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Camping Out with Dan Camp

Camping Out with Dan Camp

By Daniel Camp

Much like old friends sharing a conversation next to the warm crackles of a campfire, we'll set out together to share big ideas revolving around outdoor adventure, impact on others, leadership, vulnerability, and how each of us seeks to leave the world a little better than we've found it. Crack a cold one or maybe even grab your bottle of bourbon, pull up a chair or a cooler, and get ready for Camping out.
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Rocky Mountain Rafts and Bobby Bower: Rafts for the People

Camping Out with Dan CampMar 03, 2021

Antoinette Lee Toscano: Whitewater TV and making Outdoor Places more Equitable

Antoinette Lee Toscano: Whitewater TV and making Outdoor Places more Equitable

Meet Antoinette. She's the creator of Whitewater TV and a multicultural, multi-sport outdoorswoman with a mission to bring more people into the outdoors. She spent 11 years in the United States Army, is a former IT executive, has over 10 years of experience in creative writing, has been a contributing writer to many publications including Paddling Magazine, works with top tier outdoor brands like Kokatat and Badfish SUP, and is a transformational public speaker with a passion for helping people living with health challenges and those diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress.

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Check out Diversify Whitewater and Vibe Tribe Adventures. For more information on Vibe Tribe Adventures, check out the Camping Out episode with Jess Newton and VTA!

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Jul 29, 202101:07:10
Mike Harvey: Badfish SUP revolutionizing Paddleboarding and River Surfing
Jul 21, 202101:06:29
Ash Manning: Closing the Gear Gap for Plus Sized Adventurers
Jun 16, 202101:03:02
Kris Camp: Beloved Mother and Empty Nester reconnecting with Nature
May 19, 202158:23
Carla Bower: The Whitewater Mama

Carla Bower: The Whitewater Mama

Meet Carla. She's a whitewater mama on a mission to bring the joy of rivers and other wild spaces to her twins. In episode 25, we met Rocky Mountain Raft’s Bobby Bower, who happens to be Carla’s Husband! While Bobby was working hard to make RMR be everything it can be, Carla was in badass mom mode, making sure she brought their twins out on adventures. There is a substantial importance to gently guiding kids to develop their own love of wild spaces, and as a mom, Carla has made it a priority. To prove that being a mom doesn’t have to slow you down, Carla is here to share her experience as a parent to the next generation of outdoor lovers.

To follow along with Carla, reach out to her on Facebook! 

The 4-H Crew that Carla mentioned at the end of the podcast is still out there doing big things on the regular! Check out this news story about them and reach out to Aleah Denny if you'd like to get involved in helping them. 

Check out the podcast shop at to start repping your favorite outdoor podcast everywhere you go! Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and stickers baby!

May 13, 202101:03:32
Mark Koep: revolutionizes how you find campsites

Mark Koep: revolutionizes how you find campsites

Meet Mark. He's the creative mastermind behind a tool that is poised to become the best friend of all campers:! is the only tool that lets you tour your campsite virtually before arriving! With over 3,000 first person videos, 3-d virtual tours, 24,000 photographs, and thousands of reviews, Campgroundviews is the best way to guarantee you know what your campsite looks like before you ever step foot in it. 

Mark’s background is in his personal love of camping. Mark and his wife have been full time RVers for 12 years now, even raising kids along the way! 

To join Campgroundviews and to get discounted access to premium features, follow this link!

To follow along with Campgroundviews on Instagram, check them out @campgroundviews

If you're ready to add some Camping Out Gear to your wardrobe, go to! 

Apr 28, 202158:33
Todd Barber: The Reef Ball Foundation

Todd Barber: The Reef Ball Foundation

Meet Todd. Todd is the founder, chairman, and charter member of The Reef Ball Foundation as well as an expert in designed reefs and their applications to help rehabilitate vital reef habitats across the world.

