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Voice Seeker

Voice Seeker

By Dandelion Lakewood

A novel documentary audio-collage magazine composed with voice memos from friends, memories, fragments, interviews, music, and field recordings from the travels of nomadic bard Dandelion Lakewood.

To be published quarterly on Solstices and Equinoxes.

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Once upon a time in Sakarya... Tales of the Mad House [Voice Seeker #2 Spring Equinox 2023]

Voice SeekerMar 22, 2023

Once upon a time in Sakarya... Tales of the Mad House [Voice Seeker #2 Spring Equinox 2023]

Once upon a time in Sakarya... Tales of the Mad House [Voice Seeker #2 Spring Equinox 2023]

Sex, Drugs and Chorba. An international group of wayward travelers descend upon the conservative city of Sakarya, Turkiye and establish a communal house in an abandoned apartment block. This is their story... Mad House chapters:00:00:00 Enter the Mad House00:01:03 Halil's Luck00:03:12 Call for Submissions00:07:13 Dandy Beginnings00:08:02 Arrival Drums00:09:08 Irene's Arrival00:10:07 Datura00:13:11 Public Opinion00:14:47 Magic Cookies00:19:00 Cookie Trip Music00:19:43 Maryan and the Cookies00:22:38 Eva's Stealing Story00:26:18 Busking and Bananas00:28:29 Cursed by a Name00:29:13 Witches of Presence Song00:30:34 Recycling00:32:18 Ali to the Rescue00:34:45 Maddy on the House Name00:36:33 Talking Circles, Bakery Baba00:40:32 We've Got Eggs00:41:45 Abundance of Food00:42:42 Internationality00:43:36 Slow Decline00:47:09 We're Going to Die00:47:53 Irene on Eva's Birthday Party00:50:26 Dandy's Departure00:51:34 Alcohol Arrives00:58:19 Zaid's Experience01:01:47 Learning to earn01:03:20 Vocal Jam01:04:20 Hamza Drop In01:05:22 Learning Life Skills01:06:13 Puppy Problems01:07:28 The Dark Time01:10:22 Growing01:12:05 After 3 Days, Fish Stinks01:15:59 Grandpa Zaid01:17:31 Desperately Seeking Space01:19:06 Albanian Interlude01:20:41 Maddy and the Moroccans01:22:53 Trash Fashion Week01:23:22 Musicians' Paradise01:25:29 Maddy's Reflections from Thailand01:27:42 Christina's Benediction01:28:22 Maddy's Poetical Summary01:30:03 Meta-analysis and Missing Stories01:31:48 Pooping And Table Diving01:34:16 Local Birthday Parties01:36:07 Community Involvement01:37:12 Honey Recounts the Yalova Sufi Derga01:40:31 First Days in Sakarya01:42:11 Very Good Ladino Interlude01:42:56 Filthy House, Toilet Tales01:46:36 Strawberries and Burek01:47:28 Transformational Experience01:52:09 Spiritual Lesbian Wedding01:57:15 Payam's Journey from Iran to Madness02:01:05 Passing the Portal02:02:30 Dionysian Drunks02:04:45 Importance of Iranian Perspective02:05:44 Hamza on His Arrival02:08:15 Bad Things and Good Things02:09:47 About Recycling02:10:23 Reflecting and Growing Up02:13:35 Closure02:14:36 Demolition02:15:04 Long Outro: We Are Free
Mar 22, 202302:29:49
Introducing Our Host [Voice Seeker #1 Winter Solstice 2022]

Introducing Our Host [Voice Seeker #1 Winter Solstice 2022]

In this episode, our host, Dandelion Lakewood is introduced by friends and fellow travelers via voice messages from around the world. Special thanks to the contributors of the premier episode: Honey Christina Galka Irene Deesadjo Elele Tiana Yashiwa Turner Tina Djordjevic Bledi Budo Aida Al Hani Faruk Sarah Oz Evrensel Urum 611 Rebbag Gabbanarchy Brook Woolf Music by Dandelion Lakewood
Dec 21, 202229:59