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Heal Your Hormones with Dr. Danielle

Heal Your Hormones with Dr. Danielle

By Danielle M Desroche

Join Dr. Danielle Desroche, a licensed naturopathic doctor to discuss all things women's health and hormones. Dr. Danielle will be answering your most burning questions including is PMS normal? Can I have PCOS if I have regular periods? And why is my hair falling out? Whether your goal is to have pain free periods, lose weight without dieting , or get pregnant naturally - you're in the right place. So put away any distractions, pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of wine, and gift yourself this time to learn how to take control of your health and live your most vibrant life.
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90. Everything You Need to Know About Uterine Polyps

Heal Your Hormones with Dr. DanielleJul 11, 2023

130. The Truth About Carbs and PCOS
Nov 28, 202328:57
129. FRIDAY CHATS: Three Pregnancy Success Stories with PCOS
Nov 24, 202316:12
128. Holistic and Trauma Informed Therapy with @InvisibleWoundsTherapist

128. Holistic and Trauma Informed Therapy with @InvisibleWoundsTherapist

Today’s episode features special guest Jesenia Villoldo from @‌invisibleWoundsTherapist. Jesenia joins me to discuss the impact of trauma on our bodies and holistic and trauma informed therapy practices. In this show, you’ll hear:

  • Jesenia’s journey to becoming a holistic therapist

  • How trauma impacts our physical and mental health, specifically our nervous system

  • How trauma an impact your immune system and lead to chronic illness

  • Outward signs you might see of trauma

  • The differences between fight, flight, freeze, and fawn

  • What is a normal amount of childhood to remember

  • The difference between Big Trauma, Little Trauma, and Vicarious (or Complex) Trauma

  • The connection between disordered eating and trauma

  • The different therapy modalities to heal trauma, including: EMDR, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Therapy, and Polyvagal Therapy

  • The impact of generational trauma on the body

  • Tips for managing the holidays

In this episode, you’ll also hear about my upcoming Black Friday sale on the PCOS Pregnancy Protocol. Click the link below to book a discovery call before the sale begins on 11/24 to help you determine if this program is the right fit for you!


Learn more about the PCOS Pregnancy Protocol

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More about Jesenia and links mentioned:

Jesenia Villoldo is a dual licensed Mental Health Therapist and Marriage & Family Therapist and the owner of Invisible Wounds Counseling in Florida. Jesenia leaned into her passion of being a more holistic therapist after working with Dr. Danielle but also her experience of being in the military, being a first generation Latina, and having gone through her own traumas herself, realizing how much these populations and communities need a more holistic approach to heal and have better treatment outcomes. She specializes in PTSD, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and family conflict. She works with clients for individual sessions, couples, and families who are trying to heal from past hurt, traumas, life stressors, and current life transitions.

Jesenia mainly uses the following forms of therapy: Trauma informed Talk therapy, EMDR, DBT, IFS, Somatic, polyvagal, and trauma informed Gottman Principles with couples.




It Didn’t Start With You

The Body Keeps the Score

Nov 21, 202342:00
127. FRIDAY CHATS: 3 Tips to Feel Good on Thanksgiving
Nov 17, 202308:42
126. Holistic Pelvic Physical Therapy for Optimal Fertility with @TriggeredPT

126. Holistic Pelvic Physical Therapy for Optimal Fertility with @TriggeredPT

On today’s episode, I’m talking with special guest, Dr. Yeni. As a holistic pelvic physical therapist, Dr. Yeni has seen firsthand the power of pelvic PT in optimizing fertility. The amazing impact of PT on PCOS and fertility can frequently be overlooked, but along with lifestyle changes, it can produce incredible results!

In our conversation, we dive into:

  • How Dr. Yeni got involved in PT

  • The difference between PT and Pelvic PT

  • How Pelvic PT can support fertility cycles

  • What therapies are used in PT for infertility

  • How many sessions are needed, on average, to see improvement

  • A deep dive into endometriosis with Pelvic PT

  • How PT can help women with PCOS

  • How to use holistic tools realistically in a stressful world

  • Some ‘controversial’ thoughts on kegels

  • The role of PT in working with uterine prolapses

  • How Pelvic PT can impact postpartum recovery, including Diastasis Recti and C-Section incision management

  • How soon after labor you can see a Pelvic PT

  • PT’s role in return to function for women after postpartum


More about Dr. Yeni:

Dr. Oluwayeni Abraham, PT, DPT, is a vivacious and forward-thinking pelvic physical therapist and pelvic educator based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She practices and teaches from a place of purpose to address the fertility concerns, pelvic pain and pregnancy related conditions women struggle with. As patients fondly call her, “Dr. Yeni” is also a mentor, teacher and practices using gynovisceral manipulation techniques to treat and manage female mechanical infertility. Her use of these skills in practice has addressed hormonal issues, ovulatory concerns and numerous reproductive diagnoses impacting fertility. Dr. Yeni is formidable woman and hails as a proud first-gen Nigerian. She is a fertility warrior who is now a mother after a battle with infertility. She is happily married with a wonderful son, passionate about mentoring young women and aiming to provide expert level care for all women.