Coral Reefs are the largest living structures on earth and are often referred to as the rainforests of the ocean. These reefs are the lifeblood of the ocean. Their existence provides essential habitat in the form of fisheries, protects fragile coasts as a buffer to constantly crashing waves, supports global economies, provides food to millions, and even are an essential component to developing new medicine and treatments. Todd’s love for these wild spaces led to the creation of Reef Ball and has attracted many supporters, including country singer Kenny Chesney! While climate change threatens to warm our oceans enough to wipe out our existing coral reefs, Todd Barber and the team at Reef Ball are seeking to restore these essential habitats, one reef ball at a time.

To get involved with No Shoes Reefs, Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Then go check out their website! From these resources, you can find several ways to get involved with No Shoes Reefs and the Reef Ball Foundation. 

To connect with Todd, find him on Facebook at Todd Barber!

To follow along with the Reef Ball Foundation, check them out on Instagram and Facebook. 

If you want the best damn Christmas song and my personal favorite Kenny Chesney jam, go listen to Christmas in Blue Chair Bay and pick up some Blue Chair Bay Rum for your next Fireside Beverage! 

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Apr 21, 202101:05:16
Reta Boychuk: CANRVRSUP and Reta SENDS!
Apr 14, 202101:02:25
Nathan Dicker: STOKD
Apr 07, 202158:52
Camping with Dad: The Impromptu Outdoor Educator
Mar 31, 202153:19
Alex Freeze: Hidden Wild and Protecting Wild Florida

Alex Freeze: Hidden Wild and Protecting Wild Florida

Mar 17, 202101:14:40
American Hiking Society & Wesley Trimble: Protecting the Places You Love to Hike

American Hiking Society & Wesley Trimble: Protecting the Places You Love to Hike

Meet Wesley and the American Hiking Society. The AHS is on am mission to make the American hiking experience more accessible and more available to everyone who wants to take a walk in our nation’s wonderful outdoor spaces. This includes having permanent access to meaningful hikes including urban, front country, and backcountry opportunities. The American Hiking Society gets their boots muddy on the trail by supporting good trail stewardship but also brings those boots to the doors of Congress to do the nitty gritty work of ensuring funding for old trails and new trails, preservation of public lands, and protection of the hiking experience. Wesley is an avid outdoorsman himself, being called the most inspiring man on the PCT by Outside Magazine for his 2,600 mile journey from Mexico to Canada while managing his Cerebral Palsy.

Ready to stock up on some Camping Out Swag? Check out the new online store! 10% of each purchase goes to an organization or program that is helping bring more people into the outdoors or to protect our wild spaces. 

Resources mentioned in the show:

American Hiking Society Website 

American Hiking Society on Instagram and Facebook

Wesley Trimble's Website (check out his short films and other work here!)

Wesley's Personal Instagram

I challenge you to get involved in advocating for your favorite wild spaces. Check out the resources available on the AHS website and contact your representatives about legislation that will help make the outdoors more equitable. 

Mar 10, 202101:02:13
Rocky Mountain Rafts and Bobby Bower: Rafts for the People

Rocky Mountain Rafts and Bobby Bower: Rafts for the People

Meet Bobby and Rocky Mountain Rafts. Bobby is a key member of the RMR team and has his hands on designing the boats that all us river rats then get to enjoy. Born and raised in the New River Gorge, Bobby has been guiding rafts for over 30 years. His experience and love for the wild places has enabled Bobby to help others find their own outdoor adoration. Rocky Mountain Rafts has been around since 2011 with the goal to build commercial grade whitewater rafts at a price weekend batters and river guides can afford. Imagine Southwest Airlines, but with more river cred.

If you're ready to buy a raft, hurry up and go to their website! 

Follow Team RMR on Instagram and Facebook.

If you want to apply for a job with Wildman Adventure Resort, follow this link.

Please reach out at or on Instagram or Facebook to get in touch with me and let me know any feedback or suggestions for future episodes! I love you all!

