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Podcast: Ahmad Fuad Osman Of Enrique de Malacca - Something Different!Nov 29, 2021

Podcast: Paul Lock of Pan Asia Metals

Podcast: Paul Lock of Pan Asia Metals

Welcome to another engaging episode of "30 Minutes with"
I'm your host, June Ramli, and joining us today is Paul Lock, the CEO of ASX-listed Pan Asia Metals.
Our discussion today revolves around the fascinating world of Green Mobility and the Future of Electric Vehicles.
Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here:

Sep 28, 202326:45
EPOS: Thriving in Australia

EPOS: Thriving in Australia

In an exclusive interview with, David Sorrell, Sales Director Enterprise Solutions ANZ at EPOS, shared insightful details about the company's triumphant entry into the Australian market and its ambitious growth strategies.
Despite launching during the pandemic, EPOS deftly navigated challenges, gleaning valuable lessons for operational excellence.
As the post-pandemic landscape unfolds, EPOS is poised to seize emerging opportunities with its strong supply chain expertise.
EPOS, a Danish audio solutions company, has experienced rapid growth driven by heightened demand for its products, particularly its audio headsets.
The Impact 1000 series achieved remarkable success, showcasing EPOS' distinctive edge through AI technology and cognitive research, elevating the communication experience.
EPOS serves various business sectors, from small enterprises to corporate giants across healthcare, transportation, and more.
Through a robust distribution model, EPOS collaborates closely with resellers, distributors, and end-users, ensuring a tailored and efficient communication ecosystem.
EPOS takes customer service seriously, offering round-the-clock support to ensure seamless assistance. The company's expansion plans involve leveraging existing relationships, enhancing team capabilities, and harnessing unique offerings.
When discussing competition, Sorrell emphasized EPOS' strategic focus on leadership rather than emulation.
EPOS sets itself apart through its AI technology and cognitive research, providing a distinctive advantage in the market.
In terms of pricing, while recommended retail prices exist, actual pricing varies based on business relationships and distribution channels.
Sorrell underscored EPOS' commitment to B2B interactions and robust partnerships with distributors and resellers.
Looking ahead, EPOS aims to establish dominance in the Australian market by expanding its team and enhancing its presence.
Although physical storefronts aren't immediate plans, the brand remains committed to its growth trajectory.
This illuminating interview with David Sorrell provides deep insights into EPOS' journey, strategies, and future.
Listen to the entire interview here to gain a comprehensive understanding of EPOS' remarkable trajectory:

Aug 30, 202315:13
Unveiling Vanuatu: Exploring a Tropical Paradise of Opportunities

Unveiling Vanuatu: Exploring a Tropical Paradise of Opportunities

By June Ramli In this episode of "30 Minutes with," we explore the enchanting destination of Vanuatu, a tropical paradise in the South Pacific. Join us as we engage in insightful conversations with three individuals deeply involved in the tourism and business sectors of Vanuatu. Discover the unique attractions that draw tourists, the promising business opportunities available, and the sustainable practices embraced by this remarkable destination. From its natural beauty and cultural experiences to emerging industries and conservation efforts, Vanuatu offers a world of opportunities for travelers and entrepreneurs alike. Don't miss this captivating episode as we uncover the wonders of Vanuatu, a tropical paradise of endless possibilities. In this podcast, we had the privilege of interviewing key figures shaping Vanuatu's tourism and business landscape. Joining us were Martin David, the Manager of Long-Haul, Emerging, and Domestic Markets at the Vanuatu Tourism Office, Oliver Fernandez, a French businessman based in Vanuatu and the owner of Gaston Chocolat, and Minnie Bani, representing the Vanuatu Foreign Investment Promotion Agency. Their insights provide a comprehensive view of Vanuatu's tourism potential, thriving businesses, and investment opportunities. #podcast #vanuatu

Jun 24, 202345:55
Countdown to Tax Day

Countdown to Tax Day

In this episode of "30 Minutes with," we have the privilege of hosting two esteemed representatives from Brother Australia, David Molloy, and Stephen Nicholls. David, the Pre Sales Solution Specialist, brings over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, while Stephen, the Managed Print Services (MPS) Specialist, has a proven track record in IT sales. Join us as we delve into Brother Australia's state-of-the-art printing technology and gain valuable insights into their vision for the future. We'll explore how Brother products can help businesses overcome increasing cloud storage costs, determine essential technology upgrades, streamline tax claim processes, enhance accounts payable and receivable departments, promote productivity in hybrid workplaces, and address the evolving needs of small businesses in the upcoming financial year. Tune in for an engaging conversation that will provide invaluable knowledge and expert advice for businesses seeking to optimize their printing solutions. We extend our sincere appreciation to David and Stephen for sharing their expertise on our podcast. Thank you for joining us on "30 Minutes with"

Jun 17, 202323:17
An Interview with ASWARA Vice Rector Professor Azril Ismail

An Interview with ASWARA Vice Rector Professor Azril Ismail

By June Ramli

In this episode of '30 minutes with', host June Ramli speaks to Aswara vice rector Professor Azril Ismail about Malaysia's only higher learning institution for the performing arts, including the courses offered, benefits of getting a qualification from Aswara, and plans for the institution's future.

The conversation also touches on issues such as the employability rates of Aswara graduates, the lack of accredited acting schools in Malaysia, and the proportion of students by race.

May 08, 202330:09
Podcast: David Chiem of MindChamps

Podcast: David Chiem of MindChamps

By June Ramli

Welcome to this episode of's 30 Minutes podcast.
Today, we have an exciting guest, David Chiem, the founder of MindChamps, a leading education movement that has taken the world by storm. David's inspiring journey from rags to riches has made him a highly sought-after speaker and leader in the education industry.
In this episode, we delve into the story of how David's champion mindset and background in the arts inspired him to create MindChamps, which has now expanded to over eight countries. We explore how he managed to build a successful brand in the highly competitive Singapore preschool space and what sets MindChamps apart from other preschool and enrichment centers in the market.
David takes us through how MindChamps has evolved since its inception in 2008, and shares his plans for its future growth. He also walks us through his unique approach to education and the philosophy behind the MindChamps movement.
As someone with a background in the arts, David explains how it has influenced his work in education and how he incorporates it into the MindChamps curriculum. We also discuss some of the challenges he faced while building and expanding MindChamps and how he overcame them.
Finally, we talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the education industry and what steps MindChamps has taken to adapt to the new normal.
This is a fascinating episode that is sure to inspire and enlighten anyone interested in education, entrepreneurship, and the power of a champion mindset. Tune in to hear from David Chiem and learn more about the MindChamps movement.