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Nov 14, 202350:00
125. FRIDAY CHATS: Supporting Your Immune System This Winter
Nov 10, 202312:37
124. Navigating Your Fertility Journey at Work with HR Expert Alex Bonanno

124. Navigating Your Fertility Journey at Work with HR Expert Alex Bonanno

This is an episode unlike any other I’ve done in the past! On today’s show I have guest, Alex Bonanno, with me to discuss how to navigate your fertility journey with your employer. As an HR leader in the health benefits space, Alex shares how to talk to your employer about reproduction support, parental leave, and insurance coverage for fertility procedures. We also dive into:

  • The pros and cons of HSAs and FSAs

  • The infertility benefits covered in the medical insurance world

  • What compassionate leave is

  • What kind of benefits might be offered to both the birthing and non birthing parent

  • Exactly what you need to know when chatting with your employer about parental leave (including how much time you will get off, how you will get paid, how to add your child to your benefits, etc.)

These conversations can be difficult, but after today’s episode you will feel encouraged and empowered to handle your fertility journey at work!

More about Alex:

Alex Bonanno is an HR Leader who focuses on employee benefits, corporate wellbeing programs, leaves of absence, compensation, HR operations, and HR technology.

Alex has an MA in Psychology with a focus on Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She has spent her career working in the health benefits space focusing mostly on creating and sustaining employee-focused health and wellbeing programs in the Boston Biotech industry.

HSA Overview

FSA Overview

DCFSA Overview


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Nov 07, 202346:27
123. FRIDAY CHATS: 3 Hormone Friendly Breakfasts I'm Loving Lately
Nov 03, 202307:43
122. Five Common Causes of Hair Loss
Oct 31, 202323:05
121. Friday Chats: The PCOS Types Simplified
Oct 27, 202308:41
120. Detoxifying Your Home for Optimal Fertility with @dr.katbodden

120. Detoxifying Your Home for Optimal Fertility with @dr.katbodden

Did you know the average woman puts 176 toxins on her body a day?! 😱 There is no way around the fact that the world we live in today is very toxic. And while there are many things we can not control, there is a lot within our control. In today’s episode, I chat with Dr. Kat Bodden about environmental toxins in our homes and how they impact hormones and fertility. Tune in to hear what the most common toxins impacting hormones are, signs you might be affected by those toxins, simple changes you can make to lower your toxin load, as well as tons of product recommendations! When you focus on what you can control, regarding the toxins in your environment, you can make great strides in your health!


All about Dr. Kat Bodden and where to find her! 👇🏻

Dr. Kat Bodden is a Naturopathic Physician and the owner of Sea Change Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in mold illness, detoxification, and gastrointestinal issues. She works with clients 1:1 in individualized wellness programs based on her 5 pillars of health:

  • Nourishment

  • Detoxification

  • Gut Health

  • Movement & Mindfulness

  • Mentorship.

Kat’s Website: Dr. Kat Bodden

Kat’s IG: Instagram (@dr.katbodden)

Mentioned in this episode 👇🏻

2023 Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen

EWG Healthy Living App

Water & Air Filter recommendations:

Water Filters:

The ones with an asterisk (*) are the least expensive. You'll see that the popular Brita filters are not on this list. Brita fails to filter our heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, parasites, or fungi. If you have a Brita, it's time to upgrade!

Air Filters:

It’s good to be aware of how harmful things are, but the truth is we live in a very toxic world. There is a lot we can’t control, but we can focus on what we can control and every little step counts.