Mar 03, 202147:43
Annalee Decker: Whitewater Woman
Feb 24, 202148:33
Fireside Short Stories: Evan McMinn shares his inspiration found in nature and his project titled "Brotherhood"
Feb 10, 202128:38
Vibe Tribe Adventures: Encouraging Outdoor Adventure in the Black Community

Vibe Tribe Adventures: Encouraging Outdoor Adventure in the Black Community

Meet Jess. She's the creator, director, and CEO of Vibe Tribe Adventures! Vibe Tribe Adventures, formerly known as Black Girls Hike, is a non profit, minority-woman owned, global outdoor and adventure company that was created to encourage black women, men, and urban youth to explore the great outdoors, practice conservation, become educated on environmental science, health, and wellness and to inspire one another to be who they are naturally. In a world where we desperately need more people to fall in love with the great outdoors, Jess and her tribes are doing the work to help bring more people in the black community into the world of outdoor adventure. 

If you want to support Vibe Tribe Adventures, check out their website here! Please consider donating on a reoccurring basis!

Follow Vibe Tribe on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

If you're looking to become an adventure guide with Vibe Tribe and you're a person of color, shoot Jess an email at

While you're at it, make sure to follow the new Camping Out Instagram account! 

Feb 03, 202148:18
Camping Out with Dad: Episode 1
Jan 27, 202134:04
Garrett and Shelby Phelps: Love and Lessons from the River

Garrett and Shelby Phelps: Love and Lessons from the River

Meet Garrett and Shelby. They are currently living the raft guide dream at the Nantahala Outdoor Center. By using the lessons taught by past mistakes, Garrett and Shelby are taking on every opportunity for growth and leadership on the water and within the company. Not to mention, that just recently tied the knot before the global pandemic! This episode talks about it all! A love for the river, a love for each other, the need for good mentors, and why finding your own creative outlet is so important! 

Follow Garrett on Instagram

Follow Shelby on Instagram

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Curious about the books that Garrett mentioned? Check them out: 

The Guide's Guide Augmented: Reflections on Guiding Professional River Trips by William McGinnis

The Starship and the Canoe by Kenneth Brower

Jan 20, 202101:25:49
Camping Out with Dan: How did the podcast start?

Camping Out with Dan: How did the podcast start?

Hello Campers! Tonight is a solo episode with me, Dan! I wanted to give those of you who don't know me a look into my life and why I decided to start this podcast. It's my goal for this podcast to seem like a really personal connection between you, me, and the guests who share some time with us. As we look into 2021, how do you hope to build relationships and cultivate adventure?

Reach out to us at dan or social media to let us know who we should talk to next and what topics you'd like to hear about. 

Adventure comes to those who GO!

Jan 13, 202127:03
2020 Final Question: What do you hope we remember about you?
Jan 06, 202124:03
Natali Zollinger & Brittany Parker: Eddy Out and Rvr 2 Rvr

Natali Zollinger & Brittany Parker: Eddy Out and Rvr 2 Rvr

Meet Natali and Brittany. They are the creators of the Eddy Out Podcast and Rvr 2 Rvr. The river community and the culture around it thrives of the eclectic groups of people that gather at put ins and take outs across the world. In a year that made some of these beautiful conversation tough to have, Natali and Brittany started Eddy Out to bring those types of conversations to your living room!

They have also collaborated to create a company called Rvr 2 Rvr that creates and implements programs to teach others how to whitewater SUP and river surf. The idea is to continue to grow the river community by bringing new people into the fold! 

Extra Links:

Rvr 2 Rvr

Natali's Instagram

Brittany's Instagram

Dec 22, 202001:21:29
Reset Outdoors: Sustainable Well-Being

Reset Outdoors: Sustainable Well-Being

Meet Connor. He's the founder of Reset Outdoors. Reset Outdoors is on a mission to nurture and grow sustainable well-being in the lives of their clients, themselves, their community, and the environment. By offering counseling services for individuals and families as well as leadership development for teams and companies, Reset Outdoors is engaging a wide swath of people and showing them the benefits to enjoying a healthy and balanced life.

In this episode, Connor tells us about his motivation to create Reset Outdoors after experiencing burnout at his previous job, the incredibly powerful ways humans can connect with themselves and others through nature, and how just 22 minutes of exposure to nature every day can have a profound effect on your health.

Check out Reset Outdoors on Social!




Connor's Shout outs! Check out other groups who are going great things in this world!

