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Daily Health Tips

Daily Health Tips

By The Guud Company

This is your Daily Health Tip brought to you by The Guud Company, a cool wellness company that wants to be your daily health coach. Sharing tips and suggestions for making life a little bit healthier. Also on instagram @theguudcompany and on Alexa in the Flash Briefing section. Add us, tune in and be well!
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Functional Foods: Kombucha

Daily Health TipsJul 01, 2018

Functional Foods: Kombucha
Jul 01, 201804:07
Functional Foods: Chia Seeds

Functional Foods: Chia Seeds

Widely known for growing an indoor Chia Pet - these seeds pack a nutritional punch that beats outs Salmon in Omega 3 fatty acid content. Heart healthy and hydrating we share in this episode 3 easy ways to add them to your diet.
Jun 30, 201803:50
Functional Foods: The Coffee Fruit

Functional Foods: The Coffee Fruit

A true superfood packed with antioxidants—due to concentrated polyphenols—coffee fruit has the power to boost the immune system, protect against free radicals and act as an anti-inflammatory. Listen in for our favorite way to get this into our systems and how even kiddos can benefit from coffee fruit in the search for ultimate wellness.
Jun 29, 201804:00
Functional Foods: Reishi Mushrooms

Functional Foods: Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi Mushrooms have been rated the top medicinal herb in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years and are among several medicinal mushrooms that have been used for treatment of infections. More recently, they have also been used in the treatment of pulmonary diseases and cancer.
Listen in for why this super food is so powerful and how you can take a Reishi supplement in your quest for wellness.
Jun 28, 201803:07
Functional Foods: Acai

Functional Foods: Acai

Say it with me: Ahhh-Sigh-EEE. It's a South American Superfruit know as an antioxidant with anti-aging, mind calming, cardio-preventative benefits. Most commonly eaten here in the U.S. as an Acai "Bowl" blended with other fruits and topped with a variety of things like peanut butter, coconut flakes, nuts or fresh fruit. It makes an excellent breakfast that is healthy to boot. Give it a try!?
Jun 27, 201804:04
Functional Foods: Matcha

Functional Foods: Matcha

Matcha. Souped up green tea. Super rich in antioxidants with lots of health benefits. Learn how and why you should be drinking Matcha tea.
Jun 26, 201803:54
Functional Foods - Turmeric
Jun 25, 201802:42
Self Care Sunday: Set a meaningful, attainable goal for yourself.

Self Care Sunday: Set a meaningful, attainable goal for yourself.

This morning is all about intention. Set a new goal for yourself with respect to your wellness. Perhaps it's to drink more water, or take a daily walk, to try a new yoga class, or cut out sugar. Set it for today and follow through. Be true to yourself and your quest for wellness. Watch how setting and keeping a goal can transform you whether it is for an hour, a day, the week or your lifetime. Things shift in the precise minute we decide to make a meaningful change. You can do this for yourself not just today but any day you choose. Simple changes, better choices one day at time. I honor you for being here and working on yourself. Remember, wellness is a practice.
Jun 24, 201802:06
Health Maintenance: Hair Care
Jun 23, 201802:30
Exfoliating your skin regularly.
Jun 22, 201801:57
Time to consider your feet!
Jun 21, 201801:52
Is it time for an eye exam?

Is it time for an eye exam?

If you've never been to an Optometrist to have your eyes examined now may be the time. Listen in for how often you should be having your eyes examined.
Jun 20, 201802:36
Health Maintenance: Visit with your dentist

Health Maintenance: Visit with your dentist

Oral health is connected to overall health and can even affect your heart health. Brush, floss and see your dentist regularly.
Jun 19, 201803:37
Our Hundreth Epsiode!!  You and your Primary Care Physician
Jun 18, 201804:12
Self Care Sunday - Filtered Water and a bottle
Jun 17, 201802:36
Happy Father's Day & A New Alexa Skill

Happy Father's Day & A New Alexa Skill

Happy Father's Day to all you rad Dads out there. Hope you all are enjoying time with your families.
Just wanted to share with you that we have published our second Alexa skill in the wellness space. To enable the skill you can click here: or simply ask Alexa to "Enable Today's Health Tip" and to use it ask "Alexa, open Today's Health Tip" Here you will have a choice of categories and can drill down on one subject or receive tips in multiple categories. We have Six 5-star ratings as of today...we'd love you to take a moment and leave your feedback. We are working hard to deliver content to keep your wellness top of mind.
Thanks every body!
Jun 17, 201801:10
How much water should we be drinking?

