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Vegan Wellness Podcast

Vegan Wellness Podcast

By David Baylie

Vegan wellness is a much needed approach to modern life. Through becoming aware of the effects of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness, we reveal your unique physical, emotional and mental needs.

Expert Yoga teacher, breath coach and fitness trainer David Baylie, gives simple, daily rituals and wisdom that can inspire a fresh start towards optimal health and vibrant wellbeing, including guidance on food as medicine, mindfulness, movement and meditation.

By sharing stories and interviews with vegan experts and doctors. We encourage you on a journey towards self-healing!
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Vegan Business Ideas - with MiiRO CEO Rym Selmi

Vegan Wellness PodcastAug 21, 2022

Reach Your Full Potential And Avoid Burnout

Reach Your Full Potential And Avoid Burnout

Learn how to train to improve your mindset, readiness and resilience. What is mental fitness? Today's expert guest speaker invites you to rewire your fitness using the latest scientific research alongside the most powerful tool you have, your mind!

Description & Info:

Sun Sachs is a vegan life-long endurance athlete in competitive cycling, triathlon and adventure races. He is also the CEO & Co-founder of Rewire Fitness, the first mental fitness platform that helps athletes reach their full potential and avoid burnout by providing tools that improve mindset, readiness and resilience. In this podcast, Sun shares his insights on mindset, mental fitness, longevity and performance.

Re-wire fitness app:

"I have personally started using this app and noticed immediate benefits, it is groundbreaking technology!"  - David.

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And remember... Your wellness comes first! 

Oct 17, 202251:32
Self Esteem and Confidence Tips from Confidence Coach
Oct 03, 202222:17
How to Use Communication Styles to Influence People
Sep 26, 202211:15
How do I get enough protein?
Aug 29, 202212:35
Vegan Business Ideas - with MiiRO CEO Rym Selmi
Aug 21, 202223:29
What is the difference between Vegan, Vegetarian & Plant Based?

What is the difference between Vegan, Vegetarian & Plant Based?

Today you will learn the key differences between vegan, vegetarian and plant based lifestyles. Find out the full health benefits and which option will be best suited for your lifestyle. If your already a vegan, veggie curious, fully plant based or omnivore the information you will learn in this podcast will be very useful to help you make informed dietary decisions for yourself and also for advising friends, family or co-workers.

Hope you enjoy the podcast, please share it with a friend and use this information to educate others. And remember, your wellness comes first!

Aug 14, 202216:57
The Importance Of Self Awareness

The Importance Of Self Awareness

Grab a pen and paper for this one! 

We will do a self awareness exercise that will help you grow into your best self in the present and future.

Enjoy the true story of a high stakes poker game between the business man and "Bad Brad" 

7 minutes that will change your life.

Thank you for listening and taking the time to allow positivity into your ears. I hope this serves you...

If you love the show please share the link with a friend or family member and have some fun doing the 3 word exercise together!

And remember, your wellness comes first. 

Aug 01, 202207:58
Can I Still Be An Athlete On A Vegan Diet? Interview with Fiona Oakes

Can I Still Be An Athlete On A Vegan Diet? Interview with Fiona Oakes

Can you still be an athlete on a vegan diet?

Let's explore this topic by listening to the story of Fiona Oakes, co-founder of vegan runners. You will learn from her incredible story as a self trained, self made vegan endurance athlete.

Fiona is the fastest female to run a marathon on each continent and the North Pole. 4x Guinness World Records. Owner of tower hills animal sanctuary. Vegan 48 years. Fiona shares her epic journey from going vegan at an early age, to overcoming a knee tumour to go on to become one of the worlds best endurance runners. Inspiring and motivating with a few of funny stories along the way. Enjoy!

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Thanks for listening!
And remember, your wellness comes first.

Jul 25, 202233:51
The Power of Social Conditioning

The Power of Social Conditioning

Are you feeling stuck in your relationships? 

With close friends, family members or romantically...

In this podcast I share a story that will shift your mindset around your social circle.

Have you heard the saying "you become the sum total of the 5 people you surround yourself with?"

Human beings are conditioned imitate the behaviours of others.

So, if you're feeling stuck or uncertain in your relationships and direction in life, listen on for powerful insights.

And remember, your wellbeing comes first.

Jul 20, 202207:56
Sam The Rabbit: Toastmasters - Icebreaker Speech

Sam The Rabbit: Toastmasters - Icebreaker Speech

This is my first ever speech for toastmaster (public speaking club) about my childhood pet and how this relates to the person I am today and the deep nature of love we have for animals. Sorry Sam because at the time I didn't know any better, thank you toastmasters for pushing me outside my comfort zone. In this episode I reveal why I decided to sign up to get better at public speaking, to become a voice for the voiceless! 

Watch the video on YouTube - 

Feb 21, 202207:03
Do you forget to take care of yourself?
Jan 13, 202229:25
Soul Mapping with Jaishree Dow-Spielman
Jan 05, 202252:53
Overcoming addiction with David

Overcoming addiction with David

Do you struggle with addiction? Ever used drugs to escape pain, to go numb and stop feeling? They work great until they don't.