May 07, 202301:03:09
Maldives Tourism Minister Affirms Safety for Visitors

Maldives Tourism Minister Affirms Safety for Visitors

The Maldives Minister of Tourism, Dr. Abdulla Mausoom, has confirmed in an exclusive interview with that the country is safe to visit and welcomes visitors from all backgrounds, including those on a budget. He assured the publication that even college students can experience the Maldives.
In terms of connectivity from Australia, Dr. Mausoom hopes to have some positive news for those wanting to visit his country by next year.
Currently, Malaysia’s Batik Air would start offering direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to the Maldives starting from June 23 this year.
Tune into the entire interview here. #Maldives
May 05, 202323:50
Podcast: Peter Petroulas of WhizButler

Podcast: Peter Petroulas of WhizButler

By June Ramli

Welcome to this episode of our podcast, where we interview Peter Petroulas, a seasoned restaurateur with over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry.
Peter was previously the owner of the GPO Grand stable of restaurants, which were popular hotspots in Sydney's food scene.
Today, we'll be discussing Peter's latest venture, WizButler, a unique digital restaurant booking system that streamlines operations and enhances customers' experiences.
During the show, Peter shared insights into how restaurants can increase their revenue despite the current headwinds.
He also discussed the concept of autonomous automation and how it can benefit restaurants, as well as how WizButler's booking system manages a restaurant's space.
Additionally, Peter offered advice for restaurateurs looking to stay ahead of their competition and better meet customer requirements.

Some of the questions that we asked Peter during the show included:

  1. What inspired you to start the WizButler digital platform for restaurants?
  2. How can dynamic menus and pricing help restaurants increase revenue during challenging times?
  3. How can restaurants integrate booking systems with ordering systems to create a completely blended system?

Tune in to hear Peter's insightful responses and learn more about the innovative solutions that WizButler offers for the hospitality industry.

Apr 23, 202330:59
Bruce Poon Tip discusses responsible travel in "The Last Tourist" documentary

Bruce Poon Tip discusses responsible travel in "The Last Tourist" documentary

Welcome to 30 minutes with In today's episode, we are excited to be joined by Bruce Poon Tip, founder of G Adventures, a pioneer of community tourism, and executive producer of the critically acclaimed documentary "The Last Tourist."
"The Last Tourist" is an eye-opening and thought-provoking documentary that highlights the consequences of mass tourism on the environment, wildlife, and local communities in 16 countries worldwide.
As travel restrictions gradually ease up in the post-pandemic era, it's more important than ever to have a deeper understanding of the impact of travel on the destinations we visit.
In this conversation, we explore how the documentary came to be, the challenges faced during production, the funding sources, and the age of the images used in the film.
We also get to hear Bruce's perspective on why he, as a businessman in the travel industry, decided to produce a documentary that addresses the negative impacts of tourism.
He shares his insights on how to be a responsible traveler, what role the tourism industry can play in promoting sustainable tourism practices, and how we can all make a positive impact on the places we visit.
Finally, we ask Bruce to describe his vision of an ideal tourist and why every traveler should strive to be one.
Tune in to hear a fascinating and insightful conversation with Bruce Poon Tip on responsible tourism, the future of travel, and how we can make a positive impact in the world."

Apr 06, 202322:48
Mama Movement Australia: Empowering Women to Exercise in Style

Mama Movement Australia: Empowering Women to Exercise in Style

Mama Movement Australia is a clothing brand that specialises in creating fashionable and comfortable activewear for women. Faye Tan, the founder of Mama Movement Australia, started the brand to help women feel confident and beautiful while they exercise. With its vibrant and colourful activewear, Mama Movement Australia has gained popularity in the fashion industry. In this podcast, we have a conversation with Faye Tan and discuss the brand's origin story, inspiration behind the colourful activewear, design process, challenges faced during the startup phase, and the impact Mama Movement Australia has had on the fashion industry. Some of the key questions that we explore in the podcast include how Mama Movement Australia started and what motivated Faye to create a line of colourful and fashionable activewear. We also discuss how Mama Movement Australia's activewear differs from other activewear brands on the market and how the brand's design process is unique. Furthermore, we delve into some of the challenges that Faye faced while starting Mama Movement Australia and how she overcame them. We also talk about the response that Mama Movement Australia has received since its launch and the impact that the brand is making in the fashion industry. If you're interested in learning more about Mama Movement Australia and purchasing its fashionable activewear, be sure to check out their website at and follow them on social media for updates and inspiration.

Apr 06, 202328:52
Podcast: First AML CEO Milan Cooper

Podcast: First AML CEO Milan Cooper

By June Ramli

Australia is currently the most vulnerable country in the developed world to the crime of money laundering.  Alongside Haiti and Madagascar, Australia is one of the three countries worldwide that have not implemented Tranche 2, a tightening of anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws that will regulate the law, accounting and real estate industries.  With no regulatory framework or government support many Australian businesses don’t know how to best protect themselves and most importantly still don’t realise the risky nature of current processes.  Our chat today is going to be with Auckland-based First AML founder and CEO Milan Cooper, whose global company offers a technology solution that helps businesses to protect themselves against crime now.   

In this podcast, we discuss:  

What is Tranche 2?  

Why is Australia lagging behind the rest of the developed world? 

Some money laundering scandals that have taken place in Australia and what could have been done to avoid it and much more.   

Without further ado, listen to the full interview here.

Mar 11, 202314:43
Podcast : Malaysian Influencer Elle Fara

Podcast : Malaysian Influencer Elle Fara

By June Ramli  

The Influencer Lifestyle  

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with
This is your host June Ramli coming to you from our base in Sydney, Australia.
Our guest is a Malaysian influencer who goes by the name of
Elle Fara.  
Elle shot to fame last year after gaining popularity for being similar looking to Malaysian actress Fazura.
Our chat with Elle today is going to revolve around her work as an influencer in Malaysia. How does she get her clients, how much she makes per job and tips and tricks on how to grow a social media fan base from zero to hero and much more. Once again this interview would be conducted in both Malay and English.  

In this podcast, we discuss:   

  • How much do social media influencers get paid per job?
  • What are some of the tactics she uses to grow her social media account?
  • Her tips for those wanting to become a social media influencer and much more…

Without further ado, let’s invite Elle to the show and pick her brains on this much coveted influencer lifestyle that many of us would like to know more about.  