How much water should we be drinking?

An easy way to self-monitor your hydration. Tips in this audio, give it a listen.
Jun 16, 201802:20
Sparkling Water Counts!
Jun 15, 201801:40
Structured or Enhanced Water.

Structured or Enhanced Water.

What is structured or enhanced water and is there any real health benefit?
Jun 14, 201801:57
Bottled Water - It's best to avoid!

Bottled Water - It's best to avoid!

The federal government does not mandate that bottled water be any safer than tap water – the chemical pollution standards are nearly identical (EWG 2008). In fact, bottled water is less regulated than tap water.
GET THIS: Companies producing bottled water are not legally require to note the source of their water NOR have to list how the water is treated (if at all).
Listen in for this and more...
Jun 13, 201802:55
Water Filters
Jun 12, 201804:02
Water, water everywhere. But is it safe to drink?
Jun 11, 201803:12
Sunscreen Round Up
Jun 10, 201802:10
What about self-tanners?
Jun 09, 201802:46
Your Eyes and the Sun.

Your Eyes and the Sun.

Light tells the brain it is time to wake up. But did you know that exposure to in the early morning, can actually help you sleep at night. The timing of exposure is crucial; the body clock is most responsive to sunlight in the early morning, between 6 and 8:30 a.m. Exposure to sunlight later does not provide the same benefit. The type of light also matters, as does the length of exposure. Direct sunlight outdoors for at least one-half hour produces the most benefit. HOWEVER,
Overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause a variety of eye problems, including cataracts, macular degeneration, non-cancerous growths on the surface of the eye) and even cancer of the eye and eyelids. Therefore, to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation you should ALWAYS wear sunglasses when you are outdoors except when you are getting that early morning light. AND never look directly at the sun.
Jun 08, 201803:34
Treating a sunburn...
Jun 07, 201802:58
The Ugly Truth About Sunscreens
Jun 06, 201804:11
Sun Protection: What to Wear

Sun Protection: What to Wear

If you are going to out in the mid-day sun for a longer period of time, like for a hike, fishing, a trip to the beach or gardening…you’ll want to think about sun protection and an easy way to do this is with clothing. Light colored, loose fitting, breathable fabrics work best and will provide an UltraViolet Protection Factor (UPF) of anywhere from 3-50 according to SKINCANCER.ORG Listen up for ways to protect yourself with out chemicals.
Jun 05, 201802:26
This Week: All things SUN!
Jun 04, 201802:34
Safer Personal Care Products: Natural Makeup Brands

Safer Personal Care Products: Natural Makeup Brands

Can you believe that the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. But In Europe things are much different. Over the past two decades, the European Union has banned close to 1,400 chemicals in personal care products and restricted the levels of over 250 more. The United States has only partially banned 30 to date. This is unacceptable.
Parabens, Phthalates, Polyethylene Glycols, Dyes, Fragrances....the same chemicals we have been talking about all week are lurking in your makeup bag. If you have bought mainstream brands like CoverGirl, Loreal, or Maybelline you are using toxic products.
There are great brands out there that are all natural and perform as well as the bad stuff.
Our three favorites:
Dr Haushka
Tata Harper
Beauty Counter.

Check them out. Get those toxins our of your personal care products for a healthier you!

