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Rebel, Reject, Create!

Rebel, Reject, Create!

By David Chislett

The Rebel, Reject, Create podcast is all about creativity: how it works, what you can do with it and how to get more of it.
Your host is me, David Chislett, and I interview working professionals who use creativity in their everyday work. Not necessarily artists but entrepreneurs, consultants, writer, trainers, coaches and business people.
The podcast has alternate episodes: The first is a 20-minute interview with a working professional who uses creativity in their work. The second is a reflection or deep dive episode on some of the core aspects of the previous conversation.
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Anton Marshall: The Re-invented Creative

Rebel, Reject, Create!Mar 13, 2023

Catherine McDonald: The Lean Creative
Sep 13, 202321:01
David McQueen: Diversify Decisions
Aug 28, 202323:33
Cliff Goldmacher Deep Dive

Cliff Goldmacher Deep Dive

In this deep dive episode, I dive into some of the insights from Cliff around songwriting and explore how that works in other areas of life: business, problem solving, and innovation. He really drops bombs of inspiration in that interview, so this deep dive is intense!

Listen to the original interview here:

Cliff Goldmacher is a GRAMMY-recognized, #1 hit songwriter, music producer and author. His book, The Reason For The Rhymes: Mastering The Seven Essential Skills of Innovation by Learning to Write Songs, encapsulates the principles of his in-demand corporate workshops where he teaches business teams how to use songwriting to tap into their creativity and enhance their innovative skill sets. Download your FREE creativity tip sheet from Cliff here:. Visit Cliff online here:

Aug 22, 202314:18
Cliff Goldmacher: Creating Through Song
Aug 22, 202320:39
Chrissy Levett Deep Dive

Chrissy Levett Deep Dive

In this episode, I dive deep into something Chrissy said in her interview episode about how linear the way the world works is... and then it gets toasty!

Find her Original interview HERE! Chrissy is a London-based Creative Director, she studied graphic design and communications at the Royal College of Art here in London. She’s won a number of industry awards for branding, is a TEDx speaker, a newly published Amazon best-selling author who believes creative thinking is vital for us to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Find Chrissy online here: IG and Twitter: @ccchangmakers

Jul 03, 202314:10
Chrissy Levett: The Creative Conscience
Jul 03, 202318:42
Graeme Codrington: The Futurist

Graeme Codrington: The Futurist

Graeme Codrington is a futurist, scenario planner and an expert on the future of work. With six best-selling books to his name, and clients in over 100 countries, he helps organisations anticipate the forces that will shape their industries in the future, and prepare for disruptive change today. Creativity is about new things - new ideas. This is at the heart of the work I do in helping people to “think like a futurist”. I call it strategic imagination - there’s a toolkit for business people (that can be applied to anyone else actually) that helps us break free from the natural limits of our brains and imagine a different world and future. I think that a massive part of this is recognising the cognitive functions that limit our ability to do this; and learning skills and tools to overcome these limits. • LinkedIn - • YouTube - • Facebook - • Instagram - • Twitter - • TikTok -

Jun 26, 202324:53
Josuël Rogers: The HipHop Creative

Josuël Rogers: The HipHop Creative

Josuël Rogers is a life & executive coach, speaker and podcast host. He is someone who values interpersonal relationships and his passion lies in helping others become their best selves. As a personal and executive coach, he uses his analytical skills and creativity to help others overcome their challenges. He has a love for the Hip Hop culture, and realising the lessons and mindset insights that the culture has to offer, he founded HipHop Culture Coaching where the world of coaching and the world of Hip Hop meet each other. HipHop Culture Coaching provides teambuilding sessions and youth empowerment workshops where the goal is better communication with others but also with yourself in order to maximize results. He has just launched a new product. Which is an assessment and 1-time coaching package. Individuals can get insights into their motivators and/or communication preferences. Links Website https://www.hiphopculturecoaching.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

Jun 19, 202322:05
Judith Germain: Deep Dive into Innovation

Judith Germain: Deep Dive into Innovation

Talking with Judith Germain is always fun and in her original interview (season 1, episode 7) she said some very cool things about Creativity, innovation and her idea of herself as creative... So in this Deep Dive episode, I revisit some of those thoughts.

Judith Germain is the authority on Maverick Leadership. She is an author, consultant, trainer as well as a C-Suite and business Mentor, and speaker. Judith is HRZone’s Leadership Columnist and her expert opinion is sought for radio, national and trade press. She hosts The Maverick Paradox Podcast, Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine and host of her own radio show The Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Online Leadership Development Radio. Find Judith online: (website) (magazine) (LinkedIn)

Jun 12, 202310:31
Amy Shelver: Deep Dive into Collaboration

Amy Shelver: Deep Dive into Collaboration

In this episode, I go somewhat deeper into some of the things Amy said during her interview with me (season 1 episode 6)... including the topic of COLLABORATION!