#podcast #podcasting #dailystraits #dailystraitsdotcom

Jan 30, 202340:47
Podcast : Rediscovering Sabah

Podcast : Rediscovering Sabah

By June Ramli 

If you have been to Sydney, London or Bali for few times in a row and have no idea where else to go and spend your hard earned money, then might I suggest that you add exploring Sabah on your list.
Sabah has everything you need and more and the best part is that you won’t have to break the bank in getting there.
Well, it would cost you a little bit to get there by plane from the Peninsula but other than that there are no other major expenses that you will have to endure, no currency exchange and no expensive entry fees into all major attractions.
I had been to Sabah three times but this time I was feasted with a variety of excursions which included several boat rides in the croc infested Kinabatangan river, the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in
Sandakan and the very famous Sepilok OrangUtan Rehabilitation Centre.
The people are nice and the food is great.
The state offers a range of activities for a variety of travellers be it those interested in solo, group or even family excursions.
There are a myriad of places that you can stay but if you need an idea on where to stay while in Sabah, or in the capital city of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, then check out the articles here
As such we hope that you will enjoy this short little video presentation that would sum up the week long excursion that I was privileged enough to experience at the tail end of last year.  
This was my third visit to Sabah and has been my best one yet, all thanks to the many wildlife encounters I had there.
And as promised here is a short video of my excursion during my stay in Sabah and if you are keen on visiting either Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan, please do and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Jan 29, 202340:09
Podcast : Pablo Amirul of Air Force The Movie

Podcast : Pablo Amirul of Air Force The Movie

By June Ramli

Welcome to first podcasting episode for the year! We are going to kickstart our series with a comprehensive interview with Malaysian celebrity Pablo Amirul on the pros and cons of being an actor in Malaysia. As a former banker turned full time actor based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Pablo has acted in numerous films with the most notable one being Kampung Drift and Air Force The Movie: Selagi Bernyawa which is now available on Netflix including here in Australia. Our chat with Pablo today is going to revolve around on intricacies of being an actor in Malaysia. Also, as a disclaimer the interview will be conducted both in English and Malay. Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the interview here.  

#Podcast #Podcasting #Malaysia #Actor #DailyStraits #PabloAmirul #MalaysianActor #JuneRamli

Jan 26, 202301:01:29
Podcast : Dr Lisa Myers of When the Light Goes Out

Podcast : Dr Lisa Myers of When the Light Goes Out

By June Ramli

Mental Health Explained 

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Sydney-based psychiatrist Dr Lisa Myers. Dr. Lisa Myers is a South African born,  Australian trained child and adolescent psychiatrist with 20 years of mental health  experience. With mental health awareness month kicking off in October, Dr. Lisa Myers’ timely  new book When The Light Goes Out , showcases lived experience and expert  advice, both key factors to managing the ever-growing mental health crisis. Lisa’s  book will provide readers with practical tools and strategies for managing their own  mental health.  In this courageous memoir, Lisa skilfully combines her own story of unimaginable  violence and suffering, together with clients’ experiences and professional insights,  to help guide readers facing their own challenges, whether that be major trauma or  everyday adversity. Our chat with Dr Myers today is going to revolve around her book and other matters related to mental health. 

In this podcast we discuss: 

What made her  want to write the book?

Her thoughts on Medicare and whether it is doing enough  for mental health treatment?

Why should someone read her book?

Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the episode here: 

#DailyStraitsDotCom #DailyStraits #Podcast #Podcasting #Australia #MentalHealth #Writer 

Nov 27, 202224:01
Podcast : Kris Davant of Frollo

Podcast : Kris Davant of Frollo

By June Ramli

Are you struggling to keep up to date with your finances? Well, if you are then this is the right podcasting episode for you.

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our show today has got something to do with a money management app - Frollo. 

With over 150,000 downloads to date, Frollo is a purpose-driven fintech that helps businesses use open banking data to deliver better customer outcomes right from reducing debt and increasing savings, to providing a better, more personalised customer experience. 

Frollo’s app won Mozo’s best money management app of 2021, and it was recently featured on the Today show.

Today, we get to pick the brains of Kris Davant, the head of Product for Frollo and  ask him first hand about the benefits of the app and how to best use it.

In this podcast, we discuss:

On average, users save $1,100 when they sign up to Frollo’s app to manage their money - can you give us a real life example on how one can achieve this?

With all the security breaches that have been happening in Australia lately, how safe is a customers’ data with Frollo?

What are some of the benefits of using Frollo, as compared to budgeting traditionally either through a pen or paper or through Microsoft’s spreadsheet?

Without further ado, let’s invite Kris to the show to tell us more about the app.

#podcasting #podcast #dailystraits #frollo

Nov 19, 202217:31
Podcast : Elliot Dellys of Phronesis Security

Podcast : Elliot Dellys of Phronesis Security

Learning About The Dark Web

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Melbourne-based Elliot Dellys, the CEO and founder of Cybersecurity firm, Phronesis Security.

Phronesis Security works directly with government agencies and technology start-ups to provide pragmatic security solutions and cybersecurity consultation.
They specialise in world-class governance, risk and compliance services, cutting-edge penetration testing, innovative security architecture, tailored security awareness and education campaigns, as well as security management and strategy through its proven vCISO offering.

Our chat with Dellys today would revolve around a myriad of topics including the recent cyber attacks that Australian businesses are experiencing and what sort of little things can start-ups or small businesses do to safeguard their business from being attacked on the internet.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • What is Phronesis Security?
  • What are the repercussions of having your data exposed on the dark web?
  • Let’s move the conversation to startups or small businesses that are operating from home? How does one ensure that their business does not fall prey to any cyberattacks? Some tips please
  • Advice for anyone wanting to start their own cybersecurity business?

Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the interview with Dellys here.

#podcasting #podcast #dailystraits #Australia 

Nov 19, 202219:08
Podcast : Chef Mel Alafaci Of Culinary Quickies

Podcast : Chef Mel Alafaci Of Culinary Quickies

By June Ramli

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Chef Mel Alafaci, a Brisbane-based chef and author is taking on the world, transforming unhappy domestic chefs who are frustrated and failing in their kitchens, to confident, happy foodies.
Her unique cooking style and culinary lingo has even experienced foodies adapting her shortcuts and hacks in the kitchen transforming everyday local produce into show stopping meals.
Best of all she loves upcycling seasonal produce and budget basics into sensational masterpieces, boasting that she can make any ingredient or plate of food look 'then bucks more expensive.’
Alafaci’s love of cooking stems from her African roots. She lived in remote areas of Zimbabwe and South Africa where cooking was her only source of entertainment. If she found a recipe in a book, there were no shopping centres, so she had to improvise.
This is where Alafaci learnt to do amazing things with basic ingredients. She loves to make things look more expensive than they really are…
With one cookbook  published and another two on the way,  our chat with Mel today is going to revolve around how to cook and save thousands on groceries, plus other cheffy tips.
Without further ado, let’s welcome Chef Alafaci to the show.

In this podcast, we discuss: 

  1. What are some of the top cheffy skills that you can dish out to our listeners to keep things fresh which can inevitably save one thousands of dollars each year. 
  2. How does one shop like a chef and grab the bargains and know what to do with them?
  3. What is the best way to devise a  meal plan or a list of mix and match recipes that is  quick and easy to make and much more.



