yourself  isn't so far-fetched and started doing it on her own.

After having the opportunity to organize a business workshop in high school and see the impact it had on local business owners and entrepreneurs, it really motivated Alyssa to get things going on her end. What was next? Shuga Wax, an eco-friendly company that is home to the Shuga Wax kit which is designed for natural hair removal and skin care. 

While the term sugaring may not be new to everyone, it certainly was a concept we enjoyed talking about and has brought Alyssa and Shuga Wax much success. 

Tune in to episode 28 as Alyssa discusses a particular customer that really allowed her business to take off, what the Shuga Wax Kit encompasses and much more!

For more information about Shuga Wax and to try a kit of your own:

Instagram: @shuga.wax ; @a.marriiiee

Nov 22, 202025:53
Episode 27: Stepping in the Right Direction

Episode 27: Stepping in the Right Direction

For as long as she can remember Melanie has always had a love for shoes, particularly anything that she can throw on to glam an outfit up or down. This love was translated into a business venture when she was given the task of pouring her life out in an essay in order to get into college. 

At the time, Melanie wrote about a boutique that would specialize in women's shoes and she described every aspect of that store from the smells to the customers. Little did she know, that she was manifesting plans for the future and this boutique would eventually become The Glam Stash. 

Melanie prides herself on making the personal connections between her products and customers which is why each product is named after someone in her life. She recognizes that without the support of her Glam Girls, none of this would be possible and she ensures that all customers will taken care of beyond expectation.

Tune in to episode 27 as Melanie drops some gems for those interested in securing vendors for their business or personal use, talks about running a business while battling an illness and much more!

For more information about The Glam Stash and to find a look that fits you:

Instagram: @theglamstash ; @thelovegirlllll

Nov 16, 202037:57
Episode 26: It's All in the Zetails

Episode 26: It's All in the Zetails

Have you ever left a car wash dissatisfied after having spent a good amount of money? For Isaiah, after the answer was yes too many times he came to the conclusion that no one could clean his car the way he could. He took it a step further and began offering the service to those in the Philadelphia area.

This past summer, Zetailed was born as a luxury car detailing service and things took off immediately after Isaiah received an overwhelming amount of support from friends and family. As the business progressed, additional services were made available from caliber painting to headlight restoration. Isaiah has plans of securing a shop in the near future and from there it is no doubt in his mind that the business will elevate to new heights. 

Tune in to episode 26 for an in-depth look at the how Zetailed became what it is today and even hear about how Isaiah was able to detail his favorite rapper's car and the insight he was given. 

For more information in regards to scheduling appointments or to stay up to date with Zetailed's progress:

Twitter: @ig___six (3 underscores)
Instagram: @zaethoven ; @zetailed

Nov 13, 202028:30
Episode 25: Stitched to Perfection

Episode 25: Stitched to Perfection

Brionna's journey as a self-taught seamstress dates all the way back to 7th grade when she first started experimenting with sewing machines. As time went on, it was an activity that was pushed to the wayside but the passion was never lost. 

It didn't take long for Brionna to hone in on the art of sewing, from binge watching YouTube videos for hours to experimenting with old clothes and fabric to make custom pieces for not only herself but other women too. However, it was truly a learning experience and the biggest lesson for her early on was the art of time. Brionna came in thinking that sewing was going to be something she could complete in a timely manner with ease, but that was far from the case!

Tune in to episode 25 as Brionna discusses how 'The Sew Doctor' was created with some motivation from her father, some of the projects she is looking to take on in the near future and the top three people she would LOVE to work with!

For more information about The Sew Doctor and how to keep up with Brionna's progress, be sure to reach out: 

Instagram: @thesewdoctor_ ; @briiiionna_

Nov 04, 202030:01
Episode 24: From Haiti, With Love.

Episode 24: From Haiti, With Love.