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Oct 24, 202325:26
119. Friday Chats: Letrozole for Anovulatory Infertility
Oct 20, 202307:29
118. Hirsutism and How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair
Oct 17, 202318:15
117. Friday Chats: Tracking Basal Body Temperature
Oct 13, 202307:14
116. Chemical Pregnancies
Oct 10, 202318:05
115. Friday Chats: The Difference Between PCOS and Ovarian Cysts
Oct 06, 202305:34
114. Healing Endometriosis-Related Pelvic Pain
Oct 03, 202324:41
113. Friday Chats: Is Red Light Therapy Right For You?
Sep 29, 202307:03
112. Adrenal PCOS and Your Androgen Hormones
Sep 26, 202328:41
111. Friday Chats: Three Tips for Better Sleep
Sep 22, 202310:08
110. Foundational Habits for Good Health
Sep 19, 202332:35
109. Friday Chats: 5 Ways to Activate Your Vagus Nerve
Sep 15, 202307:41
108. Transforming How We See Food and Fitness with @azulcorajoria
Sep 12, 202348:15
107. Friday Chats: Normal is Not Optimal
Sep 08, 202306:42
106. What You Need to Know About Cervical Cancer
Sep 05, 202330:48
105. Friday Chats: The Importance of Your Annual Exam
Sep 01, 202310:56
104. The Truth Behind Intermittent Fasting with @carbandkatie
Aug 29, 202323:42
103. Friday Chats: For Anyone Prescribed Spironolactone
Aug 25, 202308:49
102. Natural Ways to Heal Hair Loss
Aug 22, 202339:37
101. Friday Chats: Three Supplements for the First Trimester
Aug 18, 202308:15
100. Answering Your Questions for the 100th Episode

100. Answering Your Questions for the 100th Episode

We’re celebrating the 100th episode of the podcast with a special Q+A! I’ve gathered a ton of great questions from you and I’m answering them all on this show! Ranging from personal to professional to specific hormone/fertility related questions, below you’ll find the following questions I answered on the show!

  • Do I drink coffee?

  • Do I drink alcohol?

  • Am I 100% gluten free with Hashimotos?

  • Did my Hashimotos ever improve after getting Covid in May of 2022?

  • What happened with the gut test (G.I. Map) I did a few months ago?

  • When did I know I wanted to be an ND?

  • When did I know I wanted to specialize in PCOS?

  • Advice for becoming an ND?

  • How do you find an ND in your area?

  • How to navigate eating a balanced breakfast before working out without feeling too full to workout?

  • How important is eating certain foods and seed cycling during each phase of your menstrual cycle? And do you have to do both?

  • Is libido linked to fertility?

  • Do you recommend the DUTCH test if your period is irregular to figure out the root cause?

  • Bloating a few days before and during ovulation.

  • Thoughts on Oura Ring for cycle syncing.

  • How to improve progesterone levels to avoid premenstrual bleeding?

  • How often should you get your hormones tested if you know you have an imbalance?

  • How to heal when you have both Hashimotos and PCOS?

  • Is it dangerous to practice yoga, post ovulation, when trying to conceive?

  • Can PCOS cause a cryptic pregnancy and can HCG tests detect it?

Wellbel: code DRDANIELLE10 or DRDANIELLESUB10 for subscriptions

Oura Ring

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Aug 15, 202348:23
99. Friday Chats: Three Nutrients to Check with Hashimotos
Aug 11, 202310:27
98. Transitioning Off the Birth Control Pill
Aug 08, 202326:15
97. Friday Chats: For Anyone Prescribed Metformin
Aug 04, 202311:06
96. What Your Period Blood Color is Telling You
Aug 01, 202319:36
95. Friday Chats: Is Berberine Nature's Ozempic?
Jul 28, 202306:19
94. Fueling Your Workouts with PCOS
Jul 25, 202321:06
93. Friday Chats: Don't Buy Your Supplements Off Amazon
Jul 21, 202305:08
92. Acupuncture for Fertility with Dr. Rebecca Sand

92. Acupuncture for Fertility with Dr. Rebecca Sand

Acupuncture can be an amazing tool to improve hormones and optimize fertility and on today’s show I have Acupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Rebecca Sand, to share all about this healing modality. Needles thinner than a strand of hair (really!) can be a powerful tool in your healing toolbox! Tune in to hear how!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Rebecca’s unique journey to naturopathic medicine

  • What is Acupuncture

  • Most common conditions seen in her practice

  • How to work with people who have a fear of needles

  • How Acupuncture can help women with PCOS

  • How Acupuncture can help women improve their fertility

  • What is the Chinese healing modality, Moxa

  • How Acupuncture can help with regular periods and ovulation

  • How long does it take to see changes with Acupuncture

  • How often do you have to go to Acupuncture if you are trying to conceive

  • Acupuncture for men

  • Pregnancy and postpartum care with Acupuncture

  • Symptoms of PCOS that can be improved with Acupuncture

  • Facial Acupuncture compared to Botox

  • Acupuncture in pediatrics

  • Misconceptions of Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture in the hospitals


All about Rebecca:

Dr. Rebecca Sand is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. She completed her post-graduate training integrative gastroenterology, reproductive health, and fertility and specializes in conditions of the microbiome, hormone systems, and the gut-brain axis. Additionally, she spent over 10 years studying with traditional healers in Tibet, China, India, and Polynesia and worked in genetics laboratories in the US and China.

