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Dreaming Out Loud

Dreaming Out Loud

By David Ullman

Filmmaker and Musician David Ullman talks with creative people about their passion projects.
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Mix Albums with Kevin Conaway

Dreaming Out LoudJan 06, 2023

Mix Albums with Kevin Conaway
Jan 06, 202301:33:24
10. Family Album: Legacy
Aug 10, 202236:14
9. Family Album: Dream Lullaby
Aug 03, 202206:42
8. Family Album: Colors For Sound
Jul 27, 202222:12
7. Family Album: Putting Hair On The Bear with Producer Brian Ullman
Jul 20, 202212:35
6. Family Album: We Play Our Rock 'n' Roll (U2's Vertigo)
Jul 13, 202215:16
5. Family Album: The Traveling Wilburys Tunes
Jul 06, 202216:24
4. Family Album: One Headlight & The Paralyzed Vocal Cord
Jun 29, 202211:10
3. Family Album: What Would Brother Jimmy Do?
Jun 22, 202212:60
BONUS: Harvesting Happiness with Josh VHSchafer

BONUS: Harvesting Happiness with Josh VHSchafer

Part 3 of the FAMILY ALBUM series will be out next week. In the meantime, you're in for a treat, as I'm joined for this first stand-alone bonus episode by Josh Schafer for VHSuper-fun chat about his passion project: LUNCHMEAT.

Josh describes LUNCHMEAT as, "a print and online publication entity dedicated to the celebration and preservation of VHS and video store culture." LUNCHMEAT most recently rescued my 2001 documentary INERTIA: RE-MAKING THE CROW from total obscurity by releasing it on VHS. 

After premiering at the 2002 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, this documentary about the four-year filmmaking odyssey that yielded the underground fan-film favorite JAMES O’BARR’S THE CROW sat on a shelf virtually unseen for 20 years—until now!

It's a story of passion, obsession, and creativity. Think HEARTS OF DARKNESS meets AMERICAN MOVIE—but with teenagers!  

Dust off your VCR, head over to LUNCHMEATVHS.COM, and grab a copy while you can. 

And while you're clicking through LUNCHMEATVHS.COM, subscribe to their YouTube Page, where you can VHStream our 1990's adaptation of James O'Barr's The CROW, as well as the exclusive 2020 video commentary I did for the channel, AND A BONUS VIDEO PORTION OF THIS CONVERSATION excised from the audio-version in which Mr. Schafer reveals his favorite VHSeven tapes from his collection of thousands of cassettes! The man has a veritable video store in his house, and don't you want to know which flicks are his favorite?!

I'm very grateful for all of the support Josh has shown me. He's really championed our shot-on-video Crow film and documentary, and it's been so gratifying to learn of the adaptation's growing reputation as a sought-after underground tape.

Follow @LunchmeatVHS on all the VHSocial channels for which you have an account to experience the great expanse of the radical rewind-inclined world of home video-lovin' history.

Thank you so much to Josh for taking a chance on me, thank you to my brother Brian for the intro and outro music for this episode--"Dal Segno" and "Memory Lane," respectively. Both are available on his Fascist Puppeteer albums, which you can find wherever you get your digital music—and (as always) for free at Thank you to John Noltner for the podcast cover portrait. Check out his "A Peace Of My Mind" project at And thank you to YOU for sharing your time with me. 

Episode Art by Hayden Hall for Lunchmeat Magazine #9

Jun 18, 202201:21:58
2. Family Album: Tie-dyed shirts & Levi's jeans
Jun 15, 202215:41
1. Family Album: A Little Story About Jack & Diane

1. Family Album: A Little Story About Jack & Diane

RHS Class of '69 alumnus, Ramstein Royals' Center Fielder, former Bushmen—and current Ullman Boys—drummer Jack Ullman sings lead on the opening pair of John Mellencamp covers that kick off FAMILY ALBUM. In this first installment of the series, Jack shares why he wanted to include "Jack & Diane" and "Small Town" on FAMILY ALBUM—the first studio-recorded collection of songs from The Ullman Boys. 

The Ullman Boys are an Ohio-based band comprised of two generations of Ullman brothers, Jack, Jim, Brian, and David (me). 

Follow the story on my blog for the next few weeks @

Read the whole history now @

Listen to FAMILY ALBUM wherever you stream music

Download it for free @

Jun 08, 202215:07
Season 1 Preview: Family Album

Season 1 Preview: Family Album

Over the last 50 years, my dad, Jim, his younger brother Jack, myself, and my younger brother Brian have all introduced and respectively reintroduced music into each other's lives at key moments when we needed it most. The Ullman Boys' Family Album is the first recorded collection of songs created by these two generations of Ullman Brothers. In this series, we'll be reminiscing about the stories surrounding the song selections, the recording sessions, and inspirations for the project. 

Jun 08, 202202:03