It's one thing to run your own business, but for Magi it's a completely different feeling when you can run a business with your family as well. Magi and her siblings noticed that her mother's recipes for various skin and hair care products were all hits from the smell to the feeling. So what did they decide to do? Order supplies for her and take matters into their own hands to get a family business started, Momma Maggie's Creole Produx.

With everyone being in a different area in North Carolina, business didn't take long to begin booming since there were so many different crowds being hit. But it doesn't stop there as Magi is a certified lash technician with her own lash and bag business, or "duffs" as she calls them.

Tune in to episode 24 as Magi discusses the importance of honing in on your skills and investing in yourself. Also, find out how the family business operates and has changed lives forever. She even drops some gems for fellow entrepreneurs out there!

For more information about the products or any of the other services that Magi offers, be sure to reach out:

Instagram: @maglashh ; @magcreoleprodux ;  @purpleduffle ; @ottaboomin
Website: ; ; 

Oct 24, 202043:34
Episode 23: New & Improved

Episode 23: New & Improved

Brianna Taylor's business involvement dates all the way back to 2016 when she first started selling mink lashes in Philadelphia. Being that this particular industry wasn't as populated as it is now, Brianna was one of the few business owners specializing in this product and was able to see success from it.

But some years and a new mindset later, Brianna's approach to business was completely shifted and just in time as she was preparing to relocate to Florida. She understands the importance of not limiting yourself to just one source of income which is why she tries to keep her products and services as diverse as possible. 

From beards kits for men to offering 1-on-1 business consultations, Brianna's main focus is providing something for EVERYONE. 

Tune in to episode 23 to hear about the process behind one of BTaylor Beauty's popular products, the transition to Florida and a special message for everyone out there!

For more information about BTaylor Beauty and to shop their products and services, be sure to reach out:

Instagram: @btaylorbeauty ; btaylorbeautyco ; btaylorbranding
Twitter: @btaylorbeauty_ ; @btaylorbeautyco

Oct 19, 202041:14
Episode 22: International Impact

Episode 22: International Impact

Being from Uganda, Celina was able to see first-hand the disparities and lack of resources that are impacting African countries all throughout the continent. On top of that, with knowing everything about the government in Africa, she was able to see that it isn't designed to benefit its citizens.

With the help of some connections in Uganda, Celina was able to take matters into her own hands and start a non-profit organization, The Working Woman Foundation. This organization took responsibility for reducing the poverty level in Africa all through the women, especially the youth by teaching them an array of life skills from working on the land to self-defense. 

Celina currently resides in Texas but that has not stopped her from staying in constant contact with the members in Uganda and even working on expansion to Nigeria and other countries.

Tune in to episode 22 to learn about the daily operations of the Working Woman Foundation, the success they have had to date and their plans to work with additional organizations in the near future.

For more information about the organization and how you can support these women and even men to come, be sure to reach out and/or donate:

Instagram: @theworkingwomanfoundation

Oct 12, 202035:08
Episode 21: Rooted in Faith

Episode 21: Rooted in Faith

At a time where she needed direction from God, Janae Carlee decided to put all the faith in Him. As a result, she was led on a spiritual journey unlike any other that is still continuing to this day.  From temporary positions to even feeling like time was running out Janae never lost hope and continued to always put her best foot forward in whatever she embarked on.

Her interest in graphic design led her to start Kreative Roots, which is designed to help brands take themselves and their content to the next level through various avenues. Janae's adoration for poetry sparked the creation of Naked and Exposed which was also accompanied by a podcast.

Through it all, Janae can still admit that God is working on her constantly and that only makes her want to continue to truly OWN her story and pass that message along to others who may need it as well. 

Tune in to episode 21 as Janae gives us insight about Naked and Exposed and the true meaning behind it, speaks on the Word of God and how it shaped her life today and even talks about her book, 'It Hurts to Heal'.