Nov 19, 202224:02
Podcast : Julian Fayad of

Podcast : Julian Fayad of

By June Ramli 

Borrowing From The Ninja 

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with this episode we will be speaking to Julian Fayad is the Founder & Managing Director of After growing up with a natural gravitation towards technology, Fayad designed and built an app at the age of 18. He successfully worked his way through the ranks in the financial sector, working in high level management roles, where he continuously brought record-breaking growth and developed numerous key partnerships among the broker and lender space. With his constant level of forward thinking and having an entrepreneurial itch he wanted to scratch, he launched, Australia’s first AI powered comparison tool. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Fayad is also a financial expert and a digital disruptor in an industry that is generally a slow mover in adapting to the newest trends, and will be the main beneficiary of this. Our chat with Julian today is going to revolve around how he built an app from the ground up and makes money out of it and more. 

In this podcast, we discuss: 

  • What made him want to be an entrepreneur at a very young age? 
  • How did the idea for come about? 
  • How many users does the website have now and how does your business compare to other comparison sites like and more… 

Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the interview here.

Nov 16, 202222:58
Podcast : Dr Kathryn Evans of Advance Australia Fairly

Podcast : Dr Kathryn Evans of Advance Australia Fairly

By June Ramli

Giving Women A Fair Go

The belief in a ‘fair go’ is embedded in Australian society, yet gender inequality continues to be a problem and it's holding the economy back. S
So what can be done about this ongoing inequality and why should Australia as a nation care?

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with it comes to gender equality in Australia, one person has heaps of things to say about this topic.

And that one person is Dr Kathryn Evans.

Evans recently penned a book titled Advance Australia Fairly- on why there is a need for Australia to have a national plan for gender equality to drive the nation’s success.

She is the Australian Managing Director of a multinational biotechnology company. As a qualified pharmacist, Kathryn made her mark as a top salesperson for companies such as Roche, Cochlear and Sanofi, before going on to earn her MBA.

She was awarded a Doctor of Business Administration in 2019 for her influential research on women in senior leadership, and in 2020 her research findings were published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources.

Our chat with Evans is going to revolve around the book itself and how Australian business can do better by incalculating more women in the top management.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • As a woman in a high position in a multinational company, how hard was it for you to climb the corporate ladder?
  • In most offices, workers are barred from discussing our salaries with our co-workers in the open, but generally men do get paid more because of the traditional concept that they are breadwinners of a family and hence they need more pay. So, with all of this in mind, how do you propose that we close the gender pay gap among men and women in Australia?
  • How can Australian businesses support more women to participate more fully in our labour market and more…

Without further ado, let’s listen and watch the interview with Evans here:

To our listeners out there, we have one signed copy to give away to our Australian-based listeners. Just email us your name and address to and we will be sure to send you the copy as we can. Thank you.

Nov 14, 202224:39
Podcast : Lina Patel, Mary O’Keeffe of Greaterthan​

Podcast : Lina Patel, Mary O’Keeffe of Greaterthan​

By June Ramli

Explained: Role of Business Coaches

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Today we have not one but two special guests sitting in with us from business coaching firm Greaterthan​.
Greaterthan is a business coaching firm based in Bristol, UK with offices around the world including Australia and New Zealand.
Reps from both sides of the Tasman sat down with recently to give us a better understanding of the organisation and how they can help your business thrive through their involvement.
Lina Patel of Melbourne, Australia and Wellington-based Mary O'Keeffe of Greaterthan are both business coaches from the organisation and they sat down recently for an in depth interview explaining to us about the benefits of engaging a business coach for your organisation.
Both ladies gave us a better understanding on what companies can expect including the costs when engaging the services from their firm.
Without further ado, let’s watch and listen to the interview here:

In this podcast we discuss:

  • What is the scarcity mindset?
  • Why is it important to do away with such a mindset?
  • Why organisations should hire business coaches and more
Oct 16, 202251:23
Podcast : Brodie Haupt of WLTH
Oct 12, 202222:08
News: Senior Aussies Big Windfall

News: Senior Aussies Big Windfall

Senior Australians could be eligible for thousands of dollars in support to continue remaining in their homes. Listen more to find out how you can get these support and read News In Brief section to find out the full details. 

Sep 25, 202201:39
Podcast: Brendan Malone of Raiz Australia

Podcast: Brendan Malone of Raiz Australia

Making Investing Easy

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Brendan Malone, the co-founder, CEO of Raiz Invest Australia and Group COO of Raiz Invest Limited.
Malone has over 20 years of experience in financial institutions including The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and ABN AMRO (AMRO).
His experience ranges from all aspects of investment banking, client coverage and strategy, along to compliance and all operational functions.
He is particularly known for his ability to innovate and operate at a highly strategic level, whilst driving operational excellence with strong attention to detail.
In the past, he has led large-scale workforces across most front and back-office functions and delivered transformational agendas resulting in significant synergies through mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and downsizing.
Malone has experience working across various continents, jurisdictions, legislations and regulatory environments as well as cultures in both developed and emerging economies.
His previous roles have consisted of both front and back-office functions across key financial hubs including London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney.
With Raiz, Malone is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Raiz Group’s business and is passionate about his customer-centric, highly efficient, productive and dynamic team who specialises in customer service, technology, finance and marketing.
As a graduate of the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accounting and finance, Malone is a member of both The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • An explainer of what Raiz is?
  • What is Raiz’s competitive advantage over its competitors?
  • The number of people using Raiz to date?
Sep 02, 202227:31
"A Prime Minister was operating trashes the institutions" - Bill Shorten on Australia Today

"A Prime Minister was operating trashes the institutions" - Bill Shorten on Australia Today

Sydney, Aug 17: NDIS Minister and Former Labor Leader Bill Shorten was on Australia Today with Steve Price on LiSTNR today and made some interesting points regarding former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his additional powers.
"The serious issue here for people to consider is we’ve just found that a Prime Minister was operating rogue….The Parliament didn’t know, and the Cabinet didn’t know. It’s very unhealthy for our democracy, it trashes the institutions," shorten said.
"I hope to goodness that there’s no potential for legal challenges made by decisions during this time, that’s the last thing we need. I do think Mr Dutton and continuing members of the shadow Ministry need to explain what they knew. I think ultimately his resignation is a matter for the Liberal Party...I know what I would do if I was Scott Morrison"
"I think he didn’t trust his colleagues, I think he was a one-man band. The fact he went around the sneaky way and couldn’t be upfront is odd."
"We’ve been a modern country since 1901. Ministers have got sick – it didn’t need the Prime Minister to secretly go down to the Governor General’s residence and swear himself in."
"(If you were Josh Frydenberg) you’d feel stupid, you’d feel let down. You’d feel stupid because you gave your loyalty to a fellow who honestly didn’t trust you enough to say 'Oh by the way Josh, I’ve created an unusual arrangement where I can also sign the same laws as you sign'."

Credit Australia Today with Steve Price on LiSTNR.

Aug 17, 202203:23
Podcast: Kim Rae Of Waiheke Island

Podcast: Kim Rae Of Waiheke Island

By June Ramli

From NYC To Waiheke 

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes of 

Our guest today, is New Zeland-based entrepreneur Kim Rae. Kim is a former New Yorker who worked in the fashion industry, at the likes of Ralph Lauren, before starting her wholesale clothing design and manufacturing business at the age of 23. 