ParkRX America: Park Rx America is a non-profit organization whose mission is to decrease the burden of chronic disease, increase health and happiness, and foster environmental stewardship, by virtue of prescribing Nature during the routine delivery of healthcare by a diverse group of health care professionals.

National Alliance on Mental Illness: the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. 

The Outdoor Foundation: Inspiring the outdoor habit in kids and families by connecting research, knowledge, people and programs. With the goal of everyone experiencing the fun and joy of the outdoors once a week.

Dec 15, 202001:04:22
Astral and Bryan Owen: Gear that puts Nature First

Astral and Bryan Owen: Gear that puts Nature First

Meet Bryan. He's the sales manager for one of my favorite outdoor gear brands, Astral. Astral was started in 2002 with the goal to create the best performing products for wilderness athletes in the least toxic and lowest impact way. Since then, the company has won awards for innovative designs and paved the way in both the world of outdoor footwear and PFD industry. In a market dominated by big names, Astral continues to forge ahead with nature as a key factor in their decision making process.

Follow Astral on Instagram and Facebook!

Here are Bryan's Top 3 Astral favorites:


Brewer 2.0


If you're curious about what other items would be a great addition to your gear quiver or maybe even a great gift to the adventurer in your life, shoot me a message on social or at!

Dec 08, 202001:04:43
River Company Outfitters: A Clothing Company with a River Problem

River Company Outfitters: A Clothing Company with a River Problem

Meet Dylan. He's the owner and creator of the River Company Outfitters. Growing up with a love for the river engrained in his heart, Dylan and his brother grew up learning the lessons of whitewater from their dad who starting guiding in the 1970s! Since then he’s handed over the guide stick and the legendary purple Are raft continues to take on wave after wave. Dylan and I talk about the challenges of starting a business, the inspiration of the river, and the big time dreams he has for his brand. 

Shop small this holiday season! Check out the store for RCO.

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Follow Dylan on Instagram 

Check out RCO on Facebook

Dec 01, 202056:51
Fireside Short Stories: A collection by Nick Roberts
Nov 24, 202021:31
MK and TJ- Tent Camping Across America
Nov 10, 202001:00:16
Afros in Nature- Creating Safe Spaces for BIPOC Outdoors
Nov 03, 202001:07:13
Daniel Herman - Led by Faith and a Longboard
Oct 27, 202001:28:46
Fireside Short Story: "Why" - Written by Dan Camp

Fireside Short Story: "Why" - Written by Dan Camp

Hey friends! The Fireside Short Stories are a new part of Camping Out that I hope you enjoy! These short stories will be sprinkled in every now and then between interviews and will be created and performed by their creators. The idea is to provide a space where people can share their creative sides with all of you! I'll be featuring a lot of different people and perspectives here. 

If you'd like to share a short story on Camping Out, please reach out to me! You can get a hold of me at or through social media. I can't wait to share these with you!

Enjoy the first Fireside Short Story: "Why" written and performed by myself. It's a short look into the "why" moments we often face during extreme outdoor adventures. Are there parallels to the decisions we are forced to make in life as well? 

Oct 15, 202007:55
Coach Derek Leonard: The GOAT
Sep 30, 202048:38
Marc & Jack Camp: A Family Adventure
Sep 23, 202001:09:53
Riley McMinn: A Reverse Dirtbag Mindset
Sep 16, 202001:06:16
Steph Zukowski: A True All-Terrain Woman
Sep 02, 202052:59
Barry Williamson- DO MORE
Aug 26, 202057:50
Nick Roberts: Unleash the Vagabond-hood
Aug 19, 202001:09:58
Brock Fisher- Embrace the Suck
Aug 11, 202001:14:42
Camping Out with Dan

Camping Out with Dan

Hey! I'm Dan Camp! Welcome to Camping Out. Here we are going to explore so many different things, always with a hint of adventure somewhere near the heart. My goal is to create a place where big ideas can be talked about, just like sitting around the campfire with friends. We'll touch on things like outdoor recreation, leadership, emotional vulnerability, current events, and how everyone has the ability to leave a lasting impact on those around them.  Sit back, crack a cold one (if you're so inclined), and let's start a fire!

Jun 30, 202001:54