For more information about Janae's endeavors and to seek out her services, be sure to contact her:

Instagram: @_janaecarlee ; @_naethepod ; @kreativeroots
Website: ;
Link to book:

Oct 01, 202049:58
Episode 20: An Unmatched Vibe

Episode 20: An Unmatched Vibe

Keylynne always had a passion for dance but it was taken to greater heights once she started noticing the positive and long-lasting effect it can have on others. Joining FAME Modeling Troupe in college strengthened this passion and eventually inspired her to open her own studio dedicated to women of color. 

However, the process of securing and opening the studio was far from easy. Keylynne didn't let the tribulations steer her away from the goal and still was able to provide a safe space for women in Greenville, North Carolina to come and freely express themselves. 

Tune in to episode 20 as Keylynne takes us on an up close and personal journey of how the studio came to be Keynote 252. You'll also hear about how the pandemic is impacting her business and motivating others to continue the legacy.

For more information on Keynote 252 and their plans for the coming year be sure to follow them:

Instagram: @thekeynote252 ; @keylynnenichole
Twitter: @diamondsnichole

Sep 18, 202040:21
Episode 19: A Memorable Experience

Episode 19: A Memorable Experience

Starting a business may not always go the way we would like it to in the beginning, but instead of letting that deter you from your end goal take some time to sit down and truly develop a plan. This hits home for Briana Hayes of Bello Bach because coming into business in 2015 she had a totally different mindset revolving around fashion and wanting to get things out there.

However, after stepping away, going back to school and honing in on her research she came back stronger than ever and recently launched her bridal shower and bachelorette party company as of September 1st. The main goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for women of color through games, kits, recommendations and much more!

But it doesn't just stop there as Bello Bach also includes an informational blog and newsletter filled with gems for those looking to get married or already engaged. 

Tune in to episode 19 as Briana talks about the process of rebranding, what it took for her to truly step outside of her comfort zone all for the success of the company and how she plans to continue to do so moving forward.

For more information regarding Bello Bach's products and services and to subscribe to the newsletter be sure to reach out:

Instagram: @shopbellobach

Sep 11, 202027:21
Episode 18: Grind. Strive. Shine.

Episode 18: Grind. Strive. Shine.

When you hear the word radiant, what comes to mind? Do you think of a light shining through the darkness no matter what? For Boom, that was exactly his thought process in developing his brand, Proven Radiant in 2019.

Boom combined his love for fashion with the mindset that we all have trials and tribulations that we must overcome throughout the course of our life. Proven Radiant is more than just clothing, it is a daily affirmation on how we should carry ourselves even in the darkest of times. 

Boom's love for his brand has allowed him to travel to different states and even out of the country to participate in pop-up shops while being able to network and make connections within the business. However, it doesn't stop there as he has a goal before the end of the year to host his own event and bring various brands to shine their light together. 

On top of the products he has already made, he talks about what is to come for the fall season and even after that. Tune in to episode 18 to learn more about the motivation behind the brand and how the pandemic has allowed him to make the most of his time.

For more information about Proven Radiant and to stay up to date on all the latest release and events:

Instagram: @provenradiant ; @boom_13
Twitter: @BOOMER_rang

Sep 08, 202030:27
Episode 17: No Limits, No Complacency

Episode 17: No Limits, No Complacency

Jalae Simpson, or JB branded herself early on and originally started in graphic design just as a way to get additional practice. On top of that, she also was able to add hair, makeup and lashes to her skill set. Over time JB began to receive a lot of inquiries from friends and others because of the quality of her work. 

As a result, she truly began to hone in on her skills and even expanded her clientele between North Carolina and Virginia. From graphic design to styling hair, she was always seeking ways to get better from Youtube tutorials to family assistance. Once the quality of work increased, everything else followed and now she offers multiple services in both fields. 

However, being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs and she details her experiences firsthand in this interview. Also, she drops MAJOR gems for those looking to pursue the same endeavors or looking to branch off into something else. In addition to talking about her relocation to Texas, she teases some products she has coming in October so stay tuned!