Her business worked for large American retailers, Saks, Macy's, Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers etc to design and produce items or collections specific to their markets under their own ‘private labels.  

From there, Kim bought a round-the-world plane ticket with her husband, got married in Las Vegas, and decided to move to Waiheke Island to raise a family.  She bought a vineyard and olive grow, Cypress Ridge, on Waiheke and was meant to slow down but once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, and so in 2011 she set up Stay Waiheke.  

Stay Waiheke is ‘the’ accommodation booking agency team with a portfolio featuring some of the island's most luxurious lodges, romantic hideaways, and boutique beachside baches to cover all price points.  

Our chat with Kim today would revolve around her business and much more. 

In this podcast, we discuss why she left NYC for Waiheke Island in NZ, the challenges she faced as starting a business as a foreigner in New Zealand and her advice for Americans wanting to follow in her footsteps and much more.   Without further ado, let’s watch and listen to the podcast here.  

#StayWaiheke #Waiheke #newzealand #dailystraits #dailystraitsdotcom

Aug 16, 202220:55
Peter Dutton speaks about that viral dagwood dog photo!

Peter Dutton speaks about that viral dagwood dog photo!

Today on Sydney’s 104.1 2Day FM’s breakfast show, Hughesy, Ed & Erin, Opposition leader Peter Dutton joined the show to talk about that viral dagwood dog photo from his visit to Brisbane Ekka!

Hughesy confronted Peter Dutton over how he eats a dagwood dog!

“With the cameras there, I mean you can’t eat it from the side because the sauce drips off like Bill Shorten, so it leaves one angle and it’s not a great one.”

“I went to the showbag stand and bought a Milky Way show bag along with a Bertie Beetle bag as well and next thing I’m accused of trying to portray an image of Kevin Rudd when he was known as Milky Bar Kid.”

“Most of my mates actually were pretty rapid-fire texting me like, ‘WTF’, but anyway, what do you do.”

Credit: 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Aug 10, 202203:58
Podcast: Jessica Agoston of Artfull

Podcast: Jessica Agoston of Artfull

Helping Aotearoa Artists Make A Buck

By June Ramli

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Auckland-based entrepreneur Jessica Agoston Cleary who started Artfull along with her business partner John Barnett. Artfull is a New Zealand marketplace that was created to connect Kiwi artists and galleries with buyers in an online space in Aotearoa and around the world. Its innovative digital technology even enables collectors to see a visual representation of artworks for sale in their own homes before they buy. Our chat with Jessica today would revolve around the art space in New Zealand and much more.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • How did the platform get its start?
  • Why would anyone want to invest in New Zealand-based artists?
  • How does an artiste get to trade with Artfull and much more?

Without further ado, let’s listen to and watch the interview here:

Jul 12, 202217:18
Podcast: Diana Talit of Matrade New York

Podcast: Diana Talit of Matrade New York

By June Ramli 

Malaysia in US 

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today, Diana Talit who is New York Trade Commissioner for the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation or Matrade for short Talit has over 25 years of working experience in both private and public sectors – 11 years as a corporate banker and 14 years in public service with Malaysia’s ministry of international trade and industry, accumulating experiences in international trade promotion, entrepreneur development and forging government-private sector relations. Before New York, Talit was based in Paris for five years from 2009 to 2014 as the Malaysian Trade Commissioner overseeing the promotion of Malaysia’s trade with France, Spain, Portugal and Monaco. While in France, she actively promoted Malaysia and France collaboration in aerospace engineering services and collaborated with ABE Event of France to set up the business convention called the Kuala Lumpur International Business Convention. Our interview with Talit today would be centred around the trade development between the US and Malaysia. Without further ado, let’s invite Talit to the show.

In this podcast, we discuss: 

1. The sort of services Matrade provides to Malaysian businesses and entrepreneurs?

2. What are some of the notable projects that Matrade has helped facilitate among Malaysian businesses in the US to date?

3. What are some of the mistakes that Malaysian entrepreneurs make that hold them back from breaking into the US market? 

4. Has COVID-19 put a dent in the international trade between Malaysia and the US? 

5. Her proudest career moment to date.

Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here: 

Jul 08, 202226:44
Selling Unknown Products

Selling Unknown Products

Welcome to another live session brought to you exclusively by We have a very interesting topic to discuss today with two esteemed entrepreneurs from both sides of the Tasman on the tips and tricks on selling new products. From Australia, we have Kate Lalak, a writer, business strategist and CEO and founder of Cloud Nine Global, a corporate gifting agency based in Sydney, while our guest from Auckland, New Zealand is Lucy Wildman, the founder of children’s fashion brand Little Flock of Horrors. Both our guests today would be talking about how they managed to get a market for their products when no one knew of it with each guest providing pointers in their respective domains.

Among the things discussed in this session are:

  • When should an entrepreneur start hiring professional publicists for their business?
  • The deal with product reviews. Are they important to have?
  • The best time to start drumming interest in a newly yet-to-be-released product and more.

Without further ado, let’s watch and listen to the interview here:

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #selling #tipsandtricks #tips #newzealand #sydney #auckland #australia #dailystraits #dailystraitsdotcom #katelalak #lucywildman #juneramli

Jun 15, 202224:22
Podcast: Gwendolyn Regina Tan of BNB Chain

Podcast: Gwendolyn Regina Tan of BNB Chain

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with  Our guest today is Singapore-based Gwendolyn Regina Tan who leads BNB's Chain of investments. Launched last year, BNB Chain aims to bring one billion crypto users onboard, boosting the adoption of the BNB Chain and the wider blockchain industry. Tan’s main responsibilities include streamlining processes around deal sourcing, investment strategy, portfolio management and growth. As part of her role, she invests in promising projects in the web3 and MetaFi space, GameFi, SocialFi, NFTs etc, and she also leads the Most Valuable Builder incubation program, which she set up.  Tan has spent 16 years across media, technology, blockchain, and web3 sectors across the Asia Pacific, Paris, and Silicon Valley. Our chat with Tan today would be revolved around the fund she heads and other matters.  

In this podcast we discuss:  

BNB’s Chain connection with Binance.
The onboarding of a billion users onto BNB's Chain.
Her thoughts on the metaverse and much more.  

Without further ado, let’s listen to and watch the interview here:

#binance #bnbchain #crytocurrency #crytocurrencyvideos #sydney #startups #singapore #dailystraits #dailystraitsdotcom #podcast #podcasting #gwendolyn #juneramli   

Jun 14, 202234:30
Podcast: Bikesh Lakhmichand of 1337 Ventures

Podcast: Bikesh Lakhmichand of 1337 Ventures

Helping The Underdogs

By June Ramli

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Kuala Lumpur-based Bikesh Lakhmichand the founding partner of 1337 Ventures - Malaysia’s first Accelerator programme that has invested in over 60 innovative digital startups to date.