Rooted in both Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Sand is committed to improving healthcare for her patients. She advocates for inclusiveness and equity in medicine, including culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and size, gender, and identity-affirming care.


To learn more, visit

And check out her podcast, The Turd Nerds at

Podcast | Dr. Rebecca Sand


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Jul 18, 202329:30
91. Friday Chats: Three Teas To Support Your Fertility
Jul 14, 202307:20
90. Everything You Need to Know About Uterine Polyps
Jul 11, 202325:38
89. Friday Chats: Why and How to Supplement with Magnesium
Jul 07, 202308:48
88. Nourish Your PCOS with Resist Founders Drew and Emily
Jul 04, 202325:42
87. Friday Chats: Is it PCOS or HA?
Jun 30, 202305:20
86. Navigating Next Steps Post-Miscarriage
Jun 27, 202325:02
85. Is Pilates a Trend or Here to Stay?
Jun 23, 202315:53
84. Navigating Life Postpartum with @SamanthaGipsonPilates

84. Navigating Life Postpartum with @SamanthaGipsonPilates

Postpartum can be a very vulnerable time for women and yet it seems to be the season women are most often forgot about. I’m joined today by guest, Samantha Gipson, a pilates instructor, to discuss what to expect postpartum and how to best support yourself. Samantha shares a bit about her birth story, her experience with nursing, and what postpartum looked like.

After delivering her baby boy in March 2022, Samantha struggled with nausea, extreme exhaustion, IBS, anxiety, and brain fog. Previous to becoming pregnant, Samantha also dealt with heavy periods and eczema.

We began working together when Samantha was 3 months postpartum and after diet changes and supportive supplements, Samantha has increased energy, better digestion, less anxiety, and lighter periods!

In this episode Samantha also talks about her experience of navigating doctors postpartum and being on Zoloft.


Samantha’s business is a true manifestation of her passion to live a fulfilled life by means of health, community, fun, and balance. Samantha has been a fitness teacher since 2015 sharing not only her expertise on pilates, strength-training, and mobility but her wisdom on body-positivity and self-love through movement and nourishment.

Samantha Gipson Pilates offers a variety of training opportunities to match your lifestyle including private and group training classes, fitness and wellness retreats, as well as a Prenatal Program that takes you through Pilates mat class by trimester that Samantha filmed during her own pregnancy. With a specialized focus on pilates, strength training, mobility/fascia work, and high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) you will leave these classes feeling strong, rejuvenated, and confident in what your body can do. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you left with some of Samantha’s body-positive and warm energy too!

Tulum Retreat March 2024

Prenatal Program



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Jun 20, 202340:58
83. How to Choose a Hormone-Friendly Sunscreen
Jun 16, 202306:07
82. Tracking Cervical Mucus with FEMM Coach Caitlin

82. Tracking Cervical Mucus with FEMM Coach Caitlin

Today I’m joined by Caitlin Sullivan, an IIN hormone health coach and fertility awareness educator, to discuss tracking cervical mucus. This often overlooked topic can provide profound insight into your health.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Who can benefit from tracking cervical mucus

  • Helpful tracking Apps

  • Why cervical mucus changes during your cycle

  • How cervical mucus serves as part of our immune system

  • importance in overall gynecological health

  • What is normal with cervical mucus throughout the cycle

  • What is considered abnormal regarding cervical mucus

  • The different types of cervical mucus

  • Tracking cervical mucus for fertility

  • What to do if tracking cervical mucus isn’t obvious

  • Nutrient deficiencies that impact cervical mucus

  • Most common lifestyle influences on cervical mucus

  • Beneficial testing to go along with tracking cervical mucus

  • Cervical mucus changes during pregnancy

Besides being an IIN hormone health coach and fertility awareness educator, Caitlin Sullivan is also a Pilates instructor. Seeing a need for REAL reproductive health education, Caitlin created the Spring to Life Method in 2020 to share a hormone-supportive lifestyle featuring cycle syncing, low-impact exercise, whole food nutrition, and low-tox habits. Her goal is to promote feminine body independence by educating women on their menstrual cycles to help them love their bodies more and unleash their inner super power- their periods!

You can find more from Caitlin at:

Instagram: @‌springtolifemethod


Podcast: Spring to Life podcast


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Jun 13, 202328:24
81. Friday Chats: Is Cortisol Imbalance Causing Your Fatigue?
Jun 09, 202306:10