For more information about her businesses and the services she offers be sure to reach out:

Instagram: @thaaaarealjb ; @jbthacreator ; @lckdn.withjb

Sep 02, 202043:12
Episode 16: Put the People First

Episode 16: Put the People First

Kendrick Harris accompanied us on this episode for our FIRST ever live interview in which he details his company, For The People LLC. Originally, it started as a bail bonding company, but Kendrick didn't want his services to stop there because the community needs more. 

As a result, power washing came about along with landscaping and transportation services. Kendrick was never one to become complacent and this shows by all he is offering to his community of Dunn, NC and surrounding cities. So what is the true purpose of For The People LLC? To serve the people in any and every capacity and make sure that everyone is treated with the utmost respect. 

However, wanting to leave a positive impact everywhere you go can certainly be met with adversity and Kendrick talks about his daily struggles within the business and even a major sacrifice he had to make along the way. 

Tune in to this episode to learn more about running multiple business at once, a major goal Kendrick has for the near future and much more!

To utilize any of the services offered by For The People LLC or for more information:

Instagram: @always4tp ; @justk_dot
Twitter: @justk_dot

Aug 02, 202029:15
Episode 15: A Biscuit A Day Keeps the Barks Away

Episode 15: A Biscuit A Day Keeps the Barks Away

Jewel Payton Goldsmith's involvement in the dog business dates all the way back to 2018 where she worked at different vet offices and clinics. However, as of February 2020 she officially embarked on her own business journey where she started Barks for Biscuits SC.

Based out of S. Carolina, Jewel's company provides homemade, organic dog treats for ALL dogs, no matter size or breed. Jewel takes pride in her products by knowing what exactly goes into each treat and ensuring that they can be consumed without any health hazards. Also, having two dogs of her own has really made her want to take this business to the next level and soon offer much more than just treats. 

But for Jewel, starting and maintaining a business is no walk in the park but with the direct help of her mom and brother she has been able to face all obstacles head-on continue to push forward with her mission. 

Are you a dog owner or know anyone who is? Be sure to reach out to Jewel as she loves doing personal consultations to suggest the right treat for each dog. 

Tune in to this episode to learn about some of Jewel's favorite treats, the story behind how I came into contact with her and even a guest appearance from one of her dogs.

For more information on Barks 4 Biscuits and how to secure some treats for your dog:

Instagram: @barksforbiscuitssc ; @jewelpg_
Twitter: @jewelpayton

Jul 21, 202039:32
Episode 14: The Tri-Fecta

Episode 14: The Tri-Fecta

When you have multiple avenues that you would like to pursue in life, how do you go about getting things off the ground? For Jordan Rawlings, the motivation and drive that he developed from sports was all he needed to take matters into his own hands. 

Fitness, sports and photography are just some of the main things that Jordan decided to dabble in, but the creativity doesn't stop there. While attending East Carolina University he was able to gain some of the essential skills and knowledge that allowed him to take the approach of separating himself from anyone around him. 

Jordan recognizes that anyone can get involved in any of these categories, but for him it is deeper than simply offering a service but rather being personable and memorable. We all know results speak for themselves and that is why Jordan's training style has become unique to who he is as a person.

So how does he plan to bring these three skills together while not missing a beat? 

Tune in to episode 14 to find out how Jordan manages his clientele, his biggest learning lessons thus far and much more!

Jordan even hopped on the podcast and gave some shoutouts to other business owners out there, were you one of them?!

Be sure to tap in with Jordan to keep up with his progress and utilize his services if need be:

Instagram: @jordan_rawlings ; @kingdomcapitallogistics ; @rawlings_visuals ; @rawlings_sspt ; @xpose_mixtapes ; @olacustoms
Twitter: @jordan_rawlings

Jul 10, 202027:52
Episode 12: The Purpose Behind The Pen

Episode 12: The Purpose Behind The Pen

Inspiration can come in many forms when you really sit down and think about it. For Xavier Brodie the inspiration to make music came during an early age from his mother and paying close attention to the genres and artists that she listened to. Then, after becoming an artist he received inspiration from J. Cole to make his stage name XBrodie. 