Besides helping to discover, validate and transform high-potential startups into businesses of the future, Bikesh is also actively involved in helping Malaysian corporates digital transform their organizations and advance the professional careers of their employees.

Besides 1337 Ventures, Bikesh is also the co-founder of iTrain, Southeast Asia’s leading digital technology powerhouse that has empowered over 3,000 corporate employees in advanced digital technologies and Leet Capital, one of the 10 licensed equity crowdfunding platforms that are helping SMEs and startups grow via alternative funding.

Our chat with Bikesh would revolve around where and how Malaysian early-stage startups and companies can access funding in Malaysia.

In this podcast we discuss:

Why did Bikesh make it his mission in life to help Malaysian startups to seek funding?

How or where do 1337 Ventures get the funding to give out early-stage funds to Malaysian startups? And how much can you fund each applicant/startup?

Who or what some companies/ sectors have 1337 Ventures provided funding for to date?

Without further ado, let’s watch and listen to the interview here.

#Startups #Malaysia #Business #Career #Entrepreneurship #Entrepreneurs #Jobs #Funding #KualaLumpur #1337Ventures #DailyStraits #Money #BikeshLakhmichard #JuneRamli #Podcast #Podcasting #Sydney #Australia #Interviews

Jun 10, 202230:49
Australian Made Week June 6-12

Australian Made Week June 6-12

Support Australian Made Week to cash in on economic benefits

During Australian Made Week (6–12 June), shoppers and businesses will be urged to seek out and buy genuine Aussie products bearing the trusted green-and-gold kangaroo logo to support the country’s makers and growers, as well as safeguard against access and supply issues illuminated by the pandemic. 

A new advertising campaign will highlight how choosing local products and produce makes a huge difference for local employment and businesses, including family-owned commercial catering equipment manufacturer Luus Industries in Melbourne’s west, where part of the Australian Made Week television commercial was filmed. 

According to KPMG’s 2021 Family Business Survey, 67 per cent of all businesses in Australia are family-owned and operated, with more than half of the nation’s workforce employed by a family business

Australian Made Week 2022 follows on from the huge success of last year’s inaugural campaign that prompted more than 70 per cent of Aussies to increase their efforts to prioritise local product purchases. 

The same Roy Morgan survey found that nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) of participants are concerned about the number of products sold in Australia that are made overseas. 

Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said Australian Made Week was a great time to draw attention to the benefits of buying local.

Consumers can learn more about Australian Made Week and find genuine Aussie products at

Jun 06, 202203:55
Podcast: Sami Chlagou of Cross the Ages
May 09, 202224:36
Podcast: Richard Conway of Pure SEO
May 08, 202227:49
Podcast: Datuk Yasmin Mahmood Of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Podcast: Datuk Yasmin Mahmood Of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia

Climbing To The Top In Stilettos   

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Kuala Lumpur-based Datuk Yasmin Mahmood. Yasmin has a highly distinguished career, spanning three decades, during which time she has worked with various technology giants including Hewlett Packard and Dell. In 2006, she became Microsoft Malaysia’s Managing Director and in 2014, was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Digital Economy Corp Sdn Bhd (MDEC) and was instrumental in the region’s digital economic transformation. She also served in various non-executive roles in prominent establishments including the national postal and courier company, POS Malaysia as Chairperson and much more. Apart from being Chair of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Board of Directors, Yasmin is also the Managing Partner of FutureReady Consulting.  

Among the things discuss in this podcast are:   
Are STEM jobs difficult and demanding?   
What makes a candidate ideal to a headhunter?   
Tips on how women should negotiate their salaries?   

Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here:

#STEM #tech #MDEC #WomenInTech #Malaysia #KualaLumpur #CareerAdvice #YasminMahmood #DailyStraits #Podcast #Podcasting #Interview #CareerAdvice #CareerTips #HowToAceThatJob #HerriottWattUniversity #HWUM #Scotland #Dubai

Apr 22, 202233:43
Podcast: Datuk Vinod Sekhar of Petra Group

Podcast: Datuk Vinod Sekhar of Petra Group

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Malaysian businessman Datuk Dr Vinod Sekhar who is the Chairman and CEO of PETRA Group, a global conglomerate involved in sustainable technologies, manufacturing, infrastructure, media, entertainment, agriculture, lifestyle, research and philanthropy. 

Through his vision and leadership, the PETRA Group applies the concept of social capitalism to all of its businesses – being profitable whilst ensuring sustainable wealth creation for the betterment of all. 

To date, Datuk Vinod has successfully developed Green Rubber which uses globally patented DeLink technology, and for the first time ever, allows tyres to become a renewable resource. With over 1.5 billion rubber tyres being discarded each year, Green Rubber is capable of erasing one of the world’s biggest environmental threats. 

Besides these businesses, Datuk Vinod is also a big boss for Malaysia's fastest growing news website -The Vibes. 

In this podcast we discuss: 

How did his journey in entrepreneurship begin?

How does he do his due diligence before venturing into any businesses? 

Why he got into the news business and started Vibes and more. 

Without further ado, let’s watch and listen to the no holds barred interview here.

#PetraGroup #DatukVinodSekhar #VinodSekhar #GreenRubber #TheVibes #Malaysia #Malaysian #Millionaire #BruceWillis #Entrepreneur #Businessman #Petra #Podcast #Podcasting #DailyStraits #DailyStraitsDotCom #JuneRamli #KualaLumpur #interview #business #ceo

Apr 14, 202244:31
Podcast: Kristy and Bryce of "Quit Like A Millionaire"

Podcast: Kristy and Bryce of "Quit Like A Millionaire"

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guests today are Canadian authors Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung of the book 'Quit Like A Millionaire.’  Published in 2019, Kristy and Bryce's maiden book has taught many on how one can ditch the rat race and retire early all by investing their earnings in what is known as ETFs or exchange-traded funds.  This couple made world headlines for doing just that and subsequently quitting their full-time jobs at 31 to travel the world as millionaires whilst at the same time rejecting homeownership. They are also huge advocates of the financial independence retire early (FIRE) movement. FIRE is a movement consisting of people who are devoted to a program of extreme savings and investments which then allows the follower to retire far earlier than traditional budgets or retirement plans would permit them to do. Without further ado, let's watch the pre-recorded interview here.  