Amy Shelver is on a mission to help the 30 million-plus creative workers around the world get better at business. She herself is a creativity-obsessed communicator and serial ideator with a passion for doing cool things, the written word, and digital do-gooding. Amy has worked on development issues, using research, creativity, communications, and innovation to tackle local and global challenges for more than 15 years in agencies, for the United Nations and for her own projects. She has consulted widely across the world’s industries touching everything from economics to tech, creativity to communications and even some sport for good measure. Recently she was head of digital and social communications the UN’s trade body and was co-author of its 2018 Creative Economy Report. Now she’s launching her own software to help creatives and their clients get better at briefing in ideas while also starting her own creative business consultancy and lifting off her poetry platform. Amy’s new poetry-art book and eBook Onomatopoeia: Observations, Moments, Poetry launches this month. Difficult to box, Amy is foremost a creative thinker and problem-solver, obsessed with following good ideas from ember to execution. She has degrees in socio-economic development, media, TV journalism, anthropology, and psychology. Find Amy online here: @amy_shelver (Twitter)

Jun 12, 202315:18
Catherine Wilks - The Shooper
Jun 07, 202320:42
Erinch Sahan: The Creative Disruptor

Erinch Sahan: The Creative Disruptor

Erinch Sahan is transforming the deep design of business to embed regenerative & distributive goals. He Talks about #socent, #fairtrade, #sustainability, #socialenterprise, and #doughnuteconomics. He has spent his career trying to understand and promote social enterprises, cooperatives and other alternatives to profit-primacy business models. Here's the link to the tool that any business or people working with businesses can use to apply some of the ideas discussed:

May 22, 202321:22
Lois Holzman: The Developmentalist
May 10, 202319:42
Muyiwa Fasakin: Deep Dive Into Education
May 09, 202317:45
Elise Keith: Recreating Meetings
May 02, 202322:42
Muyiwa Fasakin: The Creative Intelligence Expert

Muyiwa Fasakin: The Creative Intelligence Expert

Muyiwa Fasakin is Creative Intelligence expert and has certified 81 coaches from 20 counties of the world. He is the founder of GLCICC Texas USA and the School of Creativity and World Change Summit. He is the First African Advisory Board Member of the United Nations World Creativity and Innovation Day. Find Muyiwa online here: CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE CERTIFICATION COURSE LinkedIn @Muyiwa Fasakin (MF) FACEBOOK @Muyiwa Fasakin

Apr 11, 202319:58
Pinar Karaaslan: Deep Dive Into The Creative Moment

Pinar Karaaslan: Deep Dive Into The Creative Moment

Pinar is an actor, voice-over artist and yoga devotee. In her interview with me HERE, she described several important insights from her acting discipline. In this episode, I dive into these insights in order to mine them for other insights and explanations of HOW you can also achieve outstanding results using her tips.

Find Pinar online here:

Apr 04, 202313:47
Pinar Karaaslan: Actor, Voice Artist, Creative
Mar 27, 202318:56
Michael Dean Dargie: Deep Dive into Action
Mar 27, 202315:24
Michael Dean Dargie: The Creative Zealot
Mar 27, 202323:30
Deep Dive with Rob McLennan's thoughts on Creativity

Deep Dive with Rob McLennan's thoughts on Creativity

In the previous episode, I chatted with creative director and rockstar Rob McLennan. he said a few epic and important things during our conversation that I really wanted to unpack, so that's what this episode is all about.

For example:

How creativity tends to converge all skills (even non-artistic ones)

How a balance between self-doubt and self-belief is essential in a creative career of any kind.

Enjoy the dive!