For XBrodie, making music is more than just putting words down on paper and reciting them over beats. It is about using his voice as an instrument to truly provide his authentic self to his fans with each and every piece of work. His latest project 'She' is a clear example of that from start to finish and can be found on all listening platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.

Along the journey Brodie attributes his success to many areas, from fans to some of his close brothers Slade The Supreme and Dre of the East. However, it isn't just about music as he wants to make an impact in his community of Duplin County especially dealing with adolescents. 

Tune in to episode 12 to learn about 'The Three's Company Tour' and the impact it made although stopped short due to COVID-19, what Brodie does to differentiate himself from other artists and much more!

For more information on XBrodie and to stay up to date with his latest music:

Instagram: @xbrodie
Apple Music: XBrodie
Spotify: XBrodie 

May 13, 202045:33
Episode 11: 'N' & 'J' Will Go A Long Way

Episode 11: 'N' & 'J' Will Go A Long Way

From drawing clothes as a kid to pursuing graphic design for his undergraduate studies, Naquan Jackson has always had the idea for developing his own brand. Originally, it started out as 'Jayweather' which was a nickname he made for himself but then later was revamped to 'NJacks & Co.' because of the majority of his family having either the letter 'N' or 'J' somewhere in their name. For Quan Jay, he wants his brand to tell a story and that is shown behind each new product that he drops and he even shares the vision behind the naming of the 'Blood, Patience, Tears' t-shirt. However, it doesn't just stop at clothes as he wants everyone out there to embrace their true self and reflect that in how they carry themselves. Also, never forget that true greatness ALWAYS comes from within. Tune in to episode 11 to hear about how Quan Jay was able to bounce back from his struggles and some of his future releases for the summer and fall.  Be sure to check out his clothing as he has something for everyone and is always open to new ideas and suggestions: Instagram: @iamquanjay ; Website: 
Apr 26, 202039:17
Episode 10: Marketing is Not One Size Fits All

Episode 10: Marketing is Not One Size Fits All

Monet Miller recognized the power and importance of social media early on and decided to use that to her advantage when it came to public relations and marketing. She realized that her friends even listened to her when it came to her advice for posting and promoting their own content. As a result, Monet Kasseen & Co. was started as a way to provide public relation services along with social media marketing and branding.

Monet takes pride in authenticity and shows this with her personalized approach to each brand consultation. Being in this industry has taught her that every business and business owner has their own needs, problems, etc. and she wants to be the solution or serve as a way to bridge the gap between it all. 

Do you think there is a set algorithm in place when it comes to various social media sites? Tune in to episode 10 to hear Monet's thoughts and possible changes she would make to a certain site in particular.

For more information about previous and upcoming work or if you are interested in taking advantage of her services:
Instagram: @monetkasseenandco ; @monetkasseenofficial
Twitter: @wizmonifaaa ; @monetkasseen

Apr 05, 202033:39
Episode 9: Don't Hate, Create...

Episode 9: Don't Hate, Create...

The creative process is unique to everyone and can come in many different forms. For Maso Moon, it comes in the form of art but it isn't just about shapes and colors on a piece of paper...but rather truly understanding a language. 

Artist Plug Creative Group, LLC serves as way to assist people when it comes to exploring their creative nature, provides events such as 'Sip N Paint' and art shows and even helps brand building when it comes to logos and designs. Art has allowed Maso to learn more about himself and find his identity in a community of people with a love for creating. 

Tune in to this latest episode to find out some of Maso's inspirations, the direction he sees the brand moving in and some gems for those who may be struggling to find their passion. 

Check out some of the pieces in his gallery and be sure to connect with him because he is searching for people to become a part of the brand!