#FIRE #FireMovement #FinancialIndependence #RetireEarly #FI #PersonalFinance #Finance #Authors #Canada #Australia #Malaysia #Thailand #Croatia #Podcast #Podcasting #StockMarkets #ETFs #Funds #ExchangeTradedFunds #ShareMarkets #Money #Millionaire #CashIsKing #China #Blogger #KristyAndBryce #KristyShen #BryceLeung #JuneRamli #DailyStraits #DailyStraitsDotCom

Apr 12, 202228:38
Visiting Iran A Chance To Get Rid Of Misconceptions

Visiting Iran A Chance To Get Rid Of Misconceptions

By June Ramli  

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Tehran-based journalist and travel writer Simin Saghafi.  I met Simin several years ago as a reporter during a work to Iran. My first impression of the country was that its people were stunning and that its tourist areas such as Persepolis had a lot to offer.  So, our topic today is going to be about turning a passion such as travel into a business. If you follow Simin’s social media pages like I do, you’d know that she is a successful travel writer as well as an accomplished travel agent who specialises in the Iranian market both inbound and outbound wise. Before COVID hit, Simin was employed by a Balinese travel agency whose job was to specialise in bringing Iranian tourism to Bali. But our discussion today is going to be solely centred around Simin as a businesswoman and her tips to those wanting to make their first trip to Iran. Without further ado, let’s invite Simin to the show.   

In this podcast, we discuss:   

  • What are some of the places that Iranian tourists like to visit?  
  • Are Iranian tourists big spenders?  
  • Where are some of the countries that Iranians love to visit the most?  
  • What sort of preparation should one take before visiting Iran?  
  • What are some of the best places - tourist spots to visit while in Iran?  
  • Do women tourists still need to wear the headscarf while in Iran?  
  • Best times to visit Iran.  

Without further ado, let’s watch the interview here that was recorded on March 31 this year:

Apr 08, 202229:30
NSW weather update

NSW weather update

NSW weather update for Wednesday (April 6, 2022) by Senior Meteorologist Sarah Scully.

Apr 06, 202202:03
What Aussie Households Buy

What Aussie Households Buy

Sydney, April 6: Australia Post has today released its 2022 Inside Australian Online Shopping Report which gives exclusive insight into the latest Australian eCommerce trends and estimates growth in online purchases in 2021 was up 12.3 per cent when compared to 2020, and almost double the pre-pandemic level.
More than four in five Australian households shopped online during 2021, spending $62.3 billion1 on physical goods, driving the online share of total retail to 19.3 per cent2.
Australia Post Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Paul Graham, said the pandemic brought about a fundamental shift in the way Australians live, work and shop, and that online shopping is now a mainstay for Australian families when purchasing everything from clothing to day-to-day household items.
Below are pre-recorded radio grabs featuring Australia Post Head of eCommerce Data Analytics, Rose Yip.

Apr 06, 202201:10
Severe Thunderstorms Expected In NSW

Severe Thunderstorms Expected In NSW

Sydney, March 24: Severe thunderstorms and moderate to heavy rainfall likely for parts of New South Wales
Parts of eastern New South Wales, extending into the northern and central inland, can expect widespread rainfall over the coming days as a moist onshore flow interacts with a surface trough and upper-atmospheric low. Localised heavy rainfall is possible, particularly with thunderstorms, which may also bring gusty winds and large hail.
Rainfall is not expected to cause significant or widespread flooding like that experienced earlier in March.
The Bureau's Hazard, Preparedness and Response Manager for NSW, Ailsa Schofield said while most communities will see moderate rainfall accumulations during the next week, the higher totals are more likely to come with thunderstorms that are expected to be more isolated than widespread. Thunderstorm activity will continue throughout Thursday and over the weekend.
Rainfall totals of around 20-30mm a day are possible in parts of the east and northwest inland for the coming week, particularly between Wollongong and the south-east Queensland border. There is a chance of 30-40mm of rain across the Mid North Coast each day until Sunday, with showers into next week.
It will also be cooler than average for this time of year but will remain fairly humid.
A Flood Watch, which notes the potential for flooding based on the forecast rainfall, notes that minor flooding is possible for some catchments along the North Coast and Mid North Coast from Thursday.
A Flood Watch is current for the Bellinger, Nambucca and Upper Macintyre rivers with potential for minor flooding in these areas.
An Initial Moderate Flood Warning has been issued for the Wollombi Brook at Bulga, where minor flooding is expected Thursday evening, and moderate flooding may occur Friday morning.
With catchments remaining saturated from recent rainfall events, there is an increased risk of flash flooding and riverine rises with potential for minor flooding for parts of the Mid North Coast, and areas around the Hunter and Northern rivers.
Communities should be prepared for weather impacts and are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on the Bureau's website and BOM Weather app, and to follow the advice of emergency services.

Mar 24, 202202:12
News - Severe Thunderstorms Expected

News - Severe Thunderstorms Expected

Sydney, March 23: Severe thunderstorms are expected across New South Wales and may bring widespread moderate rainfall to previously flood-impacted areas in New South Wales, from Wednesday and into the weekend.
Thunderstorms are possible for north-eastern New South Wales over the coming days.
Localised heavy rain, gusty winds and hail are all possible.
With catchments remaining saturated from recent rainfall events, there is an increased risk of flash flooding and renewed river rises. This is particularly true for areas of the Hunter, Mid North Coast and Northern Rivers.
Water from inland Queensland is still moving south into northern New South Wales along the Birrie, Bokhara and Narran rivers.
Along the Narran River, moderate flooding is currently occurring at Angledool.
This may reach major flood levels on the weekend. A Flood Watch has been issued, noting minor flooding may occur from Thursday along the Bellinger and Kalang, Nambucca and Upper Macintyre (Severn) rivers.
Landslips and fallen trees are also possible due to recent flooding. Communities should be prepared for flood impacts and are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings on the Bureau's website and BOM Weather app, and to follow the advice of emergency services.
Audio news grabs feature the voice of Senior Meteorologist Jonathan How.

Mar 23, 202202:29
Podcast: Exclusive With Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Podcast: Exclusive With Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

By June Ramli  

Seri Kembangan, March 21: Former Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had held the top job as the nation’s premier not once but twice in his lifetime. But did you know that before him holding the premiership post, Dr Mahathir himself was a very successful physician in Alor Setar, Kedah and according to his Wikipedia page, he was the town’s first Malay doctor with his own practice. While serving as a physician he had built a large house, invested in various businesses, and even employed a driver to chauffeur him around in his Pontiac Catalina. In our latest career spotlight piece, I sat down virtually with Dr Mahathir to find out why he decided to leave his cushy job as a doctor and pivot into politics and whether the top job of being a Prime Minister had always been the end goal of his career change. In this exclusive interview with, Dr Mahathir tells us how he broke the news of wanting a career change to his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and whether he feels that the premiers in Malaysia should be commensurated more to be in the same ranks as their Singaporean counterpart. Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here:

Mar 21, 202224:03
Sole Traders Optimistic but ...

Sole Traders Optimistic but ...