Mar 23, 202316:02
Rob McLennan: The Non-Accidental Creative

Rob McLennan: The Non-Accidental Creative

Rob has spent thirty-five odd years in the South African advertising industry as the creative leader and as a director of agencies such as Lowe Bull, JWT, FCB and Net#workBBDO. All of these agencies have consistently been ranked in the top 3 creatively awarded agencies in South Africa during his tenure. Rob started King James II as a co-founder and creative partner in 2013. King James II was ranked as the top medium-sized agency in 2018. In 2019, he initiated SoloUnion in South Africa, a provider of big strategic and creative ideas and solutions for local and global brands. He has been ranked in the top 4 creatives in South Africa by the Creative Circle for the last 15 years and voted three times as its top creative. He has accumulated two Cannes Lion Grand Prix, a collection of over 40 Cannes Lions and has accrued assorted Loerie Grand Prix and golds, Creative Circle Ad of the Years, One Show’s, Clio’s, and D&AD pencils, and is one of the most awarded creatives in South Africa. He served as chairperson of the South African Creative Circle (2007/2008) and served on its executive committee for 16 years. He has judged and chaired many international award festivals; the Cannes Lion festivals three times, once as President, twice at D&AD, also at the Dubai Lynx awards, chaired the Clio awards and was South Africa’s first home-grown Jury President at the Cannes Lions. He was chairperson of the Kenyan IPA awards in 2018. He sat on the Loeries executive committee for 6 years and has judged the Loeries for 15 years, most recently as chairperson of the print and poster category in 2020 and the film category in 2021. He has served three times on the Apex judging panel. He is a member of the Cannes Chimera which is a collaboration between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Cannes Lions. In his parallel life, Rob has spent his life as a musician, composer, and songwriter. Firstly, as singer and guitarist for the legendary cult band No Friends of Harry, producing 5 albums, and more recently as a solo artist and with bands Doris and Momo. His latest project, A MILLION WAYS TO DIE, is due for release this April. The first single, ‘The Veneer’, is out now on all digital platforms. He is also the co-owner of the Anvil Brewery in Dullstroom, South Africa. You can find Robert all over the internet Facebook: @ Robert Mc Lennan, @ Momo band, @ Anvil Ale brewery, @ No Friends of Harry, @ NO FRIENDS OF HARRY - long live the great south african rock gods Instagram: @robmclennan, @amillionwaysto die, @anvilale Twitter: @mclennan02 LinkedIn: Rob Mc Lennan

Mar 23, 202322:10
Anton Marshall Deep Dive into Process

Anton Marshall Deep Dive into Process

During our conversation in the previous episode, Anton spoke a lot about HOW he does what he does. Son in this episode, I unpack some of what he talks about to reveal the bones that anyone can use to build a similar, productive process for on-going creation.

Mar 18, 202312:59
Anton Marshall: The Re-invented Creative

Anton Marshall: The Re-invented Creative

Anton Marshall is a former entertainment journalist/hack for Channel24, World Online, Rolling Stone, and others.  

He has also played in several music projects including Three More white Guys, the Dollyrockers, Long Time Citizen and others. Currently runs a solo project called eracode.  

Find Anton Online here:

Mar 13, 202317:50
Emile YX: Deep Dive Into action and power

Emile YX: Deep Dive Into action and power

In our conversation about creativity in the previous episode, Emile and I touched on some pretty deep and important topics. In this deep dive, I go further into 3 of them... sorry, but the rest wouldn't fit into one Deep Dive!

Mar 13, 202313:11
Emile YX: The Power Of Creativity

Emile YX: The Power Of Creativity

In this interview, I talk to Emile YX? about his views on creativity, his insights, methods and advice.  

In particular, we dive into WHY creativity seems to be scorned and pushed into a box so much when its power to transform lives is so obvious.  

Emile YX? Awarded Honourary Awards from South African Hip Hop Awards 2014 & Iconic Urban Dance Awards 2014.  Emile YX? is also known for being a founding member of the legendary Black Noise Hip Hop Group and his work on eTVs “Step Up or Step Out”, but he has helped to raise money for and sent 159 young people to travel to international events globally. 

He has recorded and released 12 albums with Black Noise, 6 solo Emile YX? Albums, 1 Afrikaaps soundtrack, 9 compilation albums, 7 Heal the Hood compilation albums and helped 6 local artists release their solo albums. 

Emile started South Africa’s first Hip Hop magazine “Da Juice” and wrote 3 books. He also helped graffiti artists Falko and Mak1 to release their own magazines and a compilation of Rhymes, Articles, Poetry, Short Stories and Sketches R.A.P.S.S.  

Find Emile Online here: 



Instagram         emile.yx 






Mar 13, 202323:52
Hannah Huber: Deep Dive into Creative Community

Hannah Huber: Deep Dive into Creative Community

Hannah Huber is a writer, an entrepreneur and an event organiser. She published her debut novel, 'Place' in 2022. In this episode, I pick up on some of the things she said in her interview from the previous episode. LISTEN HERE.

In particular, I dive into how what she said about TEAM relates to the Creative Communities that Allen Gannet references in his book, The Creative Curve

 You can buy Hannah's novel PLACE from here:

Enjoying this podcast? Please consider supporting me financially by signing up for my Patreon:

Mar 11, 202314:21
Creating Place with Hannah Huber
Mar 11, 202327:20
Welcome To The Ideation Canvas
Feb 27, 202315:20
Unpacking 'A Great Read' with Verity Price
Feb 23, 202319:02
Creating 'A Great Read' with Verity Price
Feb 23, 202322:36
Welcome To Rebel, Reject Create!
Feb 23, 202307:18