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Danny Decode

Danny Decode

By Danny G.

A podcast that explains what is hard to explain.
Hi, I’m Danny. Welcome to my podcast, Danny Decode, where I try to explain what is hard to explain. I’m 11 years old from Australia, and I love sharing what I learn about my favourite science topics. Despite my young age, Danny Decode is for listeners of all ages. I hope you enjoy. #DannyDecode
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Episode 7. What is Tidal Locking?

Danny DecodeOct 27, 2019

Episode 7. What is Tidal Locking?
Oct 27, 201904:01
Episode 6. Dinosaurs are still alive today
May 24, 201904:47
Episode 5. The Early Universe

Episode 5. The Early Universe

Around fourteen billion years ago, our entire universe was very very small. How small? Well, it was roughly a million billion billion times smaller than a single atom. Sounds like not much room for all the planets, stars, and galaxies that form our universe today. In fact, way before stars formed, the universe was a kind of soup containing an insane amount of energy crammed into that super tiny space. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Not so much a disaster, but a cataclysmic event did happen indeed, causing a phenomenal expansion of the universe, cooling down its soup of energy, enough to form stars, then planets, including Earth, then all the creatures that live on it. That cataclysmic event is commonly known as the Big Bang.

Apr 11, 201906:26
Episode 4. Nature's Night Vision
Apr 03, 201904:17
Episode 3. The Second Earth
Mar 25, 201905:52
Episode 2. The Immortal Animal
Mar 18, 201903:17
Episode 1. The Invisible Matter

Episode 1. The Invisible Matter

Did you know that 85% of the matter in our universe is totally invisible? Not like air or germs that are invisible to our own eyes. I’m talking about matter that is completely undetectable. Scientists call it "dark matter". Sounds spooky, isn’t it?

Mar 12, 201902:58