Sydney, March 14: Australia’s sole traders are moving past the bulk of the economic damage and uncertainty wreaked by COVID-19 with new data showing confidence is on the rise.
But the Delta and Omicron waves have come at the cost of mental health, as excessive red tape and expensive - and time consuming - tax filings as well as a burdensome tax rate present additional headaches for sole traders.
The Hnry Sole Trader Pulse, conducted in the first week of March, recorded a 13 per cent boost in sole trader sentiment compared with October, a period when the nation was still contending with border closures, on the cusp of the Omicron outbreak and a further wave of long lockdowns lay ahead.
Sole traders in NSW reported a 22.5 per cent in overall sentiment, indicating that the NSW Government’s decision to press ahead with opening up as well as a falling or steady rate of Covid cases are having a positive effect on business optimism.
This compares to a 17 per cent increase in Victoria and a nine per cent increase in Queensland.
Conducted by Resolve Strategic between 28 February and 6 March, the Hnry Sole Trader Pulse is Australia’s only regular and reliable survey of independent earners with an ABN, such as tradies, freelancers, and consultants. The research is carried out on behalf of fintech Hnry, Australasia’s largest and fastest-growing digital accountancy service catering expressly to sole traders.
The rise in reported confidence for the nation’s independent earners – a fast growing and crucial sector of the national economy – was juxtaposed by less rosy news.

Mar 14, 202201:34
Podcast: Melcom Copeland of WadzPay

Podcast: Melcom Copeland of WadzPay

Welcome to another episode with 30 minutes with Today we speak to WadzPay’s Group Head of Market Development for Blockchain Payments – Melcom Copeland. Copeland has over 20 years of customer-centric emerging technology solutions development and operations experience across B2B E-Marketplace, CRM, Gaming, Cryptocurrency, and Fintech sectors. Copeland spent 13-years of his career as an entrepreneur and founder of BetXTech, a boutique B2B software solutions company focused on delivering high-frequency, high-availability omnichannel sports betting, betting exchange, virtual games, and casino payments solutions to operators in the UK, Europe, Asia, and Africa. His experience entails the commercialisation and deployment of gaming solutions to market-leading clients such as Betfair, Genting Star Cruises and Resorts World, Aristocrat Online, Rank Group Grosvenor Casino, Nepal Recreation Centers (Casino Nepal), Senegal National Lottery, Sportradar, Regency Casino, and more. Before WadzPay, Copeland spent the last four years working exclusively in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and fintech space, providing his services to AmaZix, Pundi X Labs, Blockchains LLC while specialising in the digital payments and digital assets space. Our chat with Copeland will revolve around all-things non-fungible token (NFTs) related and the whole ecosystem per se surrounding this type of blockchain.

In this podcast we discuss: 

How well are NFTs regulated? 

What are some of the most trusted platforms for NFTs?

The future of NFTs? 

Without further ado, let’s listen the interview here:  

Mar 09, 202235:56
Podcast: Tessa Shaw of Waiheke Walking Trust

Podcast: Tessa Shaw of Waiheke Walking Trust

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is New Zealand-based, Waiheke Walking Trust Chair, Tessa Shaw. The Waiheke Trust is a charitable organisation that hosts the Waiheke Walking Festival and manages the Walk Waiheke website, a site that offers walking and accommodation packages.
With a passion for Waiheke Island and walking on the island, Tessa now encourages other entrepreneurs and corporate high-flyers like her to turn their passions into charitable endeavours.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Why Waiheke Island and why walking?
  • How does one start a not-for-profit business in New Zealand?
  • Are grants hard to get for not-for-profit organisations?

Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here:

Feb 17, 202224:23
Podcast: Christopher Clarke of Kokoswap

Podcast: Christopher Clarke of Kokoswap

By June Ramli 

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is Dubai-based Christopher Clarke, the newly appointed CEO at Kokoswap. Clarke is a unique individual who comes from a sporting background, specifically professional English football, having had a successful career with well-known teams like Wolverhampton, Wanderers and Blackpool.
He founded Kokoswap in January this year which is a unique platform which combines existing and upcoming features of NFT trades and blockchain gaming. It consists of a invite-only celebrity NFT platform, a state of the art decentralised gaming marketplace and a robust staking platform. It is a one-stop place for users to stake crypto, buy digital assets and play exciting decentralised games.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • What made him want to start Kokoswap?
  • What does he read to keep up with all things NFTs?
  • His opinion on why some people think that NFTs are all a sham and more.

Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here:

Jan 28, 202217:33
Podcast: Steve Pirie of Wonder & Wander

Podcast: Steve Pirie of Wonder & Wander

By June Ramli

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with Our guest today is New Zealand-based entrepreneur Steve Pirie, the founder of Wonder & Wander. Steve is a serial entrepreneur who started working on his ventures at the tender age of 19. His naturally curious mind has led him to co-found and sell many successful businesses including Unleashed Travel (named by BRW as one of Australia’s 100 fastest growing startup businesses in 2011 and 2012), Nurture Change, Nurture Her and UnpluggedFiji. 
Recently, Steve has fused his passion for events, mindset, education, travel, health and wellness at Wonder & Wander, an ecosystem created to inspire a new way of thinking and a new way of being.  His company brings together innovation consulting, travel and learning.
His team collaborates with people and brands to unleash their most innovative ideas, events and experiences. Steve also offers ideation and growth strategy sessions to start-ups and established businesses in the travel, events and business space where companies hack their naturally curious mind to get ideas and connections for their business and their lives.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • What got him interested in being an entrepreneur in the first place?
  • His approach in dealing with failure?
  • Why he decided to sell two successful businesses?

Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here.

Dec 16, 202126:51
Podcast: Ahmad Fuad Osman Of Enrique de Malacca

Podcast: Ahmad Fuad Osman Of Enrique de Malacca

By June Ramli

Welcome to another episode of 30 minutes with This new show is slightly different from our usual chit chat about entrepreneurship and all things related to the business world. In this series, we would delve into Malay history and all things mythical. Before we get begin, let me explain how the idea of this show started. Well, it is all thanks to my debut novel “Daily Straits.” In that novel, I wrote about sorcery, which I know many Malaysian families can relate to. Growing up in beautiful Malaysia, hearing all these mystic stories is something that we were immune to. Looking back, almost every culture in Malaysia, be it the Indian, Malay and Chinese have had some kind of brush with the supernatural one way or the other which we find in abundance in old historical scripts. So, this podcast series aims to delve into the beliefs of ancient or traditional old stories such as The Malay Sultanate, fables of beautiful Malay princesses, their respective curses and so on – which I have some of weaved in my book. Our guest today is a Malaysian artist Ahmad Fuad Osman who is the curator of the very successful exhibition known as Enrique de Malacca Memorial Project. We have asked him to come to the show to tell us everything he found out about this mysterious historical figure.

In this podcast, Fuad discusses:

  1. What made him want to start this project?
  2. How long did it take for him to compile all his findings before he could start exhibiting?
  3. Who is Enrique?
  4. Why is there very little mention of Enrique in Malaysian history books?
  5. His future plans in regards to this exhibition?

Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview here:

Nov 29, 202138:06