Instagram: @apcreativegroup


Apr 04, 202039:37
Episode 8: The Beer Experiment

Episode 8: The Beer Experiment

Now I'm sure the majority of us have watched a beer commercial, witnessed beer being consumed at events or even had a can or two ourselves from time to time. However, have you ever thought about what it actually takes to make the beverage?

For Erick Worthington, this is what he lives on a daily basis and his love for beer prompted him to start his own brewing company, Monkey Tales. But like any business there are always legalities and procedures to abide by and he explains a lot of that in this latest episode. 

Aside from the serious nature of business, we had fun on this episode because Erick joined us for our first ever game of 'This or That' where two beers were named and he picked his favorite. Can you take a guess as to what it might be?

Tune in to episode 8 for a start to finish explanation of what all goes into making beer and some of the terminology used in the industry. Erick even urges everyone to support local businesses in any form or fashion, especially Monkey Tales with the hopes of someday turning it into a household name.

For more information on what Erick's brewing up in the lab or if you are a beer lover yourself, be sure to reach out to him:

Instagram: monkey_tales_

Apr 03, 202034:01
Episode 7: Good, Better, Best...Never Let it Rest

Episode 7: Good, Better, Best...Never Let it Rest

When you hear the word grind, what comes to mind? For Azaveus Dickens, starting 'Grind or Go Home' was not only about bettering himself, but making sure everyone is striving to reach their full potential.  

From unkept promises to never settling for less, Azaveus was able to bring a vision to life that simply started as an idea with some friends at East Carolina University. He has been able to secure his own space in Atlanta and is only looking to expand as time goes on. Even if you aren't someone who is physically active, you can still be a part of the 'Grind or Go Home' movement by continuously finding ways to perfect your craft and BE THE BEST at whatever it is you do.

Tune in to hear the full backstory behind the brand, how workout ideas are developed and what is on the horizon in the near future. 

For those with a persistent mentality looking to get involved and learn more, be sure to check it out:

Instagram: @grindorgohome
Facebook: Grind or Go Home Fitness


Mar 06, 202031:59
Episode 6: Good for the Mind, Body & Soul

Episode 6: Good for the Mind, Body & Soul

Mikala Williamson started Celeste Essentials as a way to not only educate the masses on products we use in our everyday lives, but to also provide quality homemade, organic products that will revitalize the hair and skin. Did we mention that they're EDIBLE? Yes, you read that right!

Being in business for over 3 years has allowed Mikala to diversify her products from loc-bombs (similar to bath bombs, but for hair) to a blemish bar that has her clients raving about the magic it can work on the face and skin. 

For Mikala, education is important and she wants everyone out there to know what exactly we are putting into our bodies and how companies can sometimes disguise products as something they are not. From do-it-yourself videos to presentations and events, Celeste Essentials is continuously working to push all the vital information out to all audiences. 

Tune in to episode 6 to find out about some upcoming collaborations in the works, Mikala's ideal mansion (or palace as she calls it) and her greatest accomplishment to date. 

For more information about products and services be sure to reach out via social media and visit the website:

Instagram: @celesteessentials ; @studentnursemk
Facebook: Celeste Essentials

Feb 24, 202029:29
Episode 5: The Elephant in The Room

Episode 5: The Elephant in The Room

Miana Bryant started The Mental Elephant as a way to ensure that no one out there would have to go through what she went through during her collegiate career and if they did, she wanted to serve as a resource in whatever capacity she could. Miana was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and after many trials and tribulations can share the story of her journey through it all.

The Mental Elephant is an award-winning non-profit organization that has been featured not only on the campus of East Carolina University but also on 'CBS This Morning'. However, for Miana the show must go on and she refuses to let up until her organization is a household name around the world. 

Tune in to find out all the details about what The Mental Elephant offers, how you can become a part of it all and important information when it comes to mental health awareness.

P.S: Miana even decided to flip the script and ask me a though-provoking question at the end of the interview!