As always, please share this podcast with someone you love.
Jun 03, 201804:30
Shaving Cream  - What Lurks Inside?
Jun 02, 201804:21
Safer Personal Care - What Lurks in Nail Polish
Jun 01, 201803:15
Personal Care Products = Skip the Fragrance
May 31, 201803:48
Wellness Wednesday: Safer Toothpastes

Wellness Wednesday: Safer Toothpastes

Who would think that many commercially available toothpastes contain toxins. With the lining of the mouth being so very thin it is prone to irritation and even infection when coming into contact with toxins. Plus, the nature of scrubbing teeth with a toothbrush can irritate your gums causing even more absorption. Please take a minute to check your toothpaste for any of these toxic ingredients: DEA Flouride Propylene Glycol Triclosan SLS Saccharin & Aspartame You can check out the Environmental Working Group to see how your current toothpaste measures up here: As always, products we love and approve are on our Amazon Wellness Warrior checklist here:
May 30, 201803:56
Safer Personal Care Products
May 28, 201802:55
Self Care Sunday: Massage
May 27, 201803:12
Alternative Medicine: Functional Medicine
May 26, 201804:23
Alternative Medicine: Homeopathy
May 25, 201804:08
Chiropractic Medicine
May 24, 201803:20
Alternative Medicine: Exploring Ayurvedic Medicine
May 23, 201803:58
Alternative Medicine: Exploring Herbal Medicine

Alternative Medicine: Exploring Herbal Medicine

Covering the how, what and why of Herbal Medicine. How to find a practitioner, what it can treat, what to avoid. Herbal Medicine can be just as potent and powerful as pharmaceutical drugs and should only be taken under the care of a practitioner who has studied Herbology.
May 22, 201803:54
Alternative Medicine: Acupuncture
May 21, 201804:01
Recap: Mindfulness

Recap: Mindfulness

Being Mindful is a wonderful practice that can soothe the psyche. Whether you choose to practice working on your breath, a walking meditation or something more formal - here is the recap for being mindful and present in a world full of distraction.
May 20, 201802:18
Recap: More Movement!

Recap: More Movement!

What is your fitness level? Are you making time for movement? Even a move towards sitting less is a win. How do you make space in your life for dedicated movement? A yoga class, bar method, running, Cross Fit? Find things that feel more like play and less like "exercise" to incorporate into your routine. We were not built to be inactive!
May 19, 201802:39
Recap: Which supplements are you taking?

Recap: Which supplements are you taking?

A review of our favorite supplements from multi-minerals to probiotics and fish oil. All of our picks are in the Wellness Warrior Checklist on Amazon to make it easy for you. Talk to your doctor, do your research. Simple changes, better choices. Be empowered!
May 18, 201804:18
Recap: How are you sleeping?

Recap: How are you sleeping?

Revisiting our week discussing better sleep habits. No electronics before bed, choose reading instead. Sleep in a cool, dark room. Establish a bedtime routine. Ask your medical doctor if Melatonin is right for you. If so, check out our pick on the Wellness Warrior Checklist here: Sleep well friends!
May 17, 201802:43
Recap: Gut Health

Recap: Gut Health

Just a quick clip reminding you that you are only as healthy as your gut. Probiotics will keep your immune system humming and your brain health strong. We like the VSL3 probiotic supplement which is on our Wellness Warrior Checklist here:

Including foods that are prebiotics will help to nourish your internal biome. Those include blueberries, broccoli, leeks, and asparagus.
If your digestion is not fantastic consider a supplement and try to get probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir and kombucha into your diet.
May 16, 201802:06
Recap: Lyme Disease
May 15, 201803:57
Recap: Living a Lower Carb Lifestyle

Recap: Living a Lower Carb Lifestyle

This week we will recap what we have been learning over the past 8 weeks.
Today's podcast has a new intro thanks to Jim McCarthy Voiceovers. He rocks.
Today is a good day to recommit to living a lower carb lifestyle. Omitting the breads, pastas, baked goods and saying yes to more good fats and fresh vegetables. Give that pantry a good cleaning and hit the market to stock up on fruits and vegetables. It's asparagus season and soon strawberries will be filling market stalls. As it gets warmer I find it much easier to choose lighter, fresher foods. Give it a try.
May 14, 201802:07
Finding a mindful activity and a sneak peek at next week.

Finding a mindful activity and a sneak peek at next week.

Today, make some time to contemplate activities in your life where you are in the zone. Fully present in each and every moment. For me that is when I play tennis. For some it is golf, or fishing or hot yoga. Movement that doesn't feel like work where you are focused. It feels great.
May 13, 201802:56