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The Dauntless Grace Exchange

The Dauntless Grace Exchange

By Dauntless Grace

Each week on the Dauntless Grace Exchange podcast, Deedra Mager and Megan Hall chat with Christian women about their faith, their fears, their victories, and their struggles in the hopes to connect women to a meaningful story.
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23: Enneagram Misconceptions

The Dauntless Grace ExchangeApr 14, 2021

139: Post-Traumatic Growth with Nicki Schoonover

139: Post-Traumatic Growth with Nicki Schoonover

Join the conversation today with our guest, Nicki Schoonover, Licensed Master Social Worker and current Director of Field Education for Herzing University Master of Social Work Program. She reminds us that every behavior is trying to communicate something. She offers some tips on how to practice self care to avoid secondary traumatic stress when we work with others who are presenting with trauma responses. Nicki also offers great hope as she explains that, while understanding trauma and its impact is very important, it's also equally important to remember that there is hope! She offers some great definitions of resiliency and post-traumatic growth.

Nicki is a Licensed Master Social Worker, current Director of Field Education for Herzing University Master of Social Work Program. She has a strong passion for adolescent mental health and self care for helping professionals. She loves to be outside, read, and drink coffee. She lives in Greenville, IL with her husband and two-year-old son.

Sep 20, 202334:50
138: Healing after Trauma with Ashley Chesney

138: Healing after Trauma with Ashley Chesney

(Content warning: trafficking, abuse, and the commercial sex industry)

Trafficking survivor Ashley Chesney joins us on the podcast to discuss healing after trauma. She breaks down a little of her own story and then tells us some truths and misconceptions about trafficking, how we can move towrads those with complex trauma, and how there is always hope for a new story.

Ashley Chesney is a Survivor Leader, author, and advocate in the Anti-Trafficking Movement. She is an inspiring speaker and an expert trainer, and SFMB’s new Executive Director. Additionally, Ashley serves as a member of the CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children) Advisory Board through the National Center of Youth Law. It is through her own journey, she has found healing that she wants to share with others. Ashley is the author of the memoir From the Ashes and she believes that advocacy, connection, and hope are key in guiding other survivors on a path to reclaim their lives after exploitation. She graduated summa cum laude from Cal State University Monterey Bay with her B.A. in Collaborative Health and Human Services from an inter-disciplinary program that held emphasis on nonprofit management and social work. Ashley is a sex trafficking survivor turned thriver.

You can support Ashley's work at her website and by following Set Free Monterey Bay.

Survivor books:

In Pursuit of Love by Rebecca Bender

Runaway Girl by Carissa Phelps

Scars and Stilettos by Harmony Dust

Girls Like Us by Rachel Lloyd

Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade by Deanna Lynn

If you or someone you know is being trafficked, please call the National Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888 or contact National Rescue America.

Sep 13, 202340:23
137: Trauma and Play with Kelsie Olds, The Occuplaytional Therapist
Sep 06, 202340:23
136: Theory and Application of Trauma-Informed Care with Amber Runyan

136: Theory and Application of Trauma-Informed Care with Amber Runyan

Graduate student Amber Runyan joins the podcast to discuss what it's like to journey from theory to application of trauma-informed care. In her own words, Amber says:

"My name is Amber Runyan. I am 22 years old. I just recently graduated with a bachelors degree in social work from Greenville University this past spring. I am currently an RA and program Care Coordinator at Eden’s Glory where I have been working almost a year and half now. I will be starting my MSW program this fall at SIUE. I think that social work and ministry has been a passion of mine long before college but in college is when I really developed a calling to the anti-trafficking field. I come from a large family and am one of 12 kids, eight of which were adopted. Being a big sister and more recently an aunt has been one of my favorite roles. I am an enneagram Nine. I believe being an enneagram Nine in a large family with lots of outside factors has give me a unique skill set and lens into crisis intervention, trauma, and peacemaking."

Aug 30, 202333:41
135: Trauma Defined with Meghan Reedy

135: Trauma Defined with Meghan Reedy

Clinical therapist Meghan Reedy joins the podcast today to kick off a new series on trauma. In this episode, Meghan defines trauma, including what the terms "big T Trauma" and "little t trauma" mean for everyone. She also leaves us with some practical ways we can all be a little more trauma-informed in our lives, in relationships, and in working with others.

Meghan is the Clinical Director of Eden's Glory, a restoration program for adult survivors of human trafficking. She is also the founder of their minor's program, Foster Kairos, that provides outpatient therapy and caregiver support for kids who have been trafficked or are at risk. Meghan is a licensed clinical social worker and practices several therapy modalities including Internal Family Systems as well as Brainspotting, a new therapy designed to help people process trauma using their visual field. Meghan is a wife of Phillip, mom of Emilia, coffee lover, beach enthusiast, and an enneagram 3. She believes that God provides real and deep healing and is overjoyed at the opportunity to play a part in His plan in the lives of the women and children she serves!

Aug 23, 202337:38
134: Why We Retreat
Aug 16, 202323:12
133: Directors' Cut of Episode 2 (Our Backstory)

133: Directors' Cut of Episode 2 (Our Backstory)

Join Megan and Deedra as they revisit the first full-length episode of The Dauntless Grace Exchange ever! They give you a behind-the-scenes commentary of episode 2 and add in information you didn't get the first time around. Plus, an update three years later!

Jul 27, 202342:42
132: Enneagram Types Moving Toward Wholeness
Jul 19, 202342:43
131: Enneagram Triads and the Promises of God

131: Enneagram Triads and the Promises of God

Applying Scripture verses like a topical bandage isn't really what we are meant to do with the Bible. However, there is a benefit in knowing what Jesus, the embodiment of the Author of Life, says about who we were created to be.

When we understand how our enneagram triads group us around primary emotions (anger, shame, and fear), we can use those emotions as signals to speak to the exiled parts of ourselves and bring them into new wholeness and re-integration. Jesus intimately understands our core longings, desires, and fears, and he has spoken in compassionate and healing ways to each of those unique pain points.

Jul 12, 202331:36
130: Freedom and Wholeness

130: Freedom and Wholeness

It may be a time of celebration of national freedoms, but we don't want to overlook the real freedom we have: the freedom from dis-integration and the freedom to pursue wholeness.

Listen as Deedra and Megan talk about the Pharasaical construct of holiness and how we all can get trapped in a transactional view of God. Also, what did the New Testament mean when it says that everything is "permissible" for believers? The answer lies somewhere in what is holiness versus what is wholeness.

Jul 05, 202325:60
129: Sabbath Practices for Each Enneagram Type
Jun 28, 202347:21
128: Enneagram and Stress Signals (part 2)
May 31, 202327:33
127: Enneagram and Stress Signals (part 1)
May 24, 202331:32
126: Fear and Disconnection

126: Fear and Disconnection

Deedra and Megan have a conversation about the relationship between fear and disconnection and how connection is the remedy for... everything. In Aundi Kolber's new book Strong Like Water, she explains how co-regulation keeps us steady, and how we can find that in the with-ness of God, our self, and others.

May 17, 202326:39
125: Alive or Failure to Thrive?
May 10, 202330:02
124: In Defense of the Enneagram
May 03, 202330:34
123: Constellation of an Enneagram Nine with Joan Ryan

123: Constellation of an Enneagram Nine with Joan Ryan

Enneagram teacher Joan Ryan joins the podcast again to discuss the parts of being a Nine, along with so much more! Listen as she explores:

  • the trailheads to look for when finding your parts
  • the healing messages exiles need to hear
  • main differences between Fours and Nines
  • how the gut/anger center is similar and different for Eights, Nines, and Ones
  • difference in the focus of attention for Twos and Nines
  • self-energy versus self-like parts

Joan is a wealth of information, and you don't want to miss her expertise!

Joan Ryan has been teaching the Enneagram to individuals, groups, businesses and organizations for more than 20 years. Using the experience gained in her previous practice as an attorney, she built a Leadership coaching career which expanded into many sectors and internationally. When she found IFS she saw the possibilities of interweaving the two models as a very positive enhancement to both systems. She had the unusual honor of being directly mentored by two of the premier Enneagram teachers, Helen Palmer and the late Dr. David Daniels. Her most recent work with Tammy Sollenberger focuses on the intersections between the Enneagram and Internal Family Systems therapy. She lives in Boston. Notes:

Episode 70: Enneagram and IFS in the Narrative Tradition

IEA Global Conference 2023

Apr 26, 202346:04
122: Constellation of an Enneagram Eight with Kennedy Shuffett

122: Constellation of an Enneagram Eight with Kennedy Shuffett

Enneagram Eight Kennedy Shuffett joins the podcast to talk with Megan and Deedra about all the parts she's discovered as an Eight and through some Internal Family Systems (IFS) experiences. She reveals that she first thought she was Two, how she's found some helpful Five parts in seasons of deep stress, and why it's difficult to be a female Eight in our society.

Kennedy is wife to Josiah and dog mom to Ellie and Moses. She holds a Master of Social Work from LSU and currently serves as the Office on Violence Against Women Project Director for Greenville University.

Apr 19, 202345:03
121: Constellation of an Enneagram Seven with Corrine Kreamalmeyer

121: Constellation of an Enneagram Seven with Corrine Kreamalmeyer

Corrine Kreamalmeyer jumps on the podcast to talk all things enneagram Seven with Deedra and Megan. Corrine shares her journey in discovering she was a Seven and what she heard that really made it click for her. She also talks a little IFS and about what her Five and One parts look like when they're activated, and how she has some Eight parts that show up as firefighters sometimes.

Corrine is a wife and mom to four girls. She has a degree in Elementary Education, but has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 13 years. She recently added admissions counselor for Greenville University to her resume. She currently spends most days trying to balance soccer, dance, laundry and working. If she could, she would spend more time writing, being with friends and family, and sitting by the ocean.

Apr 12, 202334:17
120: Constellation of an Enneagram Six with Marissa Swift

120: Constellation of an Enneagram Six with Marissa Swift

Enneagram Six Marissa Swift joins the podcast today and shares a beautiful Internal Family Systems (IFS) moment she had at a recent Dauntless Grace retreat. She also shares what some of her Three and Nine parts feel like for her, and what it means to navigate the world through the lens of planning for what's wrong.

Marissa and her husband Chris have been married for 16 years and have one son. Marissa has worked in higher ed for eight years. In her free time, she loves rooting for St. Louis City FC and coaching her son's soccer team.

Apr 05, 202330:54
119: Constellation of an Enneagram Five with Skye Harmon
Mar 29, 202341:07
118: Constellation of an Enneagram Four with Carolyn Candela
Mar 22, 202332:57
117 | Constellation of an Enneagram Three with Lauren Vardaman

117 | Constellation of an Enneagram Three with Lauren Vardaman

Enneagram Three Lauren Vardaman joins Deedra and Megan on the podcast to talk about her journey being a Three and discovering some principles of Internal Family Systems (IFS) for her own healing. Lauren's story encompasses infant loss and miscarriage, and she reveals why learning about being a Three made so much sense as she looks at her grieving process and how she uses her tasking managers to make her way forward.

Lauren is a 36-year-old wife to Lars and mama to one spunky five-and-three-quarters year old boy named Beau and two children in heaven named Ellis and Aster. She currently works in compensation consulting but has a diverse job history, from running beer festivals to working the expo floor at a national cable providers conference. She lives in Fort Myers, Florida, home of the recent largest hurricane in Florida history. Her happy place is the beach, and her angry place is on any road in Southwest Florida. 

Mar 15, 202335:06
116: Constellation of an Enneagram Two with Lela Mager
Mar 08, 202340:15
115: Constellation of an Enneagram One with Randi McSpadden

115: Constellation of an Enneagram One with Randi McSpadden

Enneagram One Randi McSpadden joins Megan and Deedra to discuss the constellation of parts for her type and how she sees her wings and stress and security lines in action. 

Randi and her husband Mike have been married for 25 years and have three amazing children. Randi has been in HR with Ascension Health for over 12 years and currently is the Manager of Associate Success. Her team focuses on eliminating onboarding barriers and creating growth pathways for new associates while improving retention within their first 90 days. In her free time, she loves to tuck away in her sewing room with a good podcast and work on her latest quilt project.