Breaking any addiction is hard, be it food, coffee, cannabis, alcohol, shopping, gambling or even toxic relationships.

At one time or another I've been addicted to all these things and have learned valuable life lessons through a great teacher.. Pain! 

We often choose to avoid pain at all costs, I certainly did for many, many years. However, when I decided to face my fear of pain I discovered the cost of numbing myself from it all these years by seeking external solutions to internal problems.

So, now with the help of my friend Laura I share my real life story of addiction in the hopes to help you gain a different perspective on why we do the things we do and the tools you need to push past the difficult times without relying on a crutch.

This interview is a shortened version of the one we recorded for the vegan wellness world summit event!

Thank you so much for listening, if you don't mind sharing this episode with someone it will really help the podcast grow and I will greatly appreciate that my friend.

Big shout out to Laura Nadia @vegandharmacoach for conducting this interview in such a professional and sympathetic manner, it takes a special someone to simply ask questions and listen that can really bring the best out of you and light up the world.

Remember if you are struggling reach out if you need someone to listen without judgement I'm here for you.

Love & Gratitude, 

David Baylie

Dec 12, 202137:02
Find your purpose with vegan dharma coach Laura Nadia

Find your purpose with vegan dharma coach Laura Nadia

Ever felt stuck in life? Like you know that there is something more you should be doing with your limited time on earth?

You may have heard the term 'dharma' before but are unclear of the exact meaning or where it comes from and how it can apply to your life now...

Our wonderful guest Laura Nadia coaches people to live a life of purpose and meaning. She bears her soul in this episode taking us back to when she was depressed and lost all hope, to being able to find hope, and a reason to keep moving forward with a desire to help others do the same.

This interview will lift your spirit and give you useful tips towards aligning with your spiritual health. Thanks for listening my friend :)

If you like this episode please share it with a friend to help our content rise to the top.

Thanks again, I really appreciate you allowing yourself this time to listen to a different perspective, to help realise your truth and know that you are important.

Your host,


Dec 06, 202145:33
Escaping Pain and Surviving Suicide with Adam Sud

Escaping Pain and Surviving Suicide with Adam Sud

Our guest on this episode has survived suicide, woken up in his own vomit, dripping with sweat thankful for life for the first time in his adult life. He phoned his Dad to ask for help after realising suicide wasn't the answer to escape his pain, and neither were drugs. He shares his raw and real life story from troubled youth through to adulthood spiralling out of control, from the life of the party to being isolated and alone. How the thought of losing those people you love the most can be the fuel to escape the pain you're in right now. Listen to Adam's emotional heart felt story from beyond rock bottom to reversing his diabetes and getting sober. He is now successfully coaching others to thrive on a plant based diet. This man is lucky to be alive and we are fortunate to hear his story! 

Please share this episode with a friend who is struggling right now, so that they can be aware that in life there is always hope and people willing to help support one another.

Thanks for listening.

Nov 10, 202134:04
Do You Struggle With Digestion? Why Gut Health Is So Important!

Do You Struggle With Digestion? Why Gut Health Is So Important!

The planet is 4.5 billion years old, and millions of years before humans existed, microscopic bacteria lived on the earth. Now this same bacteria lives inside our gut! Kinda gross when you think about it. However, this "gut microbiome" wants you to be healthy it wants you to thrive in perfect health so they can thrive. So, the most important question is what do we have to eat to keep our gut bacteria happy and our digestion running smoothy? Is there a specific food group that can help give us more energy and keep your body free from illness and prevent disease, or even reverse disease...

Dr Alan Desmond is a medical doctor and best selling author of "The plant based diet revolution" after purchasing his book and trying out some of the wonderful recipes I reached out to him to learn more about gut health. He has been practicing medicine since 2001 in the U.K and Alan specialises in gut health. He is originally from Ireland (lovely accent)! In this episode he shares with us his personal story and a wealth of knowledge after working with thousands of patients suffering from digestive issues. This is a preview of the full interview we recorded for the Vegan Wellness World Summit, coming soon... Happy listening! 

If you find value from this episode please share it with a friend, we always want to create a positive change in peoples lives :)

To your continued health & wellness!

Oct 24, 202117:54
Mindfulness with Dr Sharon Suh

Mindfulness with Dr Sharon Suh

Author, teacher, and doctor of Buddhism, Sharon Suh shares her journey towards naturally going vegan. Listen to interesting stories from the Buddha about mindfulness, find out what Buddhism is? How can we develop mindfulness to transform how you act in the world.

This is just a snippet of the full interview with Sharon for the Vegan Wellness World Summit, coming soon....

Please share this episode on social media! 

Love & Light 


Oct 17, 202113:17
Why should I go vegan?

Why should I go vegan?

Why should I go vegan? Listen to my origin story about my personal life journey, and why I started this podcast.

This includes loss of loved ones, addiction, and a new found mission!

Thanks for tuning in, please share this episode with a friend.

Lets together inspire people to make positive changes for their health & wellness.

Love & Light


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Oct 10, 202115:20