For more information on The Mental Elephant and becoming a member of the herd:

Instagram: @mentalelephant
Twitter: @orpaxel ; @TheElephantHerd
Facebook: The Mental Elephant

Feb 18, 202029:44
Ep. 4: A Community of Angels

Ep. 4: A Community of Angels

Zaire Franklin wears many hats, one being the linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts. However, even through all the crowds, lights and attention that comes with it he has never abandoned his roots. Losing two women near and dear to his heart only fueled him to want to make an impact on his community, and that is when Shelice's Angels was born.

What started as a trip to the Google Headquarters in NYC with a few girls from Conwell Middle School, has now led to the transition of wanting to give back to as many communities as possible. 

How are YOU striving to make an impact in your community? Growing up in Philadelphia, Zaire saw firsthand the struggle that can come with everyday life and how not everyone is granted the chance to make it out of the city. To him, the success of the youth is crucial and he will do whatever it takes to ensure of it.

Keep up with Zaire Franklin and Shelice's Angels to see what they are doing in communities near you:

Instagram: @zaire__

Twitter: @ZiggySmalls_

Jan 15, 202028:13
Ep. 3: Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder

Ep. 3: Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder

Think you have what it takes to be the #1 cosmetics brand in the world? Well, you haven't met Whitney Taylor, owner of W Cosmetics who is on track to achieving that goal. Whitney started her company in 2013, took some time off to work on things and hit the ground running harder than ever during her comeback in 2017. 

W Cosmetics stands out from a lot of other brands that preach inclusivity because they have no target audience, their products are made for everyone to explore and indulge in their true beauty. Being a one-WOMAN band has taught Whitney the importance of customer satisfaction and ensuring that each experience is as personable as possible. 

We explore her journey as a business owner over the last few years and even look ahead to what she has coming for the new year. Want to know her favorite product thus far? Tune in to this episode for that and some gems you don't want to miss!

W Cosmetics can be found on all platforms:


Instagram: @official_wcosmetics

Twitter: @w_cosmetics

Pinterest: w_cosmetics

Facebook: officialwcosmetics

Snapchat: w_cosmetics 

Jan 05, 202033:00
Episode 2: Grab Your Hoodies...It's Cold Outside

Episode 2: Grab Your Hoodies...It's Cold Outside

From selling hoodies and other merchandise in high school to aspirations of wanting to get involved with music, Tre Ahmad has always had plans to have his own business. Once he came to East Carolina University, those dreams became a reality when he met up with some fellow colleagues to form the group now known as Hoodies.  

However, with selling anything there can be some problems associated with it and in an effort to avoid all of the back and forth, Tre looked into drop-shipping. This process may be unfamiliar to you if you are not involved in this field of work but tune in for the full description of how it works and the success it has brought to the group! 

For more information on how to stay warm this winter, booking inquiries and some great music: Website: Instagram: @secrethoodieclub ; @003tre Twitter: @hoodieclub ; @ThatKidTAZ

Dec 18, 201929:39
Episode 1: From the Turntable & Beyond

Episode 1: From the Turntable & Beyond

Let's take you inside the mind of Jordon Todd aka DJ Juicy Jayy, a Philadelphia-based DJ looking to take world by storm and continue to make an impact by providing quality entertainment for any event. Find out Jordon's motivation behind wanting to get started in the music business and his goals for the future. We explored how DJ Juicy Jayy prepares for his events and how he made it to the position he is in today.

When you hear the words different, talented and intuitive what comes to mind? Tune in to this episode of the Down 2 Business Podcast to find out that and more! 

For more information on upcoming events, booking and previous work, follow his Instagram: dj_juicy_jayy2

Dec 10, 201927:27


The Down 2 Business Podcast is not only about providing exposure to business owners and their respective crafts but also telling their story from start to finish. The path to starting your own business can have its ups and downs and that should be shared with the world because you never know who may be able to benefit from it. Join the podcast for an interview and share your story with the world!

Let's work!

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