Mar 01, 202338:03
114: Constellation of Parts Introduction with Tammy Sollenberger
Feb 22, 202341:35
113: Let's Get Deep: A Galentine's Episode
Feb 14, 202335:09
112: Attachment Styles & the Enneagram
Feb 08, 202335:28
111: Enneagram Stances and Relational Energy
Feb 01, 202332:24
110: Cruise Trip Edition
Jan 25, 202329:36
109: Ego and Shadow Selves

109: Ego and Shadow Selves

Megan and Deedra dive back into the roots of Dauntless Grace: discovering the narrative we script for ourselves to protect ourselves from pain. In this conversation, they unpack: what shame means according to Dr. Curt Thompson; Father Richard Rohr's description of "the cult of innocence" and repentance; how we stay asleep to our ego selves; and how we all strive to hide, not heal, our shadow selves.

For more information on the enneagram, go to 

Jan 11, 202325:37
108: From Our Listeners: More Words of the Year

108: From Our Listeners: More Words of the Year

We are continuing the words of the year discussion with some voicemails and messages from our listeners! Words of the year aren't magical; as Deedra and Megan have talked about each year, words simply provide a focal point as we move through our years. It's a way to focus on the Lord and on showing ourselves more compassion and growth despite the circumstances that come our way. Take a listen to what some of our listeners have to say about it!

As always, check out for more information.

Jan 04, 202334:08
107: Annual Word of the Year Episode

107: Annual Word of the Year Episode

Megan and Deedra discuss their words of the year (dance and play, respectively) for 2022 and what they looked like for them. They also reveal their new words for 2023! Do you have a word of the year chosen? What is it?

Dec 28, 202229:26
106: Christmas Movies

106: Christmas Movies

Instead of the normally heavy Christmas episode you've come to expect from us, we decided to have some laughs this year! Deedra and Megan discuss their favorite Christmas movies--and which ones rank at the bottom of the list. Will you be surprised by what they each choose? Which obscure movies have you heard of? And most importantly, what's YOUR favorite Christmas movie? Let us know at!

Dec 21, 202229:01
105: Enneagram Subtypes part 3
Dec 14, 202241:48
104: Enneagram Subtypes part 2

104: Enneagram Subtypes part 2

We're back with a continuation of our subtype conversation. As we discussed in the introduction, there are three subtypes for every enneagram number, based on the three instincts (self-preservation, social, and sexual). We talk through the subtypes and countertypes for Enneagram Nines, Eights, Sevens, and Sixes.

For more information (and the graphics Megan created), go to 

Dec 07, 202231:30
103: Introduction to Subtypes

103: Introduction to Subtypes

It's finally that time--we are ready to talk about enneagram subtypes! Subtypes are formed around three instincts we all have: self-preservation, social, and sexual (or one-to-one). Listen as Megan and Deedra explore the following:

  • What does each instinct mean?
  • How do instincts stack?
  • How do you know your subtype?
  • Why is important (or not) to understand subtypes?

As always, check out for more information.

Nov 30, 202232:04
102: Grief & Gratitude
Nov 23, 202224:59
101: Happiness and the Enneagram
Nov 16, 202233:41
100: The Best of You with Dr. Alison Cook
Nov 09, 202236:53
99: Celebrating Two Years!
Nov 02, 202248:01
98: Wholeness & Integration
Oct 26, 202228:39
97: Healing in Community with Carolyn Whitney
Oct 19, 202232:57
96: Hope after Loss with Carey & Laurel
Oct 12, 202240:13
95: Journey of Transformation with Kendall & Janell
Oct 05, 202234:06
94: Personal Presence with Peggy Scott
Sep 28, 202230:31
93: Enneagram and Health with Suzanne Overstreet
Sep 21, 202237:59
92: Enneagram & Relationships: Lorna & Katrina
Sep 14, 202232:17
91: Enneagram & Relationships: Ginger & Annie
Sep 07, 202230:06
90: Enneagram & Relationships: Brock & Kelsey
Aug 